Dreams and Predictions for September 2017

Thankfully August has passed without a major terror attack or a tragic celebrity death, though there were some really close calls along the way. I am concerned with the thoughts I’ve been having as of late, so I’ll share them here.

1) I’m going to elaborate on this in its own blog post since it deserves one, but watch out for Republican efforts to privatize social security either this or next month. If they succeed in going through with it, a triggered stock market crash immediately follows suit. I’ll explain more at another time.

2) Like with Barcelona, I suspect there will be a partial terror attack in New Orleans or another south east city, but the more devastating part of it will be blunted by the police force there.

3) I see violence rising again in the fall, this time directed towards US lawmakers. My previous warning for Paul Ryan remains and I also think Governor Greg Abbott and Nancy Pelosi are high priority targets as well.

4) Finally, I think we may see another theater roof collapse on an audience in the fall like what occurred in London in 2013. This time it will happen state side.

9/10 ETA: There’s a lot of predictions to update as fulfilled. While not everything I’ve said has been accurate, most of it has. I’ll get to that, along with my long overdue piece on antifa, in the near future. In the meantime, here are some other predictions to share.

5) I keep hearing the phrase “fire, fire in the building.” I think a serious fire is going to breakout at a high rise building and it will lead to pandemonium and a massive casualty. Not sure where this will occur, but I’m going to guess it’s in a big city like New York or Chicago.

6) A major assassination is also long overdue for a European leader. I expect that to occur in November.

7) The Democrats will see the first signs of trouble this fall as Daniel Biss sees big protests against him that will end up seeing him lose his challenge to incumbent governor Bruce Rauner in Illinois; presuming Biss is the nominee next year. I also see some legal trouble for Rahm Emmanuel in the new year as well.

8) There is a risk of war forming on another front, this time in the South American nation of Venezuela. Like with Vietnam, the US will suffer massive casualties and extreme unrest domestically if it decides to go down this path due to the nation’s insistence on rejecting the petrodollar for the Euro or the Ruble.

9) Major discussions are had on climate change in the fall and I believe it will lead to some major changes in the US in terms of its energy policy. Some of it, like the banning of the DAPL, have been predicted by me already. Others, like court ordered emission reductions and state laws regulating the energy sector, come by the spring of next year.

9/16 ETA: I’ve had this thought for about four days now. I might as well post it here. It could be nothing, but just in case…..

10) I keep hearing the phrase “blood in the streets” and seeing a lot of blood shed on the streets of various cities in the US. This could be in relation to terrorism, police violence or some combination of the two this fall. Stay alert.

9/26 ETA: Below this post is a new blog you should all check out. I’m not going to post too many more predictions this year because most of my visions now revolve around 2018 and I’d rather save those for the mega 2018 psychic predictions post. Here’s one additional thought I’ve had in recent days.

11) Though my prediction on Angela Merkel was wrong, the rise of third place winner AfD (Alternative for Germany) might see a partial fulfillment of my prediction after all. If Angela Merkel cannot form a coalition government and/or she faces an assassination attempt by a far right activist, a new government would be formed that would come from a new election held or a coalition formed with the Green Party and the Social Democrats. I’m not willing to concede my prediction as wrong until at least the end of the year for this reason.

9/27 ETA: I don’t know if I’ve written this one already, but just in case…..

12) Like with my Angela Merkel prediction, I was wrong about Theresa May losing her seat this year to Jeremy Corbyn. However, I’m not fully willing to concede that until the end of the year due to the boiling issues within Northern Ireland. Having been almost a year since they have formed a working government, the parties in Northern Ireland’s government face the threat of direct rule by the English and punitive measures on them which benefit the unionist DUP. If such a scenario happens, a return of “the troubles” commences and this, plus a legal challenge to May’s Tory-DUP coalition government, could see a new election called by years end. In this scenario, Corbyn would finally win the prime minister job. Watch for these developments as my instincts may be on point after all, even if there was a delay in getting to that fulfillment.

5 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for September 2017

  1. between you – me and the gatepost – I have always thought Social Security would be merged with your 401’s etct., and as you predict, it will end up privatized. I would guess this is something government has been planning (behind everyone’s backs) for some time now as SS has been robbed and abused for a long time. Please say more on Ryan / and the stock market … sounds interesting.

  2. The Catalan government wants to hold a referendum on independence on October 1, 2017, but the Spanish state threatens to use force.

    Will an armed conflict or war begin in Catalonia in the coming months of 2017 and 2018?

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. There might be armed conflict over it, but I think the independence movement will ultimately be successful. It would probably start this year and end next year.

  3. Apart from the fact that Donald Trump’s whole life has been about greed for the Almighty Dollar, there is another motive for him wanting to deny that climate change is real and carbon-containing fuels contribute to it: Robert Mercer is a big financier of Donald Trump’s campaign to become President and he is very much in the profits come first, toss out environmental regulation camp. Trump lied when he said he wasn’t beholden to special interests. Of course he is!

  4. When you talk about court-ordered emission standards you make it sound like the courts are going to legislate something rather than just interpreting existing law. Well you could argue that this falls under the same category as court-ordered busing in the early 1970s to achieve racial integration or the controversial Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973 in which the U.S. Supreme Court decided when a fetus becomes viable and therefor is a person that can be protected from murder.
    The Australian psychic medium Vine believes that Donald Trump is beholden to Robert Mercer who wants the government to place greed for profits ahead of any environmental concerns. Hence, Trump is pursuing such policies.
    I would be interested in knowing if Texas will follow suit with Oklahoma which imposed oil-drilling restrictions because of evidence that wastewater injections connected with fracking were causing earthquakes.

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