Nightmares About the USA


I’m going to list some top points that I am seeing in my recent nightmares regarding events in the USA.  I hope this is a paranoid rant which never happens but I’m concerned because these events that I have dreamed about are quite possible to unfold and if they do I feel a need to have make a public warning of my dreams.

1. A planned drone strike in USA by the Feds on ‘homegrown terrorists’ who are simply anyone Anti-Communist.  These include patriots, veterans, Christians, basically anyone typically American and not brainwashed by some kind of Communist propaganda.  In one dream I was completely horrified seeing this unfold.

2. Increasing Haarp attack/weather weapon attack on parts of the USA that they consider ‘Hostile’ to their Communist agenda. Tornadoes, earthquakes and a Hurricane for Texas.  Reports of ‘unusual and freaky weather.’  In one dream I was  watching the news and they were reporting on record weather problems in Texas which started with ‘those usual historic floods’ and just kept hammering as one historical weather problem after the next.  Floods all through summer into Hurricane season and then Boom a Cat. 5. smack right on Texas…..coinciding with Jade Helm and all the increasing drama regarding that.  They desired to knock out the power on Texas and disable the state, especially ALEX JONES AND INFOWARS.

3. Deployment of these younger good looking people as federal snoops that pretend to be doing surveys and they go to universities, schools for all ages and door to door asking about religion, political issues.  They further compile black lists that they actively use to go after anyone anti-communist.  Anti-Communist are my words, they just SCREAM TERRORIST, HOMEGROWN TERRORIST, RACIST…..THE NWO IS BASICALLY USING A COMMUNIST AGENDA TO DEPLOY.

4. Overt/Increasing persecution in America of the anti-communists.  If they can’t get people into camp-shelters due to storms, political unrest or other problems they just round up people/execute….things get confusing as Mexican Gang Cartels/ ISIS/ Russia/China etc….the boogies just increase and events increase and people are confused but the attacker is the NWO, the terrorist is the NWO…..don’t get caught in the propaganda of whatever they sell to twist it ultimately back to persecute Americans.

5.  I dream of a desperate anxiety/climaxing swirling energy over certain locations.  I think the weird energy is starting to surface already in Texas and will only increase.  I’ve made several predictions of the great role Texas plays to fight the NWO.  I’m not the only one who dreams or sees this and I’m hearing an increasing discussion of psychics or just intuitive people who see Texas as a sort of stronghold against the NWO.  I still think there will be a very dark series of days where major cities are effected by so called terrorists….NYC, Washington are the ones I see the most in my mind.  I hope this doesn’t happen.  If it does, do not be  mistaken this is the NWO’s very active hot plan to take over the USA and destroy it completely.

What can you do?

GET PREPARED.  Accumulate the food, weapons, medicines and other things you need to weather these events the best you can for your family.  Visualize good overcoming the world, the world enveloped in healing love, peace, freedom, human rights, justice.  As the evil energy is climaxing it will also come out in a variety of little ways all around effecting many so make sure that you are aware, vigilant and don’t put yourself and family in the line of possible riots/civil unrest….and just watch out for regular every day ordinary evil-doers who intend to hurt you or your family.  If a major event happens in your city/town will you be able to take care of yourself and family?  Consider yourself without access to money in the bank (maybe ever).


Dream Interpretation Request: Silly Dream?

white muskratI have a lot of dreams I don’t post.  Someone suggested to me that perhaps they have a meaning and this one was entertaining so here it goes—does anyone know what this means?

I bought a huge pickup truck with ground effects (I am not the sort of person to like this).  The brakes were faulty and I had to pull over.  While I was waiting for the rescue people I saw a cave and went inside.  All these white muskrats came to me and wanted to be petted and were very friendly.  Stupid dream or hidden meaning?  Why muskrats?  Not like its high on my list of ideas….my son Gabe thinks “democrat means demonic rat” but IDK I don’t think that is why the muskrats were plaguing my dream.

Dream about Russia/China



I had a dream last night about Russia and China.  It was two scenes only but seemed to last a long while.  The first scene was that Russia and China were testing weather weapons on us because they were planning to use them and our government knew about it but didn’t want to stop it.  The second scene was just about Russia.  Someone was discussing all this secret technology for weapons that Russia has and saying we have absolutely no idea the extent of it.  I saw strange weapons and technology that made no sense at all to me in my dream.  Then I woke up.

Ok I am posting this because it is notably a weird dream.  Maybe this is well known or obvious to other people but I don’t know…..I know it was creepy to me in the dream and I don’t know anything about whatever technology Russia has or doesn’t have.  I always thought of our own government using weather weapons against us but never dreamed about Russia/China using them on us.  I don’t know why I dream some of this stuff because I can’t do anything about it besides report it.  Maybe it makes people plotting to use weapons in secret uncomfortable if we see it coming in advance and can identify it instead of become fooled by it?


Cryptic Dream About America



Last night I had a dream that there was a deadly scorpion, twice the size of me in my room.  It was red, white and blue.  It stung me, despite my efforts to escape it.  My lips and mouth were numb and I was unable to talk and knew I was dying.  Someone came to me and rushed me to the doctor and I didn’t die and everyone was amazed.  I woke up.

Meaning: Scorpions are common in certain areas of Texas and they are not poisonous but they do make your lips numb and hurt like a m+therfu++er (like worse than childbirth, no kidding).  Once I stepped upon one while getting out of the bath and it was one of the worst nights of my life.  I think this scorpion in my dream signifies backbiters/persecution/bad people in the USA (the colors) going after people to try to silence them, take away human rights.  I think it signifies a warning for people speaking out against the NWO, that they are on alert and wanting to move to the next stage with their evil plans.  Obviously I take it as a good sign that I didn’t die in the dream; this is a sign of hope for us that we prevail.  I would think this dream is personal if the scorpion were not colored red, white and blue which to me is an obvious sign it is a symbol of the USA or evil people in the USA.  Since the scorpions do not naturally occur in red, white and blue I think it obviously signified hijackers or people pretending to represent the USA but really they just stole our identity but they are evil nasty bugs that want to kill and harm us.  Scorpions in some societies represent death and rebirth; this dream could signify a death and rebirth of America/the American people; our country is in a lot of pain right now and needs to heal and transform away from those who wish to paralyze us.  In fact, just for the PSYOPS out there complaining about my truth speaking about Obama I will posit in your honor that perhaps the scorpion signifies Obama himself.

Much Love! xx


Dream about Surveillance/Death/War



I just woke up from a very strange dream.  I wouldn’t have posted this as Fefelove on but since I am here in a more free environment now I am going to post it.  I know not every dream humans have is psychic but some people might find this interesting.  I think it’s a warning, at least to me personally.  I was traveling in the future and the hotel I was staying at had some interactive technology that we do not have operating today.  The hotel was very big and beautiful.  They said that if we needed help they had ‘interactive mirrors’ in every room.  There were mirrors on every wall from floor to ceiling.  The mirrors were computers but looked like mirrors.  As I was standing there getting ready the mirror in front of me turned into a computer and there was a lady inside and I was clearly stark naked on the screen.  Now, personally I am very shy and have body issues- I am horrified by the thought of being naked and most people looking.  I am not someone who would ever be able to run around at a nude beach or something, lets just say.  She said a welcome to me and started telling me about the composition of my body- like a an analysis of nutrients and health and printed a plan with some kind of pills (were they vitamins?) and what I needed to do today to maintain health, how many calories I should eat, and even what sort of clothes would be flattering and I would like (recommendations for shopping nearby, like a tailored commercial).  Then all of a sudden I realized all these people knew all this stuff about me- personal, intimate, private things I didn’t even fully know.  I felt uncomfortable, I saw them in my head- so many people in my private business.  I told the lady in the mirror I needed to take a nap and she said I wasn’t scheduled to sleep in any of the beds- I had to sleep in the trundle under the bed.  I pulled it out and it looked like a coffin bed- like the photo I inserted at the top of this blog.  The coffin bed was very dusty and gross.  I was very cold so I looked for a blanket (there wasn’t one on the coffin bed).  In the next room I found this beautiful quilt that had pictures about the Civil War here in the USA (the upcoming one).  Each square of the quilt had a scene of what happened.  I was trying to look but some man was trying to take it away, saying it was illegal to have this quilt and I was forbidden to see it.  I saw in the quilt that Texas had been a major player in the war, there had been much death and destruction and many celebrated heroes, like Trixie said- I saw some kind of protest.  Also I got stuck on one piece of the quilt that said someone important came from Florida to Texas.  The quilt was a ‘hero’ quilt as I understood in my dream (Never heard of this, is this a thing?).  The man was trying to put holes in the quilt and said- if you have that quilt you will get to sleep in the bigger bed, it changes history.  I woke up….I think the meaning of this dream is obvious.  In summary, there is technology in the future that has started now which can be very invasive monitoring at worst, or very helpful for health and wellbeing and life at best.  The technology is neutral but it depends upon who is in control, how the technology is used- is it used to liberate or enslave?  I believe technology should liberate and be helpful to life and love.  Obviously some people want to use technology in an agenda of death and people like me who speak out are slated for the coffin bed not the life bed.  They wish to stop the heroes for humanity/liberation/human rights that will rise to fight the tyranny and socialist enslavement program.  However, as I saw it, it was a beautiful picture that humanity creates.  I think that is hopeful- blankets bring warmth.  I personally love quilts and sleep with two old homemade ones.  They are unique and reflect the personalities of the sewers.  So heroes are going to sew a new picture for humanity and bring comfort.  The powers that be are aware of the possibility their plans will fail and are upset.  Much Love!!! Fefelove x

Dream about Medicine



Last night I had a dream and I saw the word “Pontil.’ on a medicine bottle.  Someone said to me “Pontil medicine is very bad, don’t take it and tell people not to take it.”  I clearly looked at the word PONTIL.  So I woke up and googled it and found out that Pontil was a medicine company from pre-civil war times, click HERE to see my link.  I wonder, is this a past life memory of some kind?  I promise I have never heard of these antique medicine bottles.  Is this company still producing medicines?  Will they produce medicines in the future?  Perhaps if they do you should be on the look out and avoid their products. The photos I posted here are examples I found online of these old collectible Pontil medicine bottles which I have never in this life thought about for a second or heard of until my dream.   Love from Fefelove!


“Remember the Future”

Hello Friends!  This is your old friend Fefelove from the website  I am not going to try to restore my hundreds of predictions now that the website has been taken down largely due to corruption, jealousy, lies and false promises.  Instead, lets focus on the present and the future.  Since there is no annoying webmaster to censor our predictions here I will be more candid and strait with my thinking, which I really love.  I look fw to reading your comments and predictions.  Last night I had a dream where, again, I found myself in a large red leather chair in a big pretty room and I was with some people looking at a series of photographs.  The photos were moving and animated like a Gif or short segment of movies and I could sense them with all my senses (I could see, feel in my skin and body, taste, smell, hear….).  Here is the series as best I can recall right now: 1. In the first photo I saw riots with police. They were all over but I was focused on the USA.  I saw some issues with the police being persecuted and standing up for persecution and persecuting.  Something was wrong in this group and they were unhappy and I felt their anxiety, fear, anger and internal struggle. There was a series of incidents which included shooting and bad intentions from NWO related plans to cause some kind of major issues between the police and veterans/ other groups they didn’t like then this photo melted into the second, 2. Now I saw meetings of the oath keepers and someone was saying how they had an influx and this group made the difference in the pending events.  Someone told me to encourage this group, that they were a large part of the answer, and this photo shifted into a third one, 3. I saw the Oath keepers and the troops of all kinds.  The troops were choosing their paths and trying to restore some lost promises and mission.  They were organizing and speaking out and getting into trouble against the NWO unjust mission in the world.  They were waking up by the droves and uniting with oath keepers of all sorts- veterans were highly supportive and encouraging.  Someone was telling me to have faith that it would be ok but some things would be frightening and ugly.  The sign of troop rebellion would be more and increasing news of defectors, troops refusing to have unjust missions, refusing to follow the AL-CIA-DA’s agenda, standing down, refusing orders.  The troops and the police not wanting to be pitted against each other.  4.  Then a new photo came and I saw some of us posting on this website and my attention went to Liam, 5. I saw something good happening for Liam and I was happy for him, 6. Then a nasty photo showed up that I felt also in my mouth about hungry and thirsty people who were angry.  Someone said to tell them to get prepared, food is a weapon, there will be a multiplicity of food an water issues, 7. Then I saw Texas and people chanting ‘come and take it’ and politicians speaking out in anger and rejection, 8. Finally there were three words on the last photo that said “remember the future.”   I woke up and immediately came to post this on our new blog.  I hope these words find the right people and help in whatever way they are meant to help.  Sending my love, Fefelove XX