2017 Predictions from Liam


Happy New Year. This blog has been locked due to the fact that I wanted to make additional edits before it went live. Now that it’s completed, I’m ready to share my 2017 psychic predictions with the world. Fefe may end up sharing her own as well and I’ll check up on her in the next few days. Best wishes to you all in this new year, no matter how hard it gets.

With the last remaining threat to Trump’s presidency eliminated in the form of an electoral college coup and Putin’s cooler head on the assassination of his ambassador blunting the threat of World War 3, I can safely post these predictions as I’m confident there won’t be too many deviations from my predictions. This year’s predictions are longer than most of my previous bunch. This should hold everyone off from a January post unless there are last minute developments to take note of at the time.

2017 will be a year of many things. A further clout of false economic strength that comes crumbling down. A year where violence manifests more than most other points in history. A year where hope comes from the most vulnerable among us and those in power fall to rubble and ruin. A year where attacks on our collective freedoms are met with vocal and sometimes violent opposition. A year that most will survive, even if there are bruises to show for it.

Contrary to the beliefs of many, Trump’s first days in office will be catastrophic. Insurgent forces, failing to stop him at the electoral college level, still refuse to accept his candidacy. Even though Trump’s political party controls both chambers of congress, they do not work well together and problems fester immediately. Much of Trump’s agenda gets derailed early on and long protracted fights over other issues such as tariffs, war with Russia and the border wall cement bitterness which leads to an impeachment attempt further on down the line. There will be at least one government shutdown on Trump’s watch, with the possibility of three by 2020.

My personal instinct suggests that World War 3 has been postponed at Trump’s insistence. If Hillary has won the election, I very much believe the world would be entering its most apocalyptic days around this time. Instead, there will be more regional wars and civil conflicts that cause casualties instead. World War 3 becomes a risk again starting in 2021 on the heels of a new presidency.

Press censorship begins to take shape with laws passed to decide which content gets to be shared and which get shut down. However, mass resistance follows and much of these laws get struck down in the courts.

There are attempts to renegotiate the failing Trans Pacific Partnership, but Republican greed dooms these efforts as ally nations refuse to budge on the initial terms. This hurts Trump anyway as he is seen as violating a major campaign pledge.

Obamacare is repealed and an alternate is not put in place. Some provisions, such as allowing people under 26 to stay on their parents plan and banning discrimination of those with pre existing conditions, stay as law, but the rest, especially the key individual mandate, are gutted. This causes major panic in the health insurance market and sees millions lose their health coverage. This paves the way for single payer health care by the start of the next decade.

The Dakota Access Pipeline fails after Kelcy Warren faces an assassination attempt and workers on the pipeline are murdered by Native American tribesman. This also puts a pause on other related energy projects, infuriating Trump and blunting his agenda.

Paul Ryan becomes a major target of right wing Republicans due to his efforts to undermine Trump and the fulfillment of my assassination prediction is completed one year late in the fall.

Abortion is banned in 29 states, but access is expanded in 13 others plus the District of Columbia. Economic warfare over the issue takes place. When states that ban abortions face fiscal solvency crisis’ and mounting bills from states that legalized it taking on the residents from those that banned it, the ordinances will be repealed in no later than a decades time. This ends the debate over abortion rights forever.

The gay community becomes militant in the face of threats from the Trump administration and makes gains that shock Republican opponents. These battles see massive losses for GOP candidates in 2018 paving the way for problems for the party heading into the 2020 election.

Deportations ramp up to over 10 million by the end of the year. A comprehensive immigration reform agenda is also off the table for at least four more years.

With the lack of action from the Trump administration compelling them, companies shirk the newly passed Dark Act labeling GMO’s to cooperate with the Non-GMO project instead. GMO’s will likely be phased out, rather than banned, in the US in the next few years.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are forced to evacuate the country as Trump signals an attempt to indict them on criminal charges. This stops all actions that they’ll take to cement their legacy in the final days of Obama’s time in office. They will not return to the US once they pack up their things and go. They seek refuge in eastern Europe where they will remain and will never be apprehended.

Bill de Blasio avoids assassination as he is indicted on felony charges of taking bribes for state actions in both federal and state courts. He will face a departure from public life and sees prison time as a result of his crimes. The power vacuum opens itself up for a left leaning unknown to take over for the mayor and beat the Republican, Eric Ulrich, in the fall. This signals the end of the political career of Andrew Cuomo as well.

Jerry Brown has a heart attack and is forced out of office creating a power vacuum in California. A moderate Republican takes over.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has a major scandal that may force him out of office this year. This either has to do with marijuana or another illegal drug business.

Several US states file for bankruptcy this year and spend years, even decades, trying to crawl out of the pit of economic debt. Mass bitterness from the citizens of these states follows.

North Carolina’s anti trans HB2 law is ultimately gutted at the Supreme Court, but the boycotts towards the state linger even after that. Mass poverty and unemployment follow.

Puerto Rico attempts to become a US state, but is denied by Republicans in Washington. They also try to garner assistance from the EU, but these efforts are rebuffed as well. This sees a massive refugee crisis due to people fleeing the country.

The UK sees the election of Jeremy Corbyn over Theresa May shocking the establishment and seeing a left wing turn come in vast parts of Europe.

France’s election is very up in the air at the moment. The winds are pointing in a leftward direction in most of Europe and that would normally mean in France as well. However, divisions between the populist base and the establishment could see a repeat of the US election of voters staying home. Emmanuel Macron, the populist favorite, has a very strong vibe to him. It’s taken me a while to determine who the socialist upstart is, but I am now convinced that he is it. If he beats the establishment favorite Francois Fillon, then he will become the next prime minister. However, if big money elects Fillon over Macron, then France elects Marie Le Pen going in a far right direction in counter to much of the continent. All of this depends on how free France’s elections are and how motivated most of the voters there are as well. They should not shirk their duties because Le Pen would be a disaster for France and the whole continent.

Angela Merkel is voted out of office by a left wing Green party candidate, a female who looks like Zephyr Teachout, as social issues dominate over economic ones. Greece becomes a benefactor in 2018 as the new prime minister works to ease the shackles of austerity for Tsipras.

Italy and Spain leave the EU this year.

While the elite try desperately to push for war with Russia, the new Trump administration and public opinion are going to make such a confrontation next to impossible to implement. This does not mean that Russia is in the clear. Vladimir Putin will face domestic crisis as successful military campaigns in Syria lead to the populace questioning the lack of focus on economic issues at home. Not able to defeat him militarily, the world will begin to shift a renewed focus to poverty and homelessness that is running rampant on Putin’s watch. This causes a leadership change where Putin is forced out of office by the will of his own people. While it gets rid of one titan of evil, I fear another one, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, takes his place instead and this is a man who could lead us to World War 3. Hopefully, the people of Russia choose a wiser leader than him, but if they don’t, the risk of war flourishes again in 2018.

Norway attempts to open up relations with the US to spite Germany, but scandal deriving from unethical business practices becomes a major point of contention that backfires on Erna Solberg’s government.

Kim Jong Un will be assassinated in the spring. There have already been plans under way in 2016, some of them made public. These efforts will succeed since there’s such a coordinated effort to do it.

South Korea falls into a period of instability due to the failure of the new president to take advantage of the weakness of Un’s regime and an economic downturn that many won’t expect.

Japan’s economy makes a recovery despite more tsunamis and earthquakes in their midst sometime around the late summer.

The potential to avoid nuclear war for a decade or more is approaching at a critical juncture in the history of the Middle East. Iran’s prime minister either dies of cancer or is assassinated. This leaves a power vacuum that is likely filled by a pro-Western lawmaker. This person clamps down on domestic hostility to globalization and begins to extend a hand to the wider world with an offering of peace. If the world takes it, we will begin to see the decade end with a real moment where peace can flourish throughout the world. I’m hopeful that humanity takes it. Offerings like this do not come everyday.

China sees domestic unrest come this year from economic instability and political crackdowns on dissent. The people begin a campaign of revolt that will succeed by the end of the decade. While the west starts the conflict, it will be the regional players of Asia who finish the communist government of China off once and for all.

Taiwan becomes a flash point as Christians do battle with the Chinese government beginning a conflict that lasts for over a hundred years.

Assad sees an exit from a mandated election by the world, including his ally Putin. Thrown out of office, Syria begins working towards peace in the region with a more moderate rebel leader at the helm.

India faces a challenging year due to the risk of war with Pakistan and domestic unrest over various issues such as the sodomy ban, the crackdown on labor unions and cash ban taking place as we speak. Narendra Modi can survive this crisis that his nation is facing, but only if he shirks his political right wing and does the morally responsible thing (advice that I would give to many world leaders at this time). If not, bloodshed follows that sees regional war and crackdowns on the left take place. It will be a number of years before India will pick the pieces back up again if they go this route. There’s time to make changes for peace, but it requires political will. Hopefully Modi grows a pair.

Malcolm Turnbull is burned by Trump and other international leaders this year over various issues out of Australia. A deal for the US to take refugees is denied and leaves eggs on his face. The refusal to hold a vote on marriage equality severely damages the Australian economy. This leads to an assault on Turnbull by eggs or tomatoes at the Sydney Mardi Gras this year in a moment that will remind the world of the pie attack on Anita Bryant. China encroaches on their waters with no military protection from the US in sight. Bad weather also plagues the continent seeing evacuation of homes as a result in the latter part of April to early May. By 2019, Turnbull will be out of office along with rest of his Liberal party.

Contrary to the belief of some, President Obama is not a notorious anti-Israel zealot. As much as I’ve had my grievances with him on many issues, this is not one where he has embraced evil. In fact, the main problem he has is that he waited to act too long to a conflict that will soon become impossible to resolve with a two state solution. Israel has been slowly isolating itself for decades, but the last three years have seen a point of no return reached that I’ve repeatedly warned about in previous predictions. As a result of long pent up karma, Israel becomes a pariah state in the eyes of the world this year and support amongst Americans deteriorates rapidly. Settlements expand early in Trump’s administration and this sees larges swaths of the world call for sanctions and boycotts. This does not initially penetrate US political discussion (especially with those seeing profit to be made on the settlements), but after Benjamin Netanyahu (if he is still alive or in office at this point….assassination or a criminal indictment seems likely) or his successor gets into an altercation with Trump over a domestic dispute, the political winds change rapidly. Calls for cutting military aid follow this insult from both Democrats and Republicans and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) grows as a movement that the Israelis can no longer control. This emboldens Palestinian actors, in particular Mahmoud Abbas, to seek recourse in the International Criminal Court and sees Israel’s Jewish majority collapse in short time. Senator Schumer’s potential assassination by a Palestinian militant also serves to create tensions between the US and Israel that explode in the face of its fragile alliance. By the end of the decade, Israel will likely fall to make way for a new binational state for Jews and Arabs to share.

Alexis Tsipras faces mob riots in Greece and fears of assassination that prove to be deadly in 2018 if he isn’t thrown out of office at that time.

Turkey tumbles into a dark moment seeing refugees fleeing in short time. Erdogan refuses to step down and this creates immense tensions to throw them out of the EU and NATO. Success on this front follows and Turkey is left alone in the region with no allies. Despite attempts to open the flood gates of Syrian refugees to Europe in retaliation, it will not deter the world from icing them out of the equation. Turkey will remain a pariah state until it reforms on its own at the start of the next decade.

Many psychics have already discussed the situation in the Philippines with Rodrigo Duerte and his brutal war on drugs inspired by the US. Contrary to many suspect, though, his ouster is not imminent and it will be a number of years before he is forced to resign from office. In the meantime, previous earthquake warnings continue and I would anyone who lives there to evacuate if possible. It’s going to be a bumpy ride until the start of the next decade.

Questions over the success of racial integration in South Africa emerge in a big way. A mass struggle domestically follows suit.

ISIS faces the hands of defeat by the end of the year.

If Edward Snowden isn’t pardoned by President Obama in 2016, then Snowden will be extradited in the middle of the year and will eventually face the death penalty. This causes international relations to disintegrate and brings up remnants of the executions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

The catholic church faces a year of unprecedented scandal. Nuns are burned alive in various parts of the world. Pope Francis faces a coup in his ranks which fails. Laws are passed in various municipalities extending the deadline for sexual abuse related crimes opening the church up to billions in economic damage. All of this leads to a downfall of the church that will see horrors unleashed in the next century.

A aerodynamic vehicle that some speculate came from Atlantis or an earlier civilization is discovered in the Indian ocean. Its true origins will be revealed between 2025 and 2032.

A major terrorist attack occurs at a soccer match in London. Mass casualties come as a result.

As I’ve previously written, Jimmy Carter passes away. There will also be major health problems for Bill Clinton and George HW Bush.

The death of the Dalai Lama is possible this year if his health disintegrates in August.

While there may be some rumors to the contrary, Queen Elizabeth won’t pass away until 2019 or 2020 at the earliest. Her death will signal World War 3. We won’t see it until at least after she passes.

Prince Harry breaks up with Meghan Markle. There will also be no more threats to his life despite previous ones in 2012-2014.

There is a large earthquake coming to southern California between March and April. May hit 7-8 on the richter scale. Will not be the big one.

A massive black out hits the east coast of the United States this summer due to an outside attack. Power outages follow for five days and sees the death of over 100 people as a result.

A more mild hurricane season approaches this year, though the Caribbean is hit with some bad storms in April and August.

January to February sees the largest recorded snow come in vast parts of the world. Other regions that normally expect no snow will receive some flurries and others that expect large amounts of snow will receive a lot less this year. Despite what some may try to say to the contrary, climate change is real and this is one of its most glaring pieces of evidence.

Wild mountain bears attack humans in various parts of the world seeing a massive worldwide bear hunt take place.

As I’ve previously written, until humanity is ready to handle it, extraterrestrial life will not present itself to the world. However, hints will come in the form of sky shows that prove to the most keen that their existence is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Gender studies and other related fields are gutted from universities across the country.

The Westboro Baptist Church returns to picketing at funerals causing mass anger amongst the populace.

An elevator shaft collapses at a famous hotel causing some deaths.

Celebrity news will gain prominence in a way it hadn’t due to the interests of governments to distract from what is happening behind the scenes. Troubled celebrities should take heed and prepare accordingly. They will be scapegoated with no recourse.

Kanye West faces death this year.

The music industry resurges on the heels of the success of a new male artist.

Hollywood faces financial ruin over the lack of blockbusters this year.

A scandal breaks out over the Academy Awards and sees further ratings deterioration this year.

The NFL sees a sharp downturn in viewership that causes panic amongst the owners. It will never resurge again.

Closeted athletes are forced out in a very public way causing scandal in the league they are from.

The video game industry will see a major shift of fortunes as home consoles plunge in sales while online and mobile gaming surge in popularity. Retro gaming and immerse mobile gaming have massive success while shooters and sports games continue a decline in revenue. Nintendo also sees licensing as a new frontier to money making rather than relying on traditional video games. VR gaming also fails to make traction and it begins to recede at the end of the year.

China begins to discover a cure for HIV/AIDS and, in the process, discovers its shocking origins and Ronald Reagan’s purposeful efforts to introduce it to the LGBT community in the 1980’s.

Major scandals at Apple and Google are forthcoming as the result of damning information released by WikiLeaks. This causes financial catastrophe in Silicon Valley.

Non for profits face scandal over excessive spending, high compensation for executives and money not going where it is designated to. This hurts the industry as donations dry up this year.

Monsanto faces a major scandal that sees jail time for executives and calls for banning them from purchasing public land.

There will be more mass shootings in the US this year than at any other point in history.

Strong potential for a leak this year of the ability to transform people into animals via chemical injections that was developed between 2012 and 2015.

Problems for many celebrities emerge this year. This includes Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry.

Barbra Streisand faces major health problems this year leading to a death by 2018 or 2019.

A NFL star dies in a car crash this year. It might be Aaron Rodgers or another white Green Bay Packers player.

A Real Housewife passes away from a drug overdose. Brandi Glanville, Bethenny Frankel or Kim Richards are the most likely victims.

Barbara Walters passes away this year.

While I said Rupert Murdoch would pass in 2016, my private predictions list said it was possible for him to pass in 2017 instead. He’ll absolutely die this year.

Rachel Maddow’s wife dies of cancer causing her to retreat from the spotlight.

Gloria Vanderbilt passes away this year along with Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend leaving him grief stricken.

Melissa McCarthy has a heart attack and may pass away.

Chaka Khan passes away this year.

Aretha Franklin passes away this year.

Ryan Seacrest considers retirement but is given a lucrative deal to stay employed.

Singers Kesha, Kacey Musgraves and Shania Twain reemerge in a major way this year seeing massive success.

Country singer Sam Hunt becomes a massive crossover star comparable to Taylor Swift and Shania Twain.

Unrelated to the first music industry prediction, I have a feeling that Michael Jackon’s reincarnation will emerge in South Korea this year. He is a little boy with an immense talent that will capture the world by storm. It won’t be obvious at first, but a song of his he will write in the distant future will prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Major scandal arrises out of Sony Music more shocking than anything you’ve heard before. It does get worse.

Angelina Jolie hooks up with comedian Russell Brand in a relationship that soon turns tragic.

Several tumblr favorites become successful this year in an international capacity. This includes Youtube star Betty Bowers and the stars of the British soap opera Emmerdale.

Late 90’s stars become popular again this year.

A reunion of the Spice Girls with all five girls is formed this year for a short period of time.

Dreams and Predictions for December 2016

I don’t have a lot to share this month because I’m getting ready to compose my list of 2017 predictions that will take up a lot of time and energy. I’m holding off until December 20th due to the following prediction below. Once that is sorted out, I’ll have the predictions ready to share by the end of the year. In the meantime, here’s a few things to keep an eye out for this month.

1) Even though the recounts petitioned by Jill Stein will likely fail, the questioning of the legitimacy of the results could compel many electoral college voters to disregard Trump when they convene on December 19th. If 38 of them vote against him and for Hillary, Trump would face a coup and there could be a fulfillment of my revolution predictions from 2015. This may not come to pass, but the forces on that side seem desperate to stop Trump and I wouldn’t put it past them to do this.

2) Christmas sales will be abysmal this year and that will cause a downturn in the markets. Whether it crashes remains to be seen.

3) There will be attempts to confiscate cash in the US this month, something I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. They may revolve around Social Security and Medicare. Ignore them. They will spell trouble if you follow through on the proposal the government offers up.

4) Finally, there will be a last minute development in the Middle East that could push the world to war before Trump comes to power. We’ll know if this is the case by the end of next Wednesday. It could fizzle out, but since the powers that be are running around with their heads chopped out, don’t put anything past them.

If I have more to say, I’ll post it below. Otherwise, be on the lookout for my 2017 predictions by the end of the year.

12/11 ETA: One dream to share below in relation to a previous prediction I’ve made.

5) I had a dream last night where I was in a space ship that could take people to alternative dimensions and timelines. We shot ourselves high into space towards Mars and then entered a black hole. Upon arriving, I was taking to the Chinese Grauman theater in 1994. That’s where Mariah Carey was at an awards show or movie premiere red carpet. It was here that I saw several times, through various angles, her being shot and killed. The tragedy was that it was at the height of her career and when she was entering her peak; ala Selena. The point of this dream is two fold.

The first is that plans are being made to send men/women to Mars. I’ve hesitated to make such a prediction, despite others doing so, due to my belief in an upcoming world war. However, if war fails to materialize, then a trip to Mars may be likely in the near future; possibly by the end of the decade. Watch for that.

The second is that Mariah Carey’s untimely death, which I have warned about previously, is preventable. If her team or she can read this, she should stay vigilant about her safety. If she can do that, then she will survive like she did in 1994.

France’s Upcoming Election


I would normally be posting my predictions for December and also readying you all for my 2017 predictions list right about now. However, with the recent decision by embattled French president Francois Hollande to decline running for re-election (effectively seeing his political end, as I’ve predicted previously), this takes precedent. With Hollande out of the way and Nicolas Sarkozy’s return unlikely (ala Jeb Bush in the US), the most likely figure for a win in the 2017 elections at this time is neo-nazi Marine Le Pen. Her election, in trifecta with Trump and Putin, would spell doom for the western world’s democracy and the establishment of human rights around the world. Her ascension would also guarantee the first of three revolutions in France; with this one being put down violently and with brutal repercussions for the working class of France.

There is a way to avert this, but action has to be taken in the here and now in order to avert this disaster. It requires the socialist left in France to rally around an outsider candidate now before the new year arrives. I have no idea who this figure might be, but there is someone in French society watching this election and having reservations about entering the fray. They should commit themselves to getting off the sidelines and getting into the ring as soon as possible; by the end of the year at the latest. Sparing this last minute intervention as a critical development, tough times ahead will be coming to France. I’ll write my predictions more broadly when a decision from this person is made (or not). Hopefully they make the right choice; for the sake of humanity and the principles of freedom throughout the world.

Prediction Updates and Random Thoughts for November 2016


Does 2013 + 3/12 years = 2016? That’s a question I’ve been recently posing to myself. I was recently going through my private prediction collection and found out that some of my predictions that I made for 2013 have been recently fulfilled this year. This includes the recent death of Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro and Lady GaGa headlining the super bowl. These events were slated for late 2013-early 2014 but have been or are being fulfilled for late 2016 to early 2017. Understanding base 7 numerology, 3/12 is the lowest divisible form of 7 and sometimes events can be fulfilled in the half way mark when they were not filled in the original vector instead. This leads me to believe that two events I foresaw for 2013 will be fulfilled by the end of the year. This includes the death of Queen Elizabeth II, something I’ve written before, and a major economic downturn. Watch for those two events approaching the end of the year. I also think there’s a chance that the Oakland Raiders will win the Super Bowl. It was paired with my Lady GaGa prediction back then and it could be fulfilled a few years later. What should have been 2013 events may become 2016, possibly 2017, events instead. I’ll let you know if anything else was in there that could be fulfilled soon at another time.


Two of my previous warned celebrities for murder by the elite, Kanye West and Mariah Carey, are both in a serious downward spiral in the last month. Kanye’s admission to a psychiatric hospital and Mariah’s appearances that give vibes of 2001 are alarming to say the least. Both could end up being murdered at the end of the year and should be carefully watched for in the near future. Both of them are in real danger and I fear it may be too late to save them. In regards to the post above, Kanye West was first on my murder target list for 2013. If that interval applies here, then he’s in danger of being shot and Mariah is in danger of a suicide/murder by the end of November to December. I hope I’m wrong, but the feeling of dread has spread in recent days.


I got a very ominous feeling in regards to the recent fires spreading in Haifa, Israel. As I’ve previously warned, Israel as a Jewish state will likely be no more by 2018 or 2019. Trump’s election victory makes that even more likely with his hostility to Jewish people and Netanyahu’s prescription to overstep boundaries in a way that will create fresh confrontations with a potential Trump White House. While many in the Israeli Knesset would like to blame the Arabs or the Palestinians for the fire, the truth is it was done with the intention of evacuating settlers of the region in the hopes of salvaging a two state solution. Those who feel this will create a moment of peace in the region are sadly mistaken. This will only enflame the tensions between the Arabs and the settler movement leading to a moment where none of them win and subsequently lose together. It’s sad that it has gotten to this point, but there’s no salvaging the nation now. It’s on its way out and the death knell will come from those who most want it to stay as an exclusively Jewish state.


Finally, I also thought I should mention that I am beginning to work on my 2017 predictions. I am going to wait to release them until at least December 19th due to how the electoral college could thwart or severely alter many of my predictions. I’ll keep you posted in regards to that in the near future. Watch this space for them by then. Best wishes to everyone who has been reading this site.

Why Trump Won and What it Means for Humanity


As I’ve previously stated, Donald Trump won the election. I may be the only psychic who called this and I’ve hinted at the reasons for why this happened in previous posts. Now I’m going to lay out everything I know and what can be done to rectify what has been unleashed so that the damage is contained in the near future. Much of what I’m about to write will come across as slightly insane, but it is the truth. There are other forces at work that made this happen. Understanding them is the key to how we get ourselves out of this mess.


One of the most decisive moments in this race was Donald Trump’s deal with the devil. In early June of last year, the devil paid an astral visit to Trump in his headquarters in New York. Donald had wanted to be president for years prior to this, considering serious presidential runs on at least three occasions, 1988, 2000 and 2012. Each time Donald thought about taking the plunge, he backed out at the last minute. This time, the devil paid him a visit that he had never received before. The deal was simple. Donald was to serve his will in exchange for handing him the keys to the White House. Donald wasn’t initially convinced that it was going to happen, but when he made the deal and began to see the waters of the political world part all around him, Donald began to realize his pact was cemented in blood.


No matter how many times Donald thought about potentially breaking off the deal and did things to try to tank his candidacy, the results kept coming in his favor from the primaries beginning to end. He then made more brazen attempts in the general election to tank himself, but the devil worked hell over high water to see to it that any scandals were minimized and Hillary was ruthlessly attacked. No matter how much support the powers that be had for her, the devil’s will trumps all and it was shown to be the case by this election result. What the elite forget is that the devil they serve has the final decision making over all matters of theirs on Earth. The devil got what he wanted and we’re about to pay a price for it as a result.


There is, however a real chance that Trump may not even make it to the White House. The Devil has panicked over Trump’s constant attempts to sabotage his own candidacy and is having second thoughts about giving him such vast control over an empire like the United States. I’m convinced, based on a dream I had two nights ago, that Trump is going to be done away with because he’s beginning to break from the devil’s plan on some very key areas. Those include inciting violence in Israel, tanking the world’s economic markets and setting up death camps for marginalized communities. The fervors leading to these actions have begun to emerge, but Donald is having cold feet and developing a bit of a moral conscious at the last second.


As a result of his unwillingness to go along with the whole agenda, the vision I had saw Trump assassinated by a man of Muslim heritage on the 30th of November. Two shots miss him, but one fatal one lands a blow to the head. I also see Mike Pence carted off which means electoral chaos and a problem as we enter the electoral college election. I may be wrong in this assessment, but I’ve been right before and I’m getting these visions pretty strongly now. While it remains to be seen whether he serves or not at all, the truth is we’re going to enter our nation’s darkest hour in the very near future.


The other prevailing factor that came into play this election comes from my nickname of Nuclear Hillary. As much as many believe we are the only life forms in the universe, the truth is that we are not alone and that aliens have been among us for quite some time. They refuse to show themselves because of all of the hate that humanity has for others not like themselves still poses a problem for their assured safety. A revelation now would be a death warrant that they are not going to take, no matter how much they’d like to tell the truth. When humanity enlightens more and sheds itself of the divisiveness of hate, they will show the truth and we will know more than we do today. Until then, things will be in the dark for much of what is out there in the universe.


I will tell you, though, that aliens (not Mexicans) had a large role to play in taking this election away from Hillary Clinton. After the nuclear bombs unleashed during World War 2 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan, aliens came to Earth between the years 1949 and 1952 to make it very clear to the powers that be that humanity could not use nuclear weapons in military conflict ever again. What was discovered was that energy from the bombs rippled throughout the universe and inadvertently effected the sustainability of other life forms on other planets.


The aliens promised to stop anyone in power who threatened this anti nuclear weapon pact. Many leaders have been taken down because of their likelihood of usage of nuclear weapons and many events that could have seen nuclear weapon usage was deescalated by alien force. It’s why Kim Jong Un is likely to be assassinated in the near future and why the bay of pigs invasion didn’t end with nuclear weapons fired. Hillary Clinton became the latest casualty of the aliens because she would not comply with this no nukes rule and they rigged it against her as a result. She won the popular vote, but faulty election counting assured that she could not win where it mattered most; the electoral college. They are sad for what humanity will have to endure as a result of Trump’s win, but the aliens have to weigh the interests of those outside of our planet and with other life forms on this planet with people living here in civilization. In that scenario of lesser of two evils, Trump takes the win, no matter what detriment may come about.


I do need to stress something important to those who are stressing about supposed differences between Hillary and Trump. When it all comes down to the wire, they are all just the same. They all run in the same social circles and support their own self interests above all else. No matter who won the presidency, the working classes (meaning the vast majority of the readers here) would not have an actual voice in the White House. The problem with US society isn’t one candidate or political party but a structural deficiency that needs to be upended by violent force if necessary. This election, in some ways, is a blessing in disguise to making people realize who really runs the world and what it really takes for us to truly be free. Revolution is the only way to make the world a better place. Many of you will have to be willing to risk your lives to see this dream come about. Your forefathers have fought for this before and the task is upon you to engage with the same sort of fight in the present. The question really comes down to whether you are willing to fight for that freedom. That’s the question you all must ponder to yourselves. When you come to the correct conclusion, a governmental overthrow follows and freedom reigns supreme throughout much of the world.


Finally, I would like to hasten you to not despair. Things will get better soon. Once you all finally get ready to put up the fight that you’ve needed to years ago, the world will begin to come to a place (temporarily anyway) of peace. It’s not too late to see this vision come about, but you should take some decisive action in the next few days. Humanity counts on it.

Told You


Nearly every other psychic across the internet and the world said this was in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Everyone except me. I’ve said from the beginning that when Donald Trump made a pact with the devil in June of 2015, it was going to alter the trajectory of the race. No one wanted to believe me and yet here we are. I thought there were moments that he would be stopped, but all of the potential challengers I knew could take him down failed to materialize. Instead, we are left with a nightmare scenario in a number of ways (not that Nuclear Hillary would have been ideal either). I’ll explain what comes next at another time, but this should show you why I’m not some flaky psychic after all.

Election Week False Flag

I’ll start this one by saying I really pray that this doesn’t happen.

Also, I’ve written about all of this before, so it is just a reminder based on a series of recent events that I have noted.

Yesterday I awoke to a phone notification from a local mainstream media news app (Houston’s Channel 11 News) that said that government intel warns of a terror attack planned by ISIS (Or whatever they call it now) on Monday.  The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott likewise gave a warning about this terror attack planned by ISL for Monday.

I’ve been warning of terror attacks and this period of time (from September 2016-January 2017).  I have to admit I’m afraid of the upcoming week and some of my more grave predictions coming true starting next week and then the following weeks.

Last night as I was sleeping I dreamed about when I had read that pamphlet that they have in Texas public schools about a response plan to terrorism attacks on schools, whether they are shooting, bombs or biological/chemical.  I posted about this one- about how I made a video about an upcoming false flag and youtube censored it immediately.

So, if a terror attack happens next week I believe it is a planned government attack (by the NWO).  It is a false flag designed to delay the elections and geared toward martial law.  I also mentioned (years ago) that I had conflicting dreams about a horrible Hillary presidency and also Obama having a third term.  I’m still not clear on which nightmare is worse really— and I hope they don’t happen.

In my dream last night I was first reliving how I read the Texas Preparedness for Terror Attacks in Public Schools pamphlet, made that video commentary warning of the false flag and then it was censored.  Then I relived getting the phone alert about a terror attack planned for this Monday in election week.  Then, a voice said put it together, the clues are all there and it’s obvious what they are planning— they’ve told us the plan already.

If next week goes to hell here in America, it is the warning sign that civil war and world war and next to come.

I hope that there are Oath Keepers and Whistle blowers that blow the lid on this false flag attack on our schools.  I can’t believe the audacity of the Obama Administration to go into Texas, send Al-CIA-DA mind controlled freaks to make terror attacks on gun free zones in public schools— and then use this ‘terror’ propaganda to then put in gun control and gun confiscation and martial law.

Hillary and Obama are the heads and main leaders of these creepy terrorist groups ISL or ISIS or AL-CIA-DA.  Announcing their intel ahead of time about election week terror attacks, having drills in Texas for gun confiscation and martial law, making a terror response plan for Public Schools…..it does seem obvious what Obama and Hillary are planning.

Sorry about the scattered nature of my writing in this post.  I just hope that the right individuals can stop these false flags from happening next week.  Let us all pray that the people who wish to do terror attacks in America are stopped and all those involved are put to justice.  Let us hope that there are armed guards wherever those terrorists try to attack.

My advice is next week avoid malls and areas where there are large groups.  Be aware.  If you hear of some kind of terror event unfolding try to get home.  Don’t go to far away from home.  Also, if Texas Public Schools have an attack— know damn well who is responsible for it— that is the NWO creeps who control puppet Obama and puppet Hillary.  The entire point of it is martial law and gun confiscation for the NWO— and to obliterate every last drop of freedom in our country.

PRAY for peace, justice and good people to stop these evil plans.