Rise in Rebel Country/Political Music and Art in all Genres

I posted this prediction ages ago that I was seeing what I thought was late 1960’s style peace music and art.  I am seeing it unfolding now and I believe as the world progresses into war this political movement through the arts and even fashion will unfold. I see it now more of a punk rebel country genre that is new and overlaps into other genres.  I thought maybe it was time for a lighter and fun prediction.  Enjoy the song, I have been stuck on it today.  🙂


Waiting for the Shoe (Nuke) to Drop


I have made ongoing predictions about this for two years.  In my 2014 New Year predictions I said the phrase came to me that this was ‘the year of the bomb.’  I predicted a nuke on a major US city.  People might have thought I was insane upon mentioning these dreams before but now everyone is listening.  The recent politicians talking about their ‘fears’ of ISIS or Al-CIA-DA nuking a major city is telling you the NWO plans.  They are announcing their plans to nuke in the near future.  They see this nuke strike as necessary to usher in WWIII and the Civil War.  They will no doubt, some how both manage to blame patriots/veterans/Tea Party (etc) and also manage to use the nuke as a reason to go take down Syria.  They are still upset that the army stood down and wouldn’t fight with Al-CIA-DA in Syria and have been itching for a means to get their way.  A lot  of the near future will depend upon our Oath Keepers and the choices that each individual makes when they decide what side they want to be on when the cards start to fall.  I think the name of this ‘terrorist’ group keeps changing to confuse people and because the troops won’t support AL-CIA-DA—- so they want to confuse people but they are the NWO.  We should just call them the arm of the NWO.  I feel these events closer now but am unsure of the time frame.  I suppose several factors need to be in place but I think it is entirely possible a city will be wiped out before the end of the year.  If not then, soon.  I also predicted once bombs start going off things will happen quickly and people who have been waiting to strike will suddenly emerge like a snake seeing an opportunity.  For example, North Korea will choose to bomb South Korea in the middle of many other things….Israel/Iran/Palestine/Russia will all break into war.  There will be simultaneous civil wars and world war and everyone will be confused.  Bio-weapons, diseases and food shortages, riots and looting will accompany this fun filled piece of sh+tt NWO plan thus setting the stage for people to want martial law and all kinds hand outs which will be readily given to the ill informed and unprepared.  Could there be a better time for global economic collapse where supposedly ‘no one is to blame’ amid such chaos?  NWO: Global reset and all their ‘order from chaos’ solutions just before the time of singularity.  I still don’t think this NWO plan will be successful and they don’t know what they are in for but obviously they want to try to make it happen.  Looks like we are in for the ride of our lives.  See this AMTV commentary for more ideas on this subject.  FYI I think the first (?) nuke will be in a northern city which is really big and popular.  Possible targets are: Washington, Manhattan, New York, Chicago, Boston….???? I believe they want to make a spectacle of a big rich populated symbol of America.  I think it will be during ‘business hours.’  I also think there will be some kind of communication disruption/shut down thanks to our government and they might even black out some cities.  They might black out Texas because they don’t want us to communicate.  The black out of communications and possible grid failure will be a purposeful strike against the alternative media in an attempt to twist and control the story line as well as keep communications between resistance organizations difficult.  I believe our own government is behind all of this because it has been hijacked by the NWO.  Americans should be slow to want a war because war is ugly and means mass death.   We have been so sheltered for so long and have no concept of what it is like to live in a war torn area.  It has been a major mission of the people on this site to inform and thus help prevent these unjust and unwanted actions.  I think there is a small quiet before the storm and those of us listening will feel it and know.  Several years ago I had many dreams about nukes, fire, starving and thirsty people. I have to say in my dreams the feeling of thirst was something that really haunted me.  Also, I predicted dreams where I kept seeing the arabic word for ‘fear.’  Somehow in the middle of this my dream about Saudi also most likely unfolds- maybe they are somehow double crossed as the NWO fights for power and is struggling.  I think a palace is bombed/on fire and people jump out of it during some kind of party or fancy meeting.  Remember this: when this goes down and everyone is confused some of us saw this coming ages ago.  The NWO can’t stop our insight, our visions, our minds, our pineal glands from understanding and discerning the truth.  This isn’t ‘terrorism’ as they will say.  This is a purposeful plan and we have welcomed it with open boarders and supporting unjust wars and fostering an unjust system that has allowed the NWO to position itself without enough whistleblowers to expose them.  People are quick to believe something ‘comforting’ and not those ‘conspiracy theories.’  The NWO and their depopulation war mongering eugenics agenda is very real and we are about to see a more active version of it….we are already experiencing their slow kill toxins and information/education attack on our bodies and minds.  REMEMBER.  See THIS AMTV commentary about AL-CIA-DA-ISIS-NWO. 

Outrage Over Increasing Militarizing Police in America; Will We Become Like Lebanon?

Lebanese army seizes bombs, arms in north

The cat is out of the bag: the USA now has an increasing militarizing police; an unconstitutional standing army ready to take over the American people.  They have the supplies, have done the training and recent events are proving both that the police and feds are ready to go after Americans exercising their civil rights as well and the citizen’s determination to protest and resist their unwanted presence.  This will continue and more individuals like Ron/Rand Paul will become vocal about the need to demilitarize the police.  

I am wondering, are we becoming like Lebanon?  I was in Beruit a few years ago during their political elections. The photo above is a common scene I encountered.  They set up checkpoints like this and stopped every car to see IDs and ask questions and if it was a group of men in the vehicle they harassed them, pointed guns at their faces and were very threatening for no reason (most of the time).  I knew one young man yanked out of his car and assaulted by the police, beaten until he was bloody because of what they said was ‘and accidentally case of mistaken identity.’  Was there justice over this?  No.  Is this a common practice?  Yes.  They sent 40,000 troops and over 200 tanks into the area where I was staying.  This doesn’t count the militarized Hezbollah army which guards a section of Beruit.  Hezbollah took me for questioning to see my photos one day and knew everything about me and my family.  My photos must have been dull because photos of bread and cheese didn’t seem to peak their interest.  People warned me not to even take photos in certain areas because it is unacceptable behavior that lands people in jail for no reason.  This was a common scene in Beruit, the former ‘Paris of the East’ known for beauty, wealth and tourism.  Parts of Beruit still look like elegant European hot spots.  Meanwhile, parts remain bombed out shells of poverty, waste, dirt floor homes, camps and one room houses without glass in the windows.  I didn’t find this police presence a comfortable experience:   

0210_World_Lebanon_full_600 20070526141810ENLUS0102016811801890 

Americans will not stand for this martial law experience they plan to inflict upon us and are testing in areas right now.  Rebellions are on the rise and this is not going to be a fun experience.  However, I think the majority of the police and military are awakened to these sinister NWO plans of occupation.  While everyone is looking at race wars, Russia and the Middle East are a boiling hot pot of wars we don’t want to visit us here at home.  None of these actions represent the will of the American people.  We want human rights, prosperity, freedom and justice.  The best way to ensure justice, according to our Patriot fathers is the Second Amendment.  They warned we won’t need it until they try to take it from us.  We are not a barbarian nation in need of a militarized police to ward off race wars or civil unrest.    



Disgust Over Hillary; Possible Assassination

crazy hilary


I have been thinking for some time that Hillary is the NWO selection of liar in chief for 2016, READ THIS ARTICLE. I believe if she is elected it is a fake, rigged election.   People will become very angry and tired of all the political non-sense in our country which seems to be increasing by the day since we have lunatics in positions of power.  People will march and protest against her, reject her at events, throw stuff at her, make fun of her non-stop;  they will have to pay a lot of money to create the illusion she is somehow popular or liked at all.   I don’t wish anyone to be assassinated but sometimes I get a photos of an angry man going after Hilary.  I don’t know if he succeeds in his mission to off Hillary but in my mind he is a caucasian man wearing jeans and is average built, average weight and has sandy colored hair.  I think he is middle aged, not too old and not overly young.  I am not sure if he is alone or represents a group but if he succeeds they will most likely blame some group they don’t like.  Is he a false flag?  I am not sure yet.  Further, I am not sure of the time frame of this event.  If, for some reason, the NWO backs off of Hillary for president it is possible the obsessed man who wants to harm her will not be so obsessed.  I think he is already obsessed and angry though and I am not sure why.  

  images (1) images





NWO- Meet the Black Liberty Movement


I am not in favor of race division in any way.  I am color blind.  As I mentioned, my aunt was convinced we were actually black because Syria is technically in Africa and I am 1/4 s Syrian.  Anyway, lately I am picking up on something interesting.  I think the intolerance of the black community against violations of human rights is really awesome.  Everyone will need such an intolerance and they will lead due to their memories of recent history.  They will fight the NWO and not become slaves because of their amazing spirit.  They will team with others who value human rights.  Basically, I am starting to see a movement from the black community of human rights which will unite races and promote human rights. I see some leaders, particularly a woman, who will shine very brightly like a Martin Luther King Jr.  They will pick up on the eugenics NWO scheme of the NWO that has killed so many black babies.  I see a rebellion against eugenics.  I have seen this woman in several of my dreams.  I don’t know whom she is yet, just she is there, waiting ini awesomeness to lead people into a good place for liberty and human rights.  Division will backfire into a united stance for human rights.  I see the black community as raising leaders right now to fight the NWO.  These leaders are fierce and really neat individuals.  Lets watch carefully. I see this as very good.  They call themselves “The Black Liberty Movement.” However, they stand for all human rights.  I agree with their principals.  It isn’t a hate movement but a love movement which effects good human rights changes.  I see people protesting ‘NWO created racial tension.’  Races unite!  PS I am not sure who this female leader in the black community is, maybe related to Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.?  Or maybe its is several black women.  Your time is now.  

I just googled the ‘black liberty movement’ and didn’t see anything yet for them.  They are coming and will be a NWO force to recon with.  AWEOME.   Maybe they will pick ‘black human rights movement.’ However, this is pending and will not be changed, it is ordained by the powers of good.  Maybe BLO the black liberty organization.  Unsure of what name they choose but I see a group and a movement which is very very good.  

Here Come the Vampires and Cannibals


I have posted before about my dreams about zombies and how I think at some point our society will explode into cannibals in areas due to food shortages.  I had some dreams that people were cannibals in war torn areas.  I often disregard monster dreams but find them haunting and vaguely amusing at times.  This article just caught my eye about children in Iraq drinking their parent’s blood to stay alive, READ HERE.  I have read articles akin to soylent green where scientists posit recycling the dead into food, READ HERE.   They say that within 10-15 days if there is a food shortage people will become cannibals, READ HERE.  The ‘just in time’ food delivery is not reliable. I find it disconcerting the government discourages stored food and the prepper movement and makes laws to seize stored food or try to prohibit it in certain areas.  I don’t plan on eating the family pets or resorting to cannibalistic means to feed my family in the event of a crisis.  My heart really goes out to these Iraqi children drinking their parent’s blood.  Of course, you don’t hear Obama discussing this tragedy.  The media doesn’t report the trauma for these poor kids and thank goodness for social media/alternative media.  I think these vampire/monster apps like the one I used above on my photo are very fun and funny.  Try it out and see if you like how you look as a monster or if perhaps it is wise to instead store food for your family.  Beware, the vamps, cannibals and zombies will emerge in our society when you least expect it—-your neighbors might be among them.  

Increase in Looting/Rioting Nationwide; Pretense for Martial Law


I have warned about an increase in looting/rioting which I have believed is pending for awhile now.  Recently the news about the looting/rioting in Ferguson is a foreshadowing of how easily an event can trigger a city wide melt down, READ HERE.  I was reading that some neighborhoods were spared because citizens defended their businesses/neighborhood with their guns READ HERE.  Now is the time to make sure you have a gun to defend your home/business/neighborhood/family in the event looting/rioting comes near you.  When Texas gets a hurricane there is rarely looting like in some other states because we have a well armed citizenry.  We will only see more instances of rioting/looting as our country sinks further into demise.  I believe the media/powers that be want to use civil unrest/riots/looting and disease as a pretense for martial law.  Prepare yourself.

The Pope


I mentioned the Pope was someone to listen to and would be coming with more messages that are important.  I am reading news daily, like THIS.

He will make many more important comments and we need to listen to him, it is very insightful.  He will make his statement even if they make his safety in subject—– I see that he will be in danger due to what he will say——please listen to him.


He is going to make a huge statement that will make headlines I feel it coming.

Satanic Possession NOT

Haunted HDR


This post I personally find interesting.  I predict that many individuals will be claiming devil possession-devil expression when really it is bioweapon charged illness.  Yeah, it is the devil, inspiring bio-weapons and mass death but oddly, its a very strange expression of the devil mixed with modern technology.  This is interesting: we meet a devil agenda plus technology and will see an influx of paranoid religious individuals but are they?  What is the root of the problem in our society, is it biology or natural or the devil?  You shall see in time.  The devil wishes to wipe out everyone, does he use bio-weapons? Ebola?

Obama; The Mass Murderer of Iraqi Civilians



It is a huge joke that Obama was awarded a peace price.  He should be on trial for crimes against humanity.  The next wave of mass murder in Iraq is transgressing and Obama and his regime are responsible.  This is clearly about the dollar on the fritz and World War III has already started, in my opinion.  I predict mass protests over the actions of the USA and a huge backlash regarding Iraq.  The current actions of the USA in Iraq are a shameful wave of mass murder.  Does anyone notice that the people in charge are all insane right now?  Protests are pending over these actions.  We will soon be viewing photos of dead women, children and old people in Iraq and luckily social media gives these victims a voice.  The media wants to dehumanize them into statistics but we will see the obvious crimes against humanity.  Iraq is in a humanitarian crisis right now and the good people of the world will sympathize.