War is Coming

I had intended to post a more optimistic blog post last month entitled “The People Have the Power.” How so much can change in the span of a month. As sad as it is to say, that piece has to be put on hold for the moment. We’re entering a very dark timeline. If my and Fefelove’s visions are wrong, then praise be God. However, unless there’s a major course correction soon (a socialist US president or a change of heart amongst the elite), then this is where we are about to be going as a planet. It is not a pretty future, to say the least.

The hopi tribe of Arizona forewarned of two paths that society could go down. The lower path and the jagged path. As hard as so many tried to go down the better path in recent years, we’ve entered the jagged path instead. Time has been given to change our collective ways, but this has not occurred. As a result, our world is about to face its darkest hour yet, as punishment for our apathy and complacency to the cruelty of our society. This is the worst case scenario for humanity as a whole, so be warned that what you are about to read will not comforting in the slightest.

Many are concerned with the fatality count that will come from the Coronavirus. As high as it might get, possibly in the tens of millions, that isn’t the main problem we face. Rather, the pandemic is just the very start of our troubles that are to immediately follow. It will seem like a time to celebrate when a cure approaches sometime between August and September. When the virus is finally eradicated and put under control by the end of the year, there will be cause for celebration and jubilation throughout the world. Things can go back to normal, in the minds of the public. However, the parties will be grossly premature.

For starters, the anger by the world comes as a result of the lives lost to Covid19. Quickly, the demands pile up for an investigation to take place into the origins of the virus. China, facing the lions share of the blame, won’t cooperate when the UN and the WHO come knocking on their door. This fuels further speculation of a sinister motive behind the virus, especially with the mysterious disappearance of the original Wuhan doctors. Angry at China’s refusal to cooperate with UN and WHO investigators, the international community, led by the US, begins with a series of tit for tat sanctions, unraveling the already fragile world economy even further. It leads to a worldwide depression, greater than the one faced a century ago. Wanting to hold onto power by any means necessary, Trump sees this as an opportunity to suspend the November election this fall, successfully averting the Tecumseh curse, as he declares war on China (Note: This war and declaration of martial law occurs regardless of whether Trump, another Republican or the female Democrat I have foreseen in my visions is in charge).

Military operations begin quickly, as invasions into disputed territory commence. Taiwan, Hong Kong, North Korea and the South China Sea see a massive build up of international troops. Led by the US, they storm the shores with tanks, planes and ships, as China pushes them back aggressively. However, despite China’s show of force in defense, their troops are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer size of the international forces at their doorstep. China’s soldiers are forced into a hasty retreat, working on a more defense based strategy.

The goal of the communist leaders in power is defend as much of their border are they can protect, while pushing back the invaders from their door. The goal of the west is to push troops into the main land of China with the intention of topping the government. Battles take place throughout the Asian continent, as international forces push in from many sides and China tries to push them back out. Once the troops manage break through the final defense barrier, the international troops rush in and the communist government of China is soon toppled. This will happen only a few years after my original vector of prediction for this to occur.

Other powers use the crisis in China to declare military actions of their own. Turkey and Syria declare war with each other over their long standing feud. Kurds are sent to the slaughters, bombed by both sides of the conflict. Iran and Israel declare war, both using nuclear weapons, incinerating millions of their own citizenry in the process. Ironically, the only part that remains habitable for human life is the area put under siege by the apartheid regime of Israel; the Gaza strip. India and Pakistan declare war, with India annexing land from Pakistan, including Kashmir. This leads to yet another century of bitter divisions and hatred across new borders.

Countries that don’t declare war with their neighbors will find their own citizens declaring war against them. Russia, which would normally seek to use this instability to annex more Eastern European territory, finds that instability in their own nation leads to an overthrow of Putin’s regime instead. Many EU countries see their citizens revolt, most notably in France and Spain. However, those efforts are put down by aggressive force, though the simmering embers are not doused out.

The US, the big instigator of all of the conflicts raging worldwide, does not fare as well as Europe when it faces its own citizens uprising. A poor, malnourished and discontented citizenry refuse to serve in Donald Trump’s draft. Instead, they take arms and turn them on lawmakers in DC instead. Martial law is declared across the land, trying to hold off a civilian uprising from reaching the capitol. The military fails to stop the internal conflict, despite citizen roundups to concentration camps. After a long and bloody conflict, the government of Trump and his enablers is toppled, with both Democrats and Republicans forced out of office. Many lawmakers manage escape and flee for their lives overseas. Those that are not so fortunate face the guillotine at home.

For the first time in two centuries, the US faces an invasion by foreign troops. Thinking it will get international troops to leave, China sends troops to storm the cities of San Fransisco and Los Angeles. They occupy the cities for several months, before they are forced out as a result of US citizens demanding it, not from the demands of its government.

A big part of the death count comes from mass genocide. There are concentration camps activated all throughout North America and Europe, with millions sent away for thought crimes or being the wrong race or religion. The most horrific and tragic of these mass killings occurs in Europe, with the deaths of nearly all of the Syrian refugees who fled there during the war. Mass graves can be seen from the heavens, as rotting flesh is left to decompose and rot.

As this fighting occurs in various parts of the world, nuclear weapons are dropped in major cities. In addition to the fire burning in the Middle East, New York will face incineration by a nuclear weapon, though the fatality count will be significantly less due to evacuations made beforehand. Other European and Asian cities are at risk of facing hellfire as well.

The aftermath of world war 3 will be scary and desolate. It will not be the same world we are used to now. Billions will have been wiped out in the period of a year, two years tops. Many of the readers of this site may not even live to see what happens next. Those that survive will surely know close loved ones who perished in the war, from combat, disease, bombs, murder or starvation. Everyone on Earth will lose someone to this war, one of the hardest things to bear as a result of any conflict.

Food scarcity and water shortages will be a common occurrence immediately following the end of the war, seeing more deaths come as a result. The environmental impact will last for centuries. A baby boom follows, possibly greater than the one after world war 2. Society will rebuild into something better over time, but history will damn the people of our time for having it come about with such blood shed and horror to get there. Over all, this war will be remembered as the cleansing of the Earth, poisoned by humanity’s cruelty to Mother Earth and the living things that inhabit it.

We have come too far to turn back now. I begged the heavens for years to intervene more peacefully, but such aid never came. God may have said he would never flood the world again after Noah built his ark (allegedly), but that doesn’t mean he can’t burn it all down instead.

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  1. You’ve said that you were concerned about posting this for fear of manifesting it into being, but is it possible, that by posting it, sufficient awareness will be raised so that this prediction does not come to pass?

    1. I mean, there’s always hope, but as I said above, unless there’s a huge shift in the course of events, this path is inevitable, whether Trump wins, another Democrat wins or the election is cancelled all together.

  2. I’m honestly at a lost for words.

    Could this be the reason why I’ve had a feeling I will not live beyond the age of 35 (I’m currently 31)?

    Is there anything we can do on the individual level to prepare?

    1. I don’t want to alarm you, but that’s a very real possibility, unfortunately.

      It’s hard to really say how to prepare for this. There’s only two means of self defense; prayer for these tensions to be resolved peacefully and finding a place to hide and hunker down. Other than that, the power is largely out of our hands.

      As I’ve said, I really didn’t want to post this, but this is our path pretty much in almost all circumstances, whether Trump gets re-elected or most any other Democrat beats him. At the end of the day, on the issue of war, the political parties are interchangeable.

      I might still be wrong in the end, but it would require a real bit of divine intervention. That’s not likely to happen, but hope for the best and do your best to prepare for the worst.

  3. Dear Liam
    Thank you for going ahead and posting this. I understand why you feel troubled bringing us this message.
    I also have had an eery feeling about what’s to come in the next few years, but I feel this can still transform in an economic war instead of military. There are others who see this as well, but I do understand that unfortunately when tensions are high, things can escalate very quickly.
    I do feel that it won’t be in the world’s best interest with so much power in china’s hands. There will be efforts to balance that out for sure. The cruel way they treat the nature, animals and even their own citizens is very damaging..

    Carmen’s comment of not living beyond a certain age strikes a chord with me as well. I also feel a possible end for me in about 4 years. Other psychics have been talking about a mass exodus of souls from this planet in the next few years and Corona is just the beginning of that..

    I would be very interested to read other commenters feelings on what’s to come.

    Meanwhile, we have to try to stay grounded in our own energy, do our best and not panic. There will always be systems collapsing after a few centuries, it’s the way of the world. Our system is flawed, just like those that came before that. We are always evolving, let’s hope it will be an improvement, even though many of us will not be here to witness it……

  4. hello, if I may put in my psychic impressions, the space brothers, will not allow, humans to use nukes on planet earth. they have been here, since planet was still new, and will be here, after humans are no longer here. Weather changes, will be effecting everyone, and every nation, as a result, all nations, will be weaken from this, as well as from the virus, and economical conditions. GOD, does have a plan for humans, our present day age, is ending, we are ending a new age, that will transport the world, that is so different than today. the fear energy you and your helper are picking up, is the massives, who are releasing these energies, but, they do effect pyschics, and their visions, if they aren’t protected by higher energy from their guide. our thoughts and intentions, do effect our tomorrows, we WILL swich, to the other path, the HOPI and others, know so much more than present day people. being a Hopi medicine woman, in a past life, I know, of the many different helpers out their, who are not human, they will help, humans, but will not interfear, until they see and feel, they don’t have a choice anymore. Plus, don’t discount GOD and his/her armies, they have been working behind the scences, that the majority of the population, don’t know about. please reflex, on what I say here. LOVE is always the most powerful force in the universe, and the miracles, from this energy, is powerful than any other. take care Allen.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’ve actually mentioned this in a prior blog, one that came just after the last presidential election, but the reality is, unless the aliens find a way to needle all of these threads together smoothly (satisfy mass poverty from the depression, topple both the US and China’s government and reign in the power of the elite), then war is inevitable, as are the use of nukes. They’ve held it at bay now for seventy five years, but they can’t prevent it forever. I had a feeling we’d make it through the 2010’s without world war 3 and I was right. However, we will not avoid it in this decade. I specifically didn’t give dates because there could be a delay of a year or two, but this is our future, unless, as mentioned in the beginning, there is a major course correction. They haven’t intervened on these issues so far. If they are serious about preventing the use of nukes, then the time to intervene in world politics is now. Otherwise, prepare yourself. The jagged path is coming. Hope this information was helpful.

  5. Are there any safe havens in north america?if cslif. Is invaded…the norteast nuked…i would expect that prospect alone willcommence an exodus causing its own problems ..so whete is a safer alternative that you and fefe see ?alberta?
    Your honesty is appreciated.thx

  6. Are there any safe havens in north america?if cslif. Is invaded…the norteast nuked…i would expect that prospect alone willcommence an exodus causing its own problems ..so whete is a safer alternative that you and fefe see ?alberta?
    Your honesty is appreciated.thx

  7. With lockdown…mr tRUMP probably not going to utah…or..outside WH…so is he finishing his term now?

    1. A lot of this is complex and I’ll explain it at another time. As I mentioned in this months psychic predictions post, I have been preoccupied at the moment, so I haven’t been able to meditate and get a reading. I do have a dream to share, but that’s about it for now. I’ll try to give clarity on your questions when I can.

  8. Hey Liam,

    I’m already seeing people across the internet expressing anger at China and their role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Some are already declaring that action needs to be taken against China. So, it looks like things are heading that way.

    1. Hello Carmen,

      I agree. It doesn’t seem like there will be an intervention for peace at the moment. Worse, Biden is already agitating for a war against China as we speak, not caring how devastating it would be for the whole world. The future is looking pretty bleak, unfortunately. All one can do is pray for a better outcome.

  9. TRUTHTELLERS….1. is trump the republican nominee at the R convention ? ( ie alive by then)
    2 .uncle joe just had a “senior moment” on 4 16 CNN “interview” ( joe couldn’t even finish…mumbling stumbling fumbling unintelligibly about some FDR reference )w. Anderson cooper ..and had to be cut off by Anderson…does joe have a brain aneurism recurrence going on? does HE make it to the nomination? or get replaced shortly thereafter by his VP selection? who is…___ ?
    THX ..hope all around you are better.

  10. Australia and Sweden are calling for investigations into China. There has also been soft confrontation in the South China Seas with the U.S. Navy sending out another ship to the area. It’s slowly building up, Liam.

    1. It is and I am worried. However, I also notice two things that could potentially save us. One is the rise in working class actions against the state, particularly the Rent Strike that is coming on May 1st. If this cascades into something bigger, it could see the US toppled before war can begin. The other is the declassification of the UFO sightings by the Pentagon. One of the other psychics, Fefelove, mentioned that Aliens might be making an appearance, possibly for sinister reasons, but possibly to stop nuclear war. There are some positive developments out there, but overall, things are not looking good. I plan to address some of this in a new blog post for next month.

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