Texas Militia Engaged; Sign of Coming Civil Unrest/War



I posted a lot about this on knowthenext: Texas plays a crucial role in the upcoming civil unrest/war.  The Texas Militia has responded to the open boarders, see HERE.   The Texas Militia has set up a command center and unfortunately this is the first stage of what will be the command center for the South during the economic collapse/civil war.  There will be many secret groups that have already organized which come out of the woodwork when needed, along with many other openly organized and public militias.  The powers that be have no idea of the organized groups and the show of force they are planning if necessary.  The Texas Militia is taking over the jobs of the government, like securing the boarders and will continue to gain power.  Texas is taking a public stance, more people are talking about the idea that Texas will Secede, see HERE.  The ranchers are upset by being overrun by illegals and threatened by Harry Reid’s land grab.  They will sooner go down in a war then give up and have their come and take it signs ready for any gun confiscations.  Texas has moved arms manufactures to the interior of Texas and will not accept violations of the Constitution.  Three strikes and in the minds of Texans the Feds are OUT: 1. open boarders, 2. Hairy Reid’s land grab, 3. Gun confiscations.  As the Feds push these three issues there will be many more developments as I have predicted.






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