Dreams and Predictions for October 2020

I had a lot of predictions to share last month, some of which have either already come true or will in the near future. I do not anticipate having nearly as many this month, as I have been busy with personal issues. I also do not know if I will have another blog post to share this month. I have been trying to write a piece about the aftermath of war, but I’m not able to get the divine inspiration to write it at the moment. Maybe something else will come to me in the course of this month. In the interim, here are a few predictions to share.

1) A bombshell allegation comes out against Biden, either on the issue of Ukraine or relating to rape accusations. This alters the race in Trump’s favor.

2) The other October surprise is the premature announcement that a vaccine is ready for immediate use. Do not trust the news and do not take it if offered. It is deadly.

3) I also want to add this message from Fefelove:

“I’m nervous about war n the election. I think it’s important to get your final preps in place like food.
Maybe it won’t happen but in my mind this is what I think could easily take place:
It’s announced Trump won the vote. Then it’s contested due to mail in or something other thing and fraud is brought into the dialogue. Pelosi uses her new bill to try to vote Biden into office. People r pole rides n pissed, each side thinking the other is stealing and illegitimate. Then Trump refuses to step down n is accused of stealing the office forever. Then assassination attempts and riots explode. It’s possible the violence is coming in bursts all along starting maybe end of October? October surprise. If not this exact scenario many other shitty ones are possible. I’m just not feeling good about this I’ve bern having nervous attacks n night sweats over it and a few other things I think they’ve planning regarding Covid.”

10/2 ETA: I have a prediction to share, but before I do, I’d like to bring your attention to this, as it is urgent. One of Trump’s top aides Hope Hicks just tested positive for Covid, forcing Trump and his wife into quarantine for several days. As I have said before, Trump has already had the virus, being an asymptomatic carrier. Why I’m concerned is that Hope or someone else in Trump’s orbit may have either spread it around to Joe Biden or his staffers, who could infect Biden. Since the debate was done with no masks on, there was enough exposure for transmission to take place. If my senses are correct, then we will hear about Biden’s infection within a weeks time. If he gets it, then he will be dead by the end of the month, forcing Kamala Harris to take his place on the ticket instead. Not that this will alter the race (though it could depending on who she chooses as her VP), but it will create chaos nonetheless. Watch for it very closely.

In the meantime, here’s my other prediction.

4) I am seeing a plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean. The casualties are low because the flight is practically empty, maybe 30-40 people tops. Sometime at the end of the month or early into the next one.

Additional ETA: Don’t believe the reports of Trump testing positive for Covid currently. He has already had it and decided to use this moment to announce it to avoid the next debate. Michael Moore is right about this, even though he is being flamed for saying it. What really should be concerning is the fact that Biden and his team were exposed to the virus. This leads to another dream based prediction.

5) I had a dream last night with a newspaper headline that said “Biden Tests Positive for Coronavirus.” This indicates that he has already contracted the virus, though we may not know this until next week. He should cancel his events for the foreseeable future, as he will become a spreader himself if he doesn’t quarantine. The dream didn’t mention if he would die. I will post an update if I get confirmation of this.

8/8 ETA: A couple of things to note before I post another prediction. One is that I may not have a new blog post to share this month. I have been very busy and have not had the time to compose it. If you do see one, it won’t be posted until the end of the month. Second is that it is becoming more obvious that Trump used the Covid diagnosis to skip the next debate, seeing as he cancelled his participation in the second one scheduled for next week. I accurately called this happening in last month’s prediction post when I said there’d be only one or two debates. My only instinct so far that has not been fulfilled is Biden’s diagnosis of Covid. It seems that he would have already tested positive by now if he was infected at the last debate. However, if transmission came a day or two removed, then we may not hear about a positive test until Saturday, maybe even Monday next week. I’m not going to call it a fail just yet, seeing as I still have a very bad vibe surrounding Biden. With that out of the way, here’s my next prediction.

6) Radical Orthodox Jewish rabble rouser and Trump supporter Heschy Tischler better watch out. If he doesn’t tone down his rhetoric soon, then he’s going to end up like Meir Kahane by the end of next week or by years end.

8/15 ETA: I may have a new post for the month after all. It is the long awaited Aftermath of World War 3 blog post. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of the month. It is also important to warn that now two staffers in the Biden campaign have tested positive for Covid, which is a very bad sign. Though I had thought Biden would have gotten exposed by now, if these staffers contracted the virus only 3-5 days ago and exposed him, then that means we may not hear of a positive Biden infection until Sunday or Monday next week. Be on the lookout for this in the near future. If it turns out he gets it, then it will kill him. On a related note, prediction #1 has already been fulfilled. The story itself may have loopholes, but Twitter and Facebook’s censorship of this New York Post story is going to become a big scandal that threatens Biden’s standing in the race. It will not only amplify the story even further, it will also cause accusations to arise that Democrats want to censor the internet (which they do….but so do Republicans). Watch for this being discussed at the Town Halls tonight ad nauseam. It will have a major impact on the race. With that out of the way, here’s another prediction to share.

7) Look out for rising popularity of the new Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms. It will be one of, if not the last big series to explode on the cultural scene before productions go dark in the near future.

8/22 ETA: With Trump seeming to “recover” from his Covid infection (his quick “recovery” all but confirms to me that he didn’t have it at that time), the race still seems out of his grasp. Despite this, I still hold that he will win, especially because of the eerie feeling I got today when he leaked, in advance, his interview with the CBS program 60 Minutes. It gave me the vibe of when Michael Jackson leaked his own footage from his disastrous interview with the now Covid stricken Martin Bashir. The leak, which served to offset the negative publicity he was receiving from the Bashir interview and helped to build sympathy for him from the criminal case into his supposed pedophilia, resulted in an acquittal on all the charges he faced. This seems like history repeating itself in some ways. I would like to point out that, as this was happening, an arrest was made today of a man who was attempting to assassinate Biden. Danger is still in his purview. He’s not out of the woods yet. In the mean time, if you haven’t read my latest blog post for the month, you should check it out. It’s not as comprehensive as I would have liked, but it will have to do for the time being. With all that out of the way, here’s another prediction to share.

8) A former first lady, either Rosalyn Carter or Laura Bush, will pass away from Covid either by the end of the year or early into the next one.

8/28 ETA: If it wasn’t obvious before, Trump has come out and said it on the record. During a rally yesterday, Trump insinuated that Biden would be assassinated within the first few months of taking office if he were to win. This is a coded threat, intended to endanger him even further. Despite Biden’s luck in evading death so far, with less than a week to go until election day, the threats will get even more severe. Watch out for this. Even if he manages to survive all the threats, it will still vindicate my bad vibes about the danger that surrounded his failed candidacy. With that out of the way, here’s my last few predictions for the month.

9) Certain parts of the country will have an extremely unusual warm spurt in November, while others will be abnormally cold for this time of year.

10) Don’t expect another bailout or more stimulus checks, even after the election.

11) About a quarter to a third of all mail in ballots will end up being tossed or rejected by the courts. This critical action tips the election in Trump’s favor. It will not, however, benefit his party down ballot.

A Season For Giving Shuts Down

I managed to get in two blog posts this month and it’s only the 9th. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this.

As this year begins to draw to a close and World War 3 looms ever closer to our purview, I wanted to draw attention to some notable events to be on the lookout for in the near future. Before our world goes to complete hell, we will have one more holiday season to celebrate. Already dampened due to the pandemic, it will be unlike any we have experienced in recent memory. Not only will the inevitable social isolation create strain and relief, certain events will take place that will cause a collective reevaluation of our values and change our future celebrations.

Let’s start with the obvious challenges to the celebration of Thanksgiving this year. Travel will be extremely limited, so most gatherings will be with immediate family and friends or alone in isolation. Suicide numbers will go up this season from previous ones due to this loneliness, but most will try to see at least someone during this time and video call those they love when they can’t do that. There will be no parades or other glitzy events in the streets of major cities, like usual, creating a dark eeriness where cheer once flourished. The mood overall will be solemn, far from the aura of joyousness of previous years past.

Adding to the chaos will be the organization of big protests for indigenous people’s rights. Mass gatherings across the country will take place organized by Native American groups looking to end the celebration of Christopher Columbus and the holiday of Thanksgiving. The protests will be brutalized by police, but they will spark a new conversation on the foundation of this country and the genocide of its original inhabitants. It is a long overdue discussion and it will spark some much needed changes when the war is over a few years from now.

For the capitalist class, two big events dampen the mood of their perpetual greed. One is that Christmas sales will plunge this year. Consumer confidence will be at an all time low due to mass unemployment and poverty, so dismal sales will further crater our already vulnerable economy. Black Friday, normally a time of big crowds and big shopping, will see empty stores or stores that are looted by anarchists and rioters. Online sales will be decimated as well, so this will not be in relation to any fear of going outside or into stores to shop.

The second development is that more people will be on strike this year. Stores like Walmart and Target will not have employees working there during the holiday season, as they demand better pay and the advocacy of single payer health care nationwide. Labor militancy, already rising this year, will reach a new high in the fall, becoming one of the boiling parts that sparks an overthrow of the US government. People will finally see the value of their collective labor and will learn how to use it to force change in society. Although these actions will plunge the world economy into a great depression, it will be the first time that ordinary people confront the mass income inequality that our system has produced over the last several decades.

In spite of the unrest in the streets that is coming, one positive development manages to make itself known this upcoming holiday season. Time spent with family, friends and loved ones will be more important this year. Seeing as much of the year was spent socially isolated, those that are able to will gather and appreciate the time they have with the ones they love. Many families will reunite after spending months apart, being a brighter spot in a very dark year. This will cause many people to place less emphasis on gift giving and more on the genuine human connection with the people we care about most. Against the desires of the powers that be, this becomes a permanent mentality shift amongst millions of Americans, away from greed and towards human love and compassion.

My message for you all is simple. Cherish the time with the ones you love during this upcoming holiday season. It will be the last one celebrated for a number of years due to what is coming down the pipeline. Make it count because you may never get another one after this, seeing as much of the population will be decimated in the aftermath of the upcoming war.

The Remaining Campaign Season: Why Biden Blew It and Why Trump Will Win Re-Election

A lot of people were surprised when I changed my prediction in last month’s blog post to say that Trump would win reelection this November. I had been meaning to do this for a little while, but never got around to it. I still had the feeling that we would see some last minute interventions up until the conventions that would alter the trajectory of the race and the election. Since these events did not come to pass, howeverm I’m going to post this blog post to lay out how I foresee the rest of the election season turning out. Although many will be distressed to read this, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me get this out of the way right off the bat. I admit that I had said earlier this year that I believed we’d have a female president who would win after the presidential nominee, at the time Bernie Sanders, died before the election. That was contingent upon him getting the nomination. Though I believe his female Vice Presidential candidate would have won (likely to be Nina Turner, who may still be a factor in the future) if the election was held fairly, that was not the case. The plain fact remains that Bernie was cheated out of the nomination by Joe Biden, which I had warned about happening since January. Not only were there election irregularities in terms of exit polls vs final results, there was a consolidation in the field, pushed by Obama, to deny Bernie the nomination in South Carolina when it looked he he’d have it in the bag from the previous states. Biden was coronated by the power players in the party, so it changed the trajectory of the race. This is something similar to what Jeremy Corbyn experienced in the UK, being cheated out of winning the Prime Ministership by foreign interference and sabotage within the Labour party.

I always had a bad vibe around Joe Biden. When Bernie looked to be decimated in the primary, I felt that Biden would be assassinated before the convention or die from Coronavirus (note that he still might). That bad vibe feels like it’s going to be validated with how things are going to turn out in the end. I had a dream many months ago where Biden really seemed genuinely curious about how he could win the election. I had said to appeal to stupid people, which he has done with his choice of convention speakers. Even he had doubts about his candidacy in my dream, but defeating Bernie was the top priority of the powers that be. That kind of cheating is going to come back to haunt him and the Democrats when his rival cheats him out of a general election victory.

The single biggest mistake Biden made this election cycle was his vice presidential choice. I have never seen Kamala Harris in the white house at any point. I mentioned a while back that I had a dream where pink ooze would slime out of her, meaning her rot and corruption would be exposed. This indicates that it will be in relation to her time as district attorney, especially on the heels of more protests and riots against police murder and brutality. It’s why Amy Klobachur, who was the initial VP choice, dropped out of contention after the fallout over her shielding the officer who murdered George Floyd during a previous case of misconduct. A similar problem will happen to Harris when an officer she let off as a prosecutor murders someone during the campaign season.

In terms of not being able to read a room, Biden succeeds in spades. Biden should have gone with his initial instinct of choosing Susan Rice, if he couldn’t bring himself to pick Nina Turner. I believed for a while that she might be the VP nominee and could win the election against Trump if Biden were to die before the fall. Harris, on the other hand, would be accused of murder and sabotage if Biden dies and it would plunge her polling numbers in a matchup against Trump. Instead of going with his gut instinct, Biden went with a choice imposed on him by his former boss, Barack Obama. The choice of Harris as VP was an Obama decision. Like with his insistence on Tom Perez as the DNC chair, however, it will blow up in his face and destroy what’s left of his legacy.

Some might question how Trump could win reelection, despite seemingly insurmountable odds against him. Trump’s poll numbers aren’t strong now, but he will rally again in the fall. Bernie’s delegates revolting in public appearances over Biden policy announcements, coupled with more rioting over more police murder, will shift the race back into Trump’s column. Biden’s public appearances will continue to be disastrous and more sexual assault allegations will arise where they should have been coming out sooner, on top of poor debates where Biden struggles to compete against Trump. All of this leads to a November election that will be marred with voting problems and attempts at fraud and cheating.

Mail in voting is turned off in key swing states. Polling sites will be limited, packing people into crowds where the threat of infection, as Covid numbers rise again, are high. A second wave in key swing states deters people from voting in person, so many will just decide not vote at all, rather than go through the risk of dying to vote for a candidate they aren’t enthusiastic about. For those that do brace death to go to the polls, more voter suppression will come into play in the form of invalidating voter registrations, via evictions and other forms of racist repression. All of this helps Trump eke out another victory in the electoral college, this time picking up states he didn’t win last time, such as Nevada, Minnesota and even potentially Vermont. Though he may lose the popular vote again, the popular vote does not decide the victor. Where the election counts is where Trump gets a crucial edge. Though many will consider it illegal, much of the tactics he will are legal, if not unethical and corrupt. For the stuff that is illegal, he will get away with it, as he has up until this point.

I would like to point out that what makes this election season so detrimental is that Biden’s run for the presidency is the last chance for the intelligence community to remove Trump non violently. Another assassination attempt against Trump took place very recently, showing how desperate they are to remove him from office. When Trump wins again, they will have run out of all options to remove him peacefully and he will be even less restrained in his actions in office. Though I believed they’d be successful at killing him years ago, with Trump’s paranoia on high and a war with China brewing, I believe there’s a strong chance that Trump will only be removed when the uprising picks up steam domestically next year. From there, the real revolution begins and the US as we know it is toppled forever. No one is spared from the violence. Not Democrats nor Republicans.

I wish things could have turned out differently. I do not like the path we are on and I know the violence and devastation will be horrific and traumatic for millions of people worldwide. However, the intervention I said would need to take place to prevent this has not, and does not appear, to be occurring. So, counter any sort of divine intervention by forces beyond our comprehension, prepare for more dark times ahead. It’ll be a number of more years before things will get better again. When this is all over, though, we will see peace on Earth for the first time in ages. It’s sad how much blood will be shed to get there, but the circumstances are what they are.

Dreams and Predictions for September 2020

Two things I want to get right off the bat. The first is that I will probably have two blog posts to share this month, as opposed to the usual one. I have my election blog post ready to post, so I will be doing that shortly. My other blog post needs a few more revisions, but will be ready to share in a week or two.

The second thing is I want to mention something about how my prediction on the tragic death of an Avengers star was partially fulfilled last month. I didn’t mention Chadwick Boseman specifically, but I did mention one actress in particular who I believe may still be in danger this year after all. Cobie Smulders is high on my watch list for a number of reasons. She was born in the same year and country as Glee actor Cory Monteith. They were both TV actors who occasionally starred in movies. They are both in the line of fire of a deadly curse, Cory having already succumbed to it via a drug overdose. Cobie could die of Covid during the second spike in cases this fall, so keep a very close eye on her, especially as her show goes back into production. Other than that, over the next few years, I still will be watching the other actors I mentioned in my original prediction; Jeremy Renner for suicide and Brie Larson for either murder or a car crash.

With that out of the way, here’s some predictions to share.

1) There will only be one, maybe two debates, which Joe Biden performs poorly at and Trump surprisingly does very well in.

2) Biden will face an aggressive heckler during a campaign stop who is subdued and arrested by secret service.

3) Kanye West will not be a major factor in the election, as he will receive less than 100,000 votes. In other words, not enough to flip any state decisively in Trump’s corner.

4) There will be factory stoppages in the near future over health and safety risks, which will start to effect the food supply chain, especially when Covid cases spike again.

9/3 ETA: Some more predictions.

5) A major celebrity will die of a drug overdose this fall. Actress, someone in their mid to late twenties. Can’t quite tell who it is yet.

6) I believe that, within two weeks, New York City’s teachers will go on strike after ousting their union president Michael Mulgrew for failure to protect them from the spread of Covid. De Blasio won’t like how this plays out for him. Cuomo won’t either. It will hurt Biden as well. Trump will be filled with glee.

7) Another city goes up in flames in the midwest within a weeks time over a police shooting. It’s not one that has seen such activity before. I’m thinking somewhere in Michigan or maybe even Illinois.

8) The second wave of Covid will start to pick up near Nevada and Arizona by the end of the month and spreads like wildfire across the southeastern and western regions. The northeast is relatively spared, though some pockets of high cases emerge.

9) Spikes of Covid cases will be prevalent on film and tv sets in the next three weeks, forcing most US productions to shut down, though I suspect Canada’s will continue on without interruption.

10 Vaccine testing on a trial basis will see a breakthrough this month. The one I suspect will be the one that will ultimately be successful is this one. It will give immunity to the US and Europe faster than China and other parts of the world, which do not fully vaccinate their populations for another year at least.

9/8 ETA: Before I share more predictions, I wanted to mention this article from a young man dying of cancer. It’s a great sort of preview into the second of my blog posts for this month, though not entirely. What makes it even sadder is the fact that, despite only having weeks to live, he does not seem to realize that he will not be alone in passing on in the near future. With a devastating war and multiple uprisings coming, many souls will be joining him in the afterlife, likely even some of the readers of this site. I know that I will not be leaving along with them at this time, but it saddens me to know how abrupt many people’s lives will be ending in the near future. It gives me no pleasure to say it, but this is the consequence of an elite refusing to cede power to the demands of ordinary people on the streets.

With that out of the way, here’s some more predictions to share.

11) There will be a mass shooting at a polling site this year. In a black neighborhood, either in Florida or somewhere in the mid west. It could psychologically scar people from voting for the rest of the day.

12) Trump announces policy shifts not just to Biden’s right, but also to his left. Expect him to dangle a pardon for Julian Assange, a “peace treaty” with the Taliban and the consideration of universal health care. Don’t trust him to follow through on any of it, but he will make promises like these to gain independent voters. It will work.

13) More tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and its neighbors, along with in the streets of major cities. Likely in relation to Palestine.

14) More terrorism to come in Europe, particularly in France and Germany. The UK snuffs out a similar plot, which Boris Johnson hails publicly as a personal victory.

15) Food shortages are coming, leading to increasing hunger throughout the world.

16) Expect more riots in the streets this fall, especially in places that have not had them yet.

17) There is a terrorist plot involving a bomb in Central Park. Not sure if this will end up being successful or not.

18) More labor unrest is coming in the NBA, especially protesting policies to fund more police departments. Obama will not be able to snuff these out like he did the last time.

19) Expect rising Covid cases in South Africa and its neighbors in the near future.

20) A wave of bankruptcies is coming, particularly as a result of mortgage defaults and credit card defaults.

9/16 ETA: It was brought to my attention that the Avengers actress Diana Rigg has recently passed away. It’s very possible that this is related to the Avengers curse, because I foresaw one of the actresses dying of cancer. I would like to think that this is it for the year, but deaths do sometimes happen in threes. I’m still worried for Cobie Smulders, though a third actor could die suddenly as well. Keep an eye on this until the end of the year, where I don’t see another casualty again for another three years after that.

With that out of the way, here are more predictions.

21) I am seeing Youtube shut down for several minutes, maybe even several hours, weeks or months, due to a cyber hacker corrupting the server. Millions, possibly even billions of videos vanish in the blink of an eye. It seems to have Iranian origins, but it could be Chinese or North Korean related as well.

22) I see credit card machines down for many days, which interrupts the economy.

23) There will also be attempts at cyber hacking banks by the Russians, which see millions of dollars stolen.

24) As a result of these incidents, cyber security becomes a more prominent issue in the near future.

25) Assad seems to be facing another assassination attempt in the near future. Not sure if it’s successful or not.

26) Expect Europe to go into a continent wide lockdown again in the near future, probably within four weeks.

The Insane and Toxic Obsession With Meghan Markle

I really thought long and hard about writing this blog post. In times like ours where our attention should be turned to matters of more importance, this kept bugging me and I feel it is time to draw attention to it. I don’t like to start drama with other psychics as a general rule. However, I warned a certain gossipy psychic a few months ago that I would comment on this publicly if they didn’t stop going after Meghan Markle. The obsession on their site is borderline stalkerish. I get horrible vibes from what they are putting out into the universe. Now it’s gone too far and it’s time for me to speak up.

Let’s start by delving a bit into the psychic in question. Our gossipy psychic has a history of copying Blind Gossip blind items and making them into “predictions.” They also have a long track record of being extremely off the mark in their observations. For example, let’s talk about how they wondered why “Trump won” four years ago, despite confidently predicting a Hillary Clinton victory. It’s obvious why he won and only those not blinded by partisanship could see it. Hillary was corrupt. Wikileaks was a factor in her loss, as I mentioned on the site four years ago, but her corruption and deep unpopularity, coupled with her elevating Trump as her own campaign foil, did her in. Trump did get a boost from other sources, but at the end of the day, he didn’t win. Hillary lost.

For the last four years since, this gossipy psychic have ragged on Trump (admittedly, deservedly), despite being friends with some of his close allies. It is extremely damning for them to praise Piers Morgan, despite his previous vile behavior and his own friendship with Trump. I have met Piers Morgan once before. He was a vile, nasty, toxic individual and what has come out about him over the years proves it. How can you hate Trump, but then love the people who enable him to do the things that he does? A certain reflection of their own inner circle is in order, seeing as they don’t have the best read on the people they know personally. It blinds them from making honest assessments about “friends” in the industry.

None of this would have been uttered by myself on this website had it not been for their most frequent target of scorn: Former Duchess Meghan Markle. It may be true that she is a vapid, stupid celebrity, but the level of hatred she gets from this psychic and from others online is completely unwarranted. Frankly, it is extremely sickening. Much of it is fueled by racist, middle aged white women who need to get over themselves about their beloved Prince Harry marrying a biracial black woman. The amount of posts on her that this gossipy psychic and many others have published over the last several years is overkill. It gives off a vibe of mania and rage. It is time to leave Meghan alone and let her live her life. Despite how it may be good for website clicks to go on about her, it is not healthy for you or for the people in Meghan’s inner circle who don’t deserve the hate that they get.

I admit that I have written about this royal couple before, correctly predicting that their would be attempts at stripping of their titles. I intend to follow my own advice, one that I am sharing with others. I will add this to my predictions and then I don’t wish to say anymore about them. Will Harry stay married to her? Probably not, but it would only be because of pressure from the Queen and not of his own doing. He’s faced threats to his life before as the spare, rather than the heir. Now his life his forfeit, being sixth to the throne. Not wanting to play a role any longer, Harry willingly left the life of royal duties. The love on one end of the marriage is genuinely real, his to her. Harry saw Meghan as a way of escaping the family he grew to despise over the years. He’s not going to leave LA, or Meghan, willingly. He would have to be forced out against his will.

If the Queen drags him back to the UK by force, then good luck getting Archie to come along with him. The implosion of the US will see relations strained with the UK in the short term, meaning the royals will have no control over whether Archie comes back or not. It would be a horrible tragedy to break apart their marriage and family because of their feelings on Meghan’s conduct since separating from the royal family. It is one that can be prevented if people (and Buckingham Palace) just leave them alone and let them live their lives in peace.

Even though I worry for her safety, I do suspect that Meghan will be fine in the end, no matter what happens. She isn’t some villain doing evil in the world. She is no different than other stupid celebrities just trying to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. She may have married up to help boost her career, but she is going to find her own way financially and independent of the UK taxpayer. In the grand scheme of things, she does no real harm and should be allowed to do her own thing without the constant judgement of the press.

The people who are obsessively posting about her need to get a life before bad karma hits them where it hurts the most. The gossipy psychic fueling all of this needs to get a clue. As Elsa sang in the movie “Frozen,” it’s time to let it go. Meghan’s not worth hurting yourself for more clickbait on your blog. Just leave her alone. It’s the moral thing to do. You’d know this if you looked into your heart for the truth.

Dreams and Predictions for August 2020

I am having a bit of a back and forth in deciding what blog to post for this month. One has details for events that won’t happen until the fall, while the other has to do with a certain “gossipy” psychic who I’ve warned about in the past. I will hopefully make up my mind soon. In the meantime, here’s some predictions to share.

1) Don’t expect any sort of economic recovery to occur anytime soon, in spite of congress working to pass a broader stimulus package within two weeks. Markets will continue to plunge and mass layoffs are coming down the pipeline.

2) Expect China to engage in cyber warfare as a preview of what is to come. Several major websites will be shut down and some will face permanent destruction of their servers.

3) A major female celebrity has a car crash in Los Angeles, though I’m not exactly sure who. Blonde woman.

4) It is the end of the Ellen Degeneres Show. She will announce her exit by the end of next week.

8/11 ETA: In case you’re curious.

5) Trump will win reelection this fall.

8/21 ETA: With the Democratic convention done and with the chaos in the streets at a minimum, I will have my post convention blog, explaining why I had to change my prediction and why Biden can’t win, by September. I also would like to point to this recent event, the poisoning of Putin’s political rival Alexei Navalny. Very bad sign if he dies, especially as it relates to Biden. In the meantime, I have some more predictions to share.

6) I suspect someone will be killed in the near future by an officer that Kamala Harris let off when a previous misconduct case came before her desk as the district attorney. It will tank her the way Derek Chauvin tanked Amy Klobachur.

7) Watch out for Britney’s safety again. As she tries to assert her right to freedom, those in her inner circle and the powers that be will stop her before she is able to do so, as I have warned for years now. She might make it to September, but I’m not feeling confident. Her time is short.

8) I also feel that time is short for Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot. I have a hard time seeing her hanging onto her office past the election. If she hasn’t stepped down by then, it is possible that someone will shoot her.

9) Watch out for Steve Bannon’s safety. He may be open to talking to prosecutors to minimize his sentence and will be silenced by Trump’s team if he does so.

10) The former Pope Benedict will pass away by the end of the year. There will also be a sex scandal emerging soon around cardinals and bishops hiring prostitutes.

8/23 ETA: A comment from below prompted me to post this.

11) There will be something of a “general strike” that takes place right before the election this fall. This will hurt Biden’s poll numbers, but will lead to several benefits for the unions and workers who organize the work stoppages.

8/29 ETA: I’ve gotten several messages about this already, so I figured I’d put this in an update. In my 2020 predictions post, I said that a star of the Avengers would die tragically this year due to a dark ritual performed in the final Avengers movie. The curse has now taken its first victim in Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman. Though I did not predict his death specifically, I left my prediction vague enough because I wasn’t 100% sure who would die first. I believe the actors I had mentioned are safe for the time being. However, I do believe that the curse will take another victim within the next three years (not related to the war that is about to come). Continue to watch Colbie Smoulders, Jeremy Renner and Brie Larson, like I had originally mentioned. I have bad vibes from all three of them of an early end to their lives.

I would also like to bring to your attention the fact that the threats against de Blasio continue, this time coming from one of the heads of the Police unions. This comes after he was prominently attacked during the RNC convention this week. So although he did not resign or get killed in June and may still live out the end of August, it is indisputable that the threats against him are still in the air and he is living on borrowed time. He’s been extremely lucky, but his luck will run out.

With all of that out of the way, I have another prediction to share. Probably the final one for the month.

12) There will be a second wave of Covid before a vaccine is distributed, this time being deadlier than the first wave and where most of the deaths will occur for the pandemic. Late October/early November is the vector for the next and likely final spike in cases. It is notable that the areas that got hit the hardest first will be spared, while those who saw spikes this summer will get the worst of the death counts this fall.

The United States of Africa and A United Caribbean

This may not seem like something our readers will want to know about, considering all of the problems our world is currently facing at the moment, but I feel the need to say it anyway. It will give some attention to areas of the world I do not regularly write about. With all of the talk of the oppression of black people around the world, it’s important to note that it will not remain this way for much longer. With this blog post, I will present a future that will go from people shouting Black Lives Matter to Black Power all over the world. The source of this power comes not from the US, but from elsewhere on the planet.

One of the first major changes for black liberation comes when African nations unite sometime in the 2030’s. Right now, the continent is bitterly divided, particularly the north from the south. In the aftermath of war, with the two major powers, the US and China, down for the count, a power vacuum emerges that sees a scramble to fill it. India takes an initial grip hold, but it will not last due to their treatment of Pakistanis. As such, much of the world looks for an alternative to challenge their new found power. This will come as the nations of Africa see an opportunity to gain power on the world stage.

Past African leaders, from Muammar Gaddafi to Robert Mugabe, have been assassinated and ousted from power for advocating for a unified continent. With the implosion of US and China’s power, space is opened to pursue this avenue where it did not exist before. The idea gains traction throughout the continent and becomes more popular as more leaders advocate for it. A vote takes place across the continent in every nation, sometime by the end of this decade or early into the next one. The vote to unify the continent will be approved by a large margin, somewhere in the 70 to 80% mark. This will lead to the formation of the third (or second, depending on how many Chinese people die in the war) largest country in the world, The United States of Africa.

During the next few years following the vote, the structure of this newly established government will take place. The entire continent will end up sharing the same currency. military and national policy. There will be one leader, a president or prime minister, and then two adjacent governing bodies composed of representatives of every African country on the continent. It will be overseen by a high court and a governing body that serves as a veto on the absolute power of the presidency. After its official establishment, the new United States of Africa becomes the leading nation of Earth, surpassing India in terms of power and influence.

Consecutively to this newly formed United Africa, the island of the Caribbean will gain their independence from their colonizers this decade. One by one, various islands in the Caribbean will hold votes to remove their dependence on the bigger nations that currently rule over them. Nations like Curacao, Bermuda and Antigua are the first to gain independence in the aftermath of war, but by the end of the decade, every island nation will have declared its liberation, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Unfortunately for these islands, most of them will find that the west will not let them go so easily. Following their own liberation, poverty flourishes in each respective island from being on their own for the first time in centuries. The west, angry at the success of this movement for freedom, pits each island against each other, with the support of powerful financial interests. They do this in the hopes of breaking their spirits. While this does weaken the islands at first, it only serves to strengthen the desire to fight back against these attacks on their sovereignty by the nations that once ruled over them.

Modeling their movement to the events that take place throughout the African continent, an eventual pact is formed amongst the block of Caribbean nations to unite under a federal governing system. Though it will not be as all encompassing as the one that is established in Africa, they will will share the same currency and a military is formed to protect all the nations. Cuba enters this pact, shedding some of its absolute control to establish a stronger economic support system with the other nations. Despite this new arrangement being opposed by the west, it will flourish anyway, in spite of their objections.

I hope this blog serves as a bit of a positive reflection on what is to come for the world. It seems, with how dark things are these days, that peace will never come again in our lifetime. However, I feel that this, and other developments I will post about at another time, will serve as light in a world of darkness. May the movement for black lives take on the form of freedom and liberation. Oppression will soon end, as will white supremacy.

Dreams and Predictions for July 2020

I have a draft of a blog for this month, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to post it yet. I have been preoccupied for the last few weeks, so my attention on this site has been greatly reduced. I still feel there’s going to be some volatility in the election, though it may not seem that way right now. I also have been shown through visions why de Blasio has not been forced to resign yet. He has very powerful protectors, devilish ones. What his evil has exposed is the rot in the entire system. Perhaps the outrageousness of his actions were required to reveal this to the world, but it’s becoming more and more apparent how horrible the government is, irrespective of Trump. Revolution is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time. In the interim, here’s some predictions.

1) Mass evictions this summer will leave millions homeless around the world. The streets will be filled people unable to seek shelter by the time the fall rolls around.

2) A major bank will go belly up by the late summer, early fall because they will not be receiving any more bailouts. Expect this to cascade into a large scale series of job losses as a result.

3) Facebook will face tougher regulations by lawmakers, controlling what content they can allow on their site and censoring dissent. This will see a major implosion in the amount of its users.

4) A Trump ally will face criminal indictment over money laundering, though it will have no impact on the campaign.

5) Susan Collins will announce her resignation before the election, either due to family illness or bad polling numbers.

6) Amy McGrath will not defeat Mitch McConnell in the November election, should it occur (which I’m starting to have doubts about).

7/5 ETA: You may think that I’m jumping on a trending topic with this following prediction, but I’m really not.

7) I had sent an email yesterday to a friend of the site, Michael McLellan of New Prophecy, warning him about danger to come for Kim Kardashian this summer due to her ties to Trump. I suspected either she would commit suicide or be murdered by her husband, Kanye West, before he committed suicide. Not even 24 hours after sending that email, Kanye announces that he is running for president, likely at the urging of Trump to split the black vote. I really think this is a very bad idea and it makes a tragic end for the two of them in August extremely likely. I have warned about danger for these two for years. I hope Kim can get Kanye to back down off his high horse before it’s too late. This foolish attempt at a presidential run will cost both of them their lives if he doesn’t reconsider this absurd decision of his soon.

7/22 ETA: Some more predictions.

8) Fires in San Francisco. Not sure if this related to protests or arson or just a random fire, but it’s going to leave the city in tatters by the end of August.

9) Florida is going to have a very bad hurricane season, topping off with a devastating storm in October that leaves thousands, possibly even millions homeless and many people dead.

10) While I may have said previously that de Blasio would be gone by June, if anyone has paid attention to New York City politics, you’d know that the situation is still volatile and the unrest is still lingering below the surface. Case in point: a shooting and a stabbing occurred just mere feet away from where de Blasio made rare public appearances in recent days. Another psychic website says that de Blasio might be gone by August, rather than June. It’s entirely possible, so people should still look out for this in the near future as anger still ferments against him.

A Burning Hot Summer

I’m glad I posted a more optimistic blog post last month before posting this one. I did so in the hopes of giving comfort and strength to my readers who so desperately need it during these difficult times. However, I also want to make sure the darker side of reality is being addressed as well. Lots of bad things are coming on the horizon before the war begins. You’ve seen a preview of this in regards to the uprising in Minneapolis. I’m going to address some of them here in this blog post.

First off, this will be the hottest summer on record. Many places throughout the world will experience record heat, even south of the equator. Europe and the western US will experience frequent brownouts. Many will die from heat stroke or from contracting Coronavirus during hospitalization. Hurricanes will have a greater intensity this coming season, leaving a record number of people homeless. There will be two major earthquakes, but I’m not totally sure where they will take place. The displacement these natural disasters cause further leaves people vulnerable to contracting and spreading coronavirus around.

Terrorism will become a common occurrence this summer, but not from Islamic groups, as we have previously seen. We’ve seen some of it already in reaction to the murder of George Floyd by the police. It will get worse as the months go on, because the anger will not dissipate and the powers that be will keep provoking people with their outrageous and despicable actions. We will see blood shed in the streets by the summer, most notably politicians blood. De Blasio still faces the threat of assassins bullet, but he’s not the only one on my watch list. Both Biden and Trump will face close calls, along with Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Others will have brushes with death, including Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio. It will be a dangerous time to be a politician, which will see them shut down congress and refuse to legislate further for the year. It will continue to be dangerous for them for years to come, as people have had enough of their lies and corruption.

We have seen major riots all across the world in response to the murder of George Floyd. What happened in Minneapolis has become a nationwide trend, even in more conservative areas. We’ve seen stores looted and business shut down, further creating problems for the economy. I believe that these types of riots will happen again this summer; twice, in fact. One major outbreak comes in July and the other major outbreak comes just before the Democratic convention. By the time it’s all over, most major cities will become ghost towns and a mass exodus occurs amongst the wealthy into the suburbs.

The Democratic convention will be pure pandemonium. Even if Biden isn’t assassinated before the convention (which is a big concern, considering Trump’s open threats against him), there will be a major challenge to his candidacy. His frequent racist comments and weakened mental state, coupled with more accusations of sexual assault, cause a revolt by the delegates, especially Bernie’s. My original prediction of Bernie temporarily claiming the nomination before contracting and dying of Covid 19 could still occur if Biden continues to raise doubts about his viability in November and doubts grow about his ability to beat Trump. It may seem unlikely now, with the polls so decisively in his favor, but I have a feeling certain people who are ready to talk will be changing the conversation very shortly.

My biggest worry about all of the chaos that is to come is that it could make conditions ripe for a quicker escalation of war with China. Already, China is preparing for war with the US, as both major party political candidates fan the fames of conflict. I do believe that this will trigger an uprising that works to topple the elected government of the United States, no matter who leads it. By next year, the nation will be at war with itself for the first time since the original civil war.

This summer will be bad, but like with the problems caused by the Covid 19 pandemic so far, it’s only just the beginning. As I warned months ago, it will get worse from here on in. Peace will come some day, but first the Earth will cleanse itself of the toxins that pollute its surface.

Dreams and Predictions for June 2020

As the calls for de Blasio’s resignation grow and the situation in New York City gets more heated, a big change is afoot. I have a blog post draft for this month to publish called “A Burning Hot Summer.” Some of the things I wrote about have already happened, but others have not. I want to see how developments play out first before I post it, seeing as I may need to add or subtract things beforehand. In the meantime, here are some predictions to share.

1) I had a dream about a reopened theme park. There were far less people than before, with major social distancing enforced. A lot of rides were closed or being renovated to fit with new social distancing protocols. This seems to suggest that theme parks will try to open up this summer, but how long this will last remains to be seen.

2) Film production will try to start up again this summer, but will shut down after more coronavirus spikes.

3) De Blasio will not be the only politician feeling the heat to resign. Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles, Lori Lightfoot in Chicago and a number of other mayors will be seeing the same sorts of pressures coming to them soon as well.

6/10 ETA: Today is the 6th year anniversary of our website’s founding. Figured I should mention that off the top. My de Blasio post was not a full fulfillment because he hid and is still hiding from the public to avoid assassination. That indicates that the threats to his life are real and my senses on that point were accurate after all. I also believe the threats have not dissipated yet, but I will wait to post another update when there is something else to share. In the meantime, here is a psychic insight that needs to be shared.

4) One daughter of a former US senator wants to speak out about sexual harassment and assault by Joe Biden, but she is being threatened not to both by her senator father and Biden’s campaign. If she or someone else in her circle sees this, know that you will be safe to speak out and that people will protect you from harm. Your experiences need to be heard and Biden should not be allowed to silence you to steal the nomination by force. Hope you take this advice.

6/17 ETA: Need to make the following note.

5) Despite the tensions in North Korea and along the Chinese/Indian border, I do not believe this is the immediate start of world war 3. I do, however, believe these will be key battlegrounds when the war eventually begins. I do not see the war occurring until more economic blowback occurs, after the Democratic convention and after the time that the first major Covid-19 vaccine comes into production.

6/27 ETA: So a lot of my predictions I made in this month’s blog post, A Burning Hot Summer, have been coming to fruition, including an earthquake in Mexico and confirmation of this being the hottest summer on record. More bad things will be coming down the pipeline. There won’t be relief in sight for months. In the meantime, I have some more predictions to share.

6) Lindsay Graham isn’t the only one who will see male escorts speak out about being employed by a closeted senator. Tom Cotton will also face sex workers who will expose him as well.

7) Expect Russia to face a volatile summer with mass protests over poverty and police brutality. Putin will quickly try to crush these uprisings, but Moscow and St Petersburg will burn by late August.

8) A major European politician will face death in a car accident sometime by the end of the summer. Late August is my guesstimate.

9) I have been following the uprisings in Curacao and I will have more to say about this in a longer blog post for next month. For the moment, I will say that this is a preview for a wide spread independence movement that sweeps throughout the entirety of the Caribbean.

10) Assad shouldn’t get too complacent with his status in Syria. I see several foreign players looking to flare up conflicts in the war torn region again. Erdogan seems to be the chief instigator here, but there are other nefarious actors involved as well. This will see the two fascists duke it out during world war 3.

11) Other countries should prepare to see a wave of Americans fleeing to seek asylum by the fall, particularly young people. Canada and Mexico will see boatloads of legal immigration applications and illegal crossings. Unlike the treatment of immigrants in the US, most of these asylum seekers will gain refuge where they flee.

12) Watch out for Bolsanaro in Brazil trying to start trouble with his regional neighbors. Maduro and Alberto Fernández are high on his target list.

13) Bolivia’s government will fall by the fall, leading to Evo Morales being restored into a leadership position by years end.

14) A protest movement erupts in Mexico demanding more refugees from Central America be let into their country. This will be opposed by Trump, but Obrador will cede to protestor demands anyway.