Crucifixions and Beheadings of Christians/Women/Children by Isis


I was looking at the news and had a picture in my head of more crucifixions of Christians, especially women/children spreading in a wave all over the world, especially Europe by Isis.  The picture in my head was moving and people were pointing toward America, blaming us to links to these terrorists.  Also, there will be more articles of persecution of innocent Muslims in the USA like school shootings/mass shootings at mosques.  Johnny Magick was warning about the safety of Muslims in the USA recently, this should be heeded.   All these people are innocent victims.  I think there is much more at work, evil plans under the surface of these activities which only really harm innocents and their family.  No one should delight in the death of any children but the true evil terrorists target children and enjoy killing sweet babies, toddlers and young people.  They will be judged by their evil deeds by the world who will condemn and not be swayed by this contrived war parading around in religious clothing.  None of these terrorists are authentic in their religion.  Islamic leaders will continue to become more vocal against the ISIS type groups which they have branded as an attack on Islam itself by Shaytan.  They are standing up and uniting against the slaughter of innocent woman and children, in whatever religion they are (Christian, Sunni, Shia).  I’m afraid there might be one stand out incident in the USA that has to do with some sort of Mosque and they will twist it to be about gun control to protect children- this year.  Meanwhile ISIS might very well react against such an action because, in fact, its a false flag and part of a greater agenda to create chaos and bring a certain order.

Increasing Government Attack on “Informed Consent”

HitlerKids Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

Some talk shows have been discussing informed consent recently.  This is what I think on this issue.  The government wants more control as it attempts to mutate into a power hungry tyranny which merges into a NWO.  They desire, like every communist organization, to take control of every liberty.  They have focused on informed consent in many areas of medicine and science in an organized attempt to usurp personal liberty, choice, individual control and differing ideas.  They will shift the dialog in the media in many ways with any topics but the focus is to really decay and take away any personal authority over your body, your children’s bodies.  I believe our bodies are our own and we should control what goes into it and as parents we have the God given right to choose what goes into our parents.  I warned that certain religions view what goes into the body as a religious freedom.  I hope that people hear about vaccines, army veterans, medicine, science and food issues and ask this question: “is this actually some justification to simply usurp informed consent?”  They will package their agenda as some sort of protection of the children, or even as encouraging freedom and health.  Beware of the government selling any propaganda as ‘for the children!!’  I do agree it seems the only choice they enjoy us having over our own bodies is if we desire to kill our unborn children.  In fact, how many billions of babies have they actually managed to kill under the eugenic’s model formulated under such lovely people like Margaret Sanger?  They don’t care about your children except to control and usurp liberty.  Consider how effective gun free zones are to ‘protect the children’ when, in fact, all their mass shootings happen in gun free zones!!!  Anyway, my focus here is on this twisting, mutating, fake justification which we shall see with many issues on many fronts but is nothing more than AN INCREASING ATTACK ON INFORMED CONSENT designed to destroy liberty.  Watch the vaccine issue closely and the emotional dialogue regarding children.  Emotional arguments are weak manipulators whereas arguments from facts are much more effective.

Warning about the Push for “Mandatory Vaccinations”



We have been warning about the negative consequences of (purposefully) contaminated vaccines for quite some time.  Carefully watch the strange push for mandatory vaccines that is happening in multiple states right now.  This is clearly about government control and the media is blowing up this topic and presenting it quite strangely.  This is a frightening issue and can lead to a multiplicity of dour and dire consequences including the spread of many diseases, mutated diseases and mass biological weapon type issues.  I warned of some religious uproar over this from certain groups who believe what they put in their body in terms of medicine is a religious choice.  I think we should pay special attention to all the facets of this, the potential false flags and violence that can arise from this topic as it twists and unfolds.

Trend: Restaurants using On Site Hydroponics


This is already happening and will increase in popularity in the near future: Restaurants using on site hydroponics/gardens to grow fresh organic food.  This trend is interesting and healthy and I look fw to seeing it spread in popularity.  They will grow fresh fruit/veggies and sprouts.  People are waking to the dire need to attend to their health and veer away from GMOs.  Also the soils are lacking a lot of nutrients that they once had.  This is a step in the right direction.  There are a lot of news articles about this coming near you: like here.

2015 Obvious Decline of Liberty; Breaking Point?

liberty bellI am having a dream which I believe signifies a pending stranglehold on American liberties reaching a breaking point.  The psychics on this site have been warning about a decline of liberties and civil war for several years and at first we were laughed at and called doomstards but now as our predictions are coming true people are no longer laughing and notice that we have been warning of these dire events in hopes of waking people up so that we can alter the outcome from something so negative as we see and dream.

My new repeating dream: I am in the mountains somewhere in America.  There is a liberty bell extended off of the mountains by a post, hanging off a cliff.  Every day monks ring the bell and it is beautiful, resounding all over the lands.  Everyone nearby enjoys the sound of freedom and it is beautiful.  It’s like the music of love and peace and success.  Then the monks slowly become alarmed and the ringing of the bell every day shifts into more of a warning call.  It stops being beautiful and is disturbing, like a creepy wake up alarm.  They stop regarding the bell as the liberty/peace/happiness bell and it’s ringing disturbs everyone daily as a reminder that something bad is coming.  The bell starts to crack and decay and then one day it cracks off and falls down the cliff and the monks announce the time has come.

I think the meaning of this dream is obvious.  Our liberties have slowly been sucked away.  People don’t complain so much when a few new regulations show up, a few executive orders, a few prohibitions, a few new taxes…..our lives don’t change that radically overnight.  Then one day, and the time is now- people realize wait WTF is going on now, what happened to America, land of the free, home of the brave?  What happened to our way of life?  Our freedoms?  Our rights?  HEY now its obvious we are under attack daily.

The eugenicists found Hitler to be an effective reducer of the population but he was too overt.  They realized they can’t successfully accomplish their evil deeds quickly and overtly but it takes time….a slow decay is more effective.  However, once the cat is out of the bag about what is going on- they speed up their agenda into a quickening of doom to accomplish their ends.  They have their eyes on ‘the moment of singularity’ and want to reduce the population ahead of the transhumanism shift. Maybe you don’t believe it but your ideas don’t matter on this because you are unwitting pawns. Better to keep the population in the dark and do evil deeds behind closed doors.  They love to package evil ideas as if they are wonderful and sell them as the opposite of what they are in a giant lawyer like manipulation mind fuck where all things tyrannical are called ‘free’ and all things hateful are called ‘loving.’  You are a ‘racist’ or ‘unenlightened’ if you don’t support whatever turd they are selling as a diamond.  Just consider the propaganda of any communist country; they sing about their amazing freedoms and cry out of love for their dear God like leader….

The liberty bell has become a warning, a reminder of what we have lost and will lose.  It’s decaying and cracking and about to crash off and fall down the cliff if we don’t wake up immediately.  2015 is a crucial point in our history and will be defined by various whistle blowers.  We will see horrors which attack our freedom.  Furguson and other things like it are like test runs.  Something could happen overnight which changes everything and causes a fast decline if they pull out the stops and do a false flag in a desperate attempt to push their agenda.  We will sound like ‘conspiracy theorists’ right up until you say to yourself DAMN they were right.  Truth is often a bitter pill.  Better to take the pill and wake up from your coma then let the liberty bell crash to the demise of freedom.

The BELL TOLLS in 2015.  Question is: just how bad will it be?  You will decide the fate of our country.  Remember, we are Americans and in our blood we know that every person matters, every voice can change reality and the actions of a few heroes can change history.  Sometimes you have to fight to win.  We don’t advocate violence of any kind on this sight and in this day and age when everyone is being black listed and peeped on by our government we have no fear because truth will set us free.

Future Technology: Eye Color Salons

IMG_9541I had a dream that, like nail salons of today, in the future people can go to get a beauty treatment at salons where they can alter the colors of your eyes with some kind of eye drops.  They were not just normal colors either, like rainbow and all kinds of patterns or anything you can imagine.  It was interesting.  They just put these drops in your eyes and they change for a few weeks and then it fades.  xx

Dangers of Increasing Mental Illness: “I think I am Jesus”

smokingjesusI am writing this as a warning about people in our society who literally believe they are Jesus Christ.  I tried to recently befriend someone with this particular problem but he he kept insisting that I wanted him to love me and have his babies.  He wouldn’t take no for an answer.  I worry about women on the internet who might be vulnerable to people like this.  If you google mental illness where people think they are Jesus Christ, you will discover this is a real medical issue, in need of serious medication.  These people might be sick with Bipolar disorder:, see HERE.  They be sick with some other very serious psychotic mental disorder.  They need medicine and I have found that trying to befriend them is quite futile.  They won’t listen to you or get help.  Instead, they obsess over you loving them and having their babies and the expectation they will have a cult on earth.  This sort of person is highly disturbing and, I think, dangerous.  They mix religious propaganda with egoism and if you don’t go along with their delusion they can get violent.  Ladies be especially careful around someone like this and if you hear a nutter announcing he is Jesus Christ, please run away quickly and get a restraining order.  This is a common problem , far more common than you might think.


I found two videos within five seconds about men who are cult leaders and tell everyone they are Jesus Christ.  Lets keep in mind that Charles Manson also said he was Jesus Christ.




These videos are evidence that this is a dangerous problem in our society.  This problem is increasing and these people are not only dangerous and insane but also misleading and very COMMON.  They are not special.  They are sick.

Attack on Texas

The NWO hates Texas and knows our roll in the pending civil war.  They are attacking us in so many ways already.  It is subtle but obvious if you live here.  They recently ordered 30,000 hazmat uniforms to be delivered to Dallas.  I think this ebola obola bioweapon farce agenda 21 depopulation nightmare is already starting, in Texas.  I know Texans will rise up against them, we will not tolerate their attacks.  However, they already started a dirty warfare ahead of the war.

Warning about Amusement Parks

340x176_TexasSizeI have been having nightmares this week about amusement parks.  My dear friend Liam has posted about this topic several times but this is the first time it has showed up in my dreams.  I don’t go to amusement parts and don’t like them.  In my dreams I am at several of the different big amusement parks around Texas.  I am looking from a distance and see rides malfunctioning, pieces flying off, people flying off, etc.  I start to run toward the parks and hear screams as I get closer.  Then I see pools of blood and there is always a pregnant lady in a pool of blood and her husband bent over her.  I don’t know if what I am seeing in my dreams is some kind of accident or malfunction or maybe even a terror event at a big amusement park.  It might not really be Texas either, because I have never been to any of the parks around Texas.  I advise staying away from these parks if you are thinking of a vacation.  Also, if you are pregnant don’t go.  One last detail in the dream: the people at the park don’t respond correctly for some reason like there is some sort of cover up.  I don’t know who is doing the cover up either. or why.  In the dreams I am the only one trying to help anyone.  I find these dreams really odd because I really have no interest at all in amusement parks and I am creeped out by the pregnant lady in the pool of blood.