Moses’ Home

Sorry if this is written in pieces.   A lot of it came at once and it was hard to sort out.   The location of where Moses (or other name of Moses)  was recorded by the Egyptians at the time.  This information about him was well guarded.   Currently there is an expedition to locate some similar information.  They are a group of 5 I think.  They are in the right place,  but are not finding it.  They are looking for something else. The granted time is running out and they do not realize what is really there. On wall to right facing the entrance is a pivoting wall with hieroglyphics.  There are a lot of ways to be booby trapped in picking the wrong key to open it.  Sorry I did not see which one.   There are also plans to cover this up with the construction of a childrens school.   The information leads to a location where Moses lived.  Not sure if it was before or after sea crossing.   There is evidence of a boat used to sail on a lake and some manuscripts.   In this vision I saw college kids learning a strange language writing with Christian roots. Not Aramaic.  Lastly before I lost contact was a woman telling me to learn Aramaic and made me repeat words in the language.  I do not know what I said or the meaning.  Near as I can tell in English translation is “It is said one is man (human) along the river” .  Then she said “that is enough”  in a old christian language.  and was gone.   Post script to this about the language.  It was strange letters that was written from the middle of the page to the top then something separate written at the bottom.  Also oddly enough was that after a period of time the letters would disappear.

Fires west to east

I see a series of fires set with mal intent.  They seem to be synchronized when they are set but are made to look natural.   The fire starts very small in low populated areas but appear to be in industrial locations along the coast or near a waters edge.  There are chemicals involved.   When the authorities discover it’s intent and how bad they are,they begin evacuations.  The freeways are chocked with cars.  People move out of cars and begin walking and running. A lot of screaming.  I see many people trying to navigate through a canyon that little vegetation. The earth looks like a light brown or tanish color.  The sky seems to indicate a time later in the day.   The fires move east and many people are hurt.   Many people get trapped.  This vision feels very sinister to me.  I wish to be very wrong about this.  It was a very strong vision and I would  be remiss if I this could help someone and I did not report it.  I had a real bad head ache and felt dizzy and sick after this one.  It is unusual for me to have physical response like that to a vision.  

Sky is falling

I am having the same feeling like when I saw the meteor fall in Russia a while back.   I keep seeing something in the sky about 6o degrees angle from me.  I keep looking to the west in the sky.  It is something bright there (not the sun  heh) falling or projected there .  Like a bright flash from a camera.   I am not feeling any foreboding like something really bad is going to happen, but I do feel like it is very important and significant. 

Missiles flying

A while back I wrote something on another site which now down.    I still think it is pertinent.   I will try to get this as accurately as I remember…..    I see buildings bombed out. Some have missing walls, but still standing. It looks to be a middle eastern design and color.  The buildings look very vacant as if everyone just left.  I see a few individuals with scarves wrapped around the front of the face.   There is some design  on the scarves.  An intricate pattern of red and black on white scarves.  Missiles  are flying in a westerly direction to another country.  Most of them do not find their target.  Most fly in weird “off” patterns that seem to go in a general direction.  It feels like it was to garner attention and not necessarily be able to do any actual damage.   I must confess that in trying to refresh this vision I was able to see more than the first time.