The Pope


I mentioned the Pope was someone to listen to and would be coming with more messages that are important.  I am reading news daily, like THIS.

He will make many more important comments and we need to listen to him, it is very insightful.  He will make his statement even if they make his safety in subject—– I see that he will be in danger due to what he will say——please listen to him.


He is going to make a huge statement that will make headlines I feel it coming.

5 thoughts on “The Pope

  1. I greatly admire Pope Francis for his humility and unpretentiousness and down to earthness. He takes after his namesake, Francis of Assisi.

    1. well that certainly is a little bit interesting mmmm… The mafia actually runs the vatican, as it does las vegas. That’s a very brave move to make, i’m not surprised he got sick it’s lucky he’s still alive!.

  2. I don’t think the Pope will be making any such statements right now. He may wait until he feels safer next year, but there will not be a single time in his papacy that he will be entirely safe. He is trying to straddle the forces of progressive with the forces of conservatism. He is failing because he cannot come out definitively and stand for what is right. Political pressures trump his effectiveness to be a magnificent leader. As a result, he will fail in his mission and the church will suffer a horrible demise by early next decade. As much as I’d like to be wrong, I think a church with this much negative karma is too corrupt for any one man to fix all by himself.

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