50 Predictions for 2016+


50 Predictions 2016 and Beyond


+  These are my predictions based on my dreams, evidence/confirmations from the news, understanding of history, my visions, confirmations from other psychics/spiritual people who see/predict similar events to mine. 

+ A lot of the 50 points on this list are already mentioned in my other predictions and I arrived at these ideas on my own from dreams and then sought confirmation from political events and news. 

+ Some of these predictions I began writing about several years ago and have become more clear/confirmed at this moment in time. 

+ I  pray against the negative events and that we can use our collective consciousness to defeat the NWO agenda and create a healthy, safe, liberty promoting, wealthy, fertile future for humanity. 

+ I’m not surprised that some other psychics see the same warnings.  We tap into the same frequencies and often see parts of the same story from different aspects. 

+ I’m also expecting a huge NWO blowback from government trolls who regularly attack me and my websites.  Your attacks only confirm that I’m exposing NWO evil satanic agendas and allowing people to pray against it, stop it, whistle blow, prepare and renounce humanity’s consent.  We not not consent to your NWO agenda.  We do not submit. 

+ Nevertheless, here is a concise list of 50 predictions for 2016 and beyond.  These are not the only things I see in my dreams and mind but I feel these are the points of interest and urgency which need prayer, attention, consideration and preparation.   

+ I believe that a variety of people from different religions, races and walks of life are seeing many of these 50 things on my list and will continue to awaken to these 50 realizations.  I am not sure of an exact timeline or time order for these visions but I believe these are all materializing in 2016 at least in intention/groundwork if not complete execution.  Humanity can spread information and say “NO!!!” to the NWO anti-human evil agenda.   


Year of “Fear” – increasing feeling no one can be trusted, government vs citizens, groups against each other, religions divided, races divided , states vs feds, “divide and conquer”

Year of “Nazi America Rising” (if they get their way, this is what is desired)

Year of “Choosing Sides”

Year of “Lies and Truth”

Year of “Division”

Year of “Injustice”

Year of “Persecution”

Year of “Manipulation”

Year of “Power Grabs”

1. More terror attacks in “Gun Free Zones” in the USA and worldwide.  Some of these are false flags  with varying degrees of government involvement and some are copy cats which really is indirect government involvement. 

2. Obama/NWO agenda: creating opportunities for chaos/ or just politicalizing events to take away liberty, disarm everyone and obliterate the Constitution/Bill of Rights.  The NWO wants disarmed slaves who cannot uprise.

3. More government large scale drills and preps for Civil War (Jade Helm, Jade Helm ‘Uprising’).  Some of these drills have the atmosphere of becoming hot/ False flags.  Moving toward Civil War/WWIII.  Intensification of war, rumors of war, war provocation, war games.

4. More Soros/NWO funding and instigating of Race Wars.  Racially motivated attacks and psyops stirring up both sides- the KKK, the Black Panthers.  Blowback: desire of the people for racial unity.

5. ISIS uniting with Mexican Drug Cartels and hatching more terror events/ training; ISIS exploitation of lax boarders and immigration openings.  Terror from Mexican Drug Cartels.

6. Texas under fire from the NWO.  Texas ready to respond…I still see Texas as an apex of the Civil War.  Texas leading the states rights vs fed government war.  Texans arming themselves and preparing for a government attack which could be a move to take guns, land grabs or any of the ‘hot issues.’  Succession movement still gaining.

7. States Rights VS Federal Government!  Land grabs and overall misuse of federal government regarding property rights.  NWO desire to obliterate property rights and just steal everything while pushing people into small “Hunger Games” type hubs.

8. Both an increase of lies in the media/movies…..general attempt to gas light and cover up and crease confusion…..plus the increase of lies which are exposed by whistleblowers and more amazing horrific satanic like revelations regarding things like the selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood.  Increase of ‘exposing the NWO’ movies/propaganda as people take sides.

9. Increase of movement toward global carbon taxes and environmental tyranny.  Those who speak out against this scam will be prosecuted.  More ridiculous defenses of this web of lies which only serve the NWO agenda: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

10. No recovery of the economy worldwide.  Decline/depression/collapse.  I’m not sure when its going to totally collapse but I feel an urgent need to prepare against this personally.  I’ve had so many dreams about this one and all these predictions I am making are inter-related and can have a possible domino type effect. 

11. Increase of cops being targeted by racial violence as promoted by the mainstream media/NWO.  Decline of police force and influx of ‘federal agents’ to take their place.  Militarizing of police and move toward police state.  Possible troops on the street/checkpoints during events. 

12. Declining justice system which becomes more of a Stazi/Nazi arm of the federal government to persecute people who are anti-NWO.  Increasing use of the IRS for political persecution

13. Increasing gun sales

14. Increasing organization of Militias and calls to impeach/over throw and jail governmental agents who are violating the rights of citizens

15. Increasing persecution of Christians world-wide.  Worst ever, more violent and vulgar displays.

16. Increasing persecution of all religions including mainstream Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Amish

17. Increasing exorcisms and witch hunts, especially in third world countries

18. Increase of child trafficking, beastiality, woman trafficking, selling of body parts, drugs

19. Media cover up of extremist Muslim persecution of the LGBT community and a steady heating response from the LGBT community

20. Movement toward a global currency/ devaluing of the dollar and countries abandoning the dollar/ movement includes going toward a ‘mark of the beast’ type chip that is implanted for buying and selling.  Might not happen this year but movement toward achieving it is happening this year for sure. Increasing food prices worldwide.

21. Movement to introduce a global identification card (which relates to #20) in order to better track, monitor, prohibit and control everyone.  It is sold as a card that keeps us safe from terrorism/ helps us track immigration but the same tactic exactly was used by Hitler and served only for government control of everyone/ stripping away of rights and political persecution; their solution to the immigration problem and vetting immigrants to weed out terrorists is this international ID card which is the card of the NWO.  This card actually has nothing to do with terrorism and does not protect anyone. 

22. Malls, schools, theatres, holidays, national symbols, churches, mosques, synagogues, cultural events, parades, protests, demonstrations, sporting events, celebrations, flags, symbols under fire/ desire to eliminate because of the NWO

23. “Political Correctness” explodes and is an obvious tool for persecution and government controls.  Control of speech, thinking, pre-crime and shaming.  Plus, a blow back against this overtly obnoxious agenda.  Please educate yourself on the history of ‘Political Correct Speech’ regarding Hitler and the Nazis.  History repeats, echoes and gets WORSE.    

24. Persecution of whistleblowers, especially in the army, government, media.  Realization that if we don’t expose lies/injustice we will suffer anyway.  No one is safe so might as well stand for the good/truth.

25. Movement to end the free media under the guise of keeping us safe from terrorism.  They will say that the free internet is allowing terrorists to be recruited, radicalized and to communicate and plot terror events and the only solution is some kind of alternative internet which is totally government controlled, which means NWO controlled.  The NWO simply wants to obliterate free speech and end all political communication through alternative media thus gaining the power to control and brainwash through media.  They admitted they are losing the info-war and want to gain control of information. 

26. Growing hatred of USA intervention in the world stage; growing hatred of Israel

27. Increasing infertility- this problem does not get better any time soon

28. Increasing cancers and neurological diseases and resistant antibiotics (and Failed ObamaCare) cause more people to wake up and try to become healthy through clean non-GMO organic food, natural medicines, alternative medicines, eliminating toxins like fluoride from the water which the government puts in to dumb us down as a weapon, questioning vaccines and big Pharma/ Monstanto.  Attempted take down of organizations like Monsanto.  All of this is an increasing war on health between the NWO who responds by becoming more sneaky in their attacks on food/water/medicine/environment.  More companies struggle  in this economy and succumb to the demands of the people for cleaner food. Gross additives exposed, brought to light.  Government regulations attempt to push NWO food/supplement control/poison. 

29. General increased mental illness.  Weirdness expressed in surprising new ways like those people who ‘identify’ as dumplings or want to blind themselves or want to cut off their limbs as nuggets and be ‘trans-abled.’  This is being promoted by the NWO because in the transition to trans-human they want to re-define what it is to be human without any kind of limits/ reason/ natural definitions of any sort

30. Use of the controlling of education for government propaganda brainwashing…..government replacing the family is ramped into high gear and more overt than ever.  Common Core’s insanity, the refusal to teach American History, persecution of children who don’t want to eat the toxic food or wear a political shirt or chew their pop tart into a gun…..complete undermining and brainwashing of our children and more people waking up to this insanity and opting for homeschool.  Increasing persecution of homeschoolers. Expect more insane articles of this sort.

31. More homeless on every corner, more crime, more homeless animals and the quality of life in America in decline….increased food prices and continued drop of oil prices…..manipulation of markets…..America shifting toward a third world country and a disappearing middle class.

32. Increase of strange weather, swarms of earthquakes and mass animal deaths….not due to ‘man made climate change’

33. Increasing water shortages (some contrived)/pollution/ toxic water….it is very important to make sure to filter your water this year and beyond. 

34. Increasing persecution of artists, activists who use the arts and comedians.  In response waves of artists who defy the rules of the establishment and make their criticisms of government anyway.

35. Threats of and possible execution of biological/chemical attacks by ISIS in the USA (and abroad).  This would be a mother of false flags and I believe the government has something planned regarding this.  Two years ago I found a pamphlet made for public schools regarding federal preps and drills for upcoming biological and chemical attacks.  This preparation includes taking school kids in drills to FEMA like camps and holding them without releasing them to their parents.  I made a YouTUBE video about this pamphlet asking what horrible false flag biological or chemical attack they have planned which involves our children at public schools and they actually removed the soundtrack on my video and put some strange song instead to mute me.  I’m not sure when this will happen but I see the ducks lining up for a plan to execute this false flag which would be a complete NWO order from chaos false flag that has clearly been planed and executed with an agenda in mind to push ahead thanks to this contrived crisis.

36. Trump needs to be very careful.  Putin and others have warned him about his safety.  Likewise, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and anyone who stands against the NWO need to be careful because the time is coming for persecution.  They might disappear some people during events or just outright murder.  Then, they will simply blame ISIS or some government created patsy.

37. Increasing governmental regulations/ surveillance/ prohibitions which are overtly illegal across the board.  Desire for a martial law situation which never ends. 

38. I believe that ISIS has an attack planned for the Vatican.  I’m not sure when it will happen but in their fantasy they want to hijack and take over the Vatican and put in an Islamic State capital. 

39. Increase in Islam and decline in other religions. 

40. Increase in Satanism and mainstreaming of Satanic practices in the mainstream media and NWO controlled propaganda

41. Continued redefinition of beauty standards for women and men in the media and on television/movies/ within fashion.  Glorification of different body types, strong women, gender neutral body types and fashion, ehtnic is trendy, decline of the boundaries between men and women….even in toys and toy stores.  In transhumanism the core of what humanity is, as well as sexuality is completely redefined and this movement to create humans that are both female and male is part of the NWO agenda for transhumanism.  Womb transplants and alternative birthing methods are also being implemented already. 

42. More fighting politically about men in women’s bathrooms.  More attacks on women and small children in the bathroom by heterosexual male perverts in the bathrooms. 

43. More women wanting concealed carry and more gun free zones pushing to have armed guard and a government blow back trying to limit these practices. 

44. More sightings of ‘demons’ ‘aliens’

45. Food trends: still pushing to introduce insects into the mainstream, fads that are Middle Eastern hitting mainstream and fancy food establishments in the USA and the West like Lebne, Zaatar, fancy juice bars like they have in Arab lands….Saj breads and pizzas.

46. Corruption at Universities/ propaganda and thought control from the NWO agenda/ this is increasing and becoming more strange and overt

47. Increasing deaths from synthetic pot and synthetic drugs.  Don’t do these.  As pot is decriminalized and the war on drugs ends synthetic drugs will be outlawed.

48. Return of weird old dead strange diseases.  Something from deep in the ground…(?) I’m not sure what thing is trapped deep in the ground or deep in rock but there is something toxic that will be exposed according to my dreams…..something dormant goes live.

49. Personal warning: my dreams tell me that one day in my lifetime there will be a power outage (CME?) which results in the decline of the ‘just in time’ food delivery and render a deep and urgent need for us to prepare to avoid what I experienced as a horrible thirst and hunger and insanity.

50. Personal warning: my dreams tell me that one day bombs will go off in NYC, Washington and it is part of this NWO nightmare.  I also saw North Korea bombing South Korea and something going down in both Israel and Saudi Arabia.  These were terrible vivid nightmares I hope never come to pass but my dreams of these repeated and were very intense and I wake up crying and sweating.  I didn’t see a wide spread nuclear type devastation but certain targets in pain, with a black swirling energy over them in my dreams.    


+ I urge you to research history and events where tyrants have risen to power.  The comparisons between what is happening in the USA to Hitler’s rise to power are shockingly horrible.  There is a clear NWO playlist and they are pulling out the stops at this crucial time in history just before Singularity and their Transhuman shift.

+See: Nazi Germany Era Austrian Lady  Survivor Kitty Worthman discussing Rise of Hitler/ comparison with Obama and USA 2015


I also urge you to research all of my points above on your own and to seek the predictions of others which, I believe confirm aspects of the same future. 

See: Lisa Haven Prediction Video where she details 18 predictions for 2016


Pattern of Bringing Down Patriots in the Liberty Movement


Warning for patriots who are actively involved in activism in the liberty movement, including talk show hosts, utubers, people with blogs, websites and very active in their activism on social media.  The government has been and will continue to send psyop patsy types to false flag and then say they were inspired by you.  They will post some weird rants or journals or manifestos on your social media and be found with your merchandise or propaganda.  This has already happened and is increasing.  One such example is the fake Osama Bin Laden library filled with so called ‘conspiracy’ and liberty movement truther type books.  That was obvious crap fake propaganda and Osama didn’t read that stuff and wasn’t a fan of these authors or ideas. The dumb ass media clearly overplayed their lies which they hallucinate their watchers are so dumb and brainwashed that they would believe it.  I laugh every time I see those completely far fetched and obviously created articles linking Osama to the liberty movement.  So totally silly and unrealistic.  Now, every single government psyop toy will be linked to Alex Jones or some other loud mouthed liberty lover they wish to take out because they are exposing the NWO.  Further, I have had several friends who are in the liberty movement who told me that someone associated with a false flag mass shooting has posted rants on their social media, like their Facebook Fanpage. This is a low blow, desperate pattern of attacks on the liberty movement which is in no way connected to the terrorists but, in fact fighting the true terrorists, the NWO.  Be mindful of this attack if you are in the Liberty movement and speak out against violence in advance of being pinned with inspiring some cookoo-bird MK ULTRA patsy planted there to take you down.  Now is the time to decry violence and expose the true terrorists.  No wonder that Osama is being linked to liberty movement books since he too is a government patsy who played a role in our government run terrorism which is an ongoing injuman unjust attack on human rights and should be punished by the harshest extent of the law.

Liberty has Hijacked the Arts; Persecution of Artists. Updated.


I mentioned artists using their art as a political protest and thus suffering persecution in a few predictions a couple of years ago.  I just want to point out that this prediction is well underway.  I post my art on my twitter and have recently noticed a surplus of artists around the world protesting the NWO, anti-freedom, anti-human rights, genocide, Agenda 21.  We will see more artists of all varieties protesting world wide and their liberty art has hijacked the NWO desire to use the arts to brainwash the public to their sick agenda.  Art is a revolution and I am enjoying this peaceful way that art both protests and educates the world.

2015 Obvious Decline of Liberty; Breaking Point?

liberty bellI am having a dream which I believe signifies a pending stranglehold on American liberties reaching a breaking point.  The psychics on this site have been warning about a decline of liberties and civil war for several years and at first we were laughed at and called doomstards but now as our predictions are coming true people are no longer laughing and notice that we have been warning of these dire events in hopes of waking people up so that we can alter the outcome from something so negative as we see and dream.

My new repeating dream: I am in the mountains somewhere in America.  There is a liberty bell extended off of the mountains by a post, hanging off a cliff.  Every day monks ring the bell and it is beautiful, resounding all over the lands.  Everyone nearby enjoys the sound of freedom and it is beautiful.  It’s like the music of love and peace and success.  Then the monks slowly become alarmed and the ringing of the bell every day shifts into more of a warning call.  It stops being beautiful and is disturbing, like a creepy wake up alarm.  They stop regarding the bell as the liberty/peace/happiness bell and it’s ringing disturbs everyone daily as a reminder that something bad is coming.  The bell starts to crack and decay and then one day it cracks off and falls down the cliff and the monks announce the time has come.

I think the meaning of this dream is obvious.  Our liberties have slowly been sucked away.  People don’t complain so much when a few new regulations show up, a few executive orders, a few prohibitions, a few new taxes…..our lives don’t change that radically overnight.  Then one day, and the time is now- people realize wait WTF is going on now, what happened to America, land of the free, home of the brave?  What happened to our way of life?  Our freedoms?  Our rights?  HEY now its obvious we are under attack daily.

The eugenicists found Hitler to be an effective reducer of the population but he was too overt.  They realized they can’t successfully accomplish their evil deeds quickly and overtly but it takes time….a slow decay is more effective.  However, once the cat is out of the bag about what is going on- they speed up their agenda into a quickening of doom to accomplish their ends.  They have their eyes on ‘the moment of singularity’ and want to reduce the population ahead of the transhumanism shift. Maybe you don’t believe it but your ideas don’t matter on this because you are unwitting pawns. Better to keep the population in the dark and do evil deeds behind closed doors.  They love to package evil ideas as if they are wonderful and sell them as the opposite of what they are in a giant lawyer like manipulation mind fuck where all things tyrannical are called ‘free’ and all things hateful are called ‘loving.’  You are a ‘racist’ or ‘unenlightened’ if you don’t support whatever turd they are selling as a diamond.  Just consider the propaganda of any communist country; they sing about their amazing freedoms and cry out of love for their dear God like leader….

The liberty bell has become a warning, a reminder of what we have lost and will lose.  It’s decaying and cracking and about to crash off and fall down the cliff if we don’t wake up immediately.  2015 is a crucial point in our history and will be defined by various whistle blowers.  We will see horrors which attack our freedom.  Furguson and other things like it are like test runs.  Something could happen overnight which changes everything and causes a fast decline if they pull out the stops and do a false flag in a desperate attempt to push their agenda.  We will sound like ‘conspiracy theorists’ right up until you say to yourself DAMN they were right.  Truth is often a bitter pill.  Better to take the pill and wake up from your coma then let the liberty bell crash to the demise of freedom.

The BELL TOLLS in 2015.  Question is: just how bad will it be?  You will decide the fate of our country.  Remember, we are Americans and in our blood we know that every person matters, every voice can change reality and the actions of a few heroes can change history.  Sometimes you have to fight to win.  We don’t advocate violence of any kind on this sight and in this day and age when everyone is being black listed and peeped on by our government we have no fear because truth will set us free.

Disappearing People; Agenda 21 and the NWO


I had a nightmare last night about the government disappearing people; patriots, gun owners, leaders of political freedom/liberty movements under the guise of a medical tyranny.

First, Obama passed an insane law that the government can retain anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory problem.  Second, the boarders are opened more and more.  Third, they ship in Ebola patients and most likely spread Ebola- and spread fear.  Let us remember the Agenda 21 eugenics desire to depopulate using EBOLA, and the known depopulation efforts in the counties effected with what is most likely being proven as a genetically mutated bioweapon.  Fourth, doctors and others are coming forth to discuss patients being disappeared from hospitals with ebola like symptoms.  Fifth, they are telling health workers and emergency responders they will be fired if they use the word ebola and are saying that it is some other disease.  Sixth, they are threatening doctors that they will lose their license if they use the word ebola.

A good friend of mine is convinced the ebola is just a distraction, a cover up for another agenda.  I think it stinks to high heaven of some sort of plot, evil multi-faceted agenda.

One I had this nightmare that they created a pandemic, or the appearance of a pandemic and then offered a vaccine and the vaccine was actually the bio-weapon that killed mass numbers of people.

I also had a repeating dream about them using all sorts of fear to usher in their agenda.  They cannot motivate out of love and they are being exposed, realized and unraveled so fear/crisis is what is lurking.

I find it interesting that this is happening in conjunction with whatever possible nuke situation is growing with Russia.

Disgust Over Hillary; Possible Assassination

crazy hilary


I have been thinking for some time that Hillary is the NWO selection of liar in chief for 2016, READ THIS ARTICLE. I believe if she is elected it is a fake, rigged election.   People will become very angry and tired of all the political non-sense in our country which seems to be increasing by the day since we have lunatics in positions of power.  People will march and protest against her, reject her at events, throw stuff at her, make fun of her non-stop;  they will have to pay a lot of money to create the illusion she is somehow popular or liked at all.   I don’t wish anyone to be assassinated but sometimes I get a photos of an angry man going after Hilary.  I don’t know if he succeeds in his mission to off Hillary but in my mind he is a caucasian man wearing jeans and is average built, average weight and has sandy colored hair.  I think he is middle aged, not too old and not overly young.  I am not sure if he is alone or represents a group but if he succeeds they will most likely blame some group they don’t like.  Is he a false flag?  I am not sure yet.  Further, I am not sure of the time frame of this event.  If, for some reason, the NWO backs off of Hillary for president it is possible the obsessed man who wants to harm her will not be so obsessed.  I think he is already obsessed and angry though and I am not sure why.  

  images (1) images





Here Come the Vampires and Cannibals


I have posted before about my dreams about zombies and how I think at some point our society will explode into cannibals in areas due to food shortages.  I had some dreams that people were cannibals in war torn areas.  I often disregard monster dreams but find them haunting and vaguely amusing at times.  This article just caught my eye about children in Iraq drinking their parent’s blood to stay alive, READ HERE.  I have read articles akin to soylent green where scientists posit recycling the dead into food, READ HERE.   They say that within 10-15 days if there is a food shortage people will become cannibals, READ HERE.  The ‘just in time’ food delivery is not reliable. I find it disconcerting the government discourages stored food and the prepper movement and makes laws to seize stored food or try to prohibit it in certain areas.  I don’t plan on eating the family pets or resorting to cannibalistic means to feed my family in the event of a crisis.  My heart really goes out to these Iraqi children drinking their parent’s blood.  Of course, you don’t hear Obama discussing this tragedy.  The media doesn’t report the trauma for these poor kids and thank goodness for social media/alternative media.  I think these vampire/monster apps like the one I used above on my photo are very fun and funny.  Try it out and see if you like how you look as a monster or if perhaps it is wise to instead store food for your family.  Beware, the vamps, cannibals and zombies will emerge in our society when you least expect it—-your neighbors might be among them.  

Dream about Surveillance/Death/War



I just woke up from a very strange dream.  I wouldn’t have posted this as Fefelove on Knowthenext.com but since I am here in a more free environment now I am going to post it.  I know not every dream humans have is psychic but some people might find this interesting.  I think it’s a warning, at least to me personally.  I was traveling in the future and the hotel I was staying at had some interactive technology that we do not have operating today.  The hotel was very big and beautiful.  They said that if we needed help they had ‘interactive mirrors’ in every room.  There were mirrors on every wall from floor to ceiling.  The mirrors were computers but looked like mirrors.  As I was standing there getting ready the mirror in front of me turned into a computer and there was a lady inside and I was clearly stark naked on the screen.  Now, personally I am very shy and have body issues- I am horrified by the thought of being naked and most people looking.  I am not someone who would ever be able to run around at a nude beach or something, lets just say.  She said a welcome to me and started telling me about the composition of my body- like a an analysis of nutrients and health and printed a plan with some kind of pills (were they vitamins?) and what I needed to do today to maintain health, how many calories I should eat, and even what sort of clothes would be flattering and I would like (recommendations for shopping nearby, like a tailored commercial).  Then all of a sudden I realized all these people knew all this stuff about me- personal, intimate, private things I didn’t even fully know.  I felt uncomfortable, I saw them in my head- so many people in my private business.  I told the lady in the mirror I needed to take a nap and she said I wasn’t scheduled to sleep in any of the beds- I had to sleep in the trundle under the bed.  I pulled it out and it looked like a coffin bed- like the photo I inserted at the top of this blog.  The coffin bed was very dusty and gross.  I was very cold so I looked for a blanket (there wasn’t one on the coffin bed).  In the next room I found this beautiful quilt that had pictures about the Civil War here in the USA (the upcoming one).  Each square of the quilt had a scene of what happened.  I was trying to look but some man was trying to take it away, saying it was illegal to have this quilt and I was forbidden to see it.  I saw in the quilt that Texas had been a major player in the war, there had been much death and destruction and many celebrated heroes, like Trixie said- I saw some kind of protest.  Also I got stuck on one piece of the quilt that said someone important came from Florida to Texas.  The quilt was a ‘hero’ quilt as I understood in my dream (Never heard of this, is this a thing?).  The man was trying to put holes in the quilt and said- if you have that quilt you will get to sleep in the bigger bed, it changes history.  I woke up….I think the meaning of this dream is obvious.  In summary, there is technology in the future that has started now which can be very invasive monitoring at worst, or very helpful for health and wellbeing and life at best.  The technology is neutral but it depends upon who is in control, how the technology is used- is it used to liberate or enslave?  I believe technology should liberate and be helpful to life and love.  Obviously some people want to use technology in an agenda of death and people like me who speak out are slated for the coffin bed not the life bed.  They wish to stop the heroes for humanity/liberation/human rights that will rise to fight the tyranny and socialist enslavement program.  However, as I saw it, it was a beautiful picture that humanity creates.  I think that is hopeful- blankets bring warmth.  I personally love quilts and sleep with two old homemade ones.  They are unique and reflect the personalities of the sewers.  So heroes are going to sew a new picture for humanity and bring comfort.  The powers that be are aware of the possibility their plans will fail and are upset.  Much Love!!! Fefelove x

Prediction about Civil War in the USA

I made this prediction when Obama was reelected and want to update it now here.  As I warned, Obama will pass an executive order that really stands against liberty and the Constitution and is apart of the NWO Hitlarian plan which they want to trigger a Civil War.  My disclaimer is that the people on this blog do not want a war and are non-violent.  We are hoping to stop any violence and spread freedom which is why we post.   Here it is, a gun ban executive order plan.  So the plan to disarm the Americans is this: 1. dry up the ammo supply and place restrictions on ammo sales/production, 2. make a registry list so they can go after gun owners, 3. false flags to persecute gun owners (Like Sandy Hook and all the mass shootings which are just part of the plan to take away guns), 4. brainwash people against guns in the media, 5. brainwash kids in school against guns, 6. go after any gun symbol like toy guns or toaster pastries that look like guns because they want to cause crazy fear with the subject of guns, 7. go after gun owners, gun manufactures and gun stores any legal way possible like by using the IRS to shut them down or regulations, 8. Ban the materials to make guns/bullets, 9. go after speaking about guns, 10. use the health programs/ doctors to declare people who like guns have mental disorders and ban mental disorder people from owning guns, 10. declare veterans mentally disabled and take away their ability to own guns, 11. go after any media personality who encourages the second amendment, 12. psyops on every internet site trying to make it look like the majority of people want a gun ban, 13. let in the immigrants that don’t believe in guns to vote to take the guns, 14. movies/tv/news that highlights gun violence and distorts the facts that guns save lives and its more likely you would die from eating popcorn then guns and gun violence is down since the 80’s, 14. a series of executive actions that ban one type of gun after the next, 15.  movies/tv/news that makes gun owners all look like they are nuts and ready to snap and everyone in the world hates them and wants a gun ban, 16. Begin taking guns from people as tests in certain areas they think they will have success then spread and get more aggressive about it.  17.  Persecute any group that is pro-guns and bad images of guns like even on t-shirts.

There is more but I want to point out this is a really well thought out plan that is so pervasive and includes such a multiplicity of ways to attack and undermine the Second Amendment.  They will try to take down the entire Constitution and this is only a part of it.  They want to roll out martial law and have all the supplies in place.  They are drilling for gun bans.

What is happening is this: 1. people are awakening, 2. the citizens are arming, 3. the troops are organizing and awakening, 4. the police are organizing and awakening, 5. Oath Keepers is making plans, 6. militias are making plans , 7. states like Texas are making plans, 8. good people are speaking out and whistleblowers are making a difference

What I see happening in my dreams and visions: 1. they will keep up their plan as I detailed above, 2. they will do a series of executive orders and false flags which they do but blame on gun owners, veterans, Tea Party People, liberty lovers, lovers of the Constitution….etc, 3. they will stage some event and hope to engage the police against the troops so they both take each other out, 4. they spice the pot with race division (divide and conquer), 5. they might nuke a major city as Obama keeps warning will happen if they feel they are losing in their agenda, 6. They might use weather war to make it hard for people, 7. they might use a bioweapon; for example, inside food they supply during a power interruption that they caused.  The bioweapon will be secret and just look like a disease.  I think they might even offer some vaccine that is a bioweapon, 8. they will take out the major vocal people who are against their NWO agenda amid another event, 9.  They will roll out the drones, 10. They will take people to camps, 11. They hope to drag this out for a long long while, 12. good news: even though some areas have civil war Texas leads the resistance and takes some states with them possibly, 13. Their plan fails and this goes down in history like a Hitlarian nightmare; the NWO people are rooted out and made accountable, 14. The future is going to be amazing and bright and we get past this terrible stage and more to a more enlightened state of living longer with amazing technology.  We had to get past this to learn to be the way we are in the future.  This isn’t a new story, it has happened before.  More about my visions of technology as they come into my dreams.  Please just prepare yourself in every way possible and have faith in the goodness of humanity conquering the bad people who are trying to take away our humanity to enslave us in their depopulation agenda 21 evil plot of Satan.