11:11 2017

I have noticed, and so have others- a constant reminder about 11:11.

I think it means that changes are here.  Big changes.

Personally, I believe this vision for me is a reminder of my original visions years ago that we have reached an age where things are changing and we need to prepare.  In my dreams I’ve been told of the dire need to prepare for some sort of upcoming war or collapse or both.  I just feel the need to repeat this now, amid all the 11:11 sightings I have had lately.



My Predictions 2017

I’ve been having trouble posting and with the encouragement of my dear friend Liam I’m going to try to make my predictions for 2017 now in this post.  My trouble posting might sound strange but I’m getting many changing visions/dreams.   I don’t know if this is because of cern or time travelers intervening with out time line or what.  I’ll just do my best to post my most honest visions/ thoughts/ dreams for 2017.

  1. I am seeing a strong problem/ swirling  bad energy regarding the increase of diabetes as well as infertility, cancer.  I think Gen X (my generation) will be the first to die before their parents.  I believe it is very important that all those Gen X and below need to modify diets to be anti-diabetes and non GMO organic, possibly anti-GMO wheat.  Health coaching and the normal accepted ideas of diet will drastically altar in the next years.
  2.  I think we are in for changes in many ideas/ a mind shift philosophical knowledge type change that marks a new age- it is coming soon and will effect many ideas about religion, humanity, knowledge, technology and other areas.  Human knowledge is more effected by DNA and group learning/ group consciousness than we are aware.  The power to manifest reality is going to be a strong area of learning.  Technological advances will be amazing beyond our dreams very soon.  The precipice of the last decade is upon us/ a shift is here.
  3. I’m hesitant to post my dire warning about preparedness.  Please prepare for social unrest and other disruptions that will altar our ability to survive.  The powers that be are unhappy and war mongering.  I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.  Possible false flags are on the horizon and it is the NWO death gasps for power in a late hour.
  4. I believe demonic manifestations are only going to increase.
  5. I’m worried about earth changes and the fallout- prepare if you are in certain areas.
  6. I had some visions of war in the middle east which have somewhat transpired but I believe there are more coming/ Israel and bombs repeats in dreams.
  7. I still worry for New York and Washington and bombs/ false flags.  I had several dreams of this.
  8. It appears that my visions of Texas succession have switch to California and we are on some other timeline.  I’m confused about what has happened but see what I said of Texas going toward California with a darker twist.  They are being led by Soros and some dark forces and it won’t end well.
  9. Something from the earth/ dirt/ caves something bad
  10. Weird diseases/ altered/ disease attack and weather war.

Election Week False Flag

I’ll start this one by saying I really pray that this doesn’t happen.

Also, I’ve written about all of this before, so it is just a reminder based on a series of recent events that I have noted.

Yesterday I awoke to a phone notification from a local mainstream media news app (Houston’s Channel 11 News) that said that government intel warns of a terror attack planned by ISIS (Or whatever they call it now) on Monday.  The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott likewise gave a warning about this terror attack planned by ISL for Monday.

I’ve been warning of terror attacks and this period of time (from September 2016-January 2017).  I have to admit I’m afraid of the upcoming week and some of my more grave predictions coming true starting next week and then the following weeks.

Last night as I was sleeping I dreamed about when I had read that pamphlet that they have in Texas public schools about a response plan to terrorism attacks on schools, whether they are shooting, bombs or biological/chemical.  I posted about this one- about how I made a video about an upcoming false flag and youtube censored it immediately.

So, if a terror attack happens next week I believe it is a planned government attack (by the NWO).  It is a false flag designed to delay the elections and geared toward martial law.  I also mentioned (years ago) that I had conflicting dreams about a horrible Hillary presidency and also Obama having a third term.  I’m still not clear on which nightmare is worse really— and I hope they don’t happen.

In my dream last night I was first reliving how I read the Texas Preparedness for Terror Attacks in Public Schools pamphlet, made that video commentary warning of the false flag and then it was censored.  Then I relived getting the phone alert about a terror attack planned for this Monday in election week.  Then, a voice said put it together, the clues are all there and it’s obvious what they are planning— they’ve told us the plan already.

If next week goes to hell here in America, it is the warning sign that civil war and world war and next to come.

I hope that there are Oath Keepers and Whistle blowers that blow the lid on this false flag attack on our schools.  I can’t believe the audacity of the Obama Administration to go into Texas, send Al-CIA-DA mind controlled freaks to make terror attacks on gun free zones in public schools— and then use this ‘terror’ propaganda to then put in gun control and gun confiscation and martial law.

Hillary and Obama are the heads and main leaders of these creepy terrorist groups ISL or ISIS or AL-CIA-DA.  Announcing their intel ahead of time about election week terror attacks, having drills in Texas for gun confiscation and martial law, making a terror response plan for Public Schools…..it does seem obvious what Obama and Hillary are planning.

Sorry about the scattered nature of my writing in this post.  I just hope that the right individuals can stop these false flags from happening next week.  Let us all pray that the people who wish to do terror attacks in America are stopped and all those involved are put to justice.  Let us hope that there are armed guards wherever those terrorists try to attack.

My advice is next week avoid malls and areas where there are large groups.  Be aware.  If you hear of some kind of terror event unfolding try to get home.  Don’t go to far away from home.  Also, if Texas Public Schools have an attack— know damn well who is responsible for it— that is the NWO creeps who control puppet Obama and puppet Hillary.  The entire point of it is martial law and gun confiscation for the NWO— and to obliterate every last drop of freedom in our country.

PRAY for peace, justice and good people to stop these evil plans.




“Alt-Right” persecution

gun_control_third_900x1350.jpgI accidentally watched the news today and heard the weird new mainstream media term for the patriot movement: :Alt-Right.  I immediately thought it sounds like the third reich and is a sign that they are quickly moving forward with a Hitler like persecution of the patriot movement.  I saw images of pending gun control and thought about how they constantly hammer on with their mindless propaganda that the patriot movement is ‘racist’ and that those in favor of the Constitution and Second Amendment are “racist.”  Anyway, my thoughts were quickly confirmed when I read that Hillary had just named Alex Jones by name.  Hillary is clearly in the corner and her NWO handlers are going to try to persecute patriots.  They are announcing their plans by naming their enemies the “alt-right.”  I love Christopher Greene of AMTV and I saw that he also immediately noticed the same thing, according to his video:




Tipping Point: Gun Confiscation



I just want to remind everyone what I’ve been saying for years about guns.  When the American government really moves to take guns (most likely within some crisis) the civil war will be already out of hand.  They are pompous and have inflated ideas about their abilities to confiscate guns.  Certain liberal pockets of America (and the world) are absolutely oblivious to the actual gun culture of small towns all over America and the people of the south.  Their brainwashing propaganda might have convinced a certain percentage of the population.  No matter what your position is about guns, you need to be aware that American gun confiscation means CIVIL WAR.  Those American citizens who regularly exercise their second amendment right will not be persuaded or easily conquered.  If the government moves to confiscate guns there will be an armed farmer behind every blade of grass, a bubba in a hunting post up every tree, an old lady with a shotgun in every rocking chair, and such a plethora of armed resistance that the world will literally be shocked.  If Hillary steals the election (and her Satanic rites for power succeed) she will overtly try to disarm the people.  Obama might even start the process more overtly (he subtly started it already) in the next few months.  Texas will succeed immediately when they move for the guns, and some states will attempt to follow.  The world will be very amazed by the power of the militias.  Crazy Hillary will move to take the guns upon stealing the presidency is she succeeds.  The NWO plans cannot take place with an armed populace.  I’ve have horrible feelings of doom whenever I read about the newest gun confiscation efforts.  A civil war will be so very ugly and we don’t want to endure it.  It is sad how sick, crazy and evil some of our lying leaders really are.  Hopefully the NWO will realize that gun confiscation is futile and not worth the risk of war.  I am not threatening anyone or encouraging violence- I am simply stating the fact that gun confiscation means civil war because I have a true understanding of Americana southern gun culture.


U.S. President Barack Obama (L) high fives children who wrote him letters about guns and gun control before sitting down to sign executive orders on a series of proposals to counter gun violence during an event at the White House in Washington, January 16, 2013. Vice President Joe Biden delivered his recommendations to Obama after holding a series of meetings with representatives from the weapons and entertainment industries as requested by the president after the December 14 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 children and six adults were killed. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW)

September-January Readiness

The following blog isn’t really a new prediction, but rather a reminder and call to prepare. For several years, Liam and I have been doing our best to warn people, help raise awareness over evil plans, help stop bad events through prayer and collective awareness, and help others become prepared for what is on the horizon.

I’ve seen a lot of progress toward the fulfillment of many of my predictions.  I’m not certain of a time frame for everything.  I’m not going to point out all the predictions that have unfolded and are unfolding.  Perhaps we sounded crazy when we began predicting all these things years ago.  I stand by my predictions/dreams.

I know I have mentioned this before but I strongly feel a need to prepare right now.  I still feel from now until the end of the year—-that there is a window of possible game changing events on the world stage.  I’m seeing moves toward civil war, world war. economic collapse and Texas succession.  Every day there is mounting evidence pointing toward these events.  Sometimes I feel literally sick to my stomach with the feeling of pending events.  I still dream the same events as well- I hope people are making efforts to inform themselves and prepare accordingly.

I feel at this moment that the window to stop the wars or economic collapse has passed.  Unfortunately, it seems that the powers that be are so evil, so bent on depopulation.  The powers that be want wars and collapse because they are certain they can create order from chaos.

I’m deeply disturbed by the realization of my prediction about evil/demonic possession. Every day there are more articles about  increasing Satanism and demonic activity. Demonic powers are doing their best to manifest death, war, pain and injustice right now.   Demonic powers want to position themselves and the world in a certain state before the upcoming technological revolution.

I have faith that the powers of goodness, love and justice are stronger than evil.  I believe that good people will stand up against evil at the right time.  I think we all need to pray right now very hard for America and the world—for love and for peace and for all good things to manifest and conquer the evil powers.

Yesterday I heard something about Obama’s executive orders that school children are forbidden from saying the pledge.  Unfortunately Obama’s executive orders have clearly lined him or his successor up as the new, even more horrific Hitler.  Genocide and persecution are in our future.  Our hope still stands with oath keepers.

I predict that the next several months will demonstrate an even more interesting spike in legal gun sales in the USA.  I think that articles are already coming out to support this.  The collective consciousness of Americans is sounding a ‘danger alarm.’  The brazen and overt tyranny of the NWO is becoming more obvious daily.  As each day passes and the NWO lies increase along with the usurping of human rights/freedom more people resolve a rejection of the NWO.

I have a fear that the NWO will use Russia to persecute patriots by assigning patriots as part of Russian terrorism.  I’ve thought this for a while but didn’t go on about it because it sounded weird.  Steve Quayle mentioned it yesterday on a talk show so I’m not the only one who fears this.  They tried to link patriots to ISIS and other Islamic Terrorism but failed.  I’ve mentioned before that it is possible that Texas will side with Russia as it succeeds.  Americans are so oblivious to the very real threat of Russia bombing American government in order to destroy American tyranny and persecution.  If Russia goes ahead with plans to do nuke/bomb strikes on American soil I believe they will target government strongholds.  I believe most of the troops will immediately defect and join the patriots against the government.

The point of this prediction is to warn people to prepare and stay informed on world affairs right now- stay vigilant.  Pray and be ready.  Of course, the first thing we pray for is that not a single one of the fears/dreams I’m writing about in this blog entry comes to pass.  We pray that justice/love manifest and persecution/genocide/war do not manifest.

Once again, my original dreams that prompted me to want to warn people was that I kept dreaming about thirsty, hungry and afraid people.  In my dreams there were fires around too- I am not sure what caused the fires.  Hopefully we get past January without these events precipitating but I will be so thankful and surprised if  God delivers us from this evil.  Instead, I believe we that in order to overcome this massive evil in the world right now there will be suffering.  Why the suffering?  Because unfortunately people are oblivious to the pending danger and unwilling to demand justice.

This blog does not in any way advocate any violence.  This blog advocates prayer, preparedness, and awakening.

If our government cared about us even a tiny bit the media would be warning people about Russia right now.  Instead, the US government hopes that no one realizes that we are moving nukes closer to war along with ignoring Putin’s ongoing warnings to American people.

Economic collapse will be covered up through war.  None of these horrible events need to happen but they are being purposefully caused by very sinister liars in power who need the chaos in order to execute their NWO plans of world domination ahead of the singularity.

We are at a point where the environment/food/medicine/air/water have been so poisoned that humanity is being purposefully and subtly undermined by a very evil power that wants to eliminate humanity.  People are unaware that the food is either safe or it is going to kill us.  Very little of the food is safe anymore and it is nearly impossible to avoid this chemical/biological attack against us and our children.  As I predicted, infertility is increasing and sickness is increasing because the NWO is soft killing us all.

It might sound paranoid to believe that the NWO and many of the world leaders are demonically possessed.  However, I believe we can judge by their deeds that there is a mass demonic possession occurring right now among many of the world leaders, politicians and other people in positions of power to substantially influence humanity.

Do not be influenced by demonic powers who wish to divide and conquer.  This is the time to unite and not let people bate a growth of hatred and focus on differences which really do not matter.  We need to unite around values which benefit humanity such as justice, health, human rights and freedom.  We need to reject the NWO and refuse to become sickly, mind controlled slaves of the NWO.  We have reached the emergency moment in history.

Satan is defined as the liar, the adversary.  The only way that Satan has power in the world is that people believe the lies.







Squatter Revolt Plot

I’ve been seeing this one for the past few months off and on and feel it is a good time to post this prediction about an a squatter revolt/ squatter crisis.  I hope if people are warned this plot will not proceed but be exposed for what it really is: occupation.  More accurately is it terrorist occupation with a plan to take over.  I’m seeing it in the following type stages- as described below.  It could be faster or slower in some areas.

I predict that you will see more and more articles about governments asking people to open their houses to immigrant refugees.  These are just now starting but will increase.  People all over liberal Europe will be guilted into welcoming squatters into their home under the guise that they are being loving and responsible.  People will be forced through government programs to open squatters into their home or else their benefits will cease.  People might likely even get jailed for protesting and revolting at first against the squatters.

There will be reports of welcome and unwelcome squatters.  Squatters will become more and more common and world wide.  Squatters will not be persecuted by the governments but instead those who resist squatters will be condemned.  There will be more protests and resistance against squatters and the governments will become more vocal insisting that the squatters are accepted.  The governments will suppress media coverage on squatters raping the inhabitance of the houses and stealing/looting.

There will be areas of civil decline/collapse and the immigrant squatters will get very disturbing in these areas.  The squatters will start to squat more and more as unwelcome, uninvited people.  The squatters will take over sections of neighborhoods and unoccupied houses until they finally begin taking over occupied homes against the owners will.

As the real estate market crashes this year there will be increased squatters even in the USA.  The real estate market crash and the decline of the economy will be evident as you see more and more reports of these squatters (like a sign).

Finally, ISIS or ISL or whatever terrorist group is behind these terrorist occupants—they have a final stage where all the squatters will turn on the inhabitance and begin war/slaughter.  They are going by the playbook of what happened when the Zionists occupied Palestine.  What began historically as welcomed refugee  Zionist squatters in Palestine —turned into mass genocide and militant occupation.

If the people resist the squatters from the beginning—-and resist strongly—-there is a chance that those areas will be spared from the squatter occupation plot.

If not, mass genocide in certain areas/countries is possible as the squatters  execute their planned revolt and occupation.  If they succeed there will be new sets of refugees who are running from the ISIS refugee squatter terrorist occupants.







Eyes on Russia





I feel like a lot of the recent events are a distraction from the obvious issue that Russia keeps threatening to nuke the United States.  I listened to Putin’s recent warnings and he was begging Americans to wake up to the threat that the USA government is provoking and leading us into a world wide war, which will involve nukes. I am reminded of the supposed time traveler John Titor who warned us that Russia nukes the USA to help the American people against their government.  I feel we should closely monitor this situation and be as prepared as possible against this very real threat.  Do not get distracted by the government sponsored race wars or other distractions.  I feel it is urgent that we prepare for this very real WWIII threat.