Supreme Court Change 2015

I had a glimpse today, a real intense sensation of a Supreme Court vacancy this year.  I am not sure if it is due to a resignation due to health, someone passing away, or a scandal.  But one of the nine Justices are going to be leaving the Supreme Court and what’s interesting is the replacement looks to be a transformative figure who actually works to protect the Constitution as what’s called a “strict constructionist.”  As usual, The President will think he is getting a progressive nominee, who will be confirmed by Congress – that will turn out to be pretty fair and down to earth.  This trend is pretty common though, usually a sitting President gets the opposite of what they thought they were getting and this situation will be no different.  To be honest, it feels like great news.  For anyone who can remember, this feels equally as strong as the feeling I had in Jan of 14 regarding an air disaster posted on that other page that no longer exists.

The sun explenation


This is one i figured out yesterday.  Things many here are seeing, such as Michael are clues.  The picture on the left is that rising sun we’ve been seeing in visions; the picture on the right was Gaza City yesterday (sun setting – it is actually a man made illumination over Gaza at night).  Not sure as to the interpretation but there it is…  With this, anyone have any  further incite on interpretation?  This is the hard part for me.  (There also may be other events associated with this, however, I haven’t been seeing enough validation [signs] to elaborate just yet.  For example, the ‘fireball’ inference and Ukraine; again, not sure yet.  I don’t think this is/was psychic as much as it was dot connecting on my part).  Thoughts/visions/interpretations?

The Heavens Speak

On Thursday last week, I felt inclined to look up hurricanes and the D.C/Virginia area as it was between Florida and the Carolinas.  Like a bolt of lightning, I knew what was happening somehow.  There were two arcs although the article said they never get even close to D.C. (and it did).

Special attention to the two arcs for the U.S. hurricane, it took the N arc all the any up the coast (sound familiar?).  This hurricane not only stormed D.C. but the entire east coast on July 4th.  It was not intended to hurt people or be catastrophic – just to send a message.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both worked tirelessly with others to form The Constitution.  Once complete, they became rivals and Jefferson defeated Adams to win the presidency.  They did not speak for many years, until old age they once again became great friends.  50 years to the day, they both passed away hours apart on July 4th.  The founding fathers are upset at the lack of compassion towards each other and the system they worked to preserve as well as the lack of brotherly love.

Now, picture number two; there is a hurricane in The Pacific right now and its course may provide *clues* to recent Arcs associated with what’s missing…  Wherever this hurricane goes may shed some light.  I’ve also had very vivid dreams of interacting with and being protected by dolphins during the presence of sharks.  Someone is trying to tell us something, a lot of things…  This is a lot less about the hurricane track and a lot more about the significance of timing and the day it happened – and why that day is important to the fathers.

The article I posted Thursday on a different type social site is here:

FeFe and Janice may be able to confirm this having been posted before the hurricane went all the way up the east coast on the Forth of July – this was the founders day of success as well as their personal death…  Watch the “arc” the Asian hurricane takes for further clues on other matters.

Akasha Records (informationa purposes); Sylvia Browne Prediction


There is a place where all of the sub-conscious minds of the world have access to unexplained knowledge.   This literally works like a big satellite feeding off billions of human signals.  Some call it the Akasha Records; others call it the Great Hall of Records and Wisdom.  This graphic above depicts kind of how I believe this works, of course on the other side of these signals?  Us. Image

I believe the vivid dreamers are especially synched to this Hall.  An unquantifiable amount of universal data, wisdom, secrets, origins, cures, future events, etc. are all stored here for the purpose of fuzing with the correct source at the right moment.




There will be a huge market for waterscrapers in the future.  These will be used as research centers, natural energy production and conversion centers, recycling, hubs for site seeing helicopter tours / vacations, security, govt, etc.  I feel these will be used to facilitate the depth of a greater understanding of our oceans and how we do business on the planet to balance and mitigate the damage (e won’t ever 100%), but it will be progressive improvement.  Caution:  as with anything, potential for abuse, increased natural disasters, international fraud due to lack of water territories exists, however, these centers will also be used to research weather patterns in significant detail and therefor will somehow not contribute to more pollution – it won’t go up but it should be balanced to “new” types of problems, we have “more time” to fix, since they’re new problems.  Big market for this during our lifetimes.


One word:  Magnets.


U.S. government restructuring?

I understand quite a few people don’t find Sylvia Browne to be a credible psychic; please realize no psychic is always accurate (in her defense).  Sylvia passed not too long ago and here are some of the thing she said would take place.  Special attention to:  “15 –  There will be no US Presidency; our government will go back to a Greek Senate structure.”  I fee that this prediction will begin to manifest itself as early as 2020 if not sooner, and our executive branch or the government in general may undergo an overhaul.  We may see a situation where executive powers change – or is dispersed between more people as it is now – or possibly, the Senate is restructured to be apart of the executive branch in a way where the U.S. leader would be the leader of the Senate.  I’m not sure how this may come about except to say it should be done peacefully and the correct channels should be utilized to facilitate tangible change.  Millennials may play a significant role in causing this to happen with their increasing unhappiness of where their generation is at and the opportunities that continue to shrink.  I hope all of you are happy , healthy, and whole!  Have a nice week!.

Source:  Sylvia Browne, the next 100 years