Forecast For: Some US States (New York, California and Texas)

This is a bit of a brief post, but I wanted to share some predictions on a few US states separate from the general civil war prediction.


New York: Faces the threat of an uprising along with a nuclear blast in August or September. The city will burn and sink into the ocean while upstate will suffer to varying degrees as relocation revitalizes some areas and abandonment destroys other neighboring cities. The towns and counties closet to New York, Albany and Buffalo fare best while more rural counties east and west of Nyack fare far worse than the other surrounding areas.


California: This isn’t the year to worry about the San Andreas fault. The fault line becomes a much larger issue near the end of the century. Instead, a nuclear bomb in a new area of southern California detonates Los Angeles county and kills two to three million in its blast. Northern California fares far better, except for San Francisco, which is hit with a tornado and an earthquake in the same year.


Texas: Too much of their economy is reliant upon oil. If the inflation of other goods continues with a massive deflation of oil prices, Texas property values will plummet and an unemployment crisis unlike any other area of the nation will follow. The safest areas are near Houston and Austin. Dallas and San Antonio are far more susceptible to violence and detonated bombs of rogue terrorist groups; possibly in relation to drug cartels. When secession comes in 2017, they will fare far better if they forge a path towards renewable energy and hybrid cars.

Freedom shall ring once more when the storm passes. Good times are ahead, but things will get worse before they get better again. 🙂


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    • I wouldn’t say a “huge” earthquake, but there will be a substantial one. Sometime between March to May.

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