Dreams and Predictions for April 2020

I apologize for being so absent last month. I have been dealing with the coronavirus in a personal capacity (even though I do not currently have it), as several people I know have come down with it. Fortunately, none of my immediate family has it yet, but I fear it’s coming soon. It’s taken up my concentration, on top a creative writing spree I’ve been working on as another alias.

I’ve been hesitating to write what I see coming down the pipeline, because I would really prefer it didn’t happen. However, unless we have a major course correction soon, then the future is going to be dark, scary and bloody. The death count of the coronavirus will pale in comparison to what comes down the pike next. Let’s just say, for those who are curious for a preview, that if I’m right about this, then the election won’t ever take place; just as the Olympics won’t either. Think about the last time the Olympics were cancelled and you’ll get an idea of where this is going.

Fefelove, the co-founder of this site, and I have been talking more frequently in the last month. She and I agree that we greatly underestimated the impact that this virus would have on society. We’re not happy with the visions we’re seeing, but if things don’t seem to change soon, then the blog post “War is Coming” will be posted up on this site sometime this month. If you see it on the front page, you should start to panic. I try not to needlessly create false alarms, but I also can’t leave you all in the dark about what is coming either.

In the meantime, here are some dream based predictions to share.

1) I had dreams about two celebrities, Jennifer Lopez at a film screening and Taylor Swift hosting a party in her backyard, on separate nights. These seem like mindless, irrelevant dreams, but what it suggests to me it that someday, things will return back to a sense of normality.

2) I had a dream where Bernie Sanders announced he was dropping out of the race, which angered his fans and had them all turn on him. I also saw an obituary for Joe Biden, which once again seems to confirm that neither of them will end up being the Democratic nominee at the convention. I still believe a woman cinches it, one who may not even have gotten a single vote in the primary. This all presumes, of course, that the election ever takes place.

3) Fefelove had a dream about a fashion show. This is a quote from an email she sent me.

“I dreamed I was clothes shopping with my mother and Betsy Johnson release a line of Clothes with fancy masks (like face masks). The masks came with each outfit and were typical Betsy Johnson colors n styles. Everything she sold came with a mask. Her fashion show every model had a mask.”

4/7 ETA: If you haven’t seen this months blog post, the one I’ve been hesitating to write for obvious reasons, please read it, as the information is important. In the meantime, I have another dream based vision to share.

4) Over the years, I have occasionally had personal conversations with living individuals in my dreams. A lot of times they are people I know personally, but sometimes they are famous. Maybe it isn’t actually our spirits connecting, but on subconscious level, I am able to feel and understand where a person’s mindset is in that very moment. I had a dream recently where Joe Biden was trying to talk to me on a one on one basis. He was asking what he could to eliminate the popularity deficit between himself and Bernie and Trump. I said appeal to stupid people, since he wasn’t willing to change any of his platform. This is a sign of weakness, one he knows he has. He has a deep, personal insecurity, feeling that he will lose in November and is already looking for excuses to blame somebody else if he does. What this dream meant is not entirely certain, as it didn’t explain his chances of death or dropping out. However, it is pertinent to know that he knows of his coronated status in the primary and that the emperor has no clothes.

4/20 ETA: Since posting my blog post on the upcoming war our world is facing, two developments have startled and alarmed me. One is that Biden is provoking Trump into taking a “wartime” posture in his tweets and TV ads. The other is the reported brain death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. If Un dies and there is no immediate successor installed in his place, the situation will quickly unravel on the ground and it will start a violent conflict between the US and China to take control. This confrontation could easily escalate into World War 3, months before I originally suspected it would occur. If there is no intervention from the spiritual world in the next day or two, the world will suffer serious consequences and millions, possibly billions of lives, will be lost. In brighter news, which is a rare occurrence these days, I have this to say.

5) From darkness will come light. When this is all over, our world will be a much happier and peaceful place than it has been in human history. Though this age of enlightenment and love will not last, it will last for decades, possibly a century, before a darkness like we’re dealing with now returns to Earth.

4/21 ETA: Any signs of positivity are things I like to share. So, I will do so now.

6) There will be a major reevaluation amongst most of the world that forces them to put their priorities where they should lie. Family, friends, loved ones and children. Money will not be seen as important, causing the death of capitalism in this century. Expect that people will begin to place a further emphasis on the things that truly matter when this is all over.

7) I see a rise in the number of small farms and communal living in the future. Cities will be abandoned, but the countryside will thrive. This is not a permanent phenomenon, as cities will rise again at some point. However, for the time being, this is where large masses of people will migrate to during and immediately following the war.

8) This isn’t positive. It’s another dream from Fefelove:

“In my dream I saw three aliens. The government was having a disclosure press conference. They were acting like it was friendly but I thought it was sinister.
The aliens were wearing white outfits like space travel suits that were a thin material white long sleeve and long leg pant suits. They were grey skinned but their faces had what looked like a combination of mild elephant features but they were humanoid. Their noses looked like tiny elephant noses, almost like puffy short uncircumcised penises (lol). They were taller and bigger like giants. I was very afraid of it. I’m not sure who the government was disclosing it besides American. I think nasa officials and homeland security heads or something but i didnt recognize them.”

4/23 ETA: This may seem like a frivolous prediction to share in these times, but I’m going to post it anyway because I had a dream about it last night.

9) In my dream, the first part indicated that Demi Lovato would either commit suicide or die of a drug overdose. Fans were already upset, but then news hit of Selena Gomez committing suicide. The dream specifically showed this website, particularly this post from five years ago, as proof of its severity. Though Selena did not die at that time, her friend, Christina Grimmie, the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting and several others died in her place. Being that Selena is 27 this year, the odds of this happening are pretty high. In addition, the dream ended with an ominous warning. There was a report that death comes in threes. There was a question as to who the third victim would be. I have no idea who this might be and the dream did not give a specific name. It’ll probably be another former teen star or someone in their immediate orbit, like Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. Watch for this in the summer.

10) Another dream from Fefelove:

“So they changed from shots to an infusion process using your own blood. It seemed more than vaccines. It was literally changing people’s genetic make up, genes, telometers… They were analyzing for defects of genes and mutations and certain traits and risks plus antibodies etc. I’m not sure what they were doing exactly or how they did it but it included nano tech and some kind of vaccine like science and other stuff. Idk how they altered the genes and whatever they were doing fundamentally changed peoples dna. They were bragging this extends life to at least 150 and maybe longer plus it makes u look youthful and defeats a variety of diseases and viruses.
It was like vaccines on steroids. The nano tech is disturbing and my understanding was the transfusion was necessary to get the amount of it into people. Plus the idea they targeted certain “defective genes” and “defective people” for termination. Idk criteria on that. Political adversaries? Picking things they don’t like and developing mutants. Also it’s my understanding they would do this several times for some people for whatever reason. It’s almost like they were programming people’s bodies.”

33 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for April 2020

    1. I hope it doesn’t come to it, but if things don’t change, I’ll be typing out the blog. It’s the darkest visions I have seen yet, which I why I really don’t want to post it unless I absolutely have to. Thanks for your readership, though. I really appreciate it.

  1. Hi Liam I’m very sorry to hear you are battling this virus. I wish you a speedy recovery!!

    And don’t apologize about your visions. These are scenarios that don’t necessarily have to become a reality.

    I am also worried about the fall out of this virus but I do feel that things need to change, especially the way we treat our earth and animals. china especially is a very dangerous and cruel country that puts the world in danger. It needs to stop! Maybe war is the only way? They refuse to listen to others and won’t stop.
    If we continue like this the planet will be inhabitable in 2 centuries.

    I wish you lots of support and strength in these difficult times.
    Stay safe 🙏

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I think I may have confused people with what I wrote. I do not personally have the coronavirus, but other people I know personally do. That’s what I meant. I apologize for the confusion on that.

      I agree very much that the world must change. I’ve been talking to the site’s co-founder, Fefe, and she agrees too. The problem is the way our society is structured, with its ingrained powerful elite. They will not allow there to be a change without a fight, which means blood shed and lives lost. It’s not a pretty picture and I hope I don’t have to publish the blog that’s in my drafts, but if things don’t change soon, it’s inevitable. Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it. Best wishes you to as well.

  2. This virus in terms of UK what do you see? I take the lockdown here will be short?

    1. It’s amazing your country hasn’t already had a lockdown, but it is coming. The way Boris Johnson has handled it is an absolute scandal, comparable to the governors of Republican states in the US. I did say, if you remember, that there would be unrest in the UK this summer, particularly in London, that would be unrelated to Brexit. This, I feel, will trigger it and will lead to his downfall. The consequences of Israel and the wealthy of your country denying Corbyn the chance to lead will be devastating. Hopefully, when he tries to reassert power later, it won’t be denied to him again. Hope this information helps.

    1. Wait for the blog on this later. Also, I did say it would be someone who has not received a single vote. Kamala Harris did actually get votes, as she was still on the ballot in several states. It won’t be her.

  3. Very sorry to hear about your coronavirus diagnosis. Thank you for posting, under the circumstances. You’ve posted about Bermuda and a coming civil war/class war before. I’m curious to know what you see now with the coronavirus in the mix?

    1. Thanks for your kind words, but I think I should have made it clearer that I don’t personally have the virus. Other people I know do. Other than that, I’ll share more in a few weeks when I have more of an ability to concentrate.

    1. Bingo. I have a draft put up which I will add to in a few days. I hope I don’t have to publish it, but it’s getting to the point where I have no choice.

  4. Japan and germany were both sanctioned and isolated in the 30s.
    Cornered. Predictably..their leaders lashed out..you know the result.
    Iran and n. Korea fit in that scenario now…are they the spark?
    Ie feeling their foes ..sick..(literally) and unable to fight?

    1. This will be answered in my big blog post coming up. As for the Cuomo and McConnell question, that depends on if my darker visions ending up occurring. If they do, then there’s two places they will end up; dead or out of the country. They won’t retain their positions of power after what is to come.

  5. Can you see where cuomo and mitch mcconnell are in a year?
    Given your visions..that may be a guide for us…
    Thx for your truth…THAT is increasingly hard in this world..see, Fauci, dr., deaththreats.

      1. Was there anything Sanders could’ve done to prevent it? You talked about the theft in IA and SC earlier?

        And we know it was Obama who was behind the large last minute endorsement sweep for Biden before Super Tuesday. He called up Buttigieg, etc. and got them to drop out and endorse Biden.

        And so the VP pick will be some centrist like Whitmer that Obama & Hillary like?

        So do Obama & Biden ever get judged? It seems Obama/Biden/Hillary all win in this scenario regardless, Hillary gets to see Bernie humiliated, Obama denies Bernie from challenging his legacy, and even Biden gets a Pyrrhic victory against Bernie.

      2. Sanders could have looked into the election tampering that happened, as I warned about multiple times on this site. The UN has said that any election result with more than 4% difference from the exit polls should automatically face an audit. That happened multiple times during the primary votes that were allowed to take place. If his team had done their research, they would have found cheating by Biden and his team in the results many times.

        Biden is not the legitimate nominee, not that it matters too much, because I don’t believe he will make it to the convention. Biden knows he is illegitimate, hence the dream I had. I wish the dream gave me more details on his fate, but it didn’t. I’m not a lucid dreamer, so I can’t automatically top into these things on command. However, I will be on the lookout when I go to bed tonight and will update you if I get any other messages.

        Like with Corbyn in the UK and how Boris Johnson is now on his death bed, as a result of cheating him in the last election, I suspect a similar fate will befall Biden and maybe even Obama soon. There’s a reason that 1968 blog post felt so important to write at the time. Since the RFK assassination happened in June, a lot can happen in the span of two months.

        Hope this was helpful.

  6. After the war that you see coming, do you see women taking more of a world leadership role?

    1. It means nothing without a significant change in policies. Words are just empty.

    2. Also should mention that the co-founder of the site, Fefelove, says she believes Trump will win reelection after he postpones the election to next year. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but such an act would require congress and I don’t see them doing that unless things get grave.

  7. Do you follow Q at all? Or have you heard of it? There’s a lot of talks that white hats are ending corruption and evil during the shutdown.

    1. I question whether that story is real or not. What I do suspect is that it is a signal that the intelligence community and members of the deep state are all in on Biden. It won’t matter because he’s not going to be the nominee. He feels like he’s fading. I can’t see him living past June. Hope this insight helps.

    1. In what sense? Ominous for Trump losing or ominous of fears of his shutting down the election? I don’t trust the polls and don’t trust anything the media writes. They have been wrong before. I will write another election season post later in May or sometime in June. That hopefully will answer a lot of questions.

  8. If Trump is sincere in that he thinks the primary isn’t over, then it means that either he or Russia has some plan prepared for Biden that could theoretically take him out before the convention. But if Trump is now worried that this surprise won’t work during a polarized election due to the recession and only during the primaries, then could it mean that either he (or Russia) has acquired some kind of embarrassing material/blackmail about Biden?

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