Forecast For: North Korea, China and the Asian Continent (excluding India)

I am starting a new series of blog posts that will encompass a couple of years of predictions in one go around. My first focus of forecast is on North Korea, China and other Asian countries that will play into one another for the next four to five years.

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North Korea: Their controversial and often elusive leader has very legitimate reason to worry. He will be assassinated in 2016; but not by the Americans. Instead, it will be from the Chinese Communist Party who will find Kim Jong Un to be a loose cannon and threat to stability in their own nation. They will off him by someone in his own cabinet who is not an ally of Un’s but a foe instead. From there, North and South Korea will have a merger during a year of uncertainty that will see a unified Korea come about once more in 2017 (the way that the fall of the Berlin Wall united East and West Germany once more). This unified nation, along with several other sovereign Asian nations, will do battle with Communist China and overthrow them in 2018 or 2019 at the latest.


Japan: A major tsunami by years end or very early next year will submerge most of the continent into the sea. This will see wealthy Japanese men and women evacuate to the United States or China as refugees while the remaining will pick up the pieces from the ruins. There will be many deaths from this submerging into the sea; it could get as high as in the million category. From there, a seventy five year battle will take place between mainland activists who want to wait until the water levels subside and those who wish to build an above water city over where their nation once stood. They too, like the Koreans, will do battle (on a more technological scale) with the Communist Chinese government by 2017 for an overthrow by 2018 or 2019 at the latest.


Indonesia: A nation that will face muslim violence in the next year or two. Expect major terrorist attacks from an Al Qaeda offshoot to effect critical infrastructure and cause the deaths of millions of Indonesians as a result. A full scale bloody civil war follows in 2016 for a recovery period beginning in 2019.


Malaysia: Another nation which will face muslim violence. This time, it will hurt ISIS forces in Afghanistan as the capture and seizure of critical documents hurts their relations with the US but helps them to assert their military dominance in the Middle Eastern region in the early 2020’s; possibly by 2019.


Phillipines: More devastating earthquakes will come in 2019 and in the next nine years after that. There is a possibility of earlier strikes, but that I am uncertain of at this time. If you can leave this nation as a refugee, do so. Otherwise, prepare accordingly and hunker down with supplies and safety equipment as much as possible.


Vietnam: Faces another invasion risk by the Indian or Muslim Brotherhood, but I suspect that they will hold back this threat and come out victorious against their enemies.


Pakistan: Faces the risk of getting into a war with India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi if their persecution of Sikh citizens isn’t stopped immediately. Modi will not tolerate this any longer and this, unfortunately for India, could hurt their economy at a time when they are on the rise. Muslim forces would be wise to take this advice seriously. No one comes out as a victor in such a scenario.


China: The nation has surpassed the United States in terms of economic power, but under a false illusion and a massive bubble of inflation. When their economy crashes hard, it will embolden the Umbrella Revolution to enter mainland China and offer up a major occupation that will make the one in Hong Kong seem tame and harmless in comparison. This is where I suspect Joshua Wong could become an assassination target; especially if he seeking advice from exiled Tibetan Monk leader the Dalai Lama. From there, the Chinese citizenry will join this movement and receive assistance from the Korean and Japanese armies who are anxious to stare down China’s communist regime in the face. When the Chinese military overextends their hand, revolt will become that becomes a war with their neighbors rapidly following this stand off. The conflict lasts for about two to three years before Communism is overthrown in the region once and for all. The United States, contrary to the belief of some, is not involved in this movement, nor is the ever illusive Occupy/Anonymous movement. This is a homegrown agenda and one that will reject outside assistance except for the instances of their immediate neighboring nations. A republic is established in 2019 and will remain in power for at least another hundred years. A monarchy may return in the 2100’s but that remains to be seen into the long off distant future of time.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more forecasts, along with some other new predictions, in the very near future. Best wishes to you all. 🙂

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