Ebola – mutating


I am giving this a go for the first time.

I have sensed for a while that Ebola is and will be mutating to more “viable” strains.  I do feel like there is an aerosolized mutation started already in one strain.  I get a sense that it is under reported to avoid a mass hysteria.  They are working hard to get this contained.  I do not see containment for a very, very long time.  It will spread – it will hit our shores, however, it will be quickly contained.  Not so much where it started, will wipe out and I want to say massive poverty stricken populations.  I hope I am wrong and will say a prayer for the unfortunate ones.

I tried to post this a couple days ago and still not sure if I am getting right.

Rise in Rebel Country/Political Music and Art in all Genres

I posted this prediction ages ago that I was seeing what I thought was late 1960’s style peace music and art.  I am seeing it unfolding now and I believe as the world progresses into war this political movement through the arts and even fashion will unfold. I see it now more of a punk rebel country genre that is new and overlaps into other genres.  I thought maybe it was time for a lighter and fun prediction.  Enjoy the song, I have been stuck on it today.  🙂


Return of ‘Leprosy Colonies’ and the Practice of Isolated Diseased Colonies


I am the sort of nerd who enjoys going to the beach and devouring a good book about the history of Leprosy in Biblical times through the Middle Ages.  I have no idea why diseases in art and society have always interested me as an academic topic.  While reading a book years ago I kept having this recurring thought in my  mind like a photo of modern day isolated sick people.  I thought to myself, throughout time there has always been a cultural practice of kicking the sick out of society or marginalizing them in some way or another.  I wondered how a modern day leprosy type colony would look in a variety of countries.  Anyway today THIS article about leprosy making a return caught my eye.  I had the same photos in my mind of isolated people in a community ridden with diseases.  Every day in the news is a summary of new plagues of seemingly Biblical scale coming our way: ebola, an assortment of animal flu, leprosy, the plague, a return of all these nasty mutated should have been exterminated diseases….I still think these are being genetically manipulated and purposefully spread around to cause a plague-sickness fear so that they can create more government controls as well as reduce population.  Regardless of where you believe this influx of creepy diseases is originating/ the purpose of it—- the fact remains that there IS an INFLUX of creepy mutated terrible diseases heading everywhere right now.  I predict there will be a return of leprosy colonies and colonies of people with other diseases.  In third world countries these colonies will look more like they did in ancient days.  In modernized countries they will be isolated through martial law type organization.  I don’t believe the media is accurately reporting these diseases and I completely distrust the narrative.  I hope none of my fears here are realized.  Now is the still the time to get as healthy as possible and store natural cures.  Much love! Fefelove xx  

sky scraper problems

I keep seeing a sky scraper in my visions with a slanted roof but I have looked online and i cant find it any ware, I think I am seeing this in a clue format than rather than seeing it for what it is. I get visions like that sometimes I think the spirit realm some times gives me visions in this way for certain spiritual reasons.

So my forecast for you is there will be a skyscraper in the world with a slanted roof that will have some major problems I think these will be structural.




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NWO- Meet the Black Liberty Movement


I am not in favor of race division in any way.  I am color blind.  As I mentioned, my aunt was convinced we were actually black because Syria is technically in Africa and I am 1/4 s Syrian.  Anyway, lately I am picking up on something interesting.  I think the intolerance of the black community against violations of human rights is really awesome.  Everyone will need such an intolerance and they will lead due to their memories of recent history.  They will fight the NWO and not become slaves because of their amazing spirit.  They will team with others who value human rights.  Basically, I am starting to see a movement from the black community of human rights which will unite races and promote human rights. I see some leaders, particularly a woman, who will shine very brightly like a Martin Luther King Jr.  They will pick up on the eugenics NWO scheme of the NWO that has killed so many black babies.  I see a rebellion against eugenics.  I have seen this woman in several of my dreams.  I don’t know whom she is yet, just she is there, waiting ini awesomeness to lead people into a good place for liberty and human rights.  Division will backfire into a united stance for human rights.  I see the black community as raising leaders right now to fight the NWO.  These leaders are fierce and really neat individuals.  Lets watch carefully. I see this as very good.  They call themselves “The Black Liberty Movement.” However, they stand for all human rights.  I agree with their principals.  It isn’t a hate movement but a love movement which effects good human rights changes.  I see people protesting ‘NWO created racial tension.’  Races unite!  PS I am not sure who this female leader in the black community is, maybe related to Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.?  Or maybe its is several black women.  Your time is now.  

I just googled the ‘black liberty movement’ and didn’t see anything yet for them.  They are coming and will be a NWO force to recon with.  AWEOME.   Maybe they will pick ‘black human rights movement.’ However, this is pending and will not be changed, it is ordained by the powers of good.  Maybe BLO the black liberty organization.  Unsure of what name they choose but I see a group and a movement which is very very good.  

Increase in Looting/Rioting Nationwide; Pretense for Martial Law


I have warned about an increase in looting/rioting which I have believed is pending for awhile now.  Recently the news about the looting/rioting in Ferguson is a foreshadowing of how easily an event can trigger a city wide melt down, READ HERE.  I was reading that some neighborhoods were spared because citizens defended their businesses/neighborhood with their guns READ HERE.  Now is the time to make sure you have a gun to defend your home/business/neighborhood/family in the event looting/rioting comes near you.  When Texas gets a hurricane there is rarely looting like in some other states because we have a well armed citizenry.  We will only see more instances of rioting/looting as our country sinks further into demise.  I believe the media/powers that be want to use civil unrest/riots/looting and disease as a pretense for martial law.  Prepare yourself.

New perception

Last night I went through a deep meditation and I saw something came out from my chest. It was multidimensional mirror. A lucid and alive mirror. I was very cautious to touch it. I heard a voice. He said I need to learn to work with it and suddenly from mirror’s behind I saw something same as keyboard appeared. I did not need to type on it. It reflected all my mind on mirror and also answer to any question. Its shape was not static or fixed, always changing in shape and brightness and … was completely alive. The question was in my mind was about “What is beyond our human perception?”. Answer: “Pay attention to principle of uncertainty in spirits world.” I saw “principle of uncertainty” is created by high spirits. Wow. I am still thinking about it. I wish to explain my perception clear for you guys. EVERYTHING BEYOND HUMAN PERCEPTION OBEYS “PRINCIPLE OF UNCERTAINTY” and to PERCEIVE it WE NEED ENERGY. At the end I was sure I will have the mirror to end of life.

uncertainty heisenbergtrafficstop project_uncertainty_principle

The Pope


I mentioned the Pope was someone to listen to and would be coming with more messages that are important.  I am reading news daily, like THIS.

He will make many more important comments and we need to listen to him, it is very insightful.  He will make his statement even if they make his safety in subject—– I see that he will be in danger due to what he will say——please listen to him.


He is going to make a huge statement that will make headlines I feel it coming.

Satanic Possession NOT

Haunted HDR


This post I personally find interesting.  I predict that many individuals will be claiming devil possession-devil expression when really it is bioweapon charged illness.  Yeah, it is the devil, inspiring bio-weapons and mass death but oddly, its a very strange expression of the devil mixed with modern technology.  This is interesting: we meet a devil agenda plus technology and will see an influx of paranoid religious individuals but are they?  What is the root of the problem in our society, is it biology or natural or the devil?  You shall see in time.  The devil wishes to wipe out everyone, does he use bio-weapons? Ebola?