A New Scheme to Crash the Markets

I’ve posted about this issue before, but have not been accurate in my dating of it so far. For a number of years, I kept predicting a major stock market crash that would cause instability worldwide and see a sizable shift occur in the fight between the lower and upper classes. After some initial research, I figured out why I was wrong all those previous times. It wasn’t because we weren’t due for a crash between 2012-2014. We were. What was discovered was that the elite were waiting to push their losses onto the masses instead of taking the losses on themselves.

Since the last crash in 2008, the markets have seen an historic rally that has defied logic and reason. Despite rampant underemployment, record high poverty and homelessness nationwide, the markets kept rising and surpassing historical records. What this creation of poverty not seen since before the great depression showed was that the dreams of prosperity for millions became totally out of reach. Since people can’t afford to buy into this market anymore, the vast majority of the profits made over the last nine years have been exclusively by the 1% (80% of the market is owned by them). Since the elite have found that they are approaching the limits of market highs, they have been scheming about the need to find another avenue to sell their losses onto since most people don’t own stocks anymore. When the markets did show signs of pressure downward, work was done to insure that the trends went back up again. While such actions bought time, these highs can’t last forever. As such, new initiatives have been devised that have been occurring behind the scenes in the halls of power. Since tricking people into the market’s won’t work (due to a combination of unaffordability and unwillingness to invest), there has been a search to look for another place to stick the losses onto instead. After a number of years of debate, a new target has been located; social security.

Privatizing social security has long been a dream of wealthy elites to completely destroy the middle class in the United States. The reason such efforts haven’t been pushed in a while is due to a combination of a Democratic president in Obama and a complete embarrassment in regards to their previous attempts to pull this off before the last crash in 2008. With a willing president in Trump and fickle opposition from “The Resistance TM” coalition, an opportunity has been presented that the elite plan to strike on in the near future. While the public is distracted by government crackdowns on Anti-Fascists (which I have something to say on that for another post) and various Trump scandals, the real work to screw over the American people is beginning behind the scenes. Since Democrats exhausted all of their energies on protecting Obamacare (which deserved to be destroyed), they won’t have enough ammunition left to stop this privatization scheme like they did the last time such efforts occurred during the Bush administration.

If the elite succeed in their efforts, expect millions of Americans to be left in a situation with no social security to rely on. Such a move would fuel the previous blog prediction I made about a repressed uprising that will see mass casualties come in its place (what do you think this escalation in investment in the police state is for, anyway?). If the elite fail for any number of reasons (for which there are many), then they will end up losing a lot of money because there won’t be another place for them to stuff their losses when shit finally hits the fan. Either way, this will empower a socialist government to come to power in the near future; a reason why I see a Democrat or a Socialist come to power in 2020. As most realize by now, turbulent times are ahead of us. Watch out for this in the near future because it won’t be a pretty picture when all is said and done. Regardless of the outcome, the worst is yet to come.


Dreams and Predictions for September 2017

Thankfully August has passed without a major terror attack or a tragic celebrity death, though there were some really close calls along the way. I am concerned with the thoughts I’ve been having as of late, so I’ll share them here.

1) I’m going to elaborate on this in its own blog post since it deserves one, but watch out for Republican efforts to privatize social security either this or next month. If they succeed in going through with it, a triggered stock market crash immediately follows suit. I’ll explain more at another time.

2) Like with Barcelona, I suspect there will be a partial terror attack in New Orleans or another south east city, but the more devastating part of it will be blunted by the police force there.

3) I see violence rising again in the fall, this time directed towards US lawmakers. My previous warning for Paul Ryan remains and I also think Governor Greg Abbott and Nancy Pelosi are high priority targets as well.

4) Finally, I think we may see another theater roof collapse on an audience in the fall like what occurred in London in 2013. This time it will happen state side.

9/10 ETA: There’s a lot of predictions to update as fulfilled. While not everything I’ve said has been accurate, most of it has. I’ll get to that, along with my long overdue piece on antifa, in the near future. In the meantime, here are some other predictions to share.

5) I keep hearing the phrase “fire, fire in the building.” I think a serious fire is going to breakout at a high rise building and it will lead to pandemonium and a massive casualty. Not sure where this will occur, but I’m going to guess it’s in a big city like New York or Chicago.

6) A major assassination is also long overdue for a European leader. I expect that to occur in November.

7) The Democrats will see the first signs of trouble this fall as Daniel Biss sees big protests against him that will end up seeing him lose his challenge to incumbent governor Bruce Rauner in Illinois; presuming Biss is the nominee next year. I also see some legal trouble for Rahm Emmanuel in the new year as well.

8) There is a risk of war forming on another front, this time in the South American nation of Venezuela. Like with Vietnam, the US will suffer massive casualties and extreme unrest domestically if it decides to go down this path due to the nation’s insistence on rejecting the petrodollar for the Euro or the Ruble.

9) Major discussions are had on climate change in the fall and I believe it will lead to some major changes in the US in terms of its energy policy. Some of it, like the banning of the DAPL, have been predicted by me already. Others, like court ordered emission reductions and state laws regulating the energy sector, come by the spring of next year.

9/16 ETA: I’ve had this thought for about four days now. I might as well post it here. It could be nothing, but just in case…..

10) I keep hearing the phrase “blood in the streets” and seeing a lot of blood shed on the streets of various cities in the US. This could be in relation to terrorism, police violence or some combination of the two this fall. Stay alert.

9/26 ETA: Below this post is a new blog you should all check out. I’m not going to post too many more predictions this year because most of my visions now revolve around 2018 and I’d rather save those for the mega 2018 psychic predictions post. Here’s one additional thought I’ve had in recent days.

11) Though my prediction on Angela Merkel was wrong, the rise of third place winner AfD (Alternative for Germany) might see a partial fulfillment of my prediction after all. If Angela Merkel cannot form a coalition government and/or she faces an assassination attempt by a far right activist, a new government would be formed that would come from a new election held or a coalition formed with the Green Party and the Social Democrats. I’m not willing to concede my prediction as wrong until at least the end of the year for this reason.

9/27 ETA: I don’t know if I’ve written this one already, but just in case…..

12) Like with my Angela Merkel prediction, I was wrong about Theresa May losing her seat this year to Jeremy Corbyn. However, I’m not fully willing to concede that until the end of the year due to the boiling issues within Northern Ireland. Having been almost a year since they have formed a working government, the parties in Northern Ireland’s government face the threat of direct rule by the English and punitive measures on them which benefit the unionist DUP. If such a scenario happens, a return of “the troubles” commences and this, plus a legal challenge to May’s Tory-DUP coalition government, could see a new election called by years end. In this scenario, Corbyn would finally win the prime minister job. Watch for these developments as my instincts may be on point after all, even if there was a delay in getting to that fulfillment.

Google’s Censorship Will Backfire on Them

I may have hinted at this on occasion in the comment sections of certain blog posts, but upon some recent developments, it is important to go into detail with this in the form of a blog.

Google is the world’s most prominent search engine and, as a result, it serves as a source for billions of people when it comes to finding information online. As such, Google has a responsibility to use its platform wisely and to aggregate with fair results. In the talks these days of the threats of repealing net neutrality, many are seemingly ignoring how Google’s latest “fake news” algorithms are going beyond just hiding false stories in their search results. As documented on a number of occasions, it is using its website to deliberately censor alternative websites and actively promote lies of the mainstream media. We have had this problem for a while with purposeful Google pages promoted by a scornful psychic to attack our website’s reputation. Other websites, including my two of my favorites New Prophecy and World Socialist Web Site, are combatting this issue as well. The reason I’m writing this now is that a straw is breaking and its about to spill itself all over silicon valley in the near future.

Karma will come back to haunt the Google executives in ways they cannot currently comprehend. I’ve mentioned that Wikileaks would expose a lot of their corruption in a previous prediction, but that is only the smallest extent of what is about to hit their door step within a matter of months, maybe even weeks. It has already started with this recent scandal on censoring conservative opinions in their workforce and it will get worse for them as blowback from both the left and the right makes itself known to them. They will see what happens when you drive content down the results pages because the powers that be tell you to. No matter how much they may proclaim themselves as kings of the internet, emperors have no clothes in this sphere and they will see that when they are de-pantsed and exposed for all to see. It will take them off their perch and either force a change internally or see their company’s implosion come in a couple of years time. No matter how mighty they are, those that are corrupt will always fall.

Dreams and Predictions for August 2017

I feel like I didn’t have a lot to say last month and that hasn’t changed for this month either. Here is what I have so far.

1) I feel there will be significant problems in the heartland of America. I think this is in relation to terrorism or a mass shooter/shooters, but I’m not 100% sure.

2) I also feel that there may be a tragic death of a female celebrity this month of a big caliber. People like Angelina Jolie or Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle come to mind.

8/15 ETA: A few more predictions.

3) I was just in Europe and could feel the negative energy all around me. I especially felt it in Brussels and Paris where terrorist incidents had happened before and after I left. Something big is coming to Europe in the near future. I know I’ve said this before, but being there first hand, it’s very obvious that some of the smaller incidents that have been in the news recently are all leading up to something awful in the fall. I tried my best to put protection spells on the continent at large, but the force of evil there was so overwhelming that I often times felt suffocated in its presence. Hope that my prayers worked, but if not, prepare for the worst.

4) I also feel that the recent spate of white supremacist violence in the US will expose police departments across the country for their role in elevating the recent rise of neo nazis. As I said earlier in the year, the police state, while not totally destroyed, will be greatly dismantled as a result of their allegiances to those like Richard Spencer. There hasn’t been much progress on this issue lately, but I think there will be again soon.

8/18 ETA: One new prediction in two parts.

5) Two thoughts on the reboot of American Idol which is a huge mistake. One is that the show will be a massive flop and will only last for one season. The second is that I saw a vision of four judges on the panel with Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie, Charlie Puth and Keith Urban in the seats during the live show. Luke Bryan pulls out from the lowball offer producers give him and Lionel Ritchie will see a salary increase due to Puth taking less than initially offered. In the end, this will be a disaster and one that will make clear the era of the singing competition is coming to an end.

8/24 ETA: More predictions than I expected.

6) I feel that the Trump administration is going to mess with Bill de Blasio by releasing their decision not to indict Eric Garner’s killer days before the mayoral election. This, unlike other previous travesties of injustice, will cause widespread rioting and sees de Blasio either lose his election or lose his life all together. It will not be pleasant days ahead for the city of New York.

7) I may have already posted about this, but since Australia is going ahead with the ill advised and extremely offensive plebiscite (not even a referendum that would bind the decision) on marriage equality, it is worth posting this. Since I don’t see marriage equality happening until 2019 or 2020, it means one of two things. It either means the yes side narrowly wins or they narrowly lose in the 50 point 2 or 3 range. Either decision will see accusations of fraud and the urge for a recount that would delay the parliament doing what it should have done in the first place which is hold a free vote. Only with Malcolm Turnbull’s ouster as prime minister on the heels of a successful leadership challenge of Bill Shorten’s labor party will marriage equality finally come to the country. Sadly, there will be significant economic damage that comes in the interim which puts Australia on poor financial footing for at least a decade, bringing bitterness towards the gay community there. That will eventually tide over, but it won’t be safe for gay people to go to Australia in the meantime and I’d advise postponing your vacations there if you want to avoid being beaten up in the street.

A Repressed Uprising….With Some Positive Results

This is something I’ve written about before, but it needs a bit of an update due to changes that have happened since late last year. As I’ve previously mentioned, the only true way for Americans to gain freedom from oppression is to overthrow the government of the United States. Unfortunately, the timeline for such an event to occur has passed. The ideal moment for such a regime change was between the politically unstable times between 2014 and 2016 when the public nearly got down to it and would have succeeded if they pulled it off. Unfortunately, until the 2030’s, the window of opportunity for such a people led coup has closed.

When such attempts are taken up again in the near future (and they will at this rate), they will be instigated by the powerful and controlled to a point of repression by the powers that be. As one of our readers recently pointed out, Trump’s instigation of the media is not some sort of accidental blunder or sign of mental illness. This is done on purpose to spur violence that he can use to further entrench his power. When such attempts happen again in the near future, the police state will work to crackdown on the actions with casualties as a result.

While the end result won’t be pretty, that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes as a result of the revolt attempt. The violence will get out of control from the initial spurring by the elite and the usurpers make significant dents in the armor of the powers that be. In fear of too much of the armor getting cracked, the elites back down on their plans for worldwide austerity and some reform emerges when a new Democratic president comes to power in 2020. However, the fight that ultimately underlies the uprising is put off until another day and these issues will continue to linger until a proper resolution comes along decades from now.

While I wished it could be successful, the time for such a coup is too late. You all had your chance and now it is gone. Such efforts in the next year or so will ultimately fail, but not without bearing some fruit first. While it may prove to be worthwhile in the end, the losses sustained may be too much to offset the gains that come about as a result. Just something to keep in mind as street actions occur again in the near future.

Dreams and Predictions for July 2017

As the temperature rises up, here are some predictions to cool your mind.

1) Corn will become a hot commodity as a shortage impacts the produce this season. Prices will rise greatly as a result.

2) The state of Iowa will have a very devastating summer in regards to a scandal that emerges from their farming industry. It will not be a pretty picture in the slightest.

3) There is the risk of a laptop exploding in the cargo hold of the plane due to the laptop ban put in place by the Trump administration. Although the initial reports suggest terrorism, the laptop will be seen as the culprit in short time. This will see the policy reneged and a different way of screening laptops for bombs follows.

7/5 ETA: A few more predictions.

4) A closeted singer will be pressured to come out as gay by years end. Although his career will suffer initially, he’ll be better off for it long term.

5) There will be some economic and political troubles in France this summer. This recent attempted assassination of Macron proves my warnings about a coup aren’t so far off.

7/28 ETA: I have to get around to updating my predictions fulfilled page as a number of new fulfillments have occurred over the last few weeks. In the meantime, here’s another dream based prediction I had last night.

6) I had a dream of driving up to a theme park and a mass amount of people were evacuating the park. Some were crying over losing their friends while others were in total fear. Surprisingly, the cause of the problems was not terrorism but instead a sinkhole that swallowed people alive. I wasn’t able to gauge how many people perished, but the crowds looked intense and flights were not leaving immediately following this incident. I don’t want to reveal personal things that happened to me in the dream, but I’m torn between this happening in San Diego or somewhere in Australia. It might also happen in Florida, but I got a very west coast vibe based on which direction my flight would be heading home. I’m not sure when this should occur, but perhaps watch for it in August or September.



July 2017 is a very meticulous month yet unpredictable. Some individual embraces this month for they expect themselves to be clever and lives a modest life. In contrast, others may wished to drop this month as this is the 7th month of the year where they felt as floating and threatened by their marital relationships.

In the Philippines, the eastern and central visayas will pour huge amount of rainfall, typhoons from 1-3 maybe at stake. Landslide and overflowing of streets canal and water will likely to experienced.

London and the United Kingdom will have another terrorist attack so as in Pennsylvania and Cambridge.

People born first in their family during this month will received a surprise, a very charming luck awaits on his career and healthy living conditions.

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