G’Day Australia

G’Day mates. I know I don’t usually write a lot about Australia, save for some bad karma that may be coming to Prime Minister Tony Abbott soon enough, but I am now in a moment where your nation needs to be addressed. One particular scammer troll from your country has been ruthlessly attacking our website. They’ve gone as far as to call our writer Fefe a “gun toting redneck” and a “nutter.” They also have gone as far as to reveal the real identify of one of our retweeters and threatened their personal safety. That’s not the type of discourse civilized psychics use. That’s the type of rhetoric hit men want to use to take down someone they disagree with and it’s certainly not coming from a person who wants to promote world peace. Well, as much as they’d like us to fall for their bait, that’s not a game we’re going to play here at our website. However, we would like to give you a future vision for what your country should be expecting. We would also like to use this blog post to talk about your country’s past digressions and how you happen to be aligned politically more with the people you despise than you’ll ever give us credit for making you admit to permanently. 😉

Let’s start with how the history of Australia is going to play a role in future events. A nation founded as a place to send English and Irish criminals, Australia already has a problem with bad karma rooted in its foundation from the start. Its treatment of indigenous people in order to claim the territory for the United Kingdom is the same as racism towards blacks and Native Americans here in the United States of America. Your nation can’t claim superiority on that front. In addition, the treatment of black people in your borders is also horrible, potentially as bad as it here in the United States. This blackface clip was only aired a few years ago. If this is where your country is on race relations in 2015, then you have a long way to go to be anywhere near where the United States is reliably on the issue today. On top of the treatment of your Chinese, Korean, Muslim and Indian immigrants, it’s an area that your nation is going to be forced to deal with when social justice warriors start knocking on the doors of the Australian parliament. As much as the racism in the US is horrendous, yours is worse and much more subtle from its vileness as a whole. It will come out for the world to see soon enough. When it does, you’ll wish you had cleaned it up before the United Nations makes you clean it up against your own accord.

Many, including your troll, tote that the passing of gun control measures in 1996 after the Port Arthur tragedy made your country great. It has not, contrary to popular belief. Gun control leads to organized crime and black markets; not exactly helping the Australian economy. It also saw the easier passage of the exact same Patriot Act provisions that your country used to mock us for years ago. We’ve fought this tooth and nail against them while your country hasn’t made much a peep of your nation’s hostile takeover to strip you of your rights. You also try to claim that mandatory voting helps the public, but not when you elect destructive forces like Tony Abbott as your leader. You talk about superiority, but you fail to live up to the promises you keep. Not to say the US hasn’t done this as well, but no one is perfect; even we don’t admit to such nonsense. That’s the difference between our country’s people and yours. These hypocrisies will be brought up soon enough since they’ve been on the President’s mind when it comes to political policy. You’ll want to watch for American media outlets sneaking about in your country. A smear campaign is coming about in regards to these issues. If you don’t take control of the narrative, others will take control of it for you.

The other thing I find ironic is your troll’s attacking us for right wing politics (which I do not have and Fefe isn’t exactly “right wing” either). Where do you think this came from? Your country. Doesn’t your troll find it ironic that they are sharing the same opinion of our website as the owner of Fox News, Roger Ailes. Aren’t you supposed to be against Rupert Murdoch’s tyranny? The News Corp empire has been attacking us and your troll is complicit in their smear campaign. Why are you teaming up with them in your crackdown of our site? Isn’t that just the slightest bit suspicious? Though it is not a coordinated effort in the least, the fact that the two of you are on the same page on this issue should give your troll some pause. Also notice that your troll retweets President Obama’s PR spins and blindly compliments him; completely ignoring the fact that he has validated child slavery in Malaysia and murdered innocent civilians by drones in the thousands. Who you are allying yourselves with and who you are working for matters when it comes time to detail your moral standards in regards to psychic predictions. Don’t claim moral superiority against us and then work with those who are working to wreck havoc on humanity. That is bold hypocrisy, whether your troll will admit to it or not.

Unlike our trolls, we aren’t begging people to “call now for $5 a minute readings” while operating psychic shops we can’t maintain or keep up due to high real estate prices. We’re not doing this for the money, unlike some people. We’re doing this to bring awareness to issues that are coming to a head and to give people a heads up in order to prepare themselves accordingly. That’s not to say we haven’t made mistakes before. We have, but rarely do and we do admit when we’ve made them, which is more than we can say for our troll. This is to say that those who are looking to take us down for the mistakes of others better watch their backs. They have skeletons in their closets in regards to financial ethics probes and housing scams that are going to reach up to the top level of the Australian parliament soon enough. A crackdown on fake psychics will sweep our troll up in its trap and force them into court for perjury and other financial felony charges. It’s not going to be a good look for them when they are staring down a potential 20 year prison sentence for the crimes they have committed. In that moment, they’ll have wished they backed away from attacking us when they still had the chance. Sadly for them, they have made their “straight bed” and will have to lie in it with the dogs soon enough. 😉

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Don’t cry for us, Australia. We are very strong people and don’t let these things bother us too much. However, for every action, there is an equally powerful reaction in the universe to correspond with the release of this energy. When you hear the news that our troll is being targeted by Abbott’s government for fraud, don’t go crying to us when all of this is said and done. We will have told you so before hand and proven our prescience beyond a reasonable doubt. 😉