I’m seeing a lot more health care fraud. I’m seeing massive decline in services and cares. No one following regulations and laws. And huge pushes from Doctors on big pharmaceutical demands.

Now I have been within and around health care for 20 or so years off and on…took a break from it all when I had children, until they reached school age.
Everything I know is simply not being followed. Institutions rounding people up like cattle and treating them awfully! Treating them like business transactions and not as humans!
This terrifies me! The urge to avoid unnecessary is very strong!
I am auto immune so I have learned to educate myself on what I’m putting in my body. And if I won’t put it in my body, I won’t put it in my children’s bodies!
I’m seeing everything I once only saw at VA….but at all health care places!
I knew I’d see it eventually, but I never imagined so quickly.
Doctors not listening to patients. Doctors talking at not to patients….

This is a big area people need to keep an eyes on.


So Much

Where do I begin? I know many who feel the heavy in the air. I know it’s only gotten heavier as time goes.

Between what I live with in my daily life, and media along with lack of any decent sleep. Finding the words for this post has been extremely difficult for me.

I have been swarmed with dreams waking me for this past month. For me they aren’t constantly, they come in waves. I wake numerous times a night…dreams are all death and destruction! So I either try to continue to sleep or get up make coffee and get on with my day.

I see so many bombings, attacks….and yes murders coming! I can not tell anyone where, because what I’ve seen is is rubble and blood. Recent days I dread sleeping, because I know what’s to come in my dreams. I realize news today are states refusing refugees, but fact is it is to late! They are already here among us! They already have plans in the making….

What we have seen is only the beginnings! They will get more destructive they will cause more death. And attacks will not be hidden like media likes to do. I hear screams in my dreams…honestly my dreams do not look like things as I know it! It’s absolutely heartbreaking! 

Now I realize our military, veterans and average citizens will ban together, but question remain if all these people can set personal issues aside to ban together, this I have not seen! I’m not sure why.

I will start trying to write down each nights dreams and maybe make some sense of them. Maybe even on here…I know Fefe would help sort out with me.

Instincts on Ebola

From the beginning I have felt Ebola would turn into a big ordeal. And these past weeks our leaders making statements like “guns are to blame” and ” banning flights from countries riddled with disease would put us in more danger”
Down to hospitals not properly isolating. Now this alone makes me believe it’s being spread on purpose. Because a hospital and staff we all know are trained in isolating patients.
I believe government is to blame. I believe they want nothing more than for citizens to be in fear, and they believe fear will force citizens to give up free will and do whatever they demand.
So between One world order and Muslim extremists and now deadly disease. Ultimate out come they want is reason to enact marshal law. Ways to control citizens. And ultimate out come will be one world order with citizens following their every word.
I know how crazy it sounds. Trust me. But it all falls into place perfectly.

Bad Instincts

So as everyone knows I don’t post often. I read a lot of everyone else’s posts. I have to say, as Fefe knows I’ve had gut instincts for my whole life. After discussing with Fefe she helped put things into perspective in ways I never thought of before. What I’ve learned this past year is, my instincts have grown so much and I now understand why.

I went to the doctor and had some tests done. As crazy as it may sound, and this is the first time I’ve publicly announced anything about what tests came up with. I was diagnosed with lupus, hashimoto diseases and recently adrenal fatigue. Now this doesn’t seem like a big deal to many…..but it is. I have found not only am I aware of my body being off. I’m also aware of my surroundings.

When I’m off I’m more aware. When I’m leveled out it weakens as I’m not on red alert. Currently I’m leveled out. But still had crazy dreams about rioting and violence growing all over the country. Government corruption growing. Because of my dreams I remain on alert now.

I know it all sounds crazy. I know in my heart we will see things happening around us we never expected to see in our life times. It just a matter of time. I can’t give specifics I just know I still feel it!






Dream Last Night

So I do not dream often. But my dream last night was crazy wicked! Puzzle pieces falling…..all face down. Each piece over turned one at a time but never actually came together. Illegals crisis was one piece…..but I do not see children as we are told. I see late teen early 20’s young folks. I see gang bangers and bodies riddled with illnesses not even discovered by our medicine yet. I see citizens becoming ill and I see a government so self absorbed allowing everything that they see reason to order martial law through out the country….then I woke up. I dread sleeping.