Nightmare About Selling Baby Parts


I had a massively disturbing dream where someone was showing me scenes regarding the true extent of the worldwide underground black market of baby parts.  In my dream I learned that the recent Planned Parenthood videos which expose the selling of baby parts from abortion is only the tip of the iceberg of what will be exposed.  This is what I dreamed, in five simple highlights:

1. That the Planned Parenthood baby sales are worse than the videos portray thus far, that they are sometimes alive, that there are hidden abortions from sex trafficking of children and exploited women which make up a huge contribution of sales and are part of this evil system.  That there are links to satanic cults and all sorts of companies where they sell the parts for a variety of things including make up, rituals, food, science experiments, transplants, etc.

2. That there are many other organizations which sell baby parts on the side, secretly.  Public and private hospitals, doctors and clinics worldwide.  Some of these are aborted babies.  Some are DNC/ miss carriages.  Some are the unborn baby left behind when the mother dies of some other cause like a car wreck or a cancer/health problem that didn’t effect the baby’s cells.

3. Some of these sales of baby parts are babies that are full term or viable.  Some are kept alive and purposefully sold instead of adopted or kept alive for the family.  When the corrupt doctors/clinics get money for the baby parts and have to make a choice about the treatment they just might choose to lie and sell the baby instead of try to save it for the family.

4. In some countries mothers are attacked and the baby is stolen from their womb and sold.  This is a growing cabal movement of trafficking and selling baby parts worldwide.

5. The person explaining this to me in my dream wanted me to explain my dream to others and call for worldwide whistle blowers to come forth with more information/videos to expose the truth of this.  We need to understand that this is wrong, it is worse than we understand and it needs to end.  The babies are being exploited as parts for money and the mothers are being exploited in so many ways.  This is unjust, painful and wrong.  No tolerance.  I see even those who believe in ‘reproductive rights’ will join together with people holding other views to end the sales of baby parts worldwide.  Sales of baby parts is not an issue relating to abortion ‘rights’ but rather an obvious crime against humanity.  Further, the covert and creepy way that the sale of baby parts is being conducted, hidden and managed through exploiting is just plain wrong.  The mothers are not offered any sort of informed consent.  Further, the late term partial birth (or full birth abortion) (or abortions for children up to age three) is actually motivated by the companies and individuals gaining money from these illegal sales of body parts and they parade around acting like they are doing a service for women, like they are promoting free choices and freedom for women.  The money trail tells all and never lies.  Money is the motivation.  Behind the money lurks the dark figure of Satan that enjoys the suffering of small children.

Evidence of NWO EUGENICS: Planned Parenthood Selling Dead Babies


I just want to point out that more people are waking up to the fact that the NWO is about eugenics.  One of the great accomplishments of the NWO eugenics program is Planned Parenthood.  The recent disturbing videos which show planned parenthood workers discussing how they want to buy fancy cars after they make loads of money selling baby parts provide more than enough evidence that this is a NWO satanic death eugenics agenda.  Started by the well known eugenicist Margaret Sanger, planned parenthood embodies a eugenics fantasy of death, far more effective than the Nazi’s overt agenda since they sell their program as freedom and woman’s rights.  In this age of disappearing freedom, the NWO promotes the only real freedom as the ability to kill babies, soon up to the age of 3!  They like to keep the babies alive after the abortion and sell the parts.  SEE THIS ARTICLE which shows one of the videos where this planned parenthood demon licks her lips at the thought of selling the dead babies for a car.  Even if you are pro-abortion clearly this is not the vision of women’s rights that the media leads people to think is reality, not to mention the fact that selling baby parts is clearly illegal.

Now, I’m going to say what Obama should say:  #BlackLivesMatter, please end the #Eugenics of #PlannedParenthood and the Satanic selling of baby parts.   Obama, I’m very disappointed that you have not addressed this heinous issue.  At least some wonderful leaders in the African American community help to educate us all about this.  A very good website is, see HERE.  I applaud and support such websites and empowered fighters for justice.  Another example of a hero for this cause is Dr. Alveda King, see here.  When we look back on this age these brilliant African Americans fighting for true human rights will be heroes which stand out and made a huge difference for the betterment of humanity.  Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood and black eugenics will be one of the greatest evils in our human history.


Increasing Government Attack on “Informed Consent”

HitlerKids Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

Some talk shows have been discussing informed consent recently.  This is what I think on this issue.  The government wants more control as it attempts to mutate into a power hungry tyranny which merges into a NWO.  They desire, like every communist organization, to take control of every liberty.  They have focused on informed consent in many areas of medicine and science in an organized attempt to usurp personal liberty, choice, individual control and differing ideas.  They will shift the dialog in the media in many ways with any topics but the focus is to really decay and take away any personal authority over your body, your children’s bodies.  I believe our bodies are our own and we should control what goes into it and as parents we have the God given right to choose what goes into our parents.  I warned that certain religions view what goes into the body as a religious freedom.  I hope that people hear about vaccines, army veterans, medicine, science and food issues and ask this question: “is this actually some justification to simply usurp informed consent?”  They will package their agenda as some sort of protection of the children, or even as encouraging freedom and health.  Beware of the government selling any propaganda as ‘for the children!!’  I do agree it seems the only choice they enjoy us having over our own bodies is if we desire to kill our unborn children.  In fact, how many billions of babies have they actually managed to kill under the eugenic’s model formulated under such lovely people like Margaret Sanger?  They don’t care about your children except to control and usurp liberty.  Consider how effective gun free zones are to ‘protect the children’ when, in fact, all their mass shootings happen in gun free zones!!!  Anyway, my focus here is on this twisting, mutating, fake justification which we shall see with many issues on many fronts but is nothing more than AN INCREASING ATTACK ON INFORMED CONSENT designed to destroy liberty.  Watch the vaccine issue closely and the emotional dialogue regarding children.  Emotional arguments are weak manipulators whereas arguments from facts are much more effective.

A New Interracial Adoption Agency; Fighting Abortion and Race Division


I had a dream that there was a new anti-eugenics adoption agency in the USA that was gaining popularity.  The agency aided young mothers or mothers who wanted to give up their baby by providing them shelter and care.  Then, they aided the adoption process for interracial adoptions only.  They made it very affordable and easy and thus it was a popular non-profit organization because so many people want babies and do not care about the race.  In my dream I adopted a little African American girl and was holding her the first time.  She was adorable and I was in love with her and very happy.  The lady at the organization said to me that they usually have 75 babies a day coming in and they place them quickly and easily.  They reduced abortion significantly in our society and they were boasting their wonderful statistics.  They said their goal was to displaced planned parent hood.  They were targeting low income neighborhoods.  They were not one religion but a non-profit sponsored by a variety of anti-abortion churches, businesses and organizations.  They had a mission to educate against eugenics and for human rights.  

Cult of Molech is Alive and Thriving



The ancient fertility cult of Molech has never dissolved, it has simply changed forms and appears in all ages, religions and cultures wherever there is something like Satanism/Lucifarianism and fertility cults which include torture and killing of babies.  Simply put the cult of Molech is about strange sexual practices and torturing/sacrificing babies and children to appease Molech.  Historically people rise to power in every dominant empire who either overtly or secretly carry on the cult of Molech, no matter what they call it.  Here is an article about the ancient roots of this cult, here.     Also, read this article about the cult of Molech alive and thriving in our age, here.   I have been having dreams for several years that babies are in danger due to this cult.  I think there are several avenues this group has to torture, abuse and/or kill babies and children in our modern age.  Here are the top five obvious ones, beyond the secret abductions and ritual practices of the sick NWO elites:

1. Abortion: the statistics about abortion are well known.  Abortion is rooted in eugenics and targets certain groups, mainly African Americans.  I see a variety of religious leaders focusing specifically on standing up for the human rights of African Americans against abortion in the upcoming years.  There will be a variety of religious leaders, in particular one I lady I keep seeing in my dreams but I don’t know whom she is.  These abortions are dedicated by rituals to Molech/Satan.

2. Unjust wars where people go into psychotic rages and go after babies and children.  The soldiers might think they are not connected to Molech but anyone doing these gravely disturbing actions is manifesting the will of Molech and the intentions of his followers.  This trend is on the rise due to their rituals.

3. Medical ‘mistakes’ which accidentally abuse/kill thousands of kids in one instance like the Ringworm Affair in Israel which ‘accidentally’ killed thousands of sephardic Jews (the ones they want to ethnically exterminate) and Bill Gate’s vaccines for African children which ‘accidentally’ infected and killed thousands of children/babies.  These are not ‘mistakes’ but intentionally part of the sacrifice of babies/children to Molech due to their manifestation rituals and pulling the strings behind the scene in secret.

4. The newest target: Babies/children of Illegal Immigrants flooding into the USA.  The cult of Molech has their grubby claws of abuse/murder- their hideous eye of Horus is eyeing these innocent children for their mass sacrifices.  Of course, they act like they are trying to help human rights but they just want a supply of innocent kids with powerless dependent parents.  There will be more news of abuse/murder of these children; they will attempt to cover it up as usual but it stinks of Molech/Satan.

5. Child Protection Services: Quite often this organization is a tool of Molech.  There is a high statistic of children being abused and dying at the hands of CPS and no one is there to speak for them against Molech.  Likewise disturbing, recent NWO media voices like Rachael Maddow have been saying that our children belong to the state and we need to get over our personal ideas that children belong to their family.  What this translates to is that they want to take control of our kids and have no restraints as they skim off their sacrifices for Molech.


In conclusion here is my message to the cult of Molech/Satan/Lucifer: You are not operating in the dark.  The light is shining on you and you will be help accountable for all the lives of these innocent babies and children that you destroy.  You think you operate in secret but there are many human rights advocates, moral people, religious people, lovers of humanity, (etc) who know your number and see your evil, unjust deeds.  This is a cosmic energy ball of evil you have created and it is circling around like a boomerang and heading right at you, the perfect justice.  Evil often persists for a long while but there comes a time when love, justice and goodness shine a light upon it and terminate it.  The advocates for these babies are not trapped in fear like you had hoped.  This is the ultimate reason you target Christians, Mainstream Muslims, all human rights advocates, veterans, liberty party people….all those you find threatening.  At the bottom of the rabbit hole is a big disgusting stinky nasty Molech/Satan who is a total loser in the end.


The End of Abortions/Babies from Men/Techno-Babies

unborn_babyThis is a prediction about pregnancy and babies in the future.  I have seen in the future that women no longer have abortions.  This is due to many reasons including widespread infertility and the fact that pregnancy transforms into a different kind of process which includes technology.  The more enlightened human race values the lives of all people and is strongly anti-eugenicist.  Also, gender differences are so transformed, along with a transformed sexuality in general.  As the definition of our understanding of humanity changes, there is acceptance of many different kinds of genders, gender expressions and adult sexual relationships. Men can have babies with the aid of technology and people can easily change sexual orientation and gender.  ‘Genetic manipulation’ reaches new, difficult to explain heights in my mind/dreams.  Children and babies are seen as the most wonderful blessing by humans in the future; the greatest sign wealth and a product of loving relationships.  Same sex partners can easily combine multiple women’s DNA and multiple men’s DNA for babies as well. Plus let us not forget not only custom babies but mutated babies complete with animal DNA.  Humanity dreams really big on this one and it gets very interesting.