A New Scheme to Crash the Markets

I’ve posted about this issue before, but have not been accurate in my dating of it so far. For a number of years, I kept predicting a major stock market crash that would cause instability worldwide and see a sizable shift occur in the fight between the lower and upper classes. After some initial research, I figured out why I was wrong all those previous times. It wasn’t because we weren’t due for a crash between 2012-2014. We were. What was discovered was that the elite were waiting to push their losses onto the masses instead of taking the losses on themselves.

Since the last crash in 2008, the markets have seen an historic rally that has defied logic and reason. Despite rampant underemployment, record high poverty and homelessness nationwide, the markets kept rising and surpassing historical records. What this creation of poverty not seen since before the great depression showed was that the dreams of prosperity for millions became totally out of reach. Since people can’t afford to buy into this market anymore, the vast majority of the profits made over the last nine years have been exclusively by the 1% (80% of the market is owned by them). Since the elite have found that they are approaching the limits of market highs, they have been scheming about the need to find another avenue to sell their losses onto since most people don’t own stocks anymore. When the markets did show signs of pressure downward, work was done to insure that the trends went back up again. While such actions bought time, these highs can’t last forever. As such, new initiatives have been devised that have been occurring behind the scenes in the halls of power. Since tricking people into the market’s won’t work (due to a combination of unaffordability and unwillingness to invest), there has been a search to look for another place to stick the losses onto instead. After a number of years of debate, a new target has been located; social security.

Privatizing social security has long been a dream of wealthy elites to completely destroy the middle class in the United States. The reason such efforts haven’t been pushed in a while is due to a combination of a Democratic president in Obama and a complete embarrassment in regards to their previous attempts to pull this off before the last crash in 2008. With a willing president in Trump and fickle opposition from “The Resistance TM” coalition, an opportunity has been presented that the elite plan to strike on in the near future. While the public is distracted by government crackdowns on Anti-Fascists (which I have something to say on that for another post) and various Trump scandals, the real work to screw over the American people is beginning behind the scenes. Since Democrats exhausted all of their energies on protecting Obamacare (which deserved to be destroyed), they won’t have enough ammunition left to stop this privatization scheme like they did the last time such efforts occurred during the Bush administration.

If the elite succeed in their efforts, expect millions of Americans to be left in a situation with no social security to rely on. Such a move would fuel the previous blog prediction I made about a repressed uprising that will see mass casualties come in its place (what do you think this escalation in investment in the police state is for, anyway?). If the elite fail for any number of reasons (for which there are many), then they will end up losing a lot of money because there won’t be another place for them to stuff their losses when shit finally hits the fan. Either way, this will empower a socialist government to come to power in the near future; a reason why I see a Democrat or a Socialist come to power in 2020. As most realize by now, turbulent times are ahead of us. Watch out for this in the near future because it won’t be a pretty picture when all is said and done. Regardless of the outcome, the worst is yet to come.

2 thoughts on “A New Scheme to Crash the Markets

  1. I do worry a lot about having social security undermined. It represents much but not all of my income. I’m with you about not wanting social security privatized. The wealthy want it privatized because most of their income is from investments, not salaries, wages, or government assistance programs. Your predictions about a socialist government taking over in 2010 is in disagreement with what some of the other psychics think will happen. Jeanne Mayell for example fears the voter suppression and other methods of rigging elections will ruin it for Democrats and liberals until at least 2024.

    1. I’m convinced of a socialist takeover for a number of reasons. One is from the uprising blog I posted a month or so back. The second is the fact that throughout history, new Presidents are elected in years ending in 0. There are only three exceptions to this rule and two of them have “newish” elements in these elections as McKinley’s re-election in 1900 saw his assassination and a successor sworn in just ten months later and Franklin Delano Roosevelt won a historic third term in 1940 which has not been repeated since. The election of 1820 is the only true re-election presidential year as James Monroe won his second term; an event that occurred almost 200 years ago. There are no other exceptions. This, plus Trump’s deep unpopularity, schemes by the elite to take him down and the surge of socialism that follows devastating losses for Clinton Democrats in 2018 give me a sense of confidence that this government will form. It won’t be total socialism, but it will be closer to it than any administration in history. I know other psychics don’t agree with me on this, but many other psychics didn’t think Trump would be elected either.

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