Dream About Staying Warm in the Winter

xantrex-solar-generator download

I had a dream that someone was telling me that I need to inform people to find a method to stay warm for the winter if you live in a place where you need to worry about staying warm in a power outage.  In my dream they said the easiest method for most people to achieve is getting a solar generator and an electric blanket.  They said this is particularly important for the elderly and children and you must get prepared now.  In my dream, this warning was urgent.  The interesting thing about this dream to me is that I do not live in an area where staying warm is a worry.  In my area staying cool in the summer is more of a worry.  I suppose staying cool in the summer is more easily achieved with a solar generator and a fan.  🙂 I like to think that my dreams sometimes represent my fears more than some sort of message but I feel the need to pass this along just in case.  Let us pray for the best but prepare for the worst.

Child Sacrifice 2015


I’m not the expert on this even though I have theology and Bible Degrees.  I want to say that in order for those in black magic to conduct their rites they need a blood sacrifice of a baby/child/innocent and they were using planned parenthood.  They have reached a critical juncture where this has been obscured and rebelled against and thus they are searching for new avenues for sacrifice.  Beware.  I don’t understand it but the black goo and the satanists and the child sacrifice go hand in hand.  I’ve been shown bits of this but I really admit a lack of understanding nor a desire to understand.  I am seriously disturbed by CERN  and whatever they have planned.  I don’t understand the black goo or the CERN.  I do get a sick I want to throw up feeling when considering it….I feel it is all something we should research along with September 22,23.  The illuminati have marked these dates and I don’t know why.  I only know what my dreams have said and I reported until now.  They are highlighting september to october 2015 and cern as special illuminati moments.  I realized lately there is much I don’t understand.  I feel slow to comment.  We are entering a transformation time.  I know that we chose to incarnate now for a reason and each moment is perfect.  Yet, I see some disturbing ideas I don’t know how to process, explain or get through right now.

Nightmare About Selling Baby Parts


I had a massively disturbing dream where someone was showing me scenes regarding the true extent of the worldwide underground black market of baby parts.  In my dream I learned that the recent Planned Parenthood videos which expose the selling of baby parts from abortion is only the tip of the iceberg of what will be exposed.  This is what I dreamed, in five simple highlights:

1. That the Planned Parenthood baby sales are worse than the videos portray thus far, that they are sometimes alive, that there are hidden abortions from sex trafficking of children and exploited women which make up a huge contribution of sales and are part of this evil system.  That there are links to satanic cults and all sorts of companies where they sell the parts for a variety of things including make up, rituals, food, science experiments, transplants, etc.

2. That there are many other organizations which sell baby parts on the side, secretly.  Public and private hospitals, doctors and clinics worldwide.  Some of these are aborted babies.  Some are DNC/ miss carriages.  Some are the unborn baby left behind when the mother dies of some other cause like a car wreck or a cancer/health problem that didn’t effect the baby’s cells.

3. Some of these sales of baby parts are babies that are full term or viable.  Some are kept alive and purposefully sold instead of adopted or kept alive for the family.  When the corrupt doctors/clinics get money for the baby parts and have to make a choice about the treatment they just might choose to lie and sell the baby instead of try to save it for the family.

4. In some countries mothers are attacked and the baby is stolen from their womb and sold.  This is a growing cabal movement of trafficking and selling baby parts worldwide.

5. The person explaining this to me in my dream wanted me to explain my dream to others and call for worldwide whistle blowers to come forth with more information/videos to expose the truth of this.  We need to understand that this is wrong, it is worse than we understand and it needs to end.  The babies are being exploited as parts for money and the mothers are being exploited in so many ways.  This is unjust, painful and wrong.  No tolerance.  I see even those who believe in ‘reproductive rights’ will join together with people holding other views to end the sales of baby parts worldwide.  Sales of baby parts is not an issue relating to abortion ‘rights’ but rather an obvious crime against humanity.  Further, the covert and creepy way that the sale of baby parts is being conducted, hidden and managed through exploiting is just plain wrong.  The mothers are not offered any sort of informed consent.  Further, the late term partial birth (or full birth abortion) (or abortions for children up to age three) is actually motivated by the companies and individuals gaining money from these illegal sales of body parts and they parade around acting like they are doing a service for women, like they are promoting free choices and freedom for women.  The money trail tells all and never lies.  Money is the motivation.  Behind the money lurks the dark figure of Satan that enjoys the suffering of small children.

Paid Government NWO Trolls


Here is a very good article by Glen Greenwald which details the psychological tactics that paid government trolls use as propaganda techniques, a means to spread disinformation, and conduct online covert operations against those who oppose the NWO agenda.

I believe that it is a good idea to research the techniques of government trolls so if your websites fall under attack you can identify your enemy and appropriately address the attack against you. You will encounter these trolls on every website these days as the NWO has doubled it’s efforts to try to sway the infowar.  These trolls can be very mean and difficult but as soon as you identify that they are simply using proven scientific psychological warfare their attack dissipates with the label ‘government troll’ because you realize that their attention is, in fact, a compliment and affirmation that your good efforts to spread the truth are succeeding.   Do not be sad or offended when they come after you, attacking your free speech, calling you names, discrediting you, accusing you of things you didn’t do and generally exercising the variety of methods as described in Glen Greenwald’s informative article.

For years the NWO has been attacking my predictions/ the predictions of my friends.  They have been known to send over 350 nasty emails a day, accuse me of not being psychic just offering opinion, accuse me of copying other people, try to sell me on the idea that Lucifer/Satan are love/light/goodness/wealth/etc., trying to sell the idea that they are Jesus or an Alien, acting like I’m a sick confused person who just has indigestion not dreams, acting like I have a bad agenda or just want fame or money…..etc their attacks just never end.  Ironically, I don’t charge for anything I do and simply like to spread freedom, joy, love and healing through my FREE psychic readings and free art that I give to people who are interested.  I have a large pineal gland and have posted a variety of photos online showing this is a fact.  I have dreams and photos in my head and experience life as a psychic and empath.  I am not a mind reader, and like everyone, I have opinions/thoughts based on my education, experiences and environment.  I feel blessed that God has allowed me an opportunity to help others find goodness, peace, healing, freedom and knowledge.  I’m not benefiting from the work I do in any monetary way, but in the way that matters most regarding love of humanity.  I don’t go after or attack other psychics and always try to be respectful but will respond when attacked.  I believe the NWO is very worried about anyone who has psychic abilities and that is why they tried to destroy humanity’s brain functions/ pineal gland with fluoride and other toxins.  One thing that I do as a psychic is read energy.  Evil events and pain put out a certain sort of energy which allows psychics to warn others.  I believe this is a genetic gift that humanity has genetically encoded  or hardwired into our mind/bodies for survival.  If you study ancient cultures, all over the globe the ‘seers’ helped civilization evolve toward the good and avoid evil.

Here is my psychic prediction of the effects of paid government trolls.  I deeply feel that the more they struggle to use their psychological warfare the more obvious their failed efforts will be to the average human who is waking up to the reality of what Snowdon and other whistleblowers have described.  Their lies and methods are only effective if people believe what they say and do, but when people see the method then they simply CONFIRM what they are trying to discredit.  The so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ are being confirmed daily not just because of trolls but because of further actions of the NWO in the world, their own admissions, and the wakening human consciousness which has desires to survive.  The more the government trolls link to sites they hate the more people read those sites and wake up to the truth (not succumb to lies).  The more they write the names and words of the websites the more the energy of those truth outlets creates thought-forms that exist in the world and spread truth.   Words are very powerful.  The energy in the name of good/truthful people/organizations bears a love which is active in the world in ways that a true psychic understands.  The truth always wins, overcomes and has a power to it which cannot be overcome by evil intentions (in the end).  Evil is a negative imitation of the good, it is the inverse of the good, the upside down version.  Good has the power to invert the evil back into good and the karma of the universe creates/recreates bad intentions/actions into healed goodness which is stronger and more powerful than ever.  I’m saying that if you do/say the good/the truth and it is attacked by evil and evil tries to invert it into pain this only works for a short period because the energy within this actions emerges even stronger as good/salvation from the evil.  In other words, the evil deeds and words backfire on the ones doing it and end up empowering the good.  This isn’t my opinion, I feel it, I see it, I’ve studied it in religions and cultures and philosophy and history.

Any psychic who isn’t out there warning people about what is going on in the world right now clearly has another agenda.  The negative energy swirling around causing anxiety in the hearts and dreams and essence of human consciousness right now cannot be denied.

Evidence of NWO EUGENICS: Planned Parenthood Selling Dead Babies


I just want to point out that more people are waking up to the fact that the NWO is about eugenics.  One of the great accomplishments of the NWO eugenics program is Planned Parenthood.  The recent disturbing videos which show planned parenthood workers discussing how they want to buy fancy cars after they make loads of money selling baby parts provide more than enough evidence that this is a NWO satanic death eugenics agenda.  Started by the well known eugenicist Margaret Sanger, planned parenthood embodies a eugenics fantasy of death, far more effective than the Nazi’s overt agenda since they sell their program as freedom and woman’s rights.  In this age of disappearing freedom, the NWO promotes the only real freedom as the ability to kill babies, soon up to the age of 3!  They like to keep the babies alive after the abortion and sell the parts.  SEE THIS ARTICLE which shows one of the videos where this planned parenthood demon licks her lips at the thought of selling the dead babies for a car.  Even if you are pro-abortion clearly this is not the vision of women’s rights that the media leads people to think is reality, not to mention the fact that selling baby parts is clearly illegal.

Now, I’m going to say what Obama should say:  #BlackLivesMatter, please end the #Eugenics of #PlannedParenthood and the Satanic selling of baby parts.   Obama, I’m very disappointed that you have not addressed this heinous issue.  At least some wonderful leaders in the African American community help to educate us all about this.  A very good website is BlackGenocide.org, see HERE.  I applaud and support such websites and empowered fighters for justice.  Another example of a hero for this cause is Dr. Alveda King, see here.  When we look back on this age these brilliant African Americans fighting for true human rights will be heroes which stand out and made a huge difference for the betterment of humanity.  Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood and black eugenics will be one of the greatest evils in our human history.


Be An Oath Keeper not A NWO Hijacked Military/Government

Marines Nazi Symbol_Carm

We have been taken over and hijacked by the NWO.  They are using our leaders and troops abroad and at home to spread their eugenics, Agenda 21, depopulation, death agenda.  This agenda becomes more obvious and bold every single day.  As the unjust orders increase the Oath Keepers and whistle blowers are needed to make the difference.  Our hope is you, banning together for human rights not committing crimes against humanity which defy the Oaths that you took.  The Oath Keepers are more obvious every day, as we see some few good leaders and troops standing up, speaking out, passing good laws, demanding justice, etc.  We are in a fight for humanity against a very evil cosmic force and your actions/good choices will make every difference for us.  I am not against the military or the government.  In fact, I’m supportive of the good people and Oath Keepers among the government/troops, who are the heart and soul of America.  I  am against unjust orders given by NWO foreign infiltrators pushing an anti-American, anti-human, anti-Constitutional agenda.  Patriots are not terrorists.  Oath Keepers are patriots.  I feel like we need to make Obama (and the media) flash cards to help identify a terrorist.  In one flash card it has a photo of ISL and on the back the correct identification is ‘terrorist.’  Then, we have an image from those ‘no hesitation’ targets of a pregnant American woman with a gun and on the back it says ‘not terrorist, patriot who believes in the second amendment.’



This is an urgent plea for the Obama administration to do the right thing and eliminate gun free zones, especially amid the surplus of terrorist attacks and threats upon our Military recruiting centers and bases.  We have a second amendment right to arms and no one deserves to exercise this more than our young men and women in uniform.  When the five marines died recently the media trolls obviously did not report the obvious connections to ISL.  Obama was too busy writing letters to prisoners to express his public concern and call for the gun free zones to be armed.  O HELL NO, they jump on every opportunity they create to disarm everyone everywhere but in the event that people need to protect themselves after being threatened they just act like ‘hey there is no threat here, don’t be a racist against Islam who wants guns.’  The correct response to all these threats and acts upon our military is a call to arms!! PERIOD.  Where are the trials for those in charge who fail to call to arms to protect our military, within our own borders, from these ISL government created terrorists (Obama supported, according to his own words!)????  I’m very afraid more of our military will die, based on the surplus of increasing threats by ISL.  Is it a coincidence this is happening during Jade Helm?  Kudos to Greg Abbot in Texas who recently called to arm our Texas National Guard.  Obama should follow his example as a leader who is making the correct/good choices for our people to truly protect us against the true terrorists.  Instead, Obama will later stand up and call to disarm everyone to protect us against the terrorists.  However, terrorists like disarmed victims.  They know where to go to find disarmed victims and seek to disarm more people to make more victims.  Well, thanks to Greg Abbot there are a few less gun free zones in Texas for ISL and the NWO to terrorize.  They have to think twice if they want to come after Texans.  Well, rest assured, the ISL terrorists will go to the gun free zones.  It makes sense that Obama does not try to stop their advances on America, because according to his own lips ISL is Obama trained/ funded and armed.  In fact, the only rational explanation for Obama’s lack of responding appropriately to ISL’s attacks/threats on our military is that his response reflects the agenda of the NWO.

Americans Plea to the World; Help Us Avoid Government Camps


I warned about FEMA/Re-education concentration camps years ago and everyone laughed.  Our public education system doesn’t teach about how we had Japanese American Citizens rounded up and put into camps after the bombing of Pear Harbor.  So, history warns of a precedent of our government to create unjust camps.  The government has already created such concentration camps.   Now, our leaders and media are announcing if we disagree with Obama or anything that our government does they will gather up Americans and toss us into concentration camps.  Perhaps this is what all those coffins are for too?  Hillary has already set the stage for ‘fun camps’ for adults so looks like if you disagree with Hilary then you get to go to a camp.  They certainly spy on us and collect data and make lists so they are ready to roll out the camps.  This is not conspiracy any more than if the Jews would have feared a camp and been called conspiracy theorists.

I’m sure when they round people up there will be so much fear in the air that some people will stand down.  DO NOT FOLLOW THESE UNJUST ORDERS, be Oath Keepers if you are in law enforcement or the military.  On behalf of Americans I beg the citizens of the world to notice this and help us avoid it and come to our aid promptly when they do this Nazi like red flag concentration camp nightmare.  Remember their ‘self radicalized’ lone wolves are people who believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and know their rights!  These are the ‘radical terrorists’ they discuss, not ISL.  NO, ISL is on their side. Obama even said it.  TERRORISTS are defined as anyone who gets in the way of the NWO agenda.

Please watch:

#POS Wesley Clark the Nazi

NWO Paid Government Troll Example @VoteMurdochOut Twitter


I just observed a paid government troll in action against our website.  Check out @VoteMurdochOut on Twitter.  They are pro-carbon tax (Al-Gore), pro-Queen of England (Nazi), pro-vaccine (Eugenics), Anti-Texas…so obviously a NWO paid employee.  What is hilarious is they only have 200 followers and they look like bots.  Further, it isn’t enough that no one is looking at what they are writing, let us notice that they say our site is copying some other site.  Hey, that other site, the Vine Psychics, I’ve NEVER HEARD OF and on their site is no record of my computer ID.  LOLOL Who are they, with their minimal followers?  Sheesh, I don’t know whom they are and can’t be bothered to google.  If we do share the same predictions it is because we see the same, not because one copied the other unless they copied us because I can say for sure I don’t know who the crap they are.  If that makes me oblivious that is ok I don’t follow any psychics except my friends who message me on a regular basis.  I don’t even read Liam’s predictions until he posts so I don’t get influenced!!  The evidence for any thinking person is clear, this is a paid government troll and they push a clear NWO anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-intellectual, idiotic and satanic agenda.  Glad they don’t like us, wouldn’t want them to align with us.  Thanks for confirming us.  GUESS WHAT?  WE ARE NOT ENDORSED BY SATAN.  Yipee.

Repression of The True Human Potential By EVIL


The NWO has chosen to chemically attack the human pineal gland, a gland that most people don’t know matters so very much to the human experience.  They work to suppress humanity, our knowledge of whom we are, what we can do, our powers, our reality, our origins, our true essence.  However, there are people among us, immune to their brainwashing, just like a percentage of people will survive a disease for whatever reason.  Their most heinous attack is, in my opinion, on our pineal gland’s through chemicals like fluoride which calcify it and render it inactive.  Can you not sleep?  This is most likely a pineal gland issue.  Do you dream?  IF not, your pineal gland is messed up.  Are you always hot or always cold, never the right temperature?  That is the pineal gland.

I should know, I got meningitis as a young adult and then had an abnormal brain scan that showed my Pineal gland was three times the size it is supposed to be.   Turns out, I have scientific proof my abnormally huge pineal gland is three times bigger than most people and it isn’t cancer or a cyst, just a genetical abnormality.  I have so called ‘royal’ blood in my bloodline, is this what the royals hide, among other things?  I know, for a fact, the abnormal pineal gland causes an ability to see things others might not.  I think it is criminal that the NWO attacks the pineal gland of everyone through chemicals.  Yet, how many of us are abnormal, they can’t even find us…..they don’t know whom we are and what we see, consider that, you NWO.