Some More Prediction Updates

Before I write my longer posts on some recent events to keep an eye on, I wanted to give you all some updates on some of my predictions. To prove to the naysayers that I am, in fact, prescient and not just merely posting my “opinions” on things, I’m going to lay out some validated fulfillments and the corresponding predictions I wrote many months earlier. That should silence the detractors, whether they want to admit it or not. Enjoy. 😉

Let’s start with this shocking allegation of the right wing and left wing Greek parties wanting to seize the national bank and keep the money hostage. Not only was this a warning that I wrote earlier in the year….

“The economic pit of the entire European Union. If you thought the austerity protests were devastating now, wait until you see what’s coming in 2015. Yikes. The nation could face invasion by Russian forces, but the most pressing issue is instability at home. I suspect there may be a mass descent from Greece into other nations as migrants; more so than in other parts of history. Those that remain will face starvation, disease and death on a wide scale basis. If this issue isn’t contained to the Isles, it could become a continent wide disaster that effects all other nations on Earth. Keep a hold of your check books or unscrupulous individuals will soon rob your national bank; to the bitter stinging of your nation’s citizens.”

It’s also something that you will still need to keep an eye on. Just because it was thwarted for now does not mean it is not and will not be a direct threat in the future. A new political diagram could easily shellack the globalist plans along these lines yet again in late October. Watch out for it again in that month.

The Irish Republican Army is back, as I said they would be…..

“The Irish Republican (National perhaps) Army is back in the news this year, but this time their main target is not England or Northern Island. Instead, it’s Russia. After a deal for financial assistance falls through, Russia will have to worry about terrorism conducted by their forces that infiltrate near Moscow and cause more damage. Though the Queen is concerned with this disaster, her cabinet advises against any constitutional action. The House of Commons is not pleased with why the IRA has turned on Russia; due to how the issue will effect them in dealing with revolt. Out of all of the nations that economically stick it out, the Irish have the best shot; in competition with the Icelandic and the Norwegians.”

The question now is whether they had any hand from the Russians in their financing. That’s going to shock the Queen, who perhaps needs to watch out for her own business at this time. I warned of trouble for her as well.

“This is going to be a year of upheaval for the entire nation. I suspect there will be a revolt led by the citizenry that sees many changes occur. Prime Minister David Cameron will be assassinated, Prince Charles is held under citizens arrest for a year or two before becoming a future monarch of the entire European continent and Princes William and Harry are forced to flee to the countryside; with Harry staring down death’s door and William seeing isolation with Kate Middleton for twenty five years. Scotland Yard eventually puts down this revolt, but the secession of Scotland takes place temporarily before a more organized plan follows in 2019 or 2020 at the latest.”

Take heed that more anger of this video is coming.

I’ve already said that Merkel needs to watch out for what happened to George HW Bush earlier this month….

“Germany….will see Angela Merkel pushed down a flight of stairs with potentially fatal consequences. The rioting here is not as severe as it is in the rest of the European continent.”

As I’ve also warned of problems for Italy and Turkey

“Major upheaval in all areas of life will follow. The nation’s Catholic roots will be expunged by political force and the state will drift into a poverty worse than any other country in the region except for Greece (or Turkey if you count them as being part of Europe).”

It’s sad that the world is turning out the way that it is, but apathy and inertia have brought us back to this point. It’s a scary sight to behold, but hopefully it will all be over soon.

I specified the deterioration One Direction.

“The band One Direction will split up this year.”

Still stands to be fulfilled.

Remember when I wrote the following predictions on Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift? Here’s a refresher in case you need it.

“Nicki Minaj becomes a voice of reason this year as she dares to say what many others in the music industry will not.”


“Taylor Swift is about to be taken off her perch.”

“I also wanted to mention two people who are in need of some time away from the spotlight..the other is Taylor Swift who, as much as she has amazing intentions at times, is about to be falling from her perch, which seems impossible, but is becoming the truth. There are a number of scandals in the works that are going to rock her entire world. She’ll have to lay low for a while as a result, using the excuse of “exhaustion” to cover up for what is really going on. It’s not going to end well for her at all, especially saddening considering not all of what is condemnable is entirely her fault.”

Well, this happens to be yet another bid of validity for my prescience.

Also, let me specify that end of the Kardashians is coming….

“Finally, the name Kardashian will be out of the headlines this year for good.”

If they let Rob Kardashian continue to fall apart and he dies prematurely from suicide, the family will no longer be beloved by anyone (if they had any fans to begin with). This would be the end of the Kardashian empire and we won’t hear from them ever again….or rarely, if legal troubles happen to arise.

Hope everyone is well. I look forward to sharing my longer blog posts on certain events in our universe very soon.