Google’s Censorship Will Backfire on Them

I may have hinted at this on occasion in the comment sections of certain blog posts, but upon some recent developments, it is important to go into detail with this in the form of a blog.

Google is the world’s most prominent search engine and, as a result, it serves as a source for billions of people when it comes to finding information online. As such, Google has a responsibility to use its platform wisely and to aggregate with fair results. In the talks these days of the threats of repealing net neutrality, many are seemingly ignoring how Google’s latest “fake news” algorithms are going beyond just hiding false stories in their search results. As documented on a number of occasions, it is using its website to deliberately censor alternative websites and actively promote lies of the mainstream media. We have had this problem for a while with purposeful Google pages promoted by a scornful psychic to attack our website’s reputation. Other websites, including my two of my favorites New Prophecy and World Socialist Web Site, are combatting this issue as well. The reason I’m writing this now is that a straw is breaking and its about to spill itself all over silicon valley in the near future.

Karma will come back to haunt the Google executives in ways they cannot currently comprehend. I’ve mentioned that Wikileaks would expose a lot of their corruption in a previous prediction, but that is only the smallest extent of what is about to hit their door step within a matter of months, maybe even weeks. It has already started with this recent scandal on censoring conservative opinions in their workforce and it will get worse for them as blowback from both the left and the right makes itself known to them. They will see what happens when you drive content down the results pages because the powers that be tell you to. No matter how much they may proclaim themselves as kings of the internet, emperors have no clothes in this sphere and they will see that when they are de-pantsed and exposed for all to see. It will take them off their perch and either force a change internally or see their company’s implosion come in a couple of years time. No matter how mighty they are, those that are corrupt will always fall.

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  1. According to the Australian psychic medium Vine, Facebook has been doctoring search algorithms at the behest of pro-Trump groups. Vine in fact believes that Trump won the 2016 election by cheating and the selective way that search engines were doctored to favor certain interests was a major part of it. If we find doctoring of search engines with Google, we are likely to find it in other places as well.

    1. I find it laughable that she is saying this considering she’s not exactly innocent on this front herself. She has been in cahoots with Google to repress other psychics (including our website, by the way) who dare to challenge her for spewing her nonsense and call her out for her smears on other psychics. To say that Google is Pro-Trump is absurd considering the evidence to the contrary. If anything, the recent scandal in regards to the firing of a conservative employee should make their political leanings obvious. I don’t read Vine’s predictions, but from seeing her Twitter page, she’s not as on point as she’d like you to think.

      She’s also wrong in that I don’t necessarily believe Trump cheated as his win was not from actions taken on his behalf. I’ve written about this before and you can read the blog from that time for a further explanation. The truth will never come out, but that doesn’t mean Trump won’t be taken down because the powers that be want him gone and I don’t feel that he’s being protected by the devil anymore. The firings and implosions around him will eventually see his demise, though it will make some in “The Resistance TM” think twice as they won’t like what comes next….and it won’t be Hillary Clinton.

      I also think Google’s attempts at censorship will backfire on them, as stated in the blog. It may not be apparent right away, but given some time, they will feel the heat in ways they cannot expect at this time.

      1. Vine called Facebook into question for favoring Trump. She did not specify Google. However she believes that Trump belongs to a secret organization that seeks to enrich the very wealthy at the expense of everyone else and the environment. She accuses Trump and his handlers of purposely trying to change news media headlines with diversionary tactics including highly controversial Trump tweets and national or international crises. A major goal of the Trump people according to her is to dismantle normal function of the news media, universities, and the judiciary so that Trump will have more power than ever and not be held accountable if he does anything immoral or illegal.

      2. She presumes that Trump is component enough to pull these sorts of strings. He’s not. She also seems to ignore how Mark Zuckerberg is preparing for a run for president in 2020. He wouldn’t be doing that if his organization favored Trump. They don’t and he doesn’t. Again, I don’t read her predictions (contrary to what she might like to say to the contrary on her Twitter account), but from what you’ve relayed so far, it’s no wonder she has to take her anger out on our site. Her track record isn’t as good as she thinks it is.

  2. Liam, I find it quite despicable that 80% of Google Employees are Men. I think Google would be a Hell of a lot better organization if 80% of the Employees were Women!!! What do you think?
    I invite you to both Post and Comment at my new Blog – I just did a VERY long first Post. 2 Women that you and I both know are in my Post. My Attorney approved this Comment. Something about the
    First Amendment…Barry

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