The Good Looks of Tomorrow

If you think you committed a big mistakes today, be sure when the next day comes, you will commit the same mistakes better than yesterday. Though tomorrow might be your wretchedness, you have to concoct yourself & willfully admit the certainty. For what you think today and tomorrow may not be the same.
As paranormal psychic, I viewed every humane mind so special that they give their friends, peers & relatives the best of what they have so much ease to safeguard that their needs are met & secured. If that is the case, the worries of today are the key to the happiness of tomorrow.
happiness of tomorrow
Millions of people all over the world think of desperation as part of their life’s frustrations. Taking challenges ahead of their prospective during the day, but they thought it would not come the same way as it was today. The goodness of tomorrow varies from the various plans of yesterday and today. So what’s the big deal for me as paranormal psychic? The month of October bounces the well-off events of early months of 2014. Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus & Libra could be seeing then the good looks of tomorrow, but apparently the rest will looks shady if not cloudy those who shall be dealt with bounced solitude.


Cry for Democracy

THE ongoing and increasingly bitter row within the governance of Pres. Benigno Aquino III of the Republic of the Philippines boils down, basically, to a constitutional clash. It also raises the specters of real, grassroots democracy that could provide a serious wake-up call to unite the Filipinos across the Archipelago.
As the country heads towards Presidential Elections by 2016, the principle of democracy is in crises, coupling the Philippine Constitutions into the hands of now becoming dictator which he thinks the judiciary is under his control. In his whitewash of issues on Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), he owned heavy explanation to the minds of every Filipino on how he steal the Philippine Constitution bestowing the Bangsamoro agreement into a hidden State just because he want to get the prize in Nobel or pride of his excellence even if he’s stepping on the rouge of poverty.

As he defies the Supreme Law of the land with the decisions excavated by the Supreme Court in their pronouncements as unconstitutional on the implementation of DAP, his allies blitzing him still under owed of their political seats.
political seats
So even those allied leaders who have aligned themselves with the demand to adhere to the constitution could find themselves under pressure, their relatively privileged lifestyles and positions under threat. In the course of yellow ribbon fever, it is now less supportive, people down the streets shouting for democracy, fair living and defies dictatorship.
As hemmed by psychic prediction, the cry for democracy will end by impeachment, if not by due process I am seeing a bad nightmare…WORST WILL COME SOON!!


The Blunt of October 2014

Scary, but what was written in the book, It shall be DONE…I am talking about the coming month of October 2014, all that falls shall rise again…tamed by generated curses.


Behold, for who glorifies corruption shall be fallen by October, that’s indeed where they make money, wealth and fame as their God…


For he who possesses many guns and ammo shall be vindicated by his own hands….

guns & ammo

For in Autumn there shall be misty morning to wake, shadowless like silence where everyone listened to silence…


That in October 2014 thou art vengeance will be served for the persecutors…


Hope not for the worst to happen by October 2014, THE SLAIN of one BIG PERSONALITY….


From ravage to savage, all in October 2014…




Typhoon Glenda: Nightmare Next to Haiyan

I kept watching the sea, since my location is is coastal site of Babatngon, Leyte, Eastern Philippines, Region 8, where currently as of this writing typhoon Glenda is threatening us to be the second nightmare to Haiyan, storm surge are huge and very strong winds is now attacking us. The sea water is dropping until my house, I felt very depressed today.

I am so desperate that climate change always affected my locality. My psychic views on this post awareness is widely important in contributing to disaster preparedness plan. Very sad, we are again facing calamity and unstable life, what a world I live in…



Alternative Healing Thru Divination

Certainly, centuries defies unhealed ailment. Yet still, many diseases continuously breed with different forms/kinds of viruses erupted throughout the 20th century. Some are not well defined, some rooted from one origin but to Middle East countries, years from 2014 and beyond will have newly discovered diseases which are viral borne. This is where the unsolved cases of diseases will be treated through Divination Healing seen from 2014 and beyond…


Psychic will be more aggressive by last quarter of 2014 and beyond in divination healing through spiritual and by the use of some tools to assess the existing problem like tarot cards, s crying bowl, runes, astrology & tea leaves.

divination 2

Social changes are highly adoptive like using divination tool in healing. There may be queues in its efficacy but psychics and healers do continue to serve their communities by diagnosing, prescribing healing treatments and solving problems. What concerns through this process is what this psychic performs and demonstrates divination rituals which directly affect therapeutically into the healing process. This however, divinatory experience may seek to analyze epidemiology as an epistemological system, as social process, and as a therapeutic endeavor.
In the traditional cultures of Filipinos, always the findings of the investigation of the case reinforce traditional assumptions on the importance of social control, spirit relations, and community support in the whole divinatory process with an alternative work of knowing. Thus, divination and healing is a rich source of both data and insight for scholars of ritual, religion, medical anthropology, and the psychology of altered states of consciousness.





Amazing Growth of Microbusiness – The Key Trends to Opportunities by 2016

The bottom line for small businesses, especially start-ups, is to focus on those strategies that are at the lowest rungs of the ladder and then gradually move your way up as needed. As you go about developing your growth strategy, you should first consider the lower treads of what are known as Intensive Growth Strategies. Each new tread brings more opportunities for fast growth, but also more risk. They are:
– Arcade Infiltration. The least risky growth strategy for any business is to simply peddles more of its current artifact to its current clienteles—a strategy achieved by large punter goods companies. Think of how you might buy a six-pack of beverages, then a 12-pack, and then a case. “You can’t even buy toilet paper in anything less than a 24-roll pack these days. Finding new ways for your customers to use your product—like turning baking soda into a deodorizer for your refrigerator—is another form of market penetration. On the other hand, these opportunities though critically risky, but vendible by 2016 as compared from the current souk years.
– Bazaar Expansion. The next rung up the ladder is to devise a way to sell more of your current product to an adjacent bazaar—offering your product or service to customers in another city or state, for example.
– Marginal Networks. This growth strategy involves pursuing customers in a different way such as, for example, selling your products online. When Apple added its retail division, it was also adopting an Alternative Network approach. Using the Internet as a means for your customers to access your products or services in a new way, such as by adopting a rental model or software as a service, is another Marginal Network scheme.
– Product Upgrading. A classic strategy, it involves developing new products to sell to your existing customers as well as to new ones. If you have a choice, you would ideally like to sell your new products to existing customers. That’s because selling products to your existing customers is far less risky than having to learn a new product and market at the same time.
– New Yields for New Trades. Sometimes, market conditions dictate that you must create new yields for new trades. Your business will show up once there is always new yields introduced in the business industry fielded by your own creative ventures.

Begin the beguine, the year 2016 will be significant for business, be it the loser one or the successful business icon. Its almost zero business charm necessity, but a must even for micro business to burgeon. Diversification is not most likely feasible, just need a hunk to do your own way as 2016 approaches.
So, if you are the one inclined, it is very amazing for your microbusiness filling your weaknesses and amazingly growth. It will then the key trends to your very lucky opportunities as 2016 steadfastly approaching.





There are many arguments about human consumption on meat red, white or processed. But the queue lies if it is good or bad or something immoral to eat another living creature. My psychic analysis is that why human do started to eat dead animals in the first place? No matter what the animal, we find a way to convert it into easily managed lumps of flesh which we couldn’t get enough of it.


The main nutrients we get from eating meat that we don’t get anywhere are iron, zinc and vitamin B12. The meat eaters have much higher levels than the veggies, because the iron in meat is much more readily absorbed than any iron in vegetable material. While for women, zinc is very important in meat which has higher concentration of nutrients than in any vegetable materials and is much easily absorbed too.

Vegetables aren’t rich in zinc, a trace mineral essential for many body functions. Yet when picked before maturity, fresh cowpeas — such as black-eyed peas — have the most zinc of any vegetable commonly eaten in America. Africans regularly cook cowpea leaves, which may offer greater promise as a vegetarian source of zinc. However, cowpeas and many vegetables containing zinc also have chemicals called phytates, which interfere with absorption of the mineral.
What is then the implication of this issue to my psychic predictions? As when the year 2020 enters, human will be likely to be more carnivores than veggies. I am saying this because climate change would have huge affections in plant grows, new breed of pesticides and other related forming pests will be borne to destroy if not hinders plants growth.

By year 2020, the effects on plant diversity will be dominant due to climate change:
– Species ‘left behind’ as they are unable to change distribution fast enough.
– Species with long life cycles and/or slow dispersal are particularly vulnerable.
– Some isolated or disjunctive species are particularly vulnerable, as they may have ‘nowhere to go’. These include Arctic and alpine species, and Island endemics.
– Coastal species which will be ‘squeezed’ between human settlements and rising sea levels.
– Plant genetic composition may change in response to the selection pressure of climate change.
– Some plant communities or species associations may be lost as species move and adapt at different rates.
– Increased invasions by alien species may occur, as conditions become more suitable for exotic species whilst native species become less well suited to their environment (for example, Bromus is more invasive in wet years (Smith et al, 2000)). This is especially true given human interventions which have deliberately and accidentally facilitated the spread of species across the globe.
Many plant communities act as ‘sinks’ (store carbon), which helps to offset carbon emissions. However, over the next 70 years, the effects of climate change on plants mean many terrestrial sinks may become sources.
While the year 2020 most human vulnerable to be more carnivores because of encroachment by human development into naturally eating carnivores than to be veggies.





Life Bated Breath

During the time of the Roman Empire, an average citizen might expect to live 28 years. By the turn of the 20th Century, an American could anticipate celebrating his or her 48th birthday. In the early 21st Century, a Japanese woman reaching 80 would not be unusual.


Life bated breath is based on any number of factors, from incidence of disease to personal lifestyle choices to environmental conditions. Genetically speaking, a child born in ancient Rome is no different than a child born in New York City in 2005. But the Roman child faced more communicable diseases, unsanitary food and water supplies, criminal activity and lack of quality medical care. All of those factors led to an average lifespan of less than 30 years. The child from modern New York City benefits from disease prevention programs, clean food and water, advanced medications and economic stability. This means a lifespan of 77 years or more would not be unreasonable.
As far as the global warming in climate change put under consideration, the bated breath of a person will be less than 68 but not more than 88 in the 40th decade from this writing. While in both developing and under developing countries, Man’s bated breath is the average number of years a person can expect to live, if in the future they experience the current age-specific mortality rates in the population. Healthy life expectancy is a related statistic, which estimates the equivalent years in full health that a person can expect to live on the basis of the current mortality rates and prevalence distribution of health states in the population.


The year 2014 and beyond, bated breath of people from birth is a frequently utilized and analyzed component of demographic data for the countries of the world. It represents the average life span of a newborn and is an indicator of the overall health of a country. Life bated breath can fall due to problems like famine, war, disease and poor health. Improvements in health and welfare increase life bated breath. The higher the life bated breath, the better shape a country is in.


From the above map, more developed regions of the world generally have higher life bated breath (green) than less developed regions with lower life bated breath (red). The regional variation is quite dramatic.
As paranormal psychic, I am seeing though the Middle East countries have very high Gross National Product per capita, they will have drowned their people life bated breath. Unlike China and Cuba, they will increase very reasonably high their life bated breath.
By 2014 and beyond, life bated breath will rose rapidly due to improvements in public health, nutrition and medicine for the most developed countries. They will even reach until 80’s in age like in Andorra, San Marino, Japan and Singapore.

Black Capuchin: Nostrum Savior

In the near future to come, in the deceptive world of high priced medicines, the year where 20 years landed from 2014, the specie called Black Capuchin or “Sapajus Nigritus” will save many lives…
black capuchin

Indeed, many contagious and life threathening disease are unclaimed for specific intervention. Cancer for instance, only palliative treatment is being used by medical specialist like chemo & cobalt therapy. Patient fighting for life due to deadly virus would only sort to prayers and own practice of debilitation.
As paranormal Psychic, I am seing 20 years from now “Nostrum Savior” for ill patient, the Black Capuchin. Sad to say this specie is very rare and critical before it landed.


Many discoverable out of this specimen will give austerity to sick recipients. In Asian countries, Black Capuchin is used for ritual variety. In the Philippines, cult rituals submerged into the blood of Black capuchin, as it may look like a black magic. They are the primitive cultist who gave sickness until death through curse to people whom their clients wished.
In meditation ritual, some native along Western Philippines still practicing healing by the use of Black Capuchin. They are the mountain tribe who accepts sick people for cleansing through meditation.
Meditation opens a part of our mind that is defunct. Centuries of xian religious control have made most of us unaware of the fourth dimension, both psychically and scientifically. As humans, we can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Insects can see ultraviolet light. Certain animals like black capuchin can sense many things that a human cannot. Just because someone cannot see or hear something, which does not mean it doesn’t exist, as with ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays and other forms of energy.

When we open our minds, it takes time for us to adjust. I have had a lifetime of being psychic. Even though I was different, I always had another sense, though I tuned out the spirit world. In coming to psychic forces, the so-called supernatural increased 100 fold in my life. What is a typical day to many of us would completely freak out the average person. People had a hard enough time just being around me at work, as they began to “see” things (nothing really psychic, just enemies getting punished and so on). To me, this was just another typical day. One time a bottle of cleaning fluid half way down the aisle flew off the shelf and in spite of having a screw on lid, the thing was open and running. The guy who was working with me (he knew I am a paranormal psychic) freaked out.
Believed it or not, 20 years from now, black capuchin will be “nostrum savior” of human kingdom.