Satanic Possession NOT

Haunted HDR


This post I personally find interesting.  I predict that many individuals will be claiming devil possession-devil expression when really it is bioweapon charged illness.  Yeah, it is the devil, inspiring bio-weapons and mass death but oddly, its a very strange expression of the devil mixed with modern technology.  This is interesting: we meet a devil agenda plus technology and will see an influx of paranoid religious individuals but are they?  What is the root of the problem in our society, is it biology or natural or the devil?  You shall see in time.  The devil wishes to wipe out everyone, does he use bio-weapons? Ebola?

One thought on “Satanic Possession NOT

  1. Have you heard of those Military men, who killed their own American comrades, and after they went on shooting spree, When they were asked “Why did you kill those men” what was their Answer” I don’t know”. Wow, they don’t know, did anyone of you all see the Movie Called “the Manchurian Candidate” . The young guy was hypnotized to KILL without having any recollection of what he did.
    That would perfectly describe technology being disguised as Satanic. There have also been several young teen boys who played Video games excessively who also went on Killing Sprees.

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