50 Predictions for 2016+


50 Predictions 2016 and Beyond


+  These are my predictions based on my dreams, evidence/confirmations from the news, understanding of history, my visions, confirmations from other psychics/spiritual people who see/predict similar events to mine. 

+ A lot of the 50 points on this list are already mentioned in my other predictions and I arrived at these ideas on my own from dreams and then sought confirmation from political events and news. 

+ Some of these predictions I began writing about several years ago and have become more clear/confirmed at this moment in time. 

+ I  pray against the negative events and that we can use our collective consciousness to defeat the NWO agenda and create a healthy, safe, liberty promoting, wealthy, fertile future for humanity. 

+ I’m not surprised that some other psychics see the same warnings.  We tap into the same frequencies and often see parts of the same story from different aspects. 

+ I’m also expecting a huge NWO blowback from government trolls who regularly attack me and my websites.  Your attacks only confirm that I’m exposing NWO evil satanic agendas and allowing people to pray against it, stop it, whistle blow, prepare and renounce humanity’s consent.  We not not consent to your NWO agenda.  We do not submit. 

+ Nevertheless, here is a concise list of 50 predictions for 2016 and beyond.  These are not the only things I see in my dreams and mind but I feel these are the points of interest and urgency which need prayer, attention, consideration and preparation.   

+ I believe that a variety of people from different religions, races and walks of life are seeing many of these 50 things on my list and will continue to awaken to these 50 realizations.  I am not sure of an exact timeline or time order for these visions but I believe these are all materializing in 2016 at least in intention/groundwork if not complete execution.  Humanity can spread information and say “NO!!!” to the NWO anti-human evil agenda.   


Year of “Fear” – increasing feeling no one can be trusted, government vs citizens, groups against each other, religions divided, races divided , states vs feds, “divide and conquer”

Year of “Nazi America Rising” (if they get their way, this is what is desired)

Year of “Choosing Sides”

Year of “Lies and Truth”

Year of “Division”

Year of “Injustice”

Year of “Persecution”

Year of “Manipulation”

Year of “Power Grabs”

1. More terror attacks in “Gun Free Zones” in the USA and worldwide.  Some of these are false flags  with varying degrees of government involvement and some are copy cats which really is indirect government involvement. 

2. Obama/NWO agenda: creating opportunities for chaos/ or just politicalizing events to take away liberty, disarm everyone and obliterate the Constitution/Bill of Rights.  The NWO wants disarmed slaves who cannot uprise.

3. More government large scale drills and preps for Civil War (Jade Helm, Jade Helm ‘Uprising’).  Some of these drills have the atmosphere of becoming hot/ False flags.  Moving toward Civil War/WWIII.  Intensification of war, rumors of war, war provocation, war games.

4. More Soros/NWO funding and instigating of Race Wars.  Racially motivated attacks and psyops stirring up both sides- the KKK, the Black Panthers.  Blowback: desire of the people for racial unity.

5. ISIS uniting with Mexican Drug Cartels and hatching more terror events/ training; ISIS exploitation of lax boarders and immigration openings.  Terror from Mexican Drug Cartels.

6. Texas under fire from the NWO.  Texas ready to respond…I still see Texas as an apex of the Civil War.  Texas leading the states rights vs fed government war.  Texans arming themselves and preparing for a government attack which could be a move to take guns, land grabs or any of the ‘hot issues.’  Succession movement still gaining.

7. States Rights VS Federal Government!  Land grabs and overall misuse of federal government regarding property rights.  NWO desire to obliterate property rights and just steal everything while pushing people into small “Hunger Games” type hubs.

8. Both an increase of lies in the media/movies…..general attempt to gas light and cover up and crease confusion…..plus the increase of lies which are exposed by whistleblowers and more amazing horrific satanic like revelations regarding things like the selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood.  Increase of ‘exposing the NWO’ movies/propaganda as people take sides.

9. Increase of movement toward global carbon taxes and environmental tyranny.  Those who speak out against this scam will be prosecuted.  More ridiculous defenses of this web of lies which only serve the NWO agenda: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

10. No recovery of the economy worldwide.  Decline/depression/collapse.  I’m not sure when its going to totally collapse but I feel an urgent need to prepare against this personally.  I’ve had so many dreams about this one and all these predictions I am making are inter-related and can have a possible domino type effect. 

11. Increase of cops being targeted by racial violence as promoted by the mainstream media/NWO.  Decline of police force and influx of ‘federal agents’ to take their place.  Militarizing of police and move toward police state.  Possible troops on the street/checkpoints during events. 

12. Declining justice system which becomes more of a Stazi/Nazi arm of the federal government to persecute people who are anti-NWO.  Increasing use of the IRS for political persecution

13. Increasing gun sales

14. Increasing organization of Militias and calls to impeach/over throw and jail governmental agents who are violating the rights of citizens

15. Increasing persecution of Christians world-wide.  Worst ever, more violent and vulgar displays.

16. Increasing persecution of all religions including mainstream Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Amish

17. Increasing exorcisms and witch hunts, especially in third world countries

18. Increase of child trafficking, beastiality, woman trafficking, selling of body parts, drugs

19. Media cover up of extremist Muslim persecution of the LGBT community and a steady heating response from the LGBT community

20. Movement toward a global currency/ devaluing of the dollar and countries abandoning the dollar/ movement includes going toward a ‘mark of the beast’ type chip that is implanted for buying and selling.  Might not happen this year but movement toward achieving it is happening this year for sure. Increasing food prices worldwide.

21. Movement to introduce a global identification card (which relates to #20) in order to better track, monitor, prohibit and control everyone.  It is sold as a card that keeps us safe from terrorism/ helps us track immigration but the same tactic exactly was used by Hitler and served only for government control of everyone/ stripping away of rights and political persecution; their solution to the immigration problem and vetting immigrants to weed out terrorists is this international ID card which is the card of the NWO.  This card actually has nothing to do with terrorism and does not protect anyone. 

22. Malls, schools, theatres, holidays, national symbols, churches, mosques, synagogues, cultural events, parades, protests, demonstrations, sporting events, celebrations, flags, symbols under fire/ desire to eliminate because of the NWO

23. “Political Correctness” explodes and is an obvious tool for persecution and government controls.  Control of speech, thinking, pre-crime and shaming.  Plus, a blow back against this overtly obnoxious agenda.  Please educate yourself on the history of ‘Political Correct Speech’ regarding Hitler and the Nazis.  History repeats, echoes and gets WORSE.    

24. Persecution of whistleblowers, especially in the army, government, media.  Realization that if we don’t expose lies/injustice we will suffer anyway.  No one is safe so might as well stand for the good/truth.

25. Movement to end the free media under the guise of keeping us safe from terrorism.  They will say that the free internet is allowing terrorists to be recruited, radicalized and to communicate and plot terror events and the only solution is some kind of alternative internet which is totally government controlled, which means NWO controlled.  The NWO simply wants to obliterate free speech and end all political communication through alternative media thus gaining the power to control and brainwash through media.  They admitted they are losing the info-war and want to gain control of information. 

26. Growing hatred of USA intervention in the world stage; growing hatred of Israel

27. Increasing infertility- this problem does not get better any time soon

28. Increasing cancers and neurological diseases and resistant antibiotics (and Failed ObamaCare) cause more people to wake up and try to become healthy through clean non-GMO organic food, natural medicines, alternative medicines, eliminating toxins like fluoride from the water which the government puts in to dumb us down as a weapon, questioning vaccines and big Pharma/ Monstanto.  Attempted take down of organizations like Monsanto.  All of this is an increasing war on health between the NWO who responds by becoming more sneaky in their attacks on food/water/medicine/environment.  More companies struggle  in this economy and succumb to the demands of the people for cleaner food. Gross additives exposed, brought to light.  Government regulations attempt to push NWO food/supplement control/poison. 

29. General increased mental illness.  Weirdness expressed in surprising new ways like those people who ‘identify’ as dumplings or want to blind themselves or want to cut off their limbs as nuggets and be ‘trans-abled.’  This is being promoted by the NWO because in the transition to trans-human they want to re-define what it is to be human without any kind of limits/ reason/ natural definitions of any sort

30. Use of the controlling of education for government propaganda brainwashing…..government replacing the family is ramped into high gear and more overt than ever.  Common Core’s insanity, the refusal to teach American History, persecution of children who don’t want to eat the toxic food or wear a political shirt or chew their pop tart into a gun…..complete undermining and brainwashing of our children and more people waking up to this insanity and opting for homeschool.  Increasing persecution of homeschoolers. Expect more insane articles of this sort.

31. More homeless on every corner, more crime, more homeless animals and the quality of life in America in decline….increased food prices and continued drop of oil prices…..manipulation of markets…..America shifting toward a third world country and a disappearing middle class.

32. Increase of strange weather, swarms of earthquakes and mass animal deaths….not due to ‘man made climate change’

33. Increasing water shortages (some contrived)/pollution/ toxic water….it is very important to make sure to filter your water this year and beyond. 

34. Increasing persecution of artists, activists who use the arts and comedians.  In response waves of artists who defy the rules of the establishment and make their criticisms of government anyway.

35. Threats of and possible execution of biological/chemical attacks by ISIS in the USA (and abroad).  This would be a mother of false flags and I believe the government has something planned regarding this.  Two years ago I found a pamphlet made for public schools regarding federal preps and drills for upcoming biological and chemical attacks.  This preparation includes taking school kids in drills to FEMA like camps and holding them without releasing them to their parents.  I made a YouTUBE video about this pamphlet asking what horrible false flag biological or chemical attack they have planned which involves our children at public schools and they actually removed the soundtrack on my video and put some strange song instead to mute me.  I’m not sure when this will happen but I see the ducks lining up for a plan to execute this false flag which would be a complete NWO order from chaos false flag that has clearly been planed and executed with an agenda in mind to push ahead thanks to this contrived crisis.

36. Trump needs to be very careful.  Putin and others have warned him about his safety.  Likewise, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and anyone who stands against the NWO need to be careful because the time is coming for persecution.  They might disappear some people during events or just outright murder.  Then, they will simply blame ISIS or some government created patsy.

37. Increasing governmental regulations/ surveillance/ prohibitions which are overtly illegal across the board.  Desire for a martial law situation which never ends. 

38. I believe that ISIS has an attack planned for the Vatican.  I’m not sure when it will happen but in their fantasy they want to hijack and take over the Vatican and put in an Islamic State capital. 

39. Increase in Islam and decline in other religions. 

40. Increase in Satanism and mainstreaming of Satanic practices in the mainstream media and NWO controlled propaganda

41. Continued redefinition of beauty standards for women and men in the media and on television/movies/ within fashion.  Glorification of different body types, strong women, gender neutral body types and fashion, ehtnic is trendy, decline of the boundaries between men and women….even in toys and toy stores.  In transhumanism the core of what humanity is, as well as sexuality is completely redefined and this movement to create humans that are both female and male is part of the NWO agenda for transhumanism.  Womb transplants and alternative birthing methods are also being implemented already. 

42. More fighting politically about men in women’s bathrooms.  More attacks on women and small children in the bathroom by heterosexual male perverts in the bathrooms. 

43. More women wanting concealed carry and more gun free zones pushing to have armed guard and a government blow back trying to limit these practices. 

44. More sightings of ‘demons’ ‘aliens’

45. Food trends: still pushing to introduce insects into the mainstream, fads that are Middle Eastern hitting mainstream and fancy food establishments in the USA and the West like Lebne, Zaatar, fancy juice bars like they have in Arab lands….Saj breads and pizzas.

46. Corruption at Universities/ propaganda and thought control from the NWO agenda/ this is increasing and becoming more strange and overt

47. Increasing deaths from synthetic pot and synthetic drugs.  Don’t do these.  As pot is decriminalized and the war on drugs ends synthetic drugs will be outlawed.

48. Return of weird old dead strange diseases.  Something from deep in the ground…(?) I’m not sure what thing is trapped deep in the ground or deep in rock but there is something toxic that will be exposed according to my dreams…..something dormant goes live.

49. Personal warning: my dreams tell me that one day in my lifetime there will be a power outage (CME?) which results in the decline of the ‘just in time’ food delivery and render a deep and urgent need for us to prepare to avoid what I experienced as a horrible thirst and hunger and insanity.

50. Personal warning: my dreams tell me that one day bombs will go off in NYC, Washington and it is part of this NWO nightmare.  I also saw North Korea bombing South Korea and something going down in both Israel and Saudi Arabia.  These were terrible vivid nightmares I hope never come to pass but my dreams of these repeated and were very intense and I wake up crying and sweating.  I didn’t see a wide spread nuclear type devastation but certain targets in pain, with a black swirling energy over them in my dreams.    


+ I urge you to research history and events where tyrants have risen to power.  The comparisons between what is happening in the USA to Hitler’s rise to power are shockingly horrible.  There is a clear NWO playlist and they are pulling out the stops at this crucial time in history just before Singularity and their Transhuman shift.

+See: Nazi Germany Era Austrian Lady  Survivor Kitty Worthman discussing Rise of Hitler/ comparison with Obama and USA 2015


I also urge you to research all of my points above on your own and to seek the predictions of others which, I believe confirm aspects of the same future. 

See: Lisa Haven Prediction Video where she details 18 predictions for 2016



Message about the Importance of True Charity


This dream/nighttime message goes along with the importance of gardening in a new, widespread radical way.  An entity in my dream told me that humanity has failed thus far to achieve charity and we need to radically rethink our charitable practices.  Our current practice of charity as a race is seen as  ineffective, corrupt, selfish and infiltrated by evil intentions.  I’m not going to go into what is wrong with the current systems but rather into what was show to me about how we need to be.

Charity is supposed to be worked into every system of life, every aspect, not just as a part of religion or some sort of social program but because people demand charity as a part of everything they do, buy, celebrate, are….there needs to be a massive reordering of money and not in the direction of socialism but in some way that empowers individuals and really helps them to their potential.  I was shown a ‘CharityPalooza’ type event where a very fun social event is that people go to hotels and each floor has been set up for a different charity and contains famous musicians, artists, crafts people, food sellers etc where it all benefits that cause, and no one is cutting out a monster piece of the pie for self service, using charity for private selfish betterment.  These events were massive and very popular.  Then, it was explained that this is the role of the super elites who own massive hotel property to donate a weekend every now and again to fun and make these sort of events happen.

Further, this is only one tiny aspect of change in our society.  Hoarding of resources goes against charity but the solution isn’t found in any NWO posited government controlled socialism type system which, in the end, will be the opposite of charity because only the super elites will have resources and the rest of the world will end up in a deprived way of life like the hunger games.  This is not the vision intended for humanity (a hunger games scenario).  We need to become obsessed with charity, study and posit a brand new philosophy of charity and have some sort of freedom-charity revolution that empowers and betters individuals around the world.   This is one of the answers to fight the NWO.

I’m not sure I’ve explained this very well but this is the best I can do at the moment with what was shown me.  It seems obvious to me, like the gardening, but implementation depends on the movement of individual actions/intentions.  The NWO’s charity is anti-charity and hoarding just like their freedom is anti-freedom and slavery.  Programs posited by the NWO for the sake of charity seek to eliminate charity in the hearts, minds, society of humanity.  We must discover our true charitable natures as a part of our loving creation and experience true charity as acts of love which transform, empower and spread freedom.

Jade Helm; What is in a Name?


I was disturbed by the discussion between Steve Quayle and David Knight about Jade Helm and the connection to the video game Diablo III.  I researched other possible NWO Illuminati predictive programming clues which might be lurking in video games, comics, television shows and media.  This is what I found below!  11 creepy Jade Helm illusions waiting in plain site with common well known NWO themes.  Read below please.  I’m horrified by this.  If you know any more information of the following please write a comment.  I was completely unfamiliar with these 11 Jade (Helm) references so I apologize if I don’t really get all the implications of the following but what I do understand is disturbing enough to me and indicates clear evidence that JADE HELM is a much deeper, far more disturbing agenda.  I am sure I can write another article about the importance of the word ‘Jade’ and eastern religions/China but that will be for another time.

1. Game: Diablo III

Character: Jade Helm Harvester Witch Doctor Nuke Builder

Comment:  The demons manifest onto earth in order to destroy all the humans through all types of warfare.  This witch doctor is the harvester of human souls and uses nukes, pestilence and other means to literally master the human domain.



2. Game ‘Beyond Good and Evil’

Character: Jade

Comment: This game shares the name of Nietsche’s book where he posits the ‘ubermench’ which seems to also have ties to the technocrat’s idea of elite humans becoming a super breed when they merge with machines and rule over the slave breed that is the rest of stunted humanity.  This game is about ‘exposing government corruption.’ Jade is a ‘good’ character but we see the same word being used and a similar theme.



3. Game: Mortal Combat

Character: Jade

Comment Her battle cry is ‘this will be easy’  as she is a personal assassin who represents royalty.  She is sarcastic, patronizing, cocky, ruthless, appearing first as a hidden and unplayable character until then she surfaces on a mountain, which to me sounds like the revelation of the divine name to Moses in Exodus or the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew but instead of something good being revealed it is something evil coming into the world.  Her talent is an absolute immunity to ‘projectile attacks.’ She is known for her extreme skill with weapons.



4. Jade, Comics: a DC Comics superheroine

Comment: Jade appears in relation to the Green Lantern Justice League.  She was orphaned at birth and has meta-human super human powers which only manifest when she was being threatened with sexual assault.  She generates a green energy and shapes it to her will; this relates to the emotional spectrum of willpower.  She has an ability to manipulate plants and says her skin contains chlorophyll and her body can conduct photosynthesis….she is a hybrid plant-human superhuman with a will to power who can fly.   She dies fighting a cosmic battle but then resurfaces in the black lantern corps.  She torments her human love with black energy and ends up ‘burning for all eternity’ in magma.



Jade appears in a multiplicity of other versions of comics too many to include here but for the purposes of this article I will highlight the versions which I think represent a more clear NWO Illuminati message of manifesting demons, war, spying…etc. Here are the highlights:

+ Alex Ross’ miniseries Kingdom Come  Jade is there when the United Nations explodes a nuclear bomb on a climactic battle.

+In Tangent Comics the Earth-9 version of Jade is an Asian woman.  She has the power to turn her tattoos into living dragons.

+ In the final issue of 52 which includes a Multiverse of 52 parallel identical realities and a Mister Mind who eats aspects of reality….Jade is a member of the Justice Society Infinity which is caused by a Merger of the Justice Society of America and Infinity Inc. (this sounds so terribly NWO)

+In Manhunter Jade is an active superhero

+In the AMe-Comi universe, Jennifer is recreated as Jade Yifei a teen from Beijing China.  She is the dauther of a National People’s Congress official and is a blind mountain climber. She has a special set of headphones which allows her to see and she has the ability to create energy constructs.

+The new Jade; Aka Niki Jones appears In 52 Week 29 as a member of the Lex-Lutor owned Infinity, Inc and is called Jade.  She is a vegetarian with the power to grow vines from her fingertips, the ability to fly, and green energy powers. Jade appears during Week 50 and World War III

5. Jade is a character in a compic called “Chaos! Comics.”

Comment: Jade is a 4000-year-old vampire and sorceress. She was the leader of a powerful Shanghai crime family for over a millennium, a genetically inherited position.  For ages, she held a position of power which her competitors believe “Jade” is a title given to the woman who controlled the family in each generation.  In the 20th century, Jade believes that China lost much of its honor and dignity. In an effort to restore honor, she uses her supernatural powers to bring all the other Triad families under her control and through them, take control of China itself.



6. Game: Fahrenheit (2005)

Character: Jade.  Jade is the Indigo Child who is a perfect soul, never incarnated and holds the secret of the meaning of life.  Her coming was anticipated since the beginning of of time.  Numerous factions have been competing to gain possession of her, as the person who hears her secret will wield control of the entire universe.  Her parents are deceased; she is autistic and mute and resides in a Catholic Orphanage.  There is an ultimate battle which includes clans, the Artificial Intelligence and the Invisibles.

Comment: This game shares the name with the well known book NWO endorsed ‘Fahrenheit 451’ future dystopian vision of Ray Bradbury.  This game is about the paranormal whereby New York City is stunned by a series of mysterious murders which include the pattern of ordinary people who become possessed and kill absolute strangers in public. This game includes a secret organization which is underground and monitors ‘clans.’  Jade reminds me of the singularity.



7. Jade is a character in the book series ‘The Traces.’

Comment: This series features a future England where there is a conflict with the North and the South.  England is a dictatorship where by the dictator is a computer system.  The computer government removes the children from the home from the age of five.  In this series Jade is a forensic investigator.

8. Jade is a main character in the Novel ‘The Prophecy of the Stones.’

Comment: This is a novel where the forces of darkness/council of 12 are battling the forces of light.  One of the themes of the story is “My dreams gave life back to me. Now I must give dreams back to life” and the story plays upon hallucination, seeds of hope and manifestation/ magic/stones and the chosen one.

9. Video Game: Tales of the Abyss

Character: Jade Curtiss

Comment: This Japanese battle oriented game includes a military-religious organization known as the Order of Lorelei, who believe a character (Luke) in the game to be the key to an ancient prophecy. Luke attempts to discover the truth and significance of his own birth, as well as unravel the mystery-prophesy that has bound humanity’s actions for thousands of years.



10. Jade Kinnikuman is a character in the anime series ‘Ultimate Muscle.’

Comment: Despite this is a Japanese anime, one of the characters has links to Texas.  Gorgeousman was heavily censored due to his costume’s resemblance to a giant Confederate Flag.  I’m not a gamer and the summaries of this game online are largely incoherent but I am reading it includes Cyborgs and battles and even cannibalism?  One of the characters is the Pentagon and has a five pointed star on his face.  The game includes the seven devils.



11.  Jade West is a character in the TV show ‘Raiders’

Comment: Jade is Captain of the Guard of Planet Rock and is known for being tough and uncompromising.  Jade takes a psychological test and becomes ruler of Planet Rock.



American Holocaust


Please Watch this warning from Anonymous:

I want to sound the red flag because I have noticed an increase of warnings about the NWO desire to create an American Holocaust.  I posted a very clear Anonymous video which explains their plan.  I’m not going to post every link I have found which relates to this warning because it is far too much so I encourage you to research this if you are skeptical.  Often reality is so terrible we would rather live in denial.  Steve Quayle with David Knight was recently discussing how the government plans to ultimately use JADE HELM to prepare for the mass murder of all gun owners (the red list) and then the murder of all those who carried out their orders to murder the gun owners like police and military (the blue list) and then the rest of the people going to adult re-education fema camps to eventually become slaves (the green list).  Jade Helm ultimately relates to a massive computer program which deals with pre-crime predictive programming of people based on their meta-data and data collected by all of our technology….and Jade Helm effectively and ruthlessly can root out and eliminate all so called ‘government terrorists’ (remember the list of government terrorists where everyone is on it including gun owners, veterans, Christians, tea party, Jeffersonian Liberals, Capitalists…. basically anyone who rejects any principle of the NWO).  Oath Keepers have posted and made plans concerning the government’s increase of massive illegal activities including Jade Helm’s direct violation of Posse Comitatus.  Militia groups are greatly disturbed by these events and warnings.  Christians everywhere are not only alarmed by the mass persecution of Christians worldwide by by their leaders (Catholic and Protestant alike) suddenly calling for a NWO, a One-World-Religion and Carbon Taxes.

The acceleration of events has started and the NWO appears to be going full steam ahead toward their end-game.  Everything we have warned about for so many years is becoming apparent.  Collapse, wars, mass murders, race riots and mass Democide are coming and you must prepare yourself and your family.

The American Flag is officially upside down.  We are in distress, we need help.  Emergency and code red.

IMPORTANT: The ‘so called’ gas in the engine of Jade Helm is the DATA BASE of information that has been collected on every American.  In order to effectively do their Holocaust, they depend on their data base of meta-data and logs from everyone’s computers, cell phones, smart devices….etc.  I had a dream that Anonymous was desperately trying to wipe out the data base and save the people.

Jade Helm begins this week.  Be vigilant everywhere and if you see something video tape it and post it all over.  Whistleblowers are needed now more than ever.  Oath Keepers must not comply with illegal orders.  The time is upon us where many will need to choose the path of light/life/freedom/goodness or the path of darkness/death/slavery/evil.

If all of this sounds insane and desperate that is by design.  There is a government mind-control psychological program which is a psychological warfare that utilizes over the top absurdity and lamplighting and ‘conspiracy talk’ and manipulating language in order to invert reality, create confusing and chaos and thus achieve some unrealistically evil end.  Many theologians, like M. Scott Peck, in his ‘People of the Lie’ have explained that the devil uses lies and only has power when people believe those lies. STOP believing the LIES of the NWO.  If it looks like tyranny it is!!!!  Stop buying into their propaganda that they are loving, want to protect people and they want to spread unity, wealth, freedom, health and save the earth; the opposite is true of them….they want destruction, war, mass death, chaos, division, sickness, slavery and poverty.

I was talking to a family member the other day who thinks all of this is total conspiracy and that we need to trust the government.  I replied, well, should we trust the government because historically NO government has EVER caused DEMOCIDE or done anything that harms or oppresses any of it’s people?  Or, should we trust the government because the government controlled media tells us we are racist conspiracy theorists if we doubt them for one single second?  I further asked this family member: Just before Hitler’s Holocaust don’t you think that those persecuted for being ‘politically incorrect’ were, in fact, government doubting conspiracy theorists because Hitler just loved the people and the children and simply wanted to protect everyone by disarming the citizens.  Of course, Hitler has no bad eugenics intentions….Why do you think they are trying to hard to re-write history at this moment….and dumb us down through poisons in our water, air, food, medicine….etc?  They want a dumb, dead, controllable pack of slaves….PERIOD and are setting up an even worse Holocaust than ever seen.  Imagine the power of Hitler if he had the technology available today, like this predictive pre-crime psychological computer program JADE HELM?

Rise of RACISM against WHITES; White Privilege as Manipulation-Brainwashing


The NWO uses race war to manipulate societies in order to create more laws, tyranny and oppression.  I am noticing an uptick in NWO propaganda trying to divide and conquer us through race wars.  They are putting out more movies, articles and general brainwashing everywhere you look.  I just want to say that the general group is not responsible for the actions of a few disturbed individuals.  All whites do not need to be guilty for a minority of KKK idiots and true racists.  All whites living today do not need to be guilty for slavery (which was a world wide practice throughout time whereby far more slaves were not black skinned…..and some african americans were slave owners here in the USA).  I believe if you research the statistics now very few whites actually hold any sort of racist view.  A very small minority are ever violent against blacks, or anyone.  I’m simply tired of al this crap and I reject it as complete NWO manipulation.  I’m not going to be guilty for hatred and events I am not responsible for in any way.  I am not going to be distracted from the real issues because I’m busy considering something so dumb as race.

Race doesn’t even make sense anyway!  For example, ALL Arabs are considered ‘Caucasian’ even the blackest of the black Arabs!  Further, what is this garbage with trans-racial?  What a freaking joke and a half.  Lets just get over this garbage and realize that #ALL LIVES MATTER and through love and unity we stand against the NWO regardless of religion, race, sex, sexual preference….etc.  Stop dwelling on differences and hate and turn to unity and love.  Pray for this awakening and don’t get sucked into a stupid thinking method which has as the end goal NWO control and total enslavement of every color of person!!!

September-December 2015 Economic Collapse is Eminent?

I’ve noticed a huge uptick in strange events lately.  Notably we have Jade Helm about to start just as the stock market shut down yesterday and China and Greece are experiencing economic problems which will have lasting and far reaching consequences.  The elite fleeing to their bunkers just as Russia sent bombers as a Fourth of July present to the USA (which were intercepted at the last min. near our coast!).  Everyone is threatening war against the USA; race wars, Isil, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Iran….etc.  Obama actually announced (and I don’t believe this was an accident but rather an Illuminati confession) that according to his orders we are increasing our training of Isil (see the above video).  I wonder if Obama was on cocaine and forgot suddenly not to mention this confession or if it was on purpose!?  Obama has been signing even more strange secret dictates which, no doubt, include gun control dictates.  There seems to be a timeline forming which might suggest a greater worldwide economic collapse or at least the preparation for collapse/war/black swan events….we have been warning about all of these events for years and I think the time is eminent.  It is hard to discern a timeline because so many forces influence the final outcome.  Anyway, I’m warning to get prepared one more time….if you didn’t heed our warnings before do not hesitate any longer with your preparations.

This is curious….Paster Lindsey Williams has issued a final warning that the elites are planning a collapse in the Fall 2015.  He has been sending pathetic sounding emails trying to help people learn to prepare and survive in a cold winter without electricity!!!  I’m signed up for his newsletter and I’m concerned by the urgency and nature of his recent warnings.