Paul Ryan as House Speaker

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Paul Ryan is making a huge mistake campaigning for the house speaker seat. Like with the evil that befell John Boehner forcing him to resign, Paul Ryan will face the same fate if he attempts to proceed with a vote for his speakership. Granted, he’ll never have another position of power higher than this one, so that shouldn’t be a determining factor in dropping out of the race. However, he’ll live to regret this decision if he moves forward with his candidacy. The same curse threatens him. It also threatens Nancy Pelosi as well. As I’ve said before, the only person who may be safe is Jason Chaffetz (and that’s not because I agree with his politics….for the record, I do not). Almost anyone else will have to deal with these problems. Watch for news of threats on Paul Ryan’s life in the very near future. It’s not going to be a pretty sight for him or his family. He can prevent this, but the GOP may lead him to his death and ultimate doom.