Detachment from the physical realm subtly increasing…

I don’t know exactly what this is, but at times I feel like I’m on auto pilot. Like time is just moving by, and I’m not really here.One could say “I’m not living in the now”, but I don’t think that’s exactly what it is.Ofcourse I’m not integrated in what people consider “reality”(which is still an illusion) because of my current situation, but even when I’m doing something…I’m still not “here”, like I left.Certain conversations seem small/narrow to me, and I’d be completely detached from it.I feel like my consciousness is vibrating at a different frequency from others(If not most, then all).Before I was completely gone, because of a situation going on when I was away from home, but those isuues from those times have passed, most of it.


It’s as if I’m in another state of consciousness…perhaps that’s what it is. I’m just not fully”in it” like how others are.As if I’m not activated, or maybe the other way around.People prattle, I’ll call it “nothing talk”, at least that’s what it sounds like to me.I get impatient with prattle.What do I want?Why am I rushing?People beating around the bush with things, and I come up with a final conclusion.People just want to talk…I don’t.

Maybe a routine, day-to-day thing causes you to lose touch with what we call reality?But even so, school or work never felt like that.


9 thoughts on “Detachment from the physical realm subtly increasing…

  1. that’s part of your ascension unified, it’s weird, but it will pass as you move through the process.Your vibration is lifting, moving up a level, That’s why you feel not connected..

    • People get offended when I don’t join in on their conversations.But what they don’t know is, that I usually already know what they are up to.Those people who suddenly get excited or break out in convo as soon as you walk by?Why must they be so obvious…but then get shocked or afraid when I expose them.haha…

      • i wish ppl would get excited when i walked passed them, the only thing they ever say is where’s bonnie lol. She more attention than the queens corgis ;0)

  2. reply to unified.. I bought bonnie a little doggy T-Shirt the other day it says “Spoiled and Loving it” :), I figured she gets attention everywhere she goes so i figured she might as well flaunt it lol.

    • haha, she must be a cute dog!

      attention is cool. It’s just the facade that gets old. sometimes.when it’s gone is when you get worried, so I should appreciate it more.

      • yeah and she knows it lol, (that’s her in my profile pic) I play that song “i’m sexy and i know it” to her and she looks at me with a smile and starts wagging her tail ha ha ha. Well personally i don’t like attention, i like just being me cruising along, and working behind the scenes..

  3. I know Exactly what you mean. You are a Leader of your life and your world and its important facts. Everyone else is in The world the media, and the television sitcoms make, and the so called REality shows (so full of bull cocky) Are what THE MAN wants us to be preoccupied with. Not , the True REal World. The World you and people like me, and Fefelove are seeing and fretting for , We are not Lemmings , we are not dumb Sheep like the majority of our Society is BLIND and GUIDED by what ” they” want us to believe is Important. I believe Fefelove mentioned something to this subject in the (near) past.

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