Blood Will Spill the Streets

I have been having some nasty visions as of late that I felt needed to be addressed in a separate blog post. Some of the things I am going to share are things I’ve stated before. However, there are additional pieces of information that will provide more insight on specificity and dating that I hadn’t shared before.

June is expected to be a chaotic and destabilizing month. The political violence I have foreseen for a while now has not yet materialized, for the most part, but I believe this is the month in which it will begin to pick up in intensity. The last time I had such an intense feeling on this was around June of 2017, when House minority whip Steve Scalise was nearly assassinated. The feelings now are stronger than before, so I expect more fulfillments than just one shooting. With Trump agitating for another coup and with instability rising all around the world, I expect there to be a blood bath in the near future.

The targets will not just be low level people. I expect a number of high profile assassinations that will shock the world. The number one target is Biden, who will be assassinated sometime this month. Some of our other psychics have foreseen this month being the last month of his term as President. There is a chance that he could pass from a medical related issue, but I do not see anything plaguing him at this present moment. Instead, it is likely that Trump and other right wing actors will instigate events to the extent where his safety is put in jeoparday. There have already been multiple arrests of individuals plotting to kill him in recent months. As I have previously mentioned, his ties to Robert Kennedy, and that of his attorney general, Merrick Garland, put a target on his back that I expect will be acted upon in the near future.

I expect to see the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice, as the court wades into controversy by taking on a highly contentious abortion ban case. I expect to see the assassination and/or attempts of several congress members in the house and senate, as the balance of power for the Democrats is weak. I also expect to see blood spill in other places as well, like in Israel, the UK and France. Not to mention that I still believe this month will be when the Queen finally perishes, bringing the commonwealth to a complete standstill. The boiling pot of fascism has been waiting to break out for months. It will soon spill over, causing political instability and societal collapse in its wake.

Overall, my expectation is that this will be a month to remember for the history books. If it doesn’t immediately lead to uprisings and civil wars around the world, then the events that will transpire will serve as a catalyst that will be leading to overthrows around the world. I would advise that you watch out for the following dates when it comes to the big fulfillment points: the 6th, the 14th, the 25 and the 30th. There are base 7 numerological precedents that will likely be exploited, since events often repeat themselves in history. The Deep State can only stop so much. Eventually, determined actors will slip through the cracks.

28 thoughts on “Blood Will Spill the Streets

  1. Hi Liam hope you’re keeping well and good with the team.
    Yes as we passed the first half of the year 2021,and a week on to see the Solar Eclipse after a Lunar Eclipse and their cosmic alignment narratives.

    Based in the UK we are all observing your predictions ,and planning an escape when all hell break loose with anarchy,uprisings,unrest and upheaval and turmoil.

    Globally loads going on in the Middle East,Asia,Africa,North and South America.
    Liam my man great works with the team and Fefelove. We stay safe and use wisdom to live as dark days and macabre times upon everywhere globally this summer big time. Bless up.

      1. Yes Liam i am heeding your advice as the trends and patterns are manifesting everyday and so eerie like a dark shadow in the UK.

        You’re spot right on the U.S. and Israel and globally everywhere dark shadows and throws everywhere globally as if something happens big time very soon. You’re right Liam something to implode in and within days and it will not be pretty and will unleash hell break loose for all nations globally and the U.K.

  2. Any advice for me Sir Liam on how to navigate in this upcoming storm ahead? It is now June and it looked like I can feel it through my change of habits recently at random too over the course of last week.

    I slowly lose a number of those things too and focus on what I can do to help my family. I have to be mentally and spiritually prepared too for things to come. That would be much appreciated as the events around Asia especially in the Philippines continues to drew a lot of attention.

    1. It’s time for you to decide where you’re going to be when everything goes down. If you are planning to leave, it’s best to begin to prepare to head out *now*, before it’s too late. If you can’t or won’t leave, the best thing you can do is hunker down, have storage of supplies and then have a plan to evacuate in an emergency if required. I don’t have any other specific information for you at this time.

      1. At present, I can’t leave and had to hunker down but if anything, adaptability is my best suite so I have to react rationally when situation comes. As my older brother said, this is the time to gain strong bonds with my family, who are older.

        I will heed your advice Sir Liam. At least the “leave” option will be depending on fate.

    1. I saw the news on that this morning. Yes, it’s a fulfillment of mine and it’s about to get worse tonight.

  3. Let me rephrase pls…
    WHO is attemted/targeted?( b/s joe.kamala/ schumer/pelosi)
    1 . Mitch?
    2 . Cheeto?
    3. Which scotus judge($)?
    4. Mccarthy?
    5. Tx gov abbot?
    6. M t. Greene?
    Huba 2 x

    1. Biden, likely Brett Kavanagh and Democratic legislators from southern states are who I am seeing on my radar.

  4. There was a car attack in London, Ontario yesterday against a Muslim family, on June 6th just as your dates to watch out for. Another isolated young man like I am, who was brainwashed into far-right propaganda, likely through Qanon agents gaslighting him, brainwashing him, isolating him with all his friends mocking him and telling him it’s only his fault they treat him like shit, maybe some visits to the psych wards which are just as unpleasant in Canada as they are in America, to say the least, and so on and so forth.

    Eva Christine Moore was my “handler” that used to be my babysitter when I was a child, and even after she groped me as a teenager, I still wanted to see her as a cool aunt and an elder figure, and that’s how she ensnared me in Qanon propaganda to alienate me from what were my real friends, brainwash me into bullshit to show my friends I’m unreliable, and then further isolate me into her cult, and her section of the intelligence community in CSIS and the CIA, even as she explicitly told me in private she wanted to go to Siberia to be an Eastern Orthodox nun and then defect to the FSB, because in her own words, “Russia’s more serious about Christianity than we are in America!” From literally being all Bibles and Apple-Pie American despite being from Edmonton Alberta, to wanting to defect to Russia for “national security reasons”… um, which country’s national security, America or Russia? But she’s lying and whoring herself out, sucking the dicks of billionaires and even some of the Rothschilds in Las Vegas, California, Washington state, before she married her paedo husband William Brockbrader II/Bill Wood.

    “Bill got framed for raping his 12-year old niece! Instead he got forced to marry a kid in a secret Mormon ceremony in Idaho where he grew up in Mormon fundamentalism before he became a (phony) Navy SEAL!”

    Before Qanon, she was involved in Project Camelot. Considering she randomly accused my mom of being a CSIS agent while screaming at her, she was projecting her own connection in the military-intelligence community, or at the very least her delusion that she’s a “diplomat” because she married her pervert husband Bill Brockbrader who claims he was a Navy SEAL who became a paedophile because he got raped by aliens in the backwoods Mormon cult he grew up in, or some shit like that, after some heroic story about how he saved a village in Iraq from a missile and was involved with alien stargates in Iraq and Egypt.

    My mom was stupid enough to trust her to be my social worker in 2015. I never bothered to share how Eva treated me, and everyone automatically calls me a liar or delusional or ImAgInAtIvE aNd CrEaTiVe, just to dismiss and invalidate me.

    Meanwhile, even her own son has a restraining order against her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she at least groped him several times like she did when I was a teenager.

    Mass murderers are created when they are convinced that they were doomed to commit evil from the day they were born, that the children they once were live a lifetime of bullying, servitude to the prisons and mind control factories passed off as “schools”, when they are always told to “seek help” by being locked up in a psych ward, over and over again. An endless and unreachable goal of “seeking help” just to be socially acceptable, only to be in an endless loop of being locked in the psych ward again and again to the point of wanting to murder every single form of life possible. Of course it’s impossible, but that’s just my experience living with a death drive after living such a dark night of the soul that all light seems to be counterfeit and deceptive, and the light and darkness seem unified together for the sake of slavery and loosh harvesting.

    I have no proof but I got a gut feeling that David Vigneault and CSIS are deliberately promoting Qanon and other far-right propaganda in Canada, in order to isolate frustrated and socially inept young men like me to give them no real choice but to be terrorists, and deflect the blame away from the government agencies that have spied on us and manipulated us our entire life, onto innocent groups for being “guilty” of being declared demons to be vanguished by fascist theological agendas implanted onto us by the sadistic puppeteers in the heavens. Possibly even CIA interference to help weaken Canada to prepare it for annexation, just like in the Fallout universe where before the nuclear war of 2077 in the Fallout timeline, China invaded Alaska for scarce oil resources, and then America directly annexed Canada to support its war effort against China, all in the name of the further acquisition of dwinding resources that keep our dysfunctional civilizations afloat.

    My life is already destroyed, and likely no one will listen to my warnings about Eva, that she’s a fucking spy grooming young autistic men, and who knows what the fuck else with her “homelessness” literally couch surfing across America and Canada flirting with wealthy old men and fucking them even with her professed loyalty to Bill as his “God fearing spiritual warrior Christian wife”.

    She’s just gonna keep finding young autistic men to brainwash with her Qanon psyop to isolate them into violence and barbarity, or a lifetime of ostracism and humiliation if they refuse to be terrorists for her Qanon agenda she let herself get implanted with by Bill and all the other shady military-intelligence fucks across America and Europe and Russia and Israel she’s sucked the cocks of.

    Now she’s claiming she’s autistic herself after she’s drained me of everything that made my life worth living, all the friends and opportunities I had, gone because I trusted that lying bitch Eva, because I had no one and nothing else.

    I hope one day, you read this Eva, and you fully realize how much you not just betrayed me and your son, but also yourself because you started worshipping Trump as God to distract yourself from your own narcissism, perversion, hypocrisy, and all that shit that snuffed out your light as anything other than like bait in front of an anglerfish’s mouth, just to serve the empires of Christianity and American exceptionalism.

      1. I literally don’t fucking care what Eva and all her Qanon and CSIS and CIA and FSB buddies do to further destroy my life. I am already dead in spirit from Eva exploiting the trauma I suffered as a child to further groom me, lie to me, traumatize me as a teen and young man by telling me that I was wrong for not wanting to be Christian anymore, mocking me for not reading the Bible and even slandering me for her own projections and that of all her cult and psyop buddies with their pig farms across Alberta and Montana, telling her I’m a paedophile like her husband Bill because I came out to her as gay as a teen and I needed to fuck her in the shower to avoid becoming a paedophile so that no one will ever truly take me seriously as anything other than a potentially violent threat when I’m not bunkering in my bedroom and locking myself in like I’m a werewolf or possessed by a demon, like I’m goddamn Jekyll and Hyde, and even my own family and friends no longer trust me with how she used me like a puppet and exploited my doubts and fears to divide me among my family, divide me from my real family and friends, and then divide them from me by making me a threat by traumatizing me into becoming a psychopath like her and her Qanon-promoting pals covering their own shit by throwing it onto social outcasts like me.

        This makes me a goddamn snitch on Eva because I used to work with her, so I’m guilty of enabling her to groom and manipulate and abuse more men and boys like she abused me and her son, but considering people already see me as the Antichrist with an autistic NEET for a vessel, I literally don’t fucking care about the consequences anymore. I am suffering so much, no matter how much many would love to “gently remind” me that more people have worse problems than me, I literally don’t fucking care about further suffering in the future, either of myself or others. With the man I loved the most blocking off all contact with me 3 years ago, two of my most loyal and trusted friends died within the last 2 years, all my other friends have either ditched me, or I ditched them because I couldnt tolerate their passive-aggressive mockery.

        A great digital Sword of Damocles now hangs over me. Death no longer brings me fear but a tranquility of the knowledge that the suffering I experience in this life shall not be eternal. I shall either move on to the next world of my own desire with trust that I wont have soul contracts to allow me to be manipulated and puppeted by black brothers and other archonic minions of Yaldabaoth, turn me vicious and prevent me from any intellectual and cultural growth, and turn me into another brutish hound of war and violence… or that I will simply follow Thoth into oblivion, and cease to exist as an independent fracture of Original Source.

        Whoever’s managed to read my comments without rolling their eyes, I thank you for the limited time in this mortal realm that you took to digest my comments, and just as I desire a peaceful finality through oblivion and the cessation of existence of my entire being, I hope that for all the hearts I’ve broken and friends and family that I’ve screamed at, mocked, lied about, strangled, punched and beaten up, that you get some better world here that you desire, after all the upcoming wars and violence and suffering and starvation. I am so broken in spirit by malevolent actors who have made me no better than them, that I see no salvation for myself except through death.

        There are fates worse than death I can suffer through, and I think I’ve actually finally reached a point where I don’t give a fuck. In and out of the psych ward since I was 12, brutalized and beaten up by other people, locked up and treated hardly any better than a factory farm animal, just another head of cattle to be milked by the pharmaceutical industry that has killed healthcare on Earth and wears its skin.

        Liam, I hope what I’ve said here can prevent other social outcasts like I am from becoming terrorists and mass murderers and worse, even if all I can do is stop the woman that I trusted to help me even as she hurt me, and considering she betrayed me and hurt me so badly and caused me so much damage to me that I cannot enjoy anything and literally dont give a fuck about making the best of a life I don’t want anymore, I literally don’t fucking care about betraying her, because she’s a huge part of the reason I snapped and my boyfriend, who I felt connected to like a soulmate, ditched me as a lost cause.

        If that’s the last good I do before I snap in a blind rage from electromagnetic and psychic weaponry deployed on me, or spend the rest of my life in prison or a mental hospital, or who knows what worse fates could befall upon me if I get taken to a black site again, I will die with at least a fragment of peace knowing I prevented Eva from turning some other haplessly lonely kid like I was into a rabidly ruthless wreck that wants everything else to die as well.

      2. Makes me a snitch on Eva because I used to consider that bitch family to me until I fully comprehended how much she lied to me, gaslighted me, and RESULTED IN ME LOSING MY BOYFRIEND, MY SOULMATE BECAUSE HER HOMOPHOBIA MADE ME HATE MYSELF AND THINK OF MYSELF AS A PERVERT LIKE HER HUSBAND BILL. SHE TURNED ME AGAINST MYSELF WHILE SCREAMING AT ME TO RESPECT HER AS AN ELDER WHEN SHE’S A LYING QULTIST CUNT. and I can already sense the string holding up my own Sword of Damocles getting weaker. I don’t fucking care anymore, the consequences of my actions no longer are anything for me to fear and run away from, but accept because the lessons I’ve learned in this world make me see it as nothing more than a shitty video game I’m going to fucking break because it’s not fucking worth playing anymore. She destroyed my life and I’d rather destroy hers back instead of lashing out and trolling and hurting innocent people anymore. She’s the huge reason why I’m so FUBAR now, so fuck her and the rest of the Qanon crowd.

        I’m going to die horribly within the next year, I can see that timeline always following me around, and it’s haunted me for so many years I just dont fear anything anymore. My worst fears have already been realized for all I can fucking see, so why give a fuck about anything anymore?

  5. hi liam is it possible you got your timinvs wrong. and astrolger named PVR Narasimha rao predicts that rhe instability will occur in middle of the decade not immediately. he also agreed china will fall and india would be superpower but said china will break into multiple countries.

  6. I don’t understand what you mean by “base 7 numerological precedents that will likely be exploited”. Could you please explain? And what do mean about “The Deep State can only stop so much”? I thought they were the instigators??

    1. It’s long and complicated, but basically, to sum it up briefly, history often repeats itself in intervals of 7. The idea is that if an event precedent is established, you can expect its repeat in a similar manner 7, 14, 21 and so on years later until the cycle ends at 70 years (though sometimes it goes on even further).

      In addition, dates themselves can be recurring in historical precedents, even if the year itself is not on the base 7 timeline. For example, in 1985, child peace activist Samantha Smith was killed in a plane crash on August 25th. Even though 2001 is not part of the 1985 baseline of 7 intervals, singer Aaliyah also died in a plane crash on August 25th.

      The reason I pointed to the dates in my post is there are historical precedents set for assassinations. June 6th was the day of RFK’s assassination. June 14th was the day of the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise 5 years ago. The point is the reason I put those dates as ones to watch is that there were precedents established to be repeated this year.

      The Deep State is both an instigator and a preventer. They instigate against people they don’t like and do what they can to protect their assets. The anti Netanyahu coalition was, in part, pushed by the CIA. Netanyahu will try to rally for an assassination attempt on either Naftali Bennett or Yair Lapid. There has been dark magic put out there to try to make this happen, magic which worked in seeing Yitzhak Rabin assassinated in 1995.

      So there is a battle between elements of the ruling class at this current time, which will eventually see an intervention by the working class and the average person in the near future. Don’t cry for Bibi, as he is himself a man of great evil, having recently advocated for the mark of the beast.

      However, he’s not the only one who is going to stir up trouble, but this is just the basic gist. Hope this clarified some things for you.

  7. Well, Liam, thanks for NOT crediting me for creating, providing the theory and how I arrived at it, and NAMING the “Base 7 System” and “Base 7 Numerology” in 1996 and first sharing it with the Internet world in May 1999 on my first website. Maybe I should be more careful answering your emails.

    Mike McClellan
    Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs at
    Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs 2 at

      1. Thanks Liam, I’m sorry for the outburst. I was going by the remark by loghomeluvr who said “I don’t understand what you mean by “base 7 numerological precedents that will likely be exploited”. It sounded as though they think you created the thing and I wondered why. I see you have been crediting me. Again, sorry. Of course it is not so much a creation by Man as a phenomenon by God, how He makes what we call Time work (not that Time really exists). I discovered it rather than created it and continue to discover more and more how it works. This year I seem to have it down pretty good having found the exact prevailing years in place since 2020. Oh, and yes it can certainly go beyond 70 years. Take the Tunguska event and Chelyabinsk (105 years). WE are even seeing repeats from 1789 and 1790 from France if the current revolution in the US overthrows the Biden-Harris government next year. That is conditional still. So the phenomenon can have a long reach.

        Anyway, I was checking your site out initially to see if I would want to link to it and other sites, have a favorite sites page. Finding like-minded web/blog authors would be a plus, I think, despite the fact that we have arrived at similar conclusions but also differing ones. Search engines may not be the way to go in the politically unbalanced online environment and strengthening cancel culture. The old web rings used to be very helpful back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. We may find we have to go back to pre-Google strategies for traffic.

        Thanks LIam,


      2. I appreciate and accept the apology, though in the future, I would appreciate it if you reached out to me via email first if you have a concern about something.

  8. Liam,

    Fate brought me to this blog to remind me of a greater purpose that the, ahem… let’s call ’em the LARPchons archons as they’re dumb enough to think they’re clever that I wouldn’t have eventually noticed how they were draining my soul of everything. My mother is wonderful now. Eva exploited that… yes I had some neglect in my childhood but Eva went too far by prying open the fact I got anally raped with a hockey stick and a broomstick when I was a child by a special needs teacher and she tried to frame my mom and grandmother for her groping me because none of us were Christian enough and because I wanted to date muscular stud men as well as beautiful and gorgeously noble and majestic ladies somehow in her eyes made me a paedophile, and no one’s a Trump-loving hardcore Christian enough for her like she thinks the Russians are, and then she acts all interested and empathic, before giving me deathglares, and I could see that psychic zombie curse destroy my soul, like a needle shot from beneath the blue contact lens of her brown eyes, Bill who’s a sick fuck who mentally spiralled Eva damn well near oblivion and I have no clue how to salvage her, but my friend Martin before he died this year back in April told me to salvage her… luckily I am salvaging myself from a rather severe mental health collapse that left me with more than 30 stays in psych wards across Alberta, Canada since my early adolescence This is what the goodness of the present moment means. So… it’s up to me to, as I conjure with my pineal gland, perhaps Eva was framed, and I joined in on framing Eva, and she only merely needs to be unbrainwashed from Qanon, and go ReQovery, and how Qanon made her life a living hell since Project Camelot, and the feds sent Bill Brockbrader to her as… I have no idea what to say about that dirtbag claiming he’s a Navy SEAL. I knew and fell in love with actual US Navy sailors who were the best people I ever known in my life… and Eva’s Qanon puppetry she fell under from Bill by all that fucked up highly advanced US military tech that if you saw it, you’d think it was futuristic technology with a US armed forces aesthetic… I don’t even know what to make of Eva’s stories, but she seriously, even with her misguided empathy… she fell in love with a man who can very well be what I’ve heard in my former time in the Canadian Armed Forces of myself as a lazy army reservist, as a psychic zombie, or a telepathic zombie… if the stories are true that Bill Wood/Brockbrader sexually assaulted his own 12-year old niece, then Bill needs to be put down like a rabid dog, I always hated the Navy SEALs for their racism and gung-ho machismo treating warzones like a frat party… has it’s benefits with good men in the armed forces, I drank good beers with a wonderful African-American fellow who spent time in the pen with me, but chomos/nonces like Bill Wood from Project Camelot who tried to turn Eva into another psychic zombie by making her manipulative, emotionally unstable by aetherically trapping her into a living hell of which she’s given a false carrot of the deceiving white light of Trump and so much if not most of the religious clergy, billionaires, CEOs, ancient aristocracy going back to the Egyptians, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Minoans, you name it. and their perversion and greed and narcissism, by manipulating her with the creation of powerful aphrodisiacs of the LARPchons, and then me as well before I learned how to defend myself realizing I was invisibly attacked with electromagnetic weaponry, simply merely looking like the traffic radars of today, into pure cringeworthy social horror that has left me isolated and like I got no one to trust but myself, and even beyond that, like I got no security even with my own mind. So I just trust anyways, even if knowingly naively. Nature itself is objectively terrible to experience no matter the subjective beauty there may be in the physical realm… I’m divided on whether there’s that sort of astral New Age sounding afterlife where in there you just create whatever you want, go wherever worlds you wanna go, determined by your vibe on Earth… just sayin’ y’all don’t need to go to Alpha Centauri if ya don’t want to. Spoiler alert, that’s where all the Larpchons all the way up to the lion faced serpent the Blemishurge as I call the demiurge. Important to decapitalize the d-words name and make it less and less relevant for those of you who struggle with multiple personality disorder as I do from my vast forays and voyages across the multiverse, as well as adverse complex post traumatic stress disorder which is a tragedy I struggle with and seek to overcome. I am physically and mentally unable to work. Playing video games is actually a positive of this dreadful physical mudball world as we long and yearn for the astral plane to the Free Universe once more. It’s how we create our own heavens and paradises and eutopias and hells and warzones and wastelands respectively, and none of them in the astral plane are as dreadful and painful and such a slog of suffering for the rare but wonderful and majestic diamonds and other goods of the moment we find ourselves across our currently unfathomable hundreds if not thousands or more cycles of life on this mudball Planet called Earth. We’re all shifting to fifth dimension so hold onto your seatbelts and bootstraps folks!) This is gonna be a bumpy year. Prep, learn all the flora and fauna you can of your local area in the world, if your government won’t let you own guns, make bows and crossbows instead. There are several other ranged weapons you can create, such as javelins, throwing spears, sharpened sticks. All sorts of things there are to learn, my friends.

    As a former Flat Earther, learn about lucid dreaming and out of body experiences, that’s how I learned of the globe of the Earth.

    The lion-faced serpent has scarred my soul and my soulmates in this Earthly realm. Like Nicole, Isaac Clarke’s girlfriend in the Dead Space series, Freya O’Cathain is a wonderful Irish wolfess lady that my close friend Brian in our nerdy worldbuilding, an actual sailor, provided me in my loneliness, and I became misogynistic towards her, even with the excuse that I hallucinated her as a high school bully following me around… she was,and I hope still is, my loving girlfriend and wife and mother of my son Dryden. And I called her a worthless whore and that Ireland just as stupid and shitty as England and Scotland and Wales and anywhere else. And I will recreate her at the very least in the astral plane of all of our own worlds to discover and to be created.

    Eva’s “eyes to see and ears to hear” was that absolutely and utterly fucked Illuminati mind games Qanon fucked her into from Project Camelot to brainwash New Agers and former hippies into an everlastingly remolding blobform of Christian nationalism, white nationalism, encouraging religious and political and race war to distract from the class war. I shine the light of truth and I say I am humbly sorry for the fact I ruined my own life and encouraged Eva to ruin hers like negative feedback loops, from that looney psycho cult called Qanon.

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