Human Sacrifice: Molech2015

413_01_2Expect more human sacrifice.  If you step back and look at so many of the events in the world there is a general theme of death/human sacrifice.  I don’t know any other way to describe what I dream about and see coming.  I’ve warned about increases in so many kinds of deaths, murders, persecutions and mass deaths due to false flags.  The NWO has it’s roots in the Cult of Molech which is a death cult.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

+ I’m still seeing the worst persecution of Christians worldwide.  They will be sacrificed everywhere.  They are being crucified, burned, tortured.  Seems the persecution of women and children is the greatest delight of the evil ones.

+ I’m seeing an increase in the persecution of people of other religions as well notably mainstream Muslims.

+ I’m seeing an increase in government instigated race related murders

+I’m seeing an increase in deaths of babies, abortion propaganda, child torture of all kinds, mass graves of babies discovered places and the use of children/babies in satanistic activities as well as sexual child abuse; the NWO loves anything that causes innocent suffering/death of children.  As people are turning away from abortion (more people these days are anti-abortion due to the rise of technology which allows us to understand the development of humans in the womb) so their answer is to increase the abortion age to 3!!!  (Infertility is another aspect of child death as they poison everything to increase infertility and stop children from being born….less love and hope in the world.)

+I’ve been seeing an Increase in false flag ‘terror’ events which will cause mass death….still some looming black swan events.

+I see an increase in the chemical attack of the NWO on the world through GMO foods, additives, poisons in medicine, toxins in the water and air.  As people resist these poisons because more and more people are dying from cancers and diseases thanks to this NWO chemical attack, they will become more sneaky and determined to downright poison people for their AGENDA 21.

+I see an overt desire to kill more people through death panels (now they are called ‘end of life counseling and other manipulative things like that).  Death panels will become ‘computerized’ so that they blame AI not NWO.

+I believe there is an ongoing increase of use of weather weapons which cause unnecessary deaths.

+ Look for an increase in songs about death and overt Illuminati/NWO symbolism.  Also, more television shows and media featuring how great it is to die, mass deaths, etc.


Warning: Rise of Innocent Victims of Abnormal Sex 2015 and Beyond

male-submissive-bdsmYesterday I read an article in Maxim all about elitist, invitation only ‘highbrow’ sex orgies.  This was news to me as evidently I didn’t get any invitations (lolol, not that I’d ever be into that) See HERE for a recent one from Daily Mail and HERE from an older version from Maxim.  Today I read an article about ISIS and their strange and brutal sex practices on female captives, SEE HERE.  Let us also not forget the recent rather disturbing rise of “Beastiality Brothels” around the orient (like Japan where there are clubs where you order a live animal, sex it then eat it, SEE HERE) and Europe, SEE HERE.  Being a scholar of the ancient world, I am well aware of the ancient sex and prostitution cults and in some ways there is nothing new under the sun.  The cult of Molech from the ancient world was one such fertility cult which mixed religion, orgies and child sacrifice and was denounced by human right’s advocates even in the ancient world.  I’ve noticed BDSM has well made it into mainstream music like Beyonce and Lady Gaga among others.  The movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is quite an indicator of some of the practices among certain groups who still love to mix religion and sex.  This prediction is that ritualized abusive group sex is on the rise and seems to be emerging in all religions as well as the sort of dark Satanistic groups.  I have no issues with consenting adults doing whatever they want to do behind closed doors even if there are many things I’d rather not participate in, such as adult orgies.  I am not complaining at all about what free willed adults decide is right for them inside their private lives.  My prediction is a warning against these corrupt, violent practices where there is a non-consenting victim.  The non-consenting victims are captives, women, men, children, babies and animals.  These groups dehumanize and objectify life and in their creepy mix of sex with religion they will torture and/or kill their victims.  Beware of these sorts of organizations and be careful with whom you meet on the net and where you go with strangers or let your kids go.  My mom told me this story which has haunted me when I first began dating as a teen.  She said once in college she went on a date with this handsome man and when she got back to his place there was a group of Satanists there looking like they had some ritual planned and she ran away screaming.  Now, at least she was smart enough to escape that Rosemary’s Baby type situation.  She always sounded paranoid to me as a teen and I’d ignore what she said.  However, now that I’m a mother I’ve realized the importance of being armed so that I can protect my children if necessary.  Please beware, this isn’t a joke or paranoia.  I’ve included many links because it sounds nuts.  I believe this is some expression of Satan ooking out all over.  No one is safe, especially babies, children, young hetero and homosexual men/women and even middle aged/older people of every sexual orientation as well as pregnant people, handicapped people, all kinds of animals and I even think they will seek out people who are somehow deformed or abnormal like hermapadites to target in their abuse/murder.  I feel they like pushing the envelope of ‘alternative people’ so if you have anything exceptional or different you are even more at risk.  Please be safe and aware and awake!!! xxx

Cult of Molech is Alive and Thriving



The ancient fertility cult of Molech has never dissolved, it has simply changed forms and appears in all ages, religions and cultures wherever there is something like Satanism/Lucifarianism and fertility cults which include torture and killing of babies.  Simply put the cult of Molech is about strange sexual practices and torturing/sacrificing babies and children to appease Molech.  Historically people rise to power in every dominant empire who either overtly or secretly carry on the cult of Molech, no matter what they call it.  Here is an article about the ancient roots of this cult, here.     Also, read this article about the cult of Molech alive and thriving in our age, here.   I have been having dreams for several years that babies are in danger due to this cult.  I think there are several avenues this group has to torture, abuse and/or kill babies and children in our modern age.  Here are the top five obvious ones, beyond the secret abductions and ritual practices of the sick NWO elites:

1. Abortion: the statistics about abortion are well known.  Abortion is rooted in eugenics and targets certain groups, mainly African Americans.  I see a variety of religious leaders focusing specifically on standing up for the human rights of African Americans against abortion in the upcoming years.  There will be a variety of religious leaders, in particular one I lady I keep seeing in my dreams but I don’t know whom she is.  These abortions are dedicated by rituals to Molech/Satan.

2. Unjust wars where people go into psychotic rages and go after babies and children.  The soldiers might think they are not connected to Molech but anyone doing these gravely disturbing actions is manifesting the will of Molech and the intentions of his followers.  This trend is on the rise due to their rituals.

3. Medical ‘mistakes’ which accidentally abuse/kill thousands of kids in one instance like the Ringworm Affair in Israel which ‘accidentally’ killed thousands of sephardic Jews (the ones they want to ethnically exterminate) and Bill Gate’s vaccines for African children which ‘accidentally’ infected and killed thousands of children/babies.  These are not ‘mistakes’ but intentionally part of the sacrifice of babies/children to Molech due to their manifestation rituals and pulling the strings behind the scene in secret.

4. The newest target: Babies/children of Illegal Immigrants flooding into the USA.  The cult of Molech has their grubby claws of abuse/murder- their hideous eye of Horus is eyeing these innocent children for their mass sacrifices.  Of course, they act like they are trying to help human rights but they just want a supply of innocent kids with powerless dependent parents.  There will be more news of abuse/murder of these children; they will attempt to cover it up as usual but it stinks of Molech/Satan.

5. Child Protection Services: Quite often this organization is a tool of Molech.  There is a high statistic of children being abused and dying at the hands of CPS and no one is there to speak for them against Molech.  Likewise disturbing, recent NWO media voices like Rachael Maddow have been saying that our children belong to the state and we need to get over our personal ideas that children belong to their family.  What this translates to is that they want to take control of our kids and have no restraints as they skim off their sacrifices for Molech.


In conclusion here is my message to the cult of Molech/Satan/Lucifer: You are not operating in the dark.  The light is shining on you and you will be help accountable for all the lives of these innocent babies and children that you destroy.  You think you operate in secret but there are many human rights advocates, moral people, religious people, lovers of humanity, (etc) who know your number and see your evil, unjust deeds.  This is a cosmic energy ball of evil you have created and it is circling around like a boomerang and heading right at you, the perfect justice.  Evil often persists for a long while but there comes a time when love, justice and goodness shine a light upon it and terminate it.  The advocates for these babies are not trapped in fear like you had hoped.  This is the ultimate reason you target Christians, Mainstream Muslims, all human rights advocates, veterans, liberty party people….all those you find threatening.  At the bottom of the rabbit hole is a big disgusting stinky nasty Molech/Satan who is a total loser in the end.