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There has been a secret movement to legalize/normalize incest/pedophilia over the past ten years but lately they have been making progress with their agenda legally, see THIS article about a judge in Australia who ruled that soon incest/pedophilia will be accepted.  This is the first of several rulings and represents how they are trying to ‘come out into society.’  I see outrage especially in the LGBT community because the incest/pedophilia people want to join with the LGBT community for ‘rights.’  The LGBT community stands for human rights and is NOT part of the incest/pedophilia group and is about to get annoyed and disgusted that the pervert group wants to blur sexual issues to manipulate sympathy.  The LGBT community will protest/denounce these child abusers along with the rest of the people in favor of human rights and protecting children.  Those in favor of incest/pedophilia are perverts who like to harm children and they deserve to be executed in jails for the atrocious deeds which will never be considered acceptable by society.  I find this incest/pedophilia group utterly detestable and am sad for the LGBT community that the perverts are trying to latch onto your crusade for human rights; completely unacceptable.




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    • Trixie,

      Perhaps I’m overreacting, but if this were to ever be made legal, I will go completely insane.I just raged for 15 minutes and came back to finish typing.As I’m typing I’m trying hard to have self-control and reject the urge to use profanity and endless caps.

  1. …NO NO NO NO!!!

    I can’t live in a country where this type of act is allowed!!!Fefe…THIS IS NOT OKAY!!

    I rather everyone in the whole wide word to become infertile and no longer produce kids, than have this take place.I rather the human race go completely extinct!!I will spit and stone every pedo

    Fefe…i really hope you are wrong. It’s nothing but a bunch of twisted, perverted, selfish, ignorant, and desperate sickos that would think this sort of act is okay.

    JESUS CRIST WHERE ARE YOU!!!,,,,and I’m not even christiann!!!


    • WE SURE ARE.

      Reformed ancient greece is out the window!!This is a reformed ROME.This is sick!

      I don’t care who you love, just stay away from innocents and children!!!

      I see the youth losing their way, more and more, everyday, because of the previous generations that planted the evil seed within their minds.

      Trixie…I will not live in this world!!!


    child molestation is a selfish act no matter how you see it. The child doesn’t even know what’s being done to him/her.This is a form of BRUTALITY. WHAT THE HELL.

    I almost feel like Australia is just trying to prove a point!

    • ATM yes it is unified, it is a nasty place to be, but it’s only that way because of the government, and the insanity that Abbott has unleashed upon our country. Our people are very kind and compassionate by nature and would help anyone. This pedophile judge is not a common thing, and all this crap has only started because of Abbott. He is absolutely trashing our country worldwide, and we are doing everything in our power to get rid of him. He won’t budge on a double dissolution atm to call another election, but that’s not to say that he won’t, as the pressure is being stepped up in Canberra by an alternate party who holds the balance of power, and is making abbots life absolute hell right now. :0).. As i said i’m contacting the governor general about this today, to have that judged removed and thrown in jail where he belongs, as well as any other sicko that goes along with him. Please be rest assured that that judge won’t be there for much longer. We live in a beautiful country, and our people are so compassionate, please don’t hate us because of what that insane judge has said.. What he said will NEVER BE ACCEPTED NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!.

      • I apologize if I offended you. I shouldn’t have judged the entirety of australia based off of this disguised reptilian creature judge.

        But can you believe that someone can be so openly selfish and nonchalantly talk about the legalization of pedophilia, like it’s something ? A phenomenon that is completely one-sided,and in no way or form, fair. What in his sick twisted mind compelled him to speak such nonsense? I rather the entire world go infertile and no longer produce kids, than have people trying to take advantage of them.If you can’t take care of them, then don’t have them.(speaking in general)

  4. Do you understand the type of madness I will unleash if this were to ever be accepted?

    Words cannot explain…

    We already have an issue with people sneaking and molesting kids.Imagine if this were legal? They really think this is going to be easy?I feel like elites are trying to deliberately piss us off, and they know this is a big one! Big enough to effect other nations.

      • WOW!You’re even more extreme than me!!!

        I was thinking about torturing the pedos until they would be too traumatized to even think about molesting kids.I will destroy any pedo I see!

        I’m way too merciful sometimes!!

      • I adore the orientation of Texans and justice. We have more executions in this state than all the others combined. There should be even more.

    • No unified this crap with the pedophile judge is NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You didn’t offend me at all, and i can understand that you would think that Australia is a shithole, because of what’s happening. What that judge said will NEVER BE ACCEPTED, AND WILL NEVER BECOME LAW. iT WOULD NEVER PASS LEGISLATION. I’ve just gotten off the phone now to a member of the government whom i know, and is one of the good guys, who said they are going to scheduled a meeting with the governor general about this pronto, to have the judge removed and anyone else involved. He advised me to also send an email to the governor general as well, and told me the governor general has been inundated with emails from the public to have that sicko removed sentenced and jailed. I’ll let you know what happens.. We’ll get rid of him don’t worry. It will never become law, i was told, and apparently that judge is a personal friend of Abbott!. yeah funny that grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was also told that a lot of what that judge said was a deliberate ploy by Rupert Murdoch to further degrade this country.., as if we haven’t got enough to deal with now this Jesus!

      • This makes me happy!!!You have no idea!While reading your post I feel like a darkness was lifted from inside.

  5. I swear….it’s almost like THE WHOLE DAMNED WORLD HAS GONE INSANE! I DO think the ELITES are trying to PISS us off…Look at the crap that is going down in our country..right before our eyes? I know that this usurping rogue lawless evil administration is mocking us. Also, I was just talking to a friend about the youngsters in my family (and every other friend’s family that I know) who are pregnant…and not sure if they are going to marry the partner! I may be old fashioned- ok..I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s…but I was taught that that was taboo! OK..I know that this has gone on since the beginning of time…and we should not judge other’s when this happens…but it seems to be THE RAGE NOW A DAYS! At least they are not aborting their children. But..the families are broken up……many kids (including my nephews!) are selfish and won’t help their elders…commericals on TV for “I am experiencing vaginal pain during intercourse” I MEAN SERIOUSLY! I am not by any means a PRUDE but it is this IN YOUR FACE crap that is getting to me. Child abuse (and animal abuse) are two of the worst things I can imagine. You really have to be a demented NUT to think it is ok to abuse an innocent. OK..I will try and calm down now….I am scared that we are actually into a “1984” scenerio. Read the book in 1972 as a young teen. Could not envision that as a middle aged woman that I would be seeing bizarre things take place. “slavery is freedom” “black is white” We need to pray. You don’t even have to be religious…I am more spritual…we need to PRAY people. Pray for goodness and light to win out.

    • I don’t think they are trying to drive us insane. I think this is just how Satan/Lucifer acts- his values/actions….evil, love of pain/torture/death/fear….this is who they are and it is obvious. At the bottom of the rabbit hole is a big stinking demon sitting in his own s#it.

  6. Oh..YES…I say “hang em high” Some things should have NEVER CHANGED! Texas Rocks! I will visit some day!

  7. Were does evil come from? Do you all beleive in hell? There is soo much evil in this world. It follows me around (as I Told Fefe) and I have to say prayers every day to get the evil spirits away. They are scary as hell.

    • Evil is the privation of being (the necessary imperfection of existing things because only God is perfect). It doesn’t come, it just is. There are different expressions of evil in the world- communal evil (evil in a community), supernatural evil (devils), natural evil (storms and bad weather and the like), moral evil, etc. Demons are nasty pompous control freak entities that feed off of negative energy and like to create problems. Islam calls them Jinn….they are in all the religions bc they are real and it is the same stuff in every age, every society….the oldest story.

    • Trixie evil follows those who will Live and breathe GODS WAY. The more Spiritual you are and powerful you are in the eyes of God the more you will have Evil as a constant visitor. Don’t ever let them know you are Afraid-NEVER you hear!!!!

      • I agree- its the gift of discernment. If you are important and good, the evil things like you. The same f++kers follow you from lifetime to lifetime too.

  8. Public executions?You’re on a whole nother level!!!I was thinking about bricking them, until they are too traumatized to even think about molesting kids.

    I wish there was a way to completely end pedophilia.

    • If someone were going to go against the constitution you’d think that they would bring in stricter and harsher and obscene punishments for criminals. For example, the parents/siblings/family of someone who is raped gets to punish the rapist any way they desire and nothing they imagine is off limits. That would deter crimes…

      • I wish we had capital punishment here, but the electric chair was done away with many years ago. Personally i think it should be brought back, especially now coz of that sick judge. Fe, Abbott is breaching the constitution all the time here, He just doesn’t care. You have no idea how us Aussies are soo enraged with anger and humiliated coz of what’s going on in this country right now. We hate him, just as much as everyone else in the world. As i said to unified we are not bad people, we are loving and compassionate, it’s only happening because The PTB have such a strong hold on us, and because we have a small population that they can!. It just makes me vile with anger that Abbott is getting away with it. We won’t stop until this government is thrown out on it’s ass, and that judge is thrown in jail and castrated. Fe, i will send you a copy of the letter to the governor general, i don’t know what else to say except i’m mortified, and humiliated that such a thing could happen in our country..

  9. The Holy War on this Earth has definitely started– All that is against God and his teachings, is a battlefield of wits and laws on each continent. OMG.

    • Yes ellie I had a bad feeling about public execution.I didn’t quite a agree with it, as it can easily be corrupted. But, only under certain/serious circumstances we should consider public execution.Publicly executing individuals who are blatantly evil should be okay, though.

  10. Unless they were framed as being blatantly evil.

    I guess we just dislike pedophiles that much…

  11. i’m writing to the governor general about this, unified will you write to him as well? we have to get those judges sacked real quick..

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