Forecast For: The United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany and the European Union

I’m on a roll with my forecast predictions, so I’ll keep posting while the fire is still hot. 🙂


The United Kingdom: This is going to be a year of upheaval for the entire nation. I suspect there will be a revolt led by the citizenry that sees many changes occur. Prime Minister David Cameron will be assassinated, Prince Charles is held under citizens arrest for a year or two before becoming a future monarch of the entire European continent and Princes William and Harry are forced to flee to the countryside; with Harry staring down death’s door and William seeing isolation with Kate Middleton for twenty five years. Scotland Yard eventually puts down this revolt, but the secession of Scotland takes place temporarily before a more organized plan follows in 2019 or 2020 at the latest.


Ireland: The Irish Republican (National perhaps) Army is back in the news this year, but this time their main target is not England or Northern Island. Instead, it’s Russia. After a deal for financial assistance falls through, Russia will have to worry about terrorism conducted by their forces that infiltrate near Moscow and cause more damage. Though the Queen is concerned with this disaster, her cabinet advises against any constitutional action. The House of Commons is not pleased with why the IRA has turned on Russia; due to how the issue will effect them in dealing with revolt. Out of all of the nations that economically stick it out, the Irish have the best shot; in competition with the Icelandic and the Norwegians.


France: Will see the first of three revolutions over the next one hundred years. Each will be successively put down until the third one prevails around the 2100’s. The citizenship will fall into major poverty and inequality will cause bitter resentment and mass instability for the throne during this year. I also feel that a Mali terrorist group will blow up the Eifel Tower (something I have foreseen in dreams before) in the fall of 2015 or 2016. The arc de triomphe may also be susceptible to an organized terrorist plot.


Germany: Faces the ice bomb attack that I predicted a number of months ago. Also will see Angela Merkel pushed down a flight of stairs with potentially fatal consequences. The rioting here is not as severe as it is in the rest of the European continent.


Switzerland: Faces international outcry for holding Wall Street bankers in asylum. By 2017, most of them will be arrested in an international court of law and face imprisonment in some cases and executions in others. The economy and environment also faces a period of fragility as well until 2020.


Italy: Major upheaval in all areas of life will follow. The nation’s Catholic roots will be expunged by political force and the state will drift into a poverty worse than any other country in the region except for Greece (or Turkey if you count them as being part of Europe). I also foresee attempts to take the Vatican City back into Italian sovereignty, but those efforts will fail (for the time being; they are renewed at a later date to more success). I also should note that the family life faces assault as women will offshoot work and force their men to take responsibility for themselves in their own affairs. Rocky social rejection follows.


Sweden: A nice place to be if you are of Anglo Saxon origin. However, if you are non-white, prepare to face a purging that will give even Hitler pause. The people of this nation of are good spirit and heart, but their racism will get the better of them during this war. There will be punishment for centuries of this institution being the way that it is. I wish it didn’t have to happen, but God works in mysterious ways.


Spain: The Catalonia issue is a spark that sets off a massive civil war in the region. I suspect that this rebel group will overthrow the far right government and successfully declare independence; for the time being. However, challenges to their sovereignty follow in the late 2020’s or the latter part of this century. Don’t be complacent with your new found freedoms. Fight for them or you will lose your hard earned spoils.


Greece: The economic pit of the entire European Union. If you thought the austerity protests were devastating now, wait until you see what’s coming in 2015. Yikes. The nation could face invasion by Russian forces, but the most pressing issue is instability at home. I suspect there may be a mass descent from Greece into other nations as migrants; more so than in other parts of history. Those that remain will face starvation, disease and death on a wide scale basis. If this issue isn’t contained to the Isles, it could become a continent wide disaster that effects all other nations on Earth. Keep a hold of your check books or unscrupulous individuals will soon rob your national bank; to the bitter stinging of your nation’s citizens.


A Final Note About the Euro and the Stability of the EU: The Euro is a bust. A shoddy plot of the New World Order agenda, it’s fail also sees the failure of the Rothschild/Rockefeller era come in its midst. In its place, a new continent wide monarchy rules instead. This doesn’t actually make the nation any better. In fact, economic mobility is non existent and much resentment comes from the usurping of republican rights. Though the monarchy will feel they have won, they have only diverted the issue for a short period of time. There will be lots of assassinations in Europe over the next two hundred years. I don’t suspect peace will come until halfway through this millennium; if at all. Sad state of affairs all around. Out of all of the world’s people, I feel the saddest for them. 😦

More predictions will be coming soon.

97 thoughts on “Forecast For: The United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany and the European Union

  1. Interesting about the uk, does cameron really get In again that will really make the uk suffer. I take it he will be targeting the poor yet again for the rich mistakes?. Is this how the riots start? Is it just confined to one place? In the uk

    1. It isn’t so much about Cameron as it is about the royal family. The protestors/rioters want to overthrow the monarchy and Cameron is casualty in those riots. Anger towards him is a contributing factor, but it’s not the ultimate cause. Hope this clarification helps.

      1. What puzzles me how does cameron manage to win the election with all the hurt he is doing to the poor in society. Is it a rigged election surely?. Do things start to fall apart in 2015 for the uk?
        Are there more severe cuts to come?

      2. Who is to say this doesn’t happen before the elections and they are cancelled? I’m not one hundred percent sure of the dating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if such instability prevented a new election from taking place. These revolts should begin to take place by March and elections are held in May. That would see Cameron assassinated before another win could take place. Hope this insight helps.

      1. A Brazilian psychic named Reinaldo dos Santos says that Catalonia is independent but be many dead because the Spanish state will not allow it.

        In the struggle between Catalonia and Spain, You talk there will be a far right government in Spain.

        It will be a far right government elected in elections or be a military dictatorship?

        I have read prophecies that talk of military intervention and the abolition of democracy in Spain but finally, It’ll happen the fall of the spanish monarchy.

      2. First off, Catalonia is not currently independent. That’s been the source of a lot of strife in Spain this year and there have been calls for an independence referendum to make this reformation a reality. Unfortunately, the Scotland issue set off a lot of the sail for the movement, but it will not be the end of the discussion, by any means.

        Right now, Spain is under control of a far right governance that is censoring political debate, a free press and destroying much of the social welfare state that Europe is famously known for. This will reach a breaking point during the war which most of Spain will succumb to. However, Catalonia will know to use this momentum as a fight for independence and they will succeed in doing so; even as the rest of the continent is enslaved to the monarchy. Spain shall stave off the Prince Charles monarchial rule for the most part.

        Democracy will fail in much of Europe, but there will be a few holdouts and some state that reinstate their republics in the late 2020’s; the viking territories primarily (Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark). Iceland (if you consider that a European nation) is already independent after their overthrow of the capitalist system in the nation and this isn’t discussed much by the media because they don’t want to see its replication spread across the world. They should be seen as a model for independence.

        In my private prediction list, I wrote the following about Spain as a whole for the future. I will post it here for your reference. I hope this information was helpful to know.


        Spain sees economic restraint benefit their nation as whole. It also fends off royal attacks to remain a sovereign nation under the democracy that it has established. French leaders attempt to lure them into a royal kingdom but it is met with kind but firm refusal. No attempts will be made after 2021 as the royals find other nations to agree to their leadership demands. It remains a hot issue in the upper echelons of society for multiple generations to come. The Spanish will develop a new religion honoring Princess Diana and Michael Jackson as modern day deities and this takes a strong hold over European popular culture. Spain’s Prime Minister will serve as the example to the remaining democracies to retain their independence over the prominent British parliament. Spanish queen Nareen Maya? becomes a beauty queen worldwide who enchants the world with her charm and elegance in the face of a resurgence of smut and prudence in 2025. Spanish sporting will gain a major foothold as three major league teams become the ones to beat in FIFA and other international competitions. An Olympic ceremony is held in 2048 that startles the world with its suggestive opening acts and poor performance by the host cities athletes.

  2. Thank you very much for the answers.

    I have some doubts

    “Spain Shall stave off the Prince Charles monarchial rule for the MOST part”. What do you mean? Prince Charles of England? In Spain there are two kings: Felipe VI of Spain (Phillip VI) and his father John Charles (Juan Carlos I). Why is it so influential British Parliament? Do we walk towards a New World Order in Europe?

    Who is ” the Spanish queen Nareen Maya”?


    The psychic Brazilian Reinaldo dos Santos also said the Basque Country and the Canary Islands will declarate the independence from Spain . Did you see that?

    Basque Country is a region with a strong separatist sentiment . The Spanish state granted an autonomous status and economic privileges but many Basques want independence .

    The case of the Canary Islands is different. The inhabitants of the Canary Islands feel marginalized by the Spanish government but the canary nationalist sentiment is also strong.

      1. Very much so. Wait until the weather gets warmer and the spring time blooms the roses. That’s when the calls for further ascension of the revolt comes to the forefront of the debate.

      2. Yes. It’s also the upcoming election. Watch for foul play on David Cameron’s end. That will cause massive outcry more than almost anything else.

      3. It’s hard to say, really. Some of it has already been addressed, some of it will be addressed and others will be kept in the dark. RT (Russia Today) might be a good source to get some of what the BBC won’t cover on their broadcasts.

        The police won’t like it, but the elite will force them to deal with it. It isn’t like in the US where your population has ready access to guns and supplies. The scarcity will be the revolutionaries undoing. Hope this helps.

      4. It certainly can’t be a good thing. I’ve been doing some research on the blood moons that I’ve written about, but the third won’t arrive until April. This seems premature. I wouldn’t take too much of it until the spring arrives, but don’t discount it either. Particularly watch to see if there are crowds in the street protesting. That’s when things could turn ugly.

      5. N so it begins? As they say. Will this more likely be an occupy movement? I was wondering if anonymous will have anything to do with it?

      6. Anonymous will, I believe. It seems like something that will happen after the election, but if April is the vector, then it’s before. Again, keep an eye out for mass protests in the streets as the weather gets warmer. That’ll be the sign of what is coming next.

    1. Read this article about the shifting of the royal throne.

      It explains how Charles and his siblings will ascend to a political throne after the death of their mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Such a move will see the monarchy reign supreme in much of Europe, but not all of it. Spain manages to avoid being acquired into this new British/Roman empire, but it still has a monarchy at the forefront.

      Much of the regions in Spain that have a desire for independence will deliver some economic solvency, but they will not be entirely independent of political input from the Spanish establishment.

      Queen Nareen Maya, I believe, is a woman who marries a future king of Spain. It is quite a shocking and scandalous marriage because, like Kate Middleton before her, she is a commoner without royal blood in her veins. She’s a very attractive woman and I believe she is a model for major magazines as we speak (though I’m not entirely sure). This marriage will happen early in the next decade and may have a longer reign than would be expected. Don’t ask me which man in the royal family she marries or under what circumstances since I do not know those details at this current time.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Thank for your answer

        Do you know Alois Irlmaier? Some people called him The “german Nostradamus” . Alois Irlamier said some prophecies for Germany in 1970:

        – First comes a social welfare state (Fulfilled Prophecy)
        – Then follows a loss of faith like never before. (Fulfilled Prophecy)
        – After moral corruption as ever.(Fulfilled Prophecy)
        – So many foreigners come. (Fulfilled Prophecy)
        – It will reign high inflation, and money loses more and more value.
        – Immediately follows the revolution
        – Then suddenly attack the Russians from the east.

        What’s your opinion?

      2. I’ve read his prophecies before and I agree. The Russians invade, but they are not occupiers. They just wish to topple the federal government. They aren’t interested in enslaving the public since they know they had no reasonable hand in America’s tyranny abroad. The Chinese will conquer the west coast, or what’s left of it anyway; which is not much. John Titor, the famous time traveller, also predicted this for 2015 which is why, contrary to the opinions of some, revolution will happen this year; at least in the US. Overseas, it may be a longer battle, but it’s a relatively short one in America. Hope this helps.

    1. No. I don’t think anything of significance will occur until late May or early June. Watch out for the signs of distress then.

      1. Protests, riots and threats of assassinations of political leaders. That’s all for the time period of April-June. Watch for it then.

      2. Busy months then. The main thing for me is is fairness put back into soceity at the end of it?. Does the uk get a government that works for the people? .

      3. Unfortunately not. I mentioned a lot of this in above comments and also in the blog.

      4. Hello

        Do you still see david cameron winning the election?. If so I assume this will be through propoganda to divide the people against each other. At the moment they are trying to destroy and remove the welfare state, the government that is.

      5. I think the thing to keep an eye out for, as was the case in the Scotland independence referendum, is whether Cameron is going to be involved in any cheating efforts. This could involve rigged machines, suppression efforts, leaving names off voter rolls and so on. That might give an air of illegitimacy if he happens to win. Otherwise, I can’t imagine him being sworn in for another term as the prime minister. Another thing to note is if Russell Brand gets involved in any way; whether via a stunt for media publicity or some other way. That could ship the election away from Cameron if it’s an effective hit job. I’ve written about Brand before and his rising political ambitions. This could signal the onset of a new chapter in his life that changes the way media and government intertwine with one another especially in US and UK politics. Hope this information was helpful.

      6. I think Russell brand is standing up against murdoch as well. O just another thing to you see any issues with weather n the uk and also issues with fracking. They are talking about massive cuts ie welfare in the uk on the way. Do u see this having a severe affect in the population?.
        Also I will be starting ti grow my own veg is being self reliant the way forward for people now?.

      7. The summer could have some tumultuous weather, but it’s nothing too serious. I read a prediction from a close associate at another blog who said there may be massive flooding this year, but I highly doubt it.

        The welfare cuts will have a massive effect. There will be a lot of uproar over this. Don’t be surprised if Cameron backs down if the public animosity is too much for him to handle.

        Self reliance is a brilliant idea. The more you can provide for yourself, the better. Everyone is awakening to these instincts for a reason. When the government can no longer care for you, you have to learn to provide for yourself. Sad state of affairs for those who cannot, but this is a survival of the fittest moment in American and world history.

      8. O it could be nothing but there was trouble in brixton UK the other day on a protest, basically people in social housing being driven out and more non affordable homes being put up instead, high rents people are protesting about that. there was trouble windows smashed that sort of thing and town hall overcome. But nothing was on the mainstream media, i take it more of this will be on the way maybe reach the mainstream media?. Do you still think david cameron can win the election?, i think the SNP are taking control.

      9. It will take more, but protests will reach the mainstream media in the UK again. Look at what’s happening in Baltimore right this very second (as I write this). It could get this bad in a month or in the fall in the UK, like with the riots in 2011, but it can’t get much worse than that in your neck of the woods. This is civil war in the US, but I don’t believe it can happen with the conditions as they are in the UK.

        Also, Cameron can win if he cheats. I’ve said this a couple of times before and I’ll stress it again. Watch for any signs of foul play. Cameron’s polling numbers are in a downfall and it will hit rock bottom as the stock market is about to collapse. Watch of Milliband’s rise as well. If the election is a fair way, then Ed will win. If Cameron cheats, he will win, but watch for news reports on the matter minutes after it’s announced. The cheating could spur similar riots, so be on the lookout for those. Hope this information was helpful.

      10. Hello,

        How would the stock market crash in the UK? we have had no trouble with the banks etc on our news over here but there again they could be hiding it.

      11. It would be a combination of the reverberation of the stocks crashing in other countries and the rioting in May or June; possibly the fall. You’ll start to see signs of vulnerability next month. Look out for them.

      12. So the UK is in for a rough ride financial wise? O do you think greece will exit the failed euro is looking more likely now and will that have a dominoe effect?.

      13. It’s a combination of Greece leaving the EU with distrust in your government leading to protests and riots. I’m leaning more towards Greece, but dissatisfaction with Cameron should not be overlooked.

      14. Hello

        Speaking of the royals it seems very convenient to me that the baby is overdue and the birth may be brought foward just in time for the election. A distraction for the masses?. Cameron will use this to his advantage maybe that’s one of the factors how he wins?. What are your thoughts? .
        O do you see any other major earthquakes this year?.

      15. It could be used as a distraction, but she didn’t decide to get pregnant for that reason alone. The kid is a girl, FYI. The timing just happens to be coincidental. Also look at the positive reception Milliband is getting from his interview with Russell Brand (I’ve told you to keep an eye on him before for a reason). ( That could help him immensely since Brand is an up and coming political figure with high significance in the future. The UK is under turmoil and it will be a rough go for the next few years.

        There could be as many as 3 or 4 major earthquakes this year. One of these places will see an ancient burial ground dug up before theirs and that will be the signal that an earthquake is coming. So far, France and England have dug up ancient burial sites this year.

        Either of these countries could see an earthquake or it could be one that sees a burial ground dug up later in the year. Keep an eye out for that. California and the vast majority of the southwest US, specifically along the canyons, possibly fracking related or possibly from natural earth movements, will see major earthquakes this year as well. I also believe China could see one, but that earthquake may have been imposed onto Nepal instead. That remains to be seen.

        Hope this helps.

      16. None of them are and the attacks will get more intense as his popularity rises this year. He needs to be mindful for assassination attempts in 2016.

      17. The end of May at the latest. It will have a worldwide reverberation that effects the UK like everywhere else.

      18. Sorry to keep bothering you, what kind of reverberation are we talking about?. Job losses, money being withdrawn in cash machines, big banks going under?

      19. Yes, also a massive employment layoff, ATM’s closing, stuff of that nature. It’s already beginning to crash as I predicted it would. Reality is just now catching up with Wall Street. When it hits in full force, it’s not going to be a pretty sight to behold.

      20. Bank runs will happen and the issue will be very dangerous because many UK banks have restrictions on pulling out your money at one time. That causes a lot of riots, in addition to some other issues.

      21. It’s definitely a sign of trouble, but it doesn’t indicate the big crumble has occurred. That’s a number of days away now. The deadline, I believe, is May 12th. Somewhere closer to there is when Greece and the Euro get into a state of demise. Watch for more serious bank runs then.

      22. No, it’s a continent wide affair at this rate. It could have been contained to the Greek isles, but unfortunately it’s a major affair throughout the entirety of Europe. That means the UK as well.

      23. O the royal baby labour has started, I am watching closely to see if Cameron will use this as a distraction. Also miliaband has ruled out any form of collation. And the polls are now suggesting the conservatives are ahead. I have this bad feeling cameron will sneek in again.

      24. He might, but he better not expect stability if he steals the election.

      25. The greece situation gets stranger, some rumours that a deal maybe reached. I think they are just prolonging the envabitle. How many times can you keep bailing out a country? , surely this is effecting some of the other EU members? . O and what do you think of tge protests world wide, seems to be a massive uptake do they get more serious? .

      26. Sadly they get more serious as this month goes on and sadly Greece will not be bailed out. Prepare for the worst.

      27. On a slightly different note how do you think the new starwars film will do, at this rate will anyone be able to afford to watch it.

      28. Interesting that you ask this. A number of years ago, I wrote a general guideline for the prediction future about what would happen over the next decade and longer. One of the things I wrote is that, while Hollywood goes into a state of decline, it tries to save itself by pushing through originality and new franchises. I also wrote that while certain franchises, like Star Trek, Batman and Spider Man take major hits, those such as Star Wars do tremendously well. I’m as surprised as you will be, but my psychic guides have said this film will do well. It may not get the most critical reception, but the box office will make for major bucks on this expansion of the series. That was from 2012 and I stand by this to this day. Hope this helps.

      29. Merkel feels she has already paid this up and to a large extent they have. The Greeks may not have gotten all of what they are owed, but they certainly aren’t owed what they are hand wrangling the German government over. This is yet another divisive and emotionally fraught issue that will tear these talks apart. There will be no impasse on this and it will be one, of many, things that derail the talks.

      30. Some people seem so sure to the ppont of arrogance that there will be no contagion if greece leave they may regret those words.

      31. The leaders in power will very much leave the deal with regrets that become more solidified as time goes on. However, there are factors at play here that make such realizations and rationalizations next to impossible. The inner corruption needs to be dismantled. This failure is destined for the liberty of the people. Freedom trumps common sense when it comes to the subtle hand that the universe exhibits on the actions of your leaders. Contrary to the thought of some, this is worth the pain that will follow. The New World Order must die. As painful as it is, that takes priority first and foremost.

      32. At the same time, those same issues that have led to this impasse remain.

        It’s certainly possible that one party might cave, but that doesn’t equal peace at all; especially if the Germans cave on nothing at all. Greece has the burden to keep the talks alive, but Greece also has to keep Germany from imposing the types of reforms that they were elected into office to adamantly prevent. That’s why these talks seem doomed to fail. What the Germans want is not what the Greece Syriza government is afforded in its governance to provide to its creditors. Unless Germany makes some major concessions that are not happening at the moment, and would be met with much scorn domestically and possibly riots, then the talks are doomed to fail. All of those signs of breakthroughs in the news are designed to ease stock market speculators so they don’t go tanking the European economy on Monday. Trust me when I tell you that we’re not out of the woods just yet.

      33. I keep having to stress this, but you’re not out of the woods yet.

        This article acknowledges the payment Wednesday, but it stresses highly that the red lines are still adamantly on display in regards to the pension issue. This, among others I’ve discussed before, is where these negotiations break down. Don’t go breathing a sigh of relief just yet. You don’t want to be caught off guard for when shit really hits the fan.

      34. Well looks like a rigged uk election the exit poll suggest conservative seats by a big number. A few stories popping up suggesting certain parties missing off postal ballots papers etc.

      35. Mmhmm. That’s what I thought when I saw the numbers today as well. Not good. Cameron cheated. This isn’t going to end well.

      36. A lot of people cannot believe he got a high minority of votes, and are already starting to question it on social media. I don’t think we have seen any real anger just yet. I feel upset and depressed what are the timeline of events we should expect next.

      37. There are more assertive and definitive accusations of cheating that Cameron can’t claim against. He’s denied it once before, he won’t be able to hide from it again. Surprisingly, it won’t come from Labor but from the UKIP whose power has diminished. This is what will set off a lot of the riots later in the month. Further riots occur when the economy crumbles, but the illegitimacy of this election (and I had a feeling it was illegitimate) will come back to haunt Cameron soon enough.

      38. This was less a psychic hunch and more about a prophecy I read many years ago about Princess Diana returning to Earth to usher in peace. It’s a good thing they decided to have a girl. That may be Diana’s reincarnation and that could have good repercussions once this war is over. Throughout all of the darkness, there is some solid evidence of better times ahead.

      39. i have looked at a time table below they expect greece to work on, i take it they don’t reach that far
        1 May: Greece has to pay €200m of loan interest to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), although it may be given a few days’ grace owing to the long bank holiday weekend
        8 May: Greece has to roll over €1.4bn worth of maturing 6-month Treasury bills
        11 May: Crucial meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Brussels – Greece likely to be high on the agenda
        12 May: Greece due to repay €760m of IMF loan
        15 May: Greece has to roll over €1.4bn worth of maturing 3-month Treasury bills
        End of May: the country needs to find about €2.5bn to pay salaries and pensions
        30 June: The €240bn bailout agreement between the eurozone and Greece officially expires
        June and July: €6.7bn due to be repaid to the European Central Bank

      40. The tremendous amount of debt having to be paid at one time will become too great of a thing to bear. Especially with the Germans not backing down at all, it’s going to get ugly.

      41. Yes. I’ve written about this a number of times in subsequent blogs which you should check out. Russia has military ambitions, but their leadership believes it is more conducive to set off instability in their enemies nations than to go on a full scale invasion head on without distraction. They are stirring the pot in the US and China and are ready to use Greece as a proxy for military affairs. That will become more obvious in July or August.

      42. They keep saying Greek ministers are confident they can get the funds required and reach a deal, would you say this is just a smoke screen?

      43. It’s all a ruse. The Greeks are lying about who they are making deals with. John Kerry, the US Secretary of Defense, had to fly in there because of this. The Russians are offering a huge amount of bail out money in exchange for allowing them to expand a pipeline from Greece to Turkey and (not mentioned in the press) building military bases to creep up into western Europe ala Hitler’s occupation of Europe. While the EU would like to do anything to avoid a default, the creditors in Greece and Germany are in a tremendous standoff over certainly social safety nets. The Greeks want them preserved at all costs while the Germans want concessions on their funding. This impasse is critical and since Merkel has no signs of backing down, it will result in a default and an exit from the Euro currency. Such a move will be catastrophic alone, but additional problems in Hong Kong’s economy will exacerbate the problem. The US economy’s slowing down to a mere .01% growth is strike number three and it will make worldwide markets (in an interconnected world economy) crumble, even if nations weren’t directly responsible for the financial problems that cause a collapse. That includes the UK and Cameron will try to deflect responsibility away from problems he may have had an indirect hand in creating. That’s what I think is the course of events for the next month. Stay safe.

      44. No I would not. They may not happen tonight with the national guard presence, but they will enflame again soon.

      45. Hello,
        I was looking into Jade Helm Exercise in the usa, and that they are using some empty wallmart’s for camps or something like that?. I have noticed a uptake in helicopter here in the UK. Is there something behind the Jade Helm Exercise in the usa?.

      46. Of course there is. Fefe has been meaning to post and this would be one of the things she’d write about. Those are detention centers for when the government declares martial law in the summer. Watch for what’s happening in Baltimore. I suspect it could be utilized as early as next week.

      47. O prince Charles memos to the government are to be released as per a court ruling today. Do you see any secrets from the royal family or curruption?.

      48. The psychic Christian Dion talks a lot about a pedophilia scandal in the royal family. This could be in relation to that, but I’m not entirely sure. To be honest, I don’t think much is going to come from this, but I could be wrong.

  3. Catalan elections will be on 27 September 2015. The Spanish elections will be on 13 December 2015. I have a Catalan friend who is interested in your prophecies of Catalonia. Do you see that the civil war in Catalonia start soon? ¿2015, 2016?

    1. I see a revolution/civil war for next year. They will win their independence, one of the only movements that do so in Europe.

      1. It depends on which part of the world you are talking about. In some parts, the violence is relatively quick as in a matter of months. In others, it’s a four year long affair that does not end until 2020 at the latest. In Spain it’s a year long affair and Catalonia will be freed by 2017 at the latest. Spain also breaks away from the European Union and the English monarchy that captures power following many years of dispute. Millions, possibly billions, will die, which should send a message to stop all the wars. However, it won’t because it is necessary when power corrupts assertively too much. Hope this answered your question.

      2. Elections to the Catalan parliament

        independence parties: 72 representatives (48% votes)
        Unionist parties: 63 representatives (52% votes)

        The system of elections in Spain rewards the most popular parties

        Within the unionist parties, there is a leftist party that speaks of “social sovereignty”.

        The independence achieved an absolute majority of representatives but not vote. They want to continue the process sovereignty. Is it possible? His position is ambiguous

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