1st Law of Thermodynamics


th8SVUF4VHI’ve been thinking about this for some time.  As energy moves and changes the 1st Law of Thermodynamics state that the total amount of energy stays the same and constant.  Energy is forever.  It can’t be “created or destroyed but it can be changed.  The total energy output of the machine is equal to the amount of heat supplied.  The sum of mass and energy is always conserved.


So since the human body is a machine and generates heat and if the soul is energy…we work off of synapses, and create electricity as we are energy systems, then where does that energy go when we die?  I have some theories because I really seem to feel that we don’t really go anywhere, just change form.  If this is so then we have many good sources of energy to help us out with all of the injustice, cruelty and greed that happens on earth.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Lunar Pressure


I have been feeling an almost overwhelming physical pressure and it is increased considerably with the approach of the “blood moon”.  The tides are messed up and many people I know are experiencing deaths and very close calls in there own worlds .  Lots and lots of pressure.  I wonder what we are about to see?  I have been burning candles and incense  and have lit a fire in the fire pit the last two nights.  It seems to lighten the air around me and keep whatever bad spirits that are around at bay.  People are becoming desperate.

A man with a good heart.

He is addicted…to lots of things.  I liked him because when I first met him, a dove flew into my windshield and he told me to turn around.  I don’t like to be told anything but I did what he said.  He got out of the car and gently picked up the dove who had broken it’s neck and put it on the back seat floor.  When we got to our destination, he proceeded to bury the bird.  His dad was  Creek Indian and a Navy pilot who died all to soon. He now has a loving family and is an immensely talented musician and professional.  Very smart too (Mensa geek.).  I just left him in an ICU ward because he can’t stop drinking himself to death.  He doesn’t even like the taste of it.  He taught his children to survive because that is one of his priority focuses.   He could survive in the worst of circumstances and has. The guy knows how to cook anything.   Knows how to fix anything (of so he says). So why would someone who can survive, has many God given talents, is in tune with nature and above all, loves his family intensely, why can’t he survive this?  What takes our will to live? I cannot pray hard enough to get him to want to live.

Visions that keep coming back.

I think that there will be a highway or road collapse in the mid west. I see many red flashing lights and unfortunately a school bus.  Missouri is the first state that comes to mind.  I feel that we are going to experience an eruption.  A volcano and I don’t know where exactly but I feel Hawaii.  I also see a flooded street with water up to the windows of a truck and surrounding a building.  It is most of the way up the evacuation route sign.  This would be kind of personal as it is a street near my home in Florida.  I’d better get the canoe out.


Increased aggression by solders in civilian life and school shooting prediction.


This one has been hard to post.  I have the utmost respect for our solders and those who put their lives on the line for our country and its citizens freedoms.  So much has been sacrificed and truth has been buried.  There are so many hero’s and yet we all know of those who pretend.  They like to say how they have done this and that but never really worked for the credit that their brothers and sisters earned and eschewed.  These are the ones who are like cornered rats when the time comes to deliver.  School is a lot like life.  You have syllabus and dates and you have to deliver.  In college they teach a lot of team building and I think this is by design.  You have the team leader and the rest of the team.  Sometimes you get a great team leader. An alpha with good communication skills and is a people person.  You know they are going to go far.  These projects propel you.  Then you sometimes have the team leader that wants the title.  They can be kind of dangerous if the are good at manipulating.  At the end of the semester, you have the final project and a higher stress level to deliver the research and get it written as a cohesive report.  This is what I see…a school shooting at a college by someone formerly in the military but never really achieved much in the military and in  life.  Just anger and revenge at perceived slights…he is so disconnected. 

Tsunami Dream





I had another tsunami dream and was a little scared to post it.  I thought it might be personal but it didn’t feel this way.  Michael Vanders prediction gave me the courage to just post it and see if it can be of use so here goes.  I am in a high rise building at least 11 stories high I am staring out a picture window.  I see waves up to the window and tossing a hull of a small ship, probably 75 ft. long and it is just tossing it and tossing it and I am worried because I could see it coming through the window but the waves just toss it away.  It was strange because it was just a metal hull painted rust red which I think is primer and had white letters and numbers on the side.  All I remember is a 1 and an N.  There are so many debris in the water and what I think are tops of buildings but the water is so rough that I cannot be sure.  I had the distinct feeling I was in New York although I have never been there unless you count a layover on the tarmac at JFK for an hour, but I never left the plane.  In my dream I walked to the stairwell and opened a metal door.  There was no rail and it was like opening a door to the deck from a tug boat but anyway I saw people floating and treading water under a bridge.  I saw an older woman that still had the black scarf around her head and she was hanging out by some kind of pillar or sign.  There was another woman who had a baby about 24 mos. old.  I think she was the daughter of the older lady.  In my mind I wanted to ask the mother and her baby to come up to my condo (?) but before I could say anything she swam over and pushed the baby towards me.  The baby kind of sank and I missed grabbing it and then it floated towards the surface.  I was thinking that I needed to jump in when I reached my arms down in the water and the baby grabbed me.  I brought it up and held it tight and cried very hard.  I looked at the mom as if to ask her to come up with me but she swam away looking at us.  I wasn’t sure anyhow how long we would be able to say in the building before we had to leave.  Like I said before, I thought this might be personal until Michael posted his predictions and I thought that “you stupid girl, this is not about you at all”.  It really felt kind of detached and so vivid that I didn’t want to take a chance of not posting information that could be of use and a warning.  I can take a ribbing if I am wrong, it is not sharing something that could be of value that would really be wrong.th1PKMBUI5

A flood or floods dream.


I’m not sure if anyone remembers but on KTN several months ago I posted a dream I had where I said that the actor James Garner would be in the news and then we would have floods from a storm.  I wasn’t sure where and at first I thought it may be in Virginia like the Virginia Beach area or even somewhere in Florida but now I am thinking Texas as in the south coastline where my husband grew up.    What I saw were people playing in the waves and I kept telling them to get out of the water because the waves were very high and choppy.  I thought it might be in a bay of some kind but I saw a much larger body of water.  I was then in a house which was make of brick and was a one story ranch style with a large bay window on the back.  A large wave that reached to the roof slammed into that window and it was raining hard.  Off of the front of the house I opened the large double doors and saw brown water rushing through the neighborhood streets and I either looked at the top of a tree or had climbed the tree but I am not sure how as I think it was a palm tree, then the sun came out over the flooded streets.  I checked NOAA and don’t see any storms or flood advisories so maybe I had too much wine that night but inside the house in my dream, I saw James Garner and he was like 6 different characters such as a woman, a clown although the makeup was surreal like lights making up the shapes and the colors, and some other different personas but nothing famous like Jim Rockford or Maverick or anything like that.  I remember shaking his hand.

I woke up this morning and saw that James Garner is indeed in the news (RIP) so I thought I would repost this dream.

Parking Garage Living


I had a dream that I was walking in my old neighborhood which is actually a residential island.  In the middle part of the island there are condominiums that are surrounded by the houses that are on inlets.  In my dream, there was covered parking under the condo’s and people were living there.  There were mattresses in parking spots, furniture and clothing all over the place and you could barely walk through.  I don’t remember where the cars were but found it odd and initially thought that we had had a hurricane but what kept going through my mind was “is this how bad the economy has gotten?”  I woke up disturbed to say the least.