Dreams and Predictions for April 2020

I apologize for being so absent last month. I have been dealing with the coronavirus in a personal capacity (even though I do not currently have it), as several people I know have come down with it. Fortunately, none of my immediate family has it yet, but I fear it’s coming soon. It’s taken up my concentration, on top a creative writing spree I’ve been working on as another alias.

I’ve been hesitating to write what I see coming down the pipeline, because I would really prefer it didn’t happen. However, unless we have a major course correction soon, then the future is going to be dark, scary and bloody. The death count of the coronavirus will pale in comparison to what comes down the pike next. Let’s just say, for those who are curious for a preview, that if I’m right about this, then the election won’t ever take place; just as the Olympics won’t either. Think about the last time the Olympics were cancelled and you’ll get an idea of where this is going.

Fefelove, the co-founder of this site, and I have been talking more frequently in the last month. She and I agree that we greatly underestimated the impact that this virus would have on society. We’re not happy with the visions we’re seeing, but if things don’t seem to change soon, then the blog post “War is Coming” will be posted up on this site sometime this month. If you see it on the front page, you should start to panic. I try not to needlessly create false alarms, but I also can’t leave you all in the dark about what is coming either.

In the meantime, here are some dream based predictions to share.

1) I had dreams about two celebrities, Jennifer Lopez at a film screening and Taylor Swift hosting a party in her backyard, on separate nights. These seem like mindless, irrelevant dreams, but what it suggests to me it that someday, things will return back to a sense of normality.

2) I had a dream where Bernie Sanders announced he was dropping out of the race, which angered his fans and had them all turn on him. I also saw an obituary for Joe Biden, which once again seems to confirm that neither of them will end up being the Democratic nominee at the convention. I still believe a woman cinches it, one who may not even have gotten a single vote in the primary. This all presumes, of course, that the election ever takes place.

3) Fefelove had a dream about a fashion show. This is a quote from an email she sent me.

“I dreamed I was clothes shopping with my mother and Betsy Johnson release a line of Clothes with fancy masks (like face masks). The masks came with each outfit and were typical Betsy Johnson colors n styles. Everything she sold came with a mask. Her fashion show every model had a mask.”

4/7 ETA: If you haven’t seen this months blog post, the one I’ve been hesitating to write for obvious reasons, please read it, as the information is important. In the meantime, I have another dream based vision to share.

4) Over the years, I have occasionally had personal conversations with living individuals in my dreams. A lot of times they are people I know personally, but sometimes they are famous. Maybe it isn’t actually our spirits connecting, but on subconscious level, I am able to feel and understand where a person’s mindset is in that very moment. I had a dream recently where Joe Biden was trying to talk to me on a one on one basis. He was asking what he could to eliminate the popularity deficit between himself and Bernie and Trump. I said appeal to stupid people, since he wasn’t willing to change any of his platform. This is a sign of weakness, one he knows he has. He has a deep, personal insecurity, feeling that he will lose in November and is already looking for excuses to blame somebody else if he does. What this dream meant is not entirely certain, as it didn’t explain his chances of death or dropping out. However, it is pertinent to know that he knows of his coronated status in the primary and that the emperor has no clothes.

4/20 ETA: Since posting my blog post on the upcoming war our world is facing, two developments have startled and alarmed me. One is that Biden is provoking Trump into taking a “wartime” posture in his tweets and TV ads. The other is the reported brain death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. If Un dies and there is no immediate successor installed in his place, the situation will quickly unravel on the ground and it will start a violent conflict between the US and China to take control. This confrontation could easily escalate into World War 3, months before I originally suspected it would occur. If there is no intervention from the spiritual world in the next day or two, the world will suffer serious consequences and millions, possibly billions of lives, will be lost. In brighter news, which is a rare occurrence these days, I have this to say.

5) From darkness will come light. When this is all over, our world will be a much happier and peaceful place than it has been in human history. Though this age of enlightenment and love will not last, it will last for decades, possibly a century, before a darkness like we’re dealing with now returns to Earth.

4/21 ETA: Any signs of positivity are things I like to share. So, I will do so now.

6) There will be a major reevaluation amongst most of the world that forces them to put their priorities where they should lie. Family, friends, loved ones and children. Money will not be seen as important, causing the death of capitalism in this century. Expect that people will begin to place a further emphasis on the things that truly matter when this is all over.

7) I see a rise in the number of small farms and communal living in the future. Cities will be abandoned, but the countryside will thrive. This is not a permanent phenomenon, as cities will rise again at some point. However, for the time being, this is where large masses of people will migrate to during and immediately following the war.

8) This isn’t positive. It’s another dream from Fefelove:

“In my dream I saw three aliens. The government was having a disclosure press conference. They were acting like it was friendly but I thought it was sinister.
The aliens were wearing white outfits like space travel suits that were a thin material white long sleeve and long leg pant suits. They were grey skinned but their faces had what looked like a combination of mild elephant features but they were humanoid. Their noses looked like tiny elephant noses, almost like puffy short uncircumcised penises (lol). They were taller and bigger like giants. I was very afraid of it. I’m not sure who the government was disclosing it besides American. I think nasa officials and homeland security heads or something but i didnt recognize them.”

4/23 ETA: This may seem like a frivolous prediction to share in these times, but I’m going to post it anyway because I had a dream about it last night.

9) In my dream, the first part indicated that Demi Lovato would either commit suicide or die of a drug overdose. Fans were already upset, but then news hit of Selena Gomez committing suicide. The dream specifically showed this website, particularly this post from five years ago, as proof of its severity. Though Selena did not die at that time, her friend, Christina Grimmie, the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting and several others died in her place. Being that Selena is 27 this year, the odds of this happening are pretty high. In addition, the dream ended with an ominous warning. There was a report that death comes in threes. There was a question as to who the third victim would be. I have no idea who this might be and the dream did not give a specific name. It’ll probably be another former teen star or someone in their immediate orbit, like Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. Watch for this in the summer.

10) Another dream from Fefelove:

“So they changed from shots to an infusion process using your own blood. It seemed more than vaccines. It was literally changing people’s genetic make up, genes, telometers… They were analyzing for defects of genes and mutations and certain traits and risks plus antibodies etc. I’m not sure what they were doing exactly or how they did it but it included nano tech and some kind of vaccine like science and other stuff. Idk how they altered the genes and whatever they were doing fundamentally changed peoples dna. They were bragging this extends life to at least 150 and maybe longer plus it makes u look youthful and defeats a variety of diseases and viruses.
It was like vaccines on steroids. The nano tech is disturbing and my understanding was the transfusion was necessary to get the amount of it into people. Plus the idea they targeted certain “defective genes” and “defective people” for termination. Idk criteria on that. Political adversaries? Picking things they don’t like and developing mutants. Also it’s my understanding they would do this several times for some people for whatever reason. It’s almost like they were programming people’s bodies.”

The Other Notable Event in 1968

I have an important blog post to share sometime later this month about how change really occurs in our society, but this is an urgent matter. Though I have things to say about last nights election results, there is something that has been bugging me for a few days now and the feeling has been increasing significantly. A lot of pundits have been opining for the last few months about the possibility of a brokered convention, which last happened in 1968. Though that possibility seems more remote now, what people sometimes fail to understand is that history repeats itself and one should be careful about what they manifest into the universe.

A couple of days ago, I started getting an eerie pull to California, specifically in regards to RFK’s assassination, which also happened in 1968. At first, I thought this might be a warning for Bernie Sanders, but with his frontrunner status diminished and the association to Irish Catholicism clear in my visions, the real target of these eerie senses became extremely obvious; Joe Biden. Now that he is leading the back, albeit by a small margin in delegates, a major target has been placed on his back.

My instincts had their first confirmation of validity in an attack onstage at a victory rally last night. With Trump, the Russians and many of Bernie’s fans angry at his new frontrunner status, he has a lot of enemies that want him out of the race. All it takes to alter the trajectory of the Democratic primary is one gunman’s bullet and the campaign turns into a bloody disaster. With Bloomberg dropping out to consolidate the field, the chance of Democrats putting up someone to challenge Bernie post Biden assassination would be non existent, which makes the danger to Biden’s life even more serious and the chance of a calamitous brokered convention all but certain.

I could be off on my assessment, but like with the danger that still surrounds Trump, desperate people will do desperate things to insure the result that they are looking for. Since he risked death in 1988 with a run for the presidency, all the signs are pointing to a bad ending for the establishment favorite Joe Biden. Anyone who thinks this race is in the bag should think twice. Bad times are soon approaching. Next stop on the misery tour: Ohio.

Dreams and Predictions for March 2020

I feel bad that I keep putting my “Need Your Energy and Prayers” post to the front, but I have needed it lately and it has been immensely helpful. Thank you for your prayers. I will probably put it up again a number of more times when needed. I’ve been in a difficult phase of my life, so the support has been crucial to keeping me stable. I hope to have a unique new blog post to share this month, but we’ll have to see what happens as the month progresses. In the meantime, here’s an insight to share.

1) Bernie Sanders’ team really ought to dig deeper into tonight’s South Carolina results. A little bit of poking around the board of elections and one will find some cheating being done on behalf of Joe Biden’s campaign. It’s important to check this out, even if it doesn’t change the overall result, because Biden’s campaign will do it again if it’s not exposed soon. It’s critical if Bernie wants to avoid a contested, and bloody, convention.

3/9 ETA: As you can see from this months blog post, I still have strong impulses that Biden won’t make it to the convention. Time will tell whether I’m right on this or not. I also have come to the conclusion that the prediction in the 2020 predictions of a pandemic from a European scientist is likely the coronavirus instead. In addition, I have some more predictions to share.

2) Poverty is going to significantly increase in the western world. By the end of the year, over half of world will be living below the poverty line.

3) Watch out for the increase of refugees heading into Europe. With darkness surrounding the continent, I expect a mass execution to occur in Greece, being one of the worst human rights violations so far in this century.

4) The Taliban better stick to their agreements in the supposed “peace deal” or US troops won’t be leaving anytime soon.

3/20 ETA: I have been hesitating to post a Coronavirus blog because I’m getting a lot of mixed messages from the spiritual world about what will happen. I’ll post my latest insight, along with another prediction, now and hope to post more at another time.

5) My current instinct today suggests that the Coronavirus will see a quick cure by the end of the summer. A leading scientist is able to find a breakthrough in Europe and the vaccine is spread around the world for free, to the anger of the Trump administration. When the death numbers are lower than estimated, Trump will arrogantly take credit for saving lives anyway.

6) I’ve been hearing voices in my head saying “Joe Biden is down” and “Joe Biden is sick.” This indicates to me that he has, or is about to get, coronavirus and may not survive. I also suspect Bernie Sanders could contract it and fall ill as well, leading to the two leading contenders for the Democratic nomination to pass away before the convention. This will further inflame tensions at the convention, making blood shed and terrorism all but certain. I’ve said for a while now that none of the debaters on the presidential debate stage would end up being the nominee. As time goes on, I’m more certain of this than ever.

3/27 ETA: I have things to say about the Coronavirus, but am not ready to say them yet. I’ve been in regular touch with the co-founder of our site, Fefe, and we both have horrible visions of what is to come. I’m really trying to hesitate on writing the blog on what we’re seeing, because I’m afraid of manifesting it into the universe by accident. Still, unless we have a course correction soon, the path we’re about to go down is jagged and dark. Look out for the blog on that next month. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

7) I’m once again worried for Britney Spears. On the heels of an extreme show of generosity during this pandemic and her quote tweeting an author calling for a general strike, I’m afraid the powers that be will use this crisis to eliminate her. They might say she died of coronavirus, despite her self quarantine now for over two weeks and severely limited contact with others. There could be another explanation as well, one that is not legitimate, but a cover up for murder. Regardless, watch for this. The vultures are circling her as we speak.

How the Impeachment Proccedings Stalled, but Not Averted, Trump’s Assassination

First off, I’d like to apologize for how long this has taken to post. I have been very busy these last few months and that will continue as the year progresses. Though I haven’t been actively posting, I’ve had a lot of time to process my prediction from last fall that Trump would be assassinated. It may seem like a prediction fail, since he obviously wasn’t killed. However, as I have concluded upon further review, impeachment stood in the way of his assassination at that particular moment in time.

Michael McCllean, a friend of the site, hinted at this possibility when he talked about Trump’s inevitable assassination (which I will expand upon). He was correct to say, in hindsight, that the impeachment proceedings, particularly from where they originated (the intelligence agencies) became a warning sign that Trump won’t live for much longer. This validates one of my prescient insights that the intelligence agencies are Trump’s biggest enemy and they are actively orchestrating to remove Trump. All of the investigations against Trump, from the Mueller report to the Ukraine impeachment, have stemmed from the deep state, which I correctly pointed out in past blogs. They want to remove him because he believes he is more powerful than they are. Their attempts to remove him are a way of reasserting their authority and showing the nation who really runs the country.

Perhaps sensing what was coming down the pipeline, Democrats tried to appease these violent forces by offering up impeachment as a way of stalling these deep state forces from taking hi out on their own. What this impeachment became was a compromise proposal; the last step of attempting to remove Trump non violently before he was removed by force. Pelosi and Schumer, not wanting to forment chaos as a result of an assassination that the intelligence agencies would orchestrate, tried to placate these forces first with the Mueller investigation and then the impeachment proceedings. With Trump’s recent acquittal and Bernie Sanders’ likely nomination (which the deep state opposes as well), they have run out of patience and won’t wait much longer before they act on their own to get him out of office.

As I mentioned in other blogs, the deep state would send out warning shots before they actually killed Trump. This happened days before the acquittal outside of his Mar-A-Lago estate. Another warning came days afterwards at the White House. If Trump’s assassination occurs later in the year, then the fall of last year becomes the period where it became inevitable that his assassination would occur and that the impeachment was the only thing that stood in the way of his being killed at that time. Because of these turn of events, I’m still going to say that my prescience was on point in many areas, even if my dating of events has been off. Certain events may still occur, so if they have only been delayed, rather than thwarted all together, then I’m going to call this a prediction fulfilled. For now, though, keep an eye on his rallies and the security situation (or lack thereof). Reports of compromised safety will give you an indication as to when Trump will be assassinated and whether the country as we know it survives this “intervention” by the deep state.

Dreams and Predictions for February 2020

This will be another month with limited predictions. However, I should have my Trump blog update posted soon. With his acquittal coming and this warning from the deep state in tow, Trump’s days are numbered, especially if the establishment thinks Bernie can easily beat him in November. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

1) Expect several cities to take the lead from New York’s recent J31 protests. Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC will soon be following suit.

2/23 ETA: I apologize that it took so long to post the Trump update and that it wasn’t as comprehensive as it could have been. However, as I have said repeatedly, this year has been very busy and I haven’t had the time to post the way I have in the past. This will continue as the year progresses. If you haven’t already read my Trump update blog, check it out below. Otherwise, here’s another a prediction to share.

2) Expect the daggers to come out against Nancy Pelosi in the form of a viable primary challenger, Shahid Buttar. While I don’t want to definitively say he will pull the political upset of the year, he is one to watch, especially if he makes it into a run off election against Pelosi in the fall. She better start actually pounding the pavement in San Francisco soon or she will end up like Joe Crowley before her.

Dreams and Predictions for January 2020

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I apologize for not posting so much in recent days. My personal life has become very busy and I suspect it will become more so in the new year. I won’t have a lot of new predictions to share, besides my 2020 predictions post, so don’t expect many predictions here this month. I will, however, have an explanation for why Trump wasn’t assassinated soon. It may seem like my biggest fail to date, but if the only thing wrong with my vision was the dating, then I’m still going to call it fulfilled. I’ll explain more at another time. In the interim to that, here’s a new prediction to share.

1) Some may be wondering how hot a conflict with Iran gets after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani. As I’ve said in previous posts, Trump does play with fire by these provocative actions, but at the end of the day, I don’t see world war 3 breaking out as long as he’s president. What this does do is shut the door on another nuclear arms deal and almost certainly guarantees war at some point down the line. In the meantime, expect Iran to cause more trouble overseas, but also domestically inside the US. The next time there is unrest in the country (which I suspect will occur by the end of the month), expect the Iranian government to fan the flames and cause major economic damage to the US economy. The means of retaliation, at least for the time being, will be subtle, but devastating.

1/6 ETA: I know some of you are still curious about Trump’s attacks on Iran and what this means for him and the world. I’ll have a follow up post on that sometime near the end of the month or early into next month. In the meantime, here’s a dream based prediction to share.

2) I had a dream last night where I was in England and arrested and imprisoned on false charges of shoplifting. At first, it was very easy to escape the jail, but the more times they brought me back to prison, the more sealed the jail would get. I was in custody with several other people who were similarly held for false charges. An Iranian man who was with us died in custody and several other people were hospitalized as a result of torture, illness and malnutrition. This, in my estimation, is a warning for the UK that Boris Johnson is about to crack down on political dissent using trumped up false charges and engage in a mass round up of people who he sees as a political threat. I don’t think it has anything to do with the riots in London and, in fact, may precipitate them due to the cruelty of the actions. If you happen to live in the UK, watch out. Attempts to take away your freedom is coming.

1/19 ETA: Another dream based prediction.

3) I don’t remember the entirety of my dream, but the general gist of the message was that Joe Biden is going to attempt to cheat when it comes to the Democratic nomination. There were also exposed blueprints to city infrastructure, which seemed to indicate that some people will attempt to commit terrorism if he does steal it. Bernie’s people should watch for this, especially in the upcoming Iowa caucus and in South Carolina.

1/26 ETA: A hunch based prediction.

4) With Kobe Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash, I have a very bad feeling, like following the death of Aaliyah in 2001, that we are about to see a major terror attack occur either at the end of the month or next month. It may not happen in the US, but it will have a large casualty number wherever it occurs. Stay safe.

2020 Predictions from Liam

First off, I wanted to once again link to this blog post I put up a while ago. I’ve had a few commenters trying to claim I’m a fraud or illegitimate because my dating on events isn’t entirely accurate. While certain events last year didn’t occur when I said they would, much of last years predictions did occur or are in the process of occurring. Look out for some events that I wrote for 2019 to happen this year instead.

I apologize in advance that this predictions list is shorter than previous years. I’d also like to let you know that personal issues and other commitments have kept me away from the site in recent months. That will unfortunately continue in 2020 as I expect it to be a busy and important year for me personally and financially. I’ll post what I can, when I can, but I will not be as active on the site as I used to as a result.

Now onto this years predictions.

2020 will see a descent into darkness as the world waits on bated breath for the other shoe to drop. A feeling permeates that war is inevitable, even if it isn’t immediately on the horizon. Foreign conflicts that have sat on hot embers for years take center stage, as those who call for peace are killed and those who advocate violence gain power. In spite of this, a collective realization that politics will not save humanity takes roots and ordinary people take leadership roles in fighting for what they believe in. It will be a year of grassroots power taking on, and winning, against big corporations and wealthy people. It will be a year where work is no longer seen as important to most people, as family, friendship and the pursuit of passion become a priority to more people. It will be a year where people lose their freedoms, but also lose their fear of their oppressors. If the elite think they can control the masses, they are in for a very rude awakening in 2020.

Trump managed to survive 2019, in spite of a serious hospitalization and assassination attempts, due to the air of impeachment that hung over him. The attempts to remove him from power non violently will prove ineffective, so the deep state will off him before the election occurs. His death will send a shockwave throughout the world and anger conservatives who will rally to power in various parts of the world as a result. The fight for a post Trump America will be bitter and bloody.

Before his death, his administration is paralyzed, as lawmakers have no incentive to pass legislation and important funding priorities get put off into the distance.

The arms of justice come for Trump’s sons and for Jared Kushner. All of them will face stiff jail sentences.

Bernie Sanders becomes the Democratic nominee, but dies before the election. His choice of Vice President runs in his place and wins the general election in November.

A major US airline files for bankruptcy this year, giving a glimpse into the beginning of the end of the commercial airline industry. In reaction to this, congress takes on the airline companies, forcing them to lower prices and eliminate many of their major fees in fear of tougher regulation.

To the horror of Democrats and the victims of mass shootings, Alex Jones and Infowars make a comeback after Trump intervenes on their behalf and demands their reinstatement to Youtube and Twitter. This will become a heated discussion on the campaign trail.

Expect the US to place sanctions on the ICC and the Netherlands due to its investigation of Israel and the US war crimes in Afghanistan.

New York City burns to the ground and the real estate bubble bursts, leading to several years of financial crisis and a battle for a more progressive future. Black and brown people lead the charge on priorities such as making public transportation free and abolishing the police department.

Watch out for terrorism in Las Vegas, particularly around the election.

Another Waco like stand off will occur in Texas sometime in the summer.

Expect political violence to become the norm starting this year and into the next two decades.

A major hurricane damages South Florida in October, with some of the worst floods the state has ever seen. Millions lose their homes and several people die.

The UK will be out of the EU by the end of the year.

Large scale riots occur in London that damage critical infrastructure. Such destruction will be the undoing of Boris Johnson.

The Queen will die this year. Prince Phillip will precede her in death earlier in the year.

Macron begins to lay off his corporatist agenda in fear of a vote of no confidence. While he may survive removal by other lawmakers, it will cost him his seat in the next election.

Germany’s power wanes in the EU this year, as France becomes the new de facto leader of the bloc.

One of Greece’s major landmarks is lost to a fire in the summer, most likely in Athens.

Sweden hosts an Olympics like ceremony for the arts. It will become a tradition by the end of the decade.

A young Eastern European scientist, trying to find a cure for cancer, accidentally creates a virus that breaks out in Europe. Expect a large death count to follow.

Erdogan appears at the Tokyo Olympics to try to give himself an image boost with the scandals he’s facing. Such efforts won’t help him, but will be given the thumbs up by Trump.

Feeling vulnerable, Bolsonaro consolidates power in Brazil and puts a permanent halt to elections. The economy and the social situation unravel in the process.

Argentina will begin an economic upswing after years of stagnation, to the anger of the US.

Overtures by several coastal African nations to major cruise companies are successful, as the southern part of the continent begins to become a major destinations for tourists.

Tanzania becomes a hot spot for financial investment this year.

The US is forced to leave Iraq this year, giving Iran a major victory in the region.

Israel won’t have a stable government throughout the entire year due to Netanyahu’s refusal to resign, showing the apartheid state on its last legs.

A major fire breaks out in the Philippines this year, destroying an entire home, leading to some fatalities and a community devastated.

Hong Kong continues to be a thorn in China’s side, as protests spread to Taiwan, leading to unrest in the two contested territories.

Greta Thunberg needs to mind her safety this year. Several prominent financial players want her silenced.

A watch maker discovers a frozen body and is killed before he can contact the police. Police find him and the frozen body a few days later, which leads to the discovery of several missing people who have been frozen to death. This seems to occur in Canada or Northern Europe.

An Asian tea company is prosecuted for negligently putting chemicals in their products that have led to illness and death. The resulting prosecution will lead to its bankruptcy by the end of the decade.

Ebay buys out a major online etailer, in the hopes of competing with Amazon.

Expect Verizon to consider buying out Sprint, leaving the US with only two major cell phone carriers. This will see an opening for communist minded individuals to advocate for the government seizing the means of production by force in a few years time.

A major publishing house files for bankruptcy.

A major competitor to Youtube emerges and leaves Google scrambling as a result of mass defections of popular internet personalities to the site. To compete, Youtube relaxes the rules on political content and nudity.

Comic book movies begin to flop at the box office, with Black Widow and Wonder Woman to bomb. This is a sign of bad things to come for Hollywood overall.

Expect boy bands to become very popular this year.

A major shakeup at MSNBC leads to a mass amount of layoffs, including Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.

Miley Cyrus stars in a sitcom that is very popular.

Alec Baldwin suffers a heart attack this year.

Andrew Garfield suffers a life or death situation on a film shoot when a fire breaks out.

Adele releases a new album this year, but it won’t be nearly as successful as her previous efforts.

Another Willy Wonka reboot is considered by Warner Brothers, but Roald Dahl’s estate puts the kibosh on this.

A big pop star announces their retirement this year. This one will stick.

A star of the Avengers franchise dies tragically this year. The likely victim is either Colbie Smouders or Jeremy Renner, but Brie Larson is in danger as well.

Taylor Swift becomes the most prominent celebrity to support the BDS movement, infuriating the Israeli government and leading them to declare war on her.

Diana Ross is close to the graveyard. If she doesn’t pass this year, she will leave us the following one.

Madonna’s days are numbered.

JK Rowling or someone like her develops cancer this year.

Demi Lovato suffers another drug overdose. It remains to be seen whether it will be fatal or not.

Expect a major religious scandal to involve Chris Pratt. Anna Faris will be vindicated in the court of public opinion and in her career.

Dakota Fanning makes a comeback.

Stephen Spielberg retires from show business after his dark secrets begin to leak out to the press.

Expect more stories with gays and lesbians in leading roles, particularly on streaming platforms.

The 2020’s: A Summary

I apologize that it’s taken so long to post this. I have been very preoccupied with issues at home and professionally. Hope that this will give you an overview of what to expect in the 2020’s decade. Since many events are so far into the future (ten years from now), it’s difficult for me to get a totally accurate picture as variables can change. It is not comprehensive, and there’s a lot that is obviously missing, but it should suffice for the time being. Look out for my more specific 2020 predictions post by the January 1st.

The US: Americans missed their best chance of an overthrow in the last decade. I don’t see one happening in this decade, thought it should. Instead, when it looks like the US may be on the verge of a toppling, they will allow a socialist type candidate to pass more broad reforms and programs to try to ease the massive poverty in the country. These crumbs will only placate people for a short period of time, before they get ripped out from under the public in the 2030’s. This is where I foresee the next best chance of an overthrow. A dying boomer population, coupled with an angry Gen X and Millenial group, instigates the upheaval and succeeds.

I do believe that there will be a female president in this decade, but she will not be white. I believe that if the Democrat wins in 2020, like I suspect they still will, then the Republicans won’t hold the white house this decade at all. Trump’s decline leaves a lasting scar on the GOP and sets back the cause of fascism for a decade.

Coastal flooding overtakes Miami and leaves parts of it uninhabitable. This trend will only get worse as climate change accelerates.

Canada: A big fight takes place this decade on removing pipelines and the use of fossil fuels in society. It is heated and very violent, probably one of the most contentious in the nation’s history. The environmental activists and indigenous tribes will be successful by the end of the decade.

The UK: Out of the EU, the UK’s economy will thrive, after some initial mishaps.

King Charles causes a constitutional crisis as he seeks to assert more political control over the parliament. A major debate over ending the monarchy follows, which dies down once his son William takes over the throne in the 2030’s.

There are attempts to try to force Harry and Meghan out of their royal titles, like Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

Corbyn has a lasting impact on electoral politics, making any cuts to the NHS and public funding for the poor politically unacceptable. He also forces a major change on the issue of foreign policy.

Scotland will hold a referendum to leave the UK and rejoin the EU, which will succeed, but they will end up regretting this in hindsight.

Ireland: A border poll is hotly contested by Unionists, but the vote sometime in the middle of the decade is for reunification. There are legal challenges to try to stop this, but it is not successful. These debates really take form around the 100th anniversary of the partition from the UK.

A major politician is assassinated, something that will shock the nation.

France: A civil war takes place this decade, which will be unsuccessful for the usurpers.

Another historic Parisian landmark is damaged by fire, either the Louvre or the Orly museum.

Germany: Will not be the European economic superpower it is now in a few years time. Resentment by other EU members, coupled with an increasingly hostile France and Italy, demote their status in the dying bloc.

Will be dealing with Muslim bigtory that could lead to a resurgence of Neo Nazism if the issue of migration isn’t addressed soon.

Belgium: If any country that still had a monarchy is likely to abolish it in the near future, it’s Belgium. A referendum on this will be held sometime in the middle of the decade which will pass in favor of dissolution of the royal family. Other nearby countries, mainly in Scandinavian nations, will follow suit.

Brazil: As I have previously stated, don’t expect Bolsonaro to allow elections to be held this decade. It won’t be until the following one that the nation is able to restore its democracy. Economic impoverishment follows his rule and a mass migration of people will flee up north and into North and Central America.

Argentina: Will serve as a socialist refuge for its nearby neighbors dealing with fascism all around them.

Mexico: A brewing civil war is hidden beneath the surface. Sometime close to the end of the decade, it will explode into one of the nation’s worst conflicts.

China: A new government structure is formed that aligns closer to the values of the US, but which is resented by the Chinese people. Major tensions follow this and I don’t see such a government lasting very long.

Russia: A post Putin Russia is one that is more of a threat to the world than ever before. If tensions aren’t cooled, they will instigate a third world war.

India: With China and Russia suffering from a trade war against the US, the superpower that emerges from the chaos is India. A more robust middle class is emerging and it will empower its allied neighbors like Nepal and Bhutan to allow it to dominate the Asian continent, to the disadvantage of Pakistan.

Tanzania: Is the epicenter of political organizing around the idea of a United African Republic. You’ll hear discussions amongst lower elected officials go up into the leaders of various nations, with the President being a major proponent of the cause. By the end of the decade, the nations of the continent will merge to have one federal government, making it the third largest country by population in the world.

New Guinea: The nation bans tourism due to its devastating effects on the environment. Other parts of the world follow their lead.

Australia: Bad weather will go in conjunction with bad politics. Expect major attacks on health care and clean energy laws to make the nation much less desirable to live in.

New Zealand: Also considers banning tourism, but works to limit people coming to the country and buying real estate as a compromise.

Israel/Palestine: A one state solution will come about by the end of the decade, along with the end of Israel’s status as a Jewish state.

The BDS movement also grows in numbers and strength throughout the world, despite the efforts of the Israeli Lobby to repress it.

The UN: There’s a very great risk of the United Nations collapsing by the end of the decade if war and a complete cut off of funds by the US occurs.

Global politics: The west becomes more conservative as the east becomes more liberal. Places that are very repressive now, like the Middle East, end up becoming bastions of political debate and free expression. Places that espouse human rights now, like Europe, go in the opposite direction of censorship and political repression.

Expect advances on issues like gay rights, sex work and drug possession to take place in many parts of the world this decade.

Expect labor unions to gain footholds in places they’ve never had them before, while they strengthen their power in places where it is currently weaker.

A third world war has been averted all of this decade, but it is a real possibility in the 2020’s. Watch out for Russia, Iran and the US as the major instigators, with China serving as a nation that pours gasoline on a steaming hot fire of conflict.

The environment: Expect our world to begin to see the worst effects of climate change take place. Coastal flooding, more earthquakes, hotter summers and famine will be a common occurrence for decades to come. Eventually, the perpetrators of the catastrophe, oil and gas companies, will be held criminally responsible in an international tribunal and sentenced to death or life imprisonment as a result of their actions.

The economy: The world has seen a now 12 year streak of growth since 2008, which is not only statistically impossible, but lacks common sense. The economy should have collapsed in 2014 and didn’t. The reason it hasn’t is because the wealthy have prevented it from occurring. They might be able to hold off another crash for another decade if they continue to have direct control the way they do now, but by 2029, we will see the worst depression in one hundred years occur.

Hollywood: The collapse of the comic book movie leaves Hollywood financially devastated, leading to many bankruptcies of production companies and a significant drop in productions. Competition from streaming and Youtube also eats into the profits.

The music industry: Expect the early part of the decade to be dominated by boy bands/groups, a resurgence of R&B to follow and then a combination of country, rap and dance music to become massively popular by the end of the decade.

Artists work towards unionizing and are successful by the end of the decade.

Medicine: A cure for AIDS is coming, along with one for several STD’s.

Technology: The flying car is coming, along with a greater prevalence of self driving cars.

Dreams and Predictions for December 2019

The last predictions blog of the decade. Speaking of which, I’m still working on the 2020’s summary blog, which you should expect this month, along with with the 2020 predictions post by January 1st. Look out for those in the near future. Also, people might be wondering why Trump hasn’t been assassinated yet, which, while I’m a bit surprised by this as well, I have an explanation for if it doesn’t happen by December 20th, the last day of fall. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

1) There will be a major earthquake in Central America in the near future. Something like a 7 on the richter scale.

12/13 ETA: Thought I should post this update.

2) I had said for a while that either Corbyn would win or eke out the leadership in a hung parliament. However, it seems that Boris Johnson has gained a solid control of the house of commons. This is deceiving for two reasons. One is that the exit poll was wrong in that labor had a higher final total than the original exit poll showed. The second is that several of the elected tories oppose brexit and the fight will take place next week to stop the legislation from being passed. In such a scenario, enough defections (around 20) could lead to a hung parliament. In such a scenario, Corbyn could cobble up the votes to take the prime minister spot for a short period of time. If Boris Johnson thinks he has a mandate now, he is sadly mistaken.

Dreams and Predictions for November 2019

As I predicted towards the end of last months predictions post, a major city is in the beginning of an uprising, New York. Angry over a string of videos of NYPD officers brutalizing young black teens in the subways, thousands of New Yorkers are in the streets tonight as we speak. This is the type of turnout that sparked that uprisings currently taking place in Chile and Hong Kong as we speak. When it’s all over, I believe this may finally spell the end of de Blasio and Cuomo and see a new chapter come about. I am also relieved that Britney Spears made it through the month of October without being killed, but danger still looms. Watch out for more signs of trouble this month, along with trouble for Trump. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

1) A city in the US that isn’t usually the site of major protests will erupt this month. It feels like a southwestern city like Las Vegas or Phoenix, but I’m not 100% sure. Look out for that as Thanksgiving rolls around.

11/4 ETA: My computer pooped out on my this weekend, so it’s taking me some time to get adjusted to typing on this new one. There will be delays in my blog post for this month. In the meantime, I have a few dream based predictions to share.

2) I had a dream of a Democratic debate where Bernie Sanders took some serious shots at Elizabeth Warren that landed very strongly and dented her polling numbers. I suspect that he will soon take the gloves off in regards to his surging candidacy and strike her aggressively. This will see him become the new frontrunner by January, which will immediately make him a target for assassination.

3) I’m going to post a blog about this at some point, but remember the name Nina Turner. She’s been on my radar for a while and I suspect that, if she isn’t the eventual Democratic nominee, she will have an important role to play in who is.

4) I had a dream where actor Liam Hemsworth got in trouble for accusations that were made about him. It seems related to alcoholism and it occurred at a Popeye’s Fried Chicken. There was discussion that his brother Chris was involved in this and there will be an interview with a prominent journalist which goes south.

11/21 ETA: I have been very preoccupied this month recovering from an illness and dealing with personal issues. I still have to write my 2020’s prediction blog, which hopefully I’ll get to in the next couple of days. It’s important to note that, in addition to the ongoing impeachment inquiry against Trump, he also suffered a major health problem and was evaluated at Walter Reed hospital. This is further proof that his days are numbered. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

5) I think this holiday season will see more protests in the streets and less holiday shopping. You should note that more people will be out complaining about injustice than buying things at corporate retail stores. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will see noticeably lower sales this year, not just because of a sagging economy, but because of a purposeful consumer boycott of spending.

11/27 ETA: I’m still working on the big 2020’s post that hopefully I’ll have ready to post by the end of the month. In the meantime, here’s another dream based prediction to share.

6) South Africa will begin to see a surge in tourism as cruise ships begin to dock in Capetown on a more regular basis.