Dreams and Predictions for May 2020

It’s May Day. I have a blog about this that I’ll post today. In the interim, here are some predictions to share.

1) I had a dream last night that there was a massive push for women to get pregnant and have more babies. I saw lots of discussions on fertility and the social pressures on men to conceive. This is likely related to the post war era of our society. It will impact everyone, including those who are gay and those who don’t want children.

2) With more scrutiny on Joe Biden’s accuser Tara Reade coming, expect more women coming forward to offer their own stories of abuse at his hands. Expect that this will make an impact heading into the convention.

3) In that same vein, expect a credible rape allegation to be made against online blogger Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report. He will likely face a jail sentence when this case finally goes to trial.

4) Trouble is also coming for writer Louise Mensch. There’s tax fraud that is being investigated. She could face a hefty fine and/or jail sentence when this uncovered by the IRS.

5/4 ETA: If you didn’t see my newest blog post, you should read it if you want to know how to fight back against the attacks on the working class happening as we speak. In the meantime, I am going to allude to my next blog post and then share a few more predictions.

5) This will be a very hot summer, possibly the hottest on record.

6) The states and countries that had big early numbers in Coronavirus cases will not see a resurgence before the cure is found. Places that didn’t have big early numbers, like Florida and Texas, are in for a rude awakening. Their death tolls will eventually surpass New York’s. Sweden’s will likely surpass most other European nations per capita death rate as well.

7) Despite news of his reemergence, I don’t trust what North Korea is saying about Kim Jong Un. I don’t feel his life presence and the photos they are sharing of him seem either staged, older or fake to me. I’m not exactly sure what’s really going on, but they are absolutely hiding the truth from the public. I suspect we will find out what’s really happening by August at the latest.

8) It is a big mistake for the Obama’s to bring so much attention to themselves these days. They won’t like when their respective legacies start getting torn to shreds by those who despise them, most of whom are not Republicans.

5/6 ETA: Fefelove shared this warning from a dream she had. This could be in reference to the second wave that is expected to come.

9) “Dream we were in quarantine for Covid-20. Like now but the news said Covid 20 and I was like whatttt 20? Double checked n it wasn’t 19. Like some second problem.”

10) I normally don’t like to talk about other psychics, as I am a person who likes to keep harmony with others that have similar gifts. However, I am so tempted to write a blog post about one particular “psychic” who likes to gossip. If they don’t stop attacking a certain innocent person soon, aiding the efforts of right wingers like Rupert Murdoch and Piers Morgan and the columnists at the Daily Mail, then I will. For someone who is so opposed to Trump, they sure are doing their best to aid in his mission to take down someone that he really doesn’t like.

5/17 ETA: I have to be honest with you all. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to keep posting on this site. Last night, an ambulance came to my neighborhood to take away a person who died from Coronavirus. The disease is getting closer and I do not feel safe where I am. Where I might go will not have internet. Just keep this in mind in case there’s a lull in posts for a while. In the meantime, another prediction to share.

11) I’m going to link to this blog post again, because we are in the year 2020. The coronavirus is making Adele nervous about releasing her new album this year. Unfortunately for her, if she wishes to keep living, she has no other choice but to put it out by years end. What worries me more than anything else is her recent weight loss that has made headlines. As I mentioned in my blog post from four years ago, Mama Cass Elliot died at 32 from a heart attack, caused by trying to lose weight. If Adele isn’t careful, she’ll suffer the same fate. I know she reads this blog. I have gotten confirmation of this from the spiritual world. I hope she takes this advice, before it is too late.

20 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for May 2020

    1. More is coming than just this or Tara Reade’s accusations. Patterns emerge among predators. When there’s one victim, there’s many. Give it time. There will be much stronger cases coming forward that will remove all doubt of Biden’s ways.

  1. Did you see the story about Tara Reade being pro-Biden/anti-Putin in 2017 and then switching to being anti-Biden/Pro-Putin in 2018? She was writing articles praising Putin.

    1. That’s all a smear. I believe Tara Reade, though I don’t think it’s going to be the magic bullet that takes down Biden. What it does indicate is that something will remove him before the convention. Hope this answers your question.

      1. What if the DNC and Obama backs Biden through the storm the way the DNC and Hillary backed Bill? Going by that template, Biden should survive through it, right?

        It’s like when Kavanaugh getting confirmed led to a blue wave instead of a red one, on the basis of the comparison and contrast of the ’88 vs. ’92 election, where the troubling justice wasn’t confirmed in the former, but was in the latter. Another example of how justice for aggrieved parties works.

        Also, if as you say the Bin Laden story is evidence of the Deep State backing Biden, then he will have their assistance in attacking his accusers too right?

        Also, what do you think about my theory in that there could be blowback for the Left if they choose to damage Biden vs. Trump (Reade was a Warren/Bernie supporter). It was party blowback against the Clinton Administration for hurting Gore’s election odds (Elian Gonzalez, etc.) + subsequent Clinton dealings with Bush (supporting the iraq war, etc.) that led to the left of the party in coalition with Obama taking it over to avenge Gore.

        Couldn’t this mean that if Biden is sunk by the Left that it leads to the Establishment fully taking over the Dems come 2024?

      2. He won’t survive what’s coming. I’ve said why in previous blog posts several times before. I’ll post a more definitive one at another time.

  2. Tara Reade’s phony allegation has fallen apart. She admitted that she did not originally accuse Joe Biden. This allegation has failed.

    1. I really don’t like the way you try to make voicing concerns about rape and sexual assault as a matter of “success” or “failure.” It demeans the struggles that women face coming forward against powerful predatory men in society. Your comment rubbed me the wrong way and came across as callous. You should really think about that. Plus, it’s not the only accusation against Biden coming. More will emerge. With predators, there is a pattern. Others will come forward and Biden won’t be able to explain his way out of this.

      1. That is not what I am trying to do. I support the MeToo movement. But in my opinion, and the opinion of everyone else, Tara Reade is a fraud. How else can you explain the amount of people who want Chris Hayes fired from MSNBC? Or Andy Lack resigning?

      2. “The opinion of everyone else.” No. You mean the opinion of most Democrats, but that’s not “everyone else,” that’s only about 30% of people at most, if even that. Most people, if they even know about her accusations, still don’t have an opinion one way or the other.

        Whether she’s telling the truth or not is irrelevant because it’s not going to force Biden out of the race. However, what it does do is force other women with stronger accusations into silence out of fear of bullying and harassment.

        People online are formenting this culture of attacking accusers and it absolutely sickens me. They’ve been doing it to a number of women, not just Tara Reade, and it has to stop. We have bigger things to worry about right now. People need to take sight of the bigger picture and realize what you risk by being so desperate to prop up Biden that you destroy the Me Too movement in the process.

        The reality is that Biden has sexually harassed women in the past and he’s done so multiple times. It’s only a matter of time before we learn about it with more specificity and certainty.

        It’d be better for Biden to drop out from public pressure than to be taken by Coronavirus or by a bullet instead. One way or the other, he’s not going to be the nominee. People attacking Tara Reade ought to realize that now, before they enter a total meltdown.

      3. Then why would Tara et. al vote for Biden for VP twice? Suppose he did do it, wouldn’t it not necessarily be a disqualifying factor if they knew he did it and voted for him for VP anyway?

        So if that’s the case, why would he then drop out?

      4. There are a couple of reasons, actually. For one, you can’t separate voting the President from the VP. It’s a joint bid. She may not have had a personal animosity towards Obama and so wasn’t going to punish him by not voting for him to spite Biden.

        Two is that victims of abuse often repress their feelings and traumas inside for years, sometimes decades, before they are ready to come forward. The 90’s was not a supportive time for women to talk about sexual assault, seeing what happened to Anita Hill and countless other women at the time. Perhaps Tara thought, with the Me Too movement and now Biden’s attempts to run for president, rather than vp, that it was time to speak up.

        It won’t make a difference because, even with the progress we’ve made on the issues of rape and sexual assault, one accusation won’t be enough to force Biden out. However, she’s not his only victim. More will come forward. That’s when I suspect the pressure becomes almost insurmountable.

        Hope this answers your question.

      5. If she was willing to give Obama a pass doesn’t that question her credibility? Also, in the interest of justice shouldn’t Obama face more culpability in the policy and personnel decisions of his Administration than Biden at the end of the day?

      6. It doesn’t. I’m not going to go into a discussion about sexual assault and rape survivors with you, as it is a complex and tough discussion to have. I would encourage you to do your own research and hear from survivors on their experiences. It’s not as simple as you might think.

        As for Obama, yes, he is culpable. Hence why I wrote prediction #8. His policy and personal failings will be brought out in the open soon and over time.

      7. One of your earlier predictions was about Obama & Hillary being on the run from the DOJ after receiving indictments – is that going to happen with ‘Obamagate’ and Barr and is that how Biden is forced out?

      8. Unsure, to be honest, though it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he tries to. I figured this would happen much earlier in his administration. Perhaps my dating was off, as it can be sometimes, so if Trump does try to indict them with Barr’s assistance, I will consider this a prediction fulfilled.

  3. Your police state/riots forecast is coming true before our eyes…your analogy to 1968 as well..so…
    1. is the R convention moving to Miami/MAL lago? With the Chicago 1968 tumult?
    2. any better view of the near future on /as to /if the owner of MAL lago makes it to the convention?

    1. Some of this will be answered in a blog post for next month entitled “A Burning Hot Summer.” What’s happening in Minneapolis is but a preview of what is to come. Also, I have a strange feeling that Trump and/or Putin are collaborating to have Biden offed. This tweet that was retweeted by Trump gives me a bad vibe. Look out for more information in the near future.


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