A dream

It was the wedding after party and I saw some extended family members.A cousin and her daughters.They were all dressed as bridesmaids. Not sure who was getting married, but this took place in New York, in either Bronx or Brooklyn. They were dancing, where everyone lined up on opposite sides of the room, and one person would go in the center and start dancing, like in the soul train. Another cousin came up to me and said “How come you don’t talk to us anymore”, I don’t remember responding. A guy I know who use to work at a previous job I had said something to me, but I don’t remember what.

I saw myself going downstairs, and there was this gas leak, or something…it was going to cause an explosion. Next thing, I start evacuating family members and everyone else out of the building. Everyone leaves, a new set of people, black Americans, are in the building…someone was getting married. Idk who the family was, perhaps it was telling me that it wasn’t anyone I knew personally.The two last family members finally leave, and my cousin(the one with kids) trips and falls on some upper steps leading to a basement.I grab her arm, and assist her. I leave with my brother and some other kid and grab the rest of my family and i walk them to their cars, i guess. Next thing I know, I’m in a parking lot…everyone disappears, I’m all alone with this little girl I do not know. So I go and try to search where everyone went. I go back to the same building, and this dog runs from me, and starts barking viciously to scare me off…a dog that snuck passed me earlier in the dream. I hear an old man say “Good job, boy”. He comes out of nowhere with a bloody knife in his hand, and says something like “Get out of here”. I start apologizing and saying I was leaving. I ran with the little girl, who I still cannot identify…maybe she belonged to one of my cousin. That’s all I remember.

Super Psychics/Awakening/OBE

Last Night I had a chat with a friend on here, and she sent me a video. It was about mobbing, bullying, narcissism, scapegoating, and abuse.All of which have been going along in my life.That was actually an important message I needed to hear in order for my next guide to communicate with me.

This morning, or a few minutes ago, I just woke up from an OBE. The drilling pain in my mid-back during sleep paralysis is actually the pain I get when my body astral projects.It’s not a blessing or a curse, it just “is”.

Now, I left my body, and a guide communicated with me and he had a southern accent. He told me that I was a “super” psychic, and he said some other things that I couldn’t fully understand. I’ve learned to listen to the messages more and more clearly.I was able to decipher the more important information. He said that he went through a similar situation as me, growing up. His dad was a narcissist, he dealt with mega-mobbing bullies, abuse, then I told him about “scapegoating”, and he laughed. Scapegoating is where you’re unfairly accused of something that someone else does. And that is a spot on word to describe some of what goes on in my life.

He also said that I will go through something painful that will cause my abilities to fully awaken.He said he felt sorry for me,like how a friend said to me, which raises worry in me. After all of that he said something like, “This is the first time you have been in my faithful presence”, then he said something about trusting in jesus christ or something of that nature, and then told me to raise my hands up in the air, everything got brighter…I saw a bright white/blue light, then I started to see all these colors and images. I saw the chakra colors go all the way from red to purple.Other things I can’t explain.

Then I woke up…

Spirit Graduation(Death)

Recently I have been plagued with someone else’s fear of death, and it combined with my own causing it to double(or even triple). I bursted out into tears, felt hopeless,afraid, alone, and it just came out of no where.

Although I still want my loved ones to live happy full lives, I’ve learned to view the death of good people as a “graduation”…an accomplishment.

And, I also believe that people in the distant future will begin to view death much differently. More as an accomplishment(as it is for good people, and should be)

The corruption of what most people think death is, is DEEPLY rooted within us. And that is NOT the truth.

In the island where my family comes from, wakes before the funeral are different, instead, we throw parties and celebrate.

Some deaths are tragic…but we can pray the their soul overcomes the trauma and be free to cross over.


I’ve feel that society’s disgust with cigarettes will increase more and more until they finally decide to do something that will possibly bring it’s usage and rate of users to an all time low or possibly even diminish the usage of it. 

In my opinion, I don’t think “substitutions” make sense nor anything “psychological”.Perhaps some sort of “cure” for nicotine addiction to get rid of the desire for good.

Live “Extraterrestrial” found


Not sure if this was a premonition, vision, or just my imagination, but it looked very plausible.

I saw either a grey alien or a pleidian underneath a car(a random one or a police car).Actually, I’m not sure was it was, but I know it was humanoid and could talk some english.It had a grey,silver, or white body suit on.It was laying on it’s side underneath the left side of the car. Maybe it was hiding from them.

 It looked like it had a seizure of some sort, or maybe it had a brain injury.It kept repeating some phrase over and over, I forgot what it was.Perhaps it knew limited english? There will be a witness there who might know about it, or maybe that was just me viewing through a witness or bystander’s perspective.

I keep calling it “it” because I’m not sure of the gender and because I know that other advanced humanoid species have always been here.They live with us on earth.I put extraterrestrials in quote, since it will be identified as an extraterrestrial being, even though it might actually live here on earth.


I had a vision about a reporter saying that eating too much carbohydrates is responsible for most bodily issues you have or will have in the future.Couldn’t understand the details.

I love carbohydrates, unfortunately.pasta, dumpling, sandwiches, french toast, veggie burgers..etc.Cutting down on the bread is not going to be simple. In fact, I kinda indulged today.

Unstable Human Cyborgs

I’m not sure if this was just a nightmare, or a premonition, but I had a dream about two human looking cyborg teenagers being integrated into society. They were completely unstable and unpredictable.They were killing several teenagers and doing whatever they wanted. Maybe this is saying that one day robotics will overthrow humanity?These two cyborgs looked like real human versions of those two androids from the 90s hit anime called “Dragon Ball Z”, it was android 18 and 19.I know it sounds silly, but they were realistic in the dream and they were teenagers. They killed whenever they felt like it, and no one did anything about it.People were in total fear of them.They lived right across the street from me.They government didn’t get involved in my dream, so I concluded that it was probably just symbolic.Those dreams that don’t seem logical are usually just symbolic. Showing one thing, but means something else.

“Robotics overthrowing humanity”