Eugenicist NWO Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi Salute


I just want to point out that the recent articles about the Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi Salute are further evidence that our predictions about Eugenics NWO Agenda 21 are, in fact, correct.  It has recently come to our attention that our site is under attack from government trolls and we want to thank you for confirming our validity.  Anyone who stands against the NWO is attacked as “fake” “psycho” “conspiracy” and we want to say thank you for validating our site, you little trolls.  This kind of validation makes us more popular and lends to our credibility.  If we were not attacked, something is wrong,  in our opinion.  No matter what happens the NWO can’t change the writers on this site, what is in us, what we see and we expose truth for the sake of liberty and human rights.  We are PLEASED WE UPSET YOU, NWO.  YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL.

Message about the Importance of True Charity


This dream/nighttime message goes along with the importance of gardening in a new, widespread radical way.  An entity in my dream told me that humanity has failed thus far to achieve charity and we need to radically rethink our charitable practices.  Our current practice of charity as a race is seen as  ineffective, corrupt, selfish and infiltrated by evil intentions.  I’m not going to go into what is wrong with the current systems but rather into what was show to me about how we need to be.

Charity is supposed to be worked into every system of life, every aspect, not just as a part of religion or some sort of social program but because people demand charity as a part of everything they do, buy, celebrate, are….there needs to be a massive reordering of money and not in the direction of socialism but in some way that empowers individuals and really helps them to their potential.  I was shown a ‘CharityPalooza’ type event where a very fun social event is that people go to hotels and each floor has been set up for a different charity and contains famous musicians, artists, crafts people, food sellers etc where it all benefits that cause, and no one is cutting out a monster piece of the pie for self service, using charity for private selfish betterment.  These events were massive and very popular.  Then, it was explained that this is the role of the super elites who own massive hotel property to donate a weekend every now and again to fun and make these sort of events happen.

Further, this is only one tiny aspect of change in our society.  Hoarding of resources goes against charity but the solution isn’t found in any NWO posited government controlled socialism type system which, in the end, will be the opposite of charity because only the super elites will have resources and the rest of the world will end up in a deprived way of life like the hunger games.  This is not the vision intended for humanity (a hunger games scenario).  We need to become obsessed with charity, study and posit a brand new philosophy of charity and have some sort of freedom-charity revolution that empowers and betters individuals around the world.   This is one of the answers to fight the NWO.

I’m not sure I’ve explained this very well but this is the best I can do at the moment with what was shown me.  It seems obvious to me, like the gardening, but implementation depends on the movement of individual actions/intentions.  The NWO’s charity is anti-charity and hoarding just like their freedom is anti-freedom and slavery.  Programs posited by the NWO for the sake of charity seek to eliminate charity in the hearts, minds, society of humanity.  We must discover our true charitable natures as a part of our loving creation and experience true charity as acts of love which transform, empower and spread freedom.

Texas Secession UPDATE on Prediction


I’ve been predicting for years about Texas Seceding and a new civil war. I just wanted to log an update on this prediction that polls indicate that over 1/4 of Texans want to secede according to mainstream media, a number I believe is much higher than they report.  I am reading more articles and sense, especially in reaction to Jade Helm, that a growing number of Texans want to secede and this number will only rise.  According to THIS mainstream media article tour groups are lecturing around Texas to gather support for Texas secession and the grand majority of politicians, leaders and loudmouths from Texas are in favor of secession.  Personally, I have observed that this isn’t an intellectual fantasy which dwells mostly in the minds of the educated or professionals but seems to be a passionate desire which burns in the hearts of hard working Texas Citizens in every walk of life.  Texas has been making moves to ensure a better transition like demanding it’s gold from the federal reserve, relocating manufacturers (especially guns/bullets) to Texas, increasing the militias, etc.  Texas has everything we would need to be a thriving  independent country.  In another related article, I read that Putin/Russia desire Texas to secede.  I think Texas could easily make Russia an ally against our enemies.  This might sound like a joke to people outside our state who believe the main stream media’s harassment of Texas, making us out to be nothing more than gun toting, horse riding, tobacco chewing, whiskey slugging, chicken hypnotizing racist idiots but, in fact, this is obviously a gross generalization which is outright wrong.  The Texas spirit remains strong and patriotic, and we are a desirable state with people friendly laws, freedom, wealth, oil, job opportunities, educational opportunities, famous hospitals, a rich diversity of ethnicities and preferences, a deep appreciation of the arts, lower taxes and reasonable prices for property.  Texans won’t put up with federal garbage, which is why we are considered ‘hostile.’  Texans know their rights and demand truth.  I always hate leaving Texas because I’m amazed at how rude and cold some people can be outside my believed state, where in Texas we expect manners like the use of Mam and Sir, especially toward strangers and hard working individuals you encounter on a daily basis.  Anyway, don’t be surprised one day when we kiss the illegal debt of the USA buhhhhhhhbuhhhhbyeeeeeeeee and say F**k socialism and S***t on tyranny.  Texas would love to say so long to Obama, bless your little heart, have fun with ya’lls commie nightmare we’ll just stay safe over yonder because the NWO is a Friday turd in a Saturday market.

NWO Agenda: Destroy American Identity/Education


The NWO is destroying American Identity through education and destroying traditional American symbols and digging up confederate soldiers, etc in the name of racism.  They will proclaim the flag and all American symbols are racist and move to eliminate them.  The goal is not to end racism, as the NWO is VERY RACIST, but to end America.  They will move to eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights because they will declare them racist.  Yet, after they wipe these things away they will bring out a more oppressive, more racist system then every before.  They have already infected the education system such that the youth doesn’t know basic American history/rights, etc.  They are acting like English itself is racist and banning words right and left for the fun of their controls and regulations.  History repeats.  A clear historical example is how England created and caused a famine for Ireland then gave them money not to teach the children about Irish History and their native gaelic language.

Sinead O’Conner effectively explains the NWO scheme of what they did in Ireland and it is their playbook that they are now doing in America.  She said about it in this song “Famine”:

The answer to bad events in history is to study them to insure that they don’t repeat.  We cannot forget them or they will repeat. The NWO desire to eliminate the teaching of history, historical symbols and Americana indicates a desire on their part of recreate slavery.  In fact, that is exactly their agenda.  Every country that exists has done things which are bad because governments are only made of people and some people are corrupt.  Those who write history and re-write history highly influence and control the minds in the present.  If you can get them to believe 2+2 is 5, they will believe anything.  They messed up our educational system so badly with common core that kids are highly illiterate because they stopped learning phonics.  Is phonics racist?  Some say it is….historically they tried to prohibit slaves from learning to read because knowledge is power.  We need to read history from the perspective that we refuse to repeat the past and celebrate the triumph of the strength of the human spirit to overcome injustice and suffering.

Someone online made a joke that the NWO is exactly like the aliens in Mars Attacks.  They announce they come in peace but then commence a shooting spree. They say ‘don’t run we are your friends’ and then they keep shooting.  They invert their words to pretend like their deeds are good but actually it is the complete opposite (like the Patriot Act is the Anti-Patriot Act) Interestingly, one of the first things the aliens do is redo Mt. Rushmore and change it to their Alien leaders.  Maybe the NWO will carve Mt. Rushmore into Molech, Lucifer, Satan, Obama, and the members of the Clinton/Bush families.  Now, those entities certainly are not racist.  They come in peace.  They are our friends.  lol. Don’t be tricked into their emotional manipulation.

Emergency Broadcast System Tested for Pending False Flags/Martial Law/Terror

digital_art_test_pattern_emergency_broadcast_system_1280x800_27212 (1)

Lately I noticed a disturbing change to the emergency broadcast system ‘tests’: they dropped the word test and part about ‘this is only a test.’  They have readied the phone systems and the television systems and will stage false flags soon and then jump in with their directed narrative through the emergency broadcast system.  They’ve been doing many more tests than usual, at least in my area (Texas) and obviously they deem it necessary because they plan to use it, I think soon.  I’m not saying that it is bad to have this system, and it can be helpful during real events.  However, I am sensing that the NWO is excited to spread terror and fear through this system and already has their announcements/ the narrative penned and ready to be rolled out during their orchestrated events.  Pay special attention to what the messages say because they will reveal the agenda right away, in the direction of gun confiscation, hatred, division and the need for a government savior from all the boogies they created and control.  I have seen Obama in my dreams unveiling his gun confiscation plan in my dream and China is simply demanding it, along with the NWO.  The religious leaders will stand up and call for gun confiscation to hope that people don’t resist as much because of pressure from their churches.  They will terrorize through the emergency broadcast system and take control of the media/ have blackouts.  I’m hoping for whatever reason these events are stopped and do not happen.  I fear that he has already passed a series of secret orders for gun confiscation.  He has passed plenty of secret orders which will be unveiled during their false flags.

Call to Prayer

how good and pleasant

Our world urgently needs your prayers.  Whatever religion you are please pray/mediate that love spreads and hatred ends.  Pray for unity, pray for Oath Keepers, pray that evil in the world fails and is defeated by goodness.  Pray that a healing light spread on our world.  Pray for justice for everyone.  Pray that ignorance will end.  Pray for wisdom and strength for every good person.  Pray for peace and that evil people will not divide, create chaos and war and conquer.  Pray for health and healthy food.  Pray that technology will be healthy and available to all not hoarded by elites.  Pray for liberty, happiness, civil rights, and that the NWO will fail.  Pray for personal responsibility, individual creative expression and wealth to spread across the world due to individual hard work and determination.  Pray for religious freedom and against a one world religion and one world government.  Pray that religions are not infected by NWO ill intended people or systems of hatred and persecuting intolerance.  Pray for the innate goodness planted in all humans to be a conscious that can discern good from bad, truth from lies.  Pray for whistle blowers.  Pray for an awakening.  Pray for salvation from the evil in the world, causing unjust suffering and injustice.

The NWO is the opposite of everything above all about sickness, death, doom, suffering, war, division, hate, ignorance and everything evil.  They pretend to be about what is listed above but they are liars.

Don’t Go to Racial or Anti-Police Protests/ False Flag Eminent


I have predicted about government/NWO inspired the rise of the KKK to spread race division.  I have predicted about the government plans to send psyops to false flag at protests and during race/police rallies like Ferguson, Etc.  I have predicted about the government plan I dreamed about where they want to target leaders like Al-Sharpton to cause nation wide violence to break out.  Don’t go to these rallies, they are infected with government false flag plans, especially if they are near a church. These will get ugly fast and they are no good.  Just don’t go and especially don’t go if you are connected with the CIA or any sort of program because you just might be the fall guy/woman.  Anyone with any false flag or ‘drill’ information about areas where these events are happening need to be whistleblowers right now.  The time is now.

We should have unity/bi-racial friendship and love concerts and lolapallozas and poetry readings and plays and art exhibits. The NWO would hate that so much.  We need to celebrate the heroic oath keepers in the police force and root out the bad cops and have a no tolerance policy for corrupt cops, politicians and leaders.

Zombie Virus


I warned years ago about the reality of zombies and a zombie threat though I am not exactly certain of the exact meaning.  I do feel within my lifetime we will understand the meaning of zombies in society.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about the nature of a pandemic or biological warefare whereby those infected are literally ‘the walking dead.’  I’ve been reading headlines about creepy horrible genetically manipulated diseases in labs at universities without any sort of true safety measure to keep them contained.  I believe the predictive programming in all the movies and television shows as well as the ‘zombie drills’ and zombie propaganda and discussion of the zombie apocalypse in main stream culture signifies an upcoming zombie type societal event.  I believe once the NWO starts to unleash it’s warefare upon us it will come out not only in the form of weather and false flag terrorism but also biological and chemical.

Sometimes a commentator says something like which one of your predictions is going to get us all and wipe us out lololol.  My answer is that the NWO wants a fight until the death of everyone except the .oooooooooooo2 elite.  They want to be the 2 or 3 thousand survivors.

When you have a disease and seek medical treatment no one wonders why a doctor or series of health workers might try multiple methods to cure a disease.  Well, likewise, with any goal a reasonable human will seem multiple methods to attain their desired goal.  The NWO has unlimited resources and a satanically determined will to terminate most humans (AGENDA 21).  They have a multifaceted plan to cause so many issues and fight so many battles on so many fronts that we cannot overcome. They don’t want us to even understand their programs or technology and anyone who does understand it they say is a conspiracy theorist and seek to take them out of existence.

Through an open mind, prayer, education, meditation and community we can and do, in fact, understand the agenda, technology and programs.   This understanding and awakening really really upsets the NWO and has caused a frenzied acceleration of their programs.  Crippling a society with food shortages, power shortages, terror, water shortages, bad weather and disease gives the NWO a huge advantage.

They are already waging a war on us through diseases.  They cause these diseases indirectly through toxins in food, water, the air, the environment, the medicines…etc.  After they have weakened everyone then they will roll out the more direct, overt biological attacks and pandemics which will, of course, appear as ‘accidents.’  That is like one country accidentally bombing another.

Dreams of Aliens and a Warning


Many scientist believe that the possibility of alien life is probable and even the Pope recently said something about the very real probability that within our lifetime we will come to a realization of aliens.  Ronald Reagan discussed the reality of ‘an alien threat’ that would unite people.  The government controlled media makes fun of anyone who believes aliens exist or that they encountered them.  Project Camalot is a very popular alien disclosure site….this being said I have a few thoughts that I have had through dreams and want to explain them.

I believe the government does have some weird out of this world type programs whereby they could completely stage an alien invasion/ returning of Christ through their technology and holograms.  I also believe the governments of the world and the elites have far more knowledge, evidence and understanding of aliens than they disclose.

I’m sure just like humans Aliens are both benevolent and malevolent.  I’d not assume one way or the other and question everything that happens.

One thing I can say is that obviously every culture and religion warns against reptile/snake like entities.  These are not good in any way for humans and if they emerge as friends this is not true.  I have no doubt if the government suddenly said any sort of reptile snake like entity is has arrive to help mankind amid a crisis this is a lie.  They will simply help people to die and feed on them.

Well this prediction prob. sounds nuts to many but I don’t care I need to make the warning.