Dreams and Predictions for June 2021

In the next few days, I will have the latest blog post ready to share. The theme this month is that blood will spill in the streets. I have a very, very ominous feeling of what is ahead, which I will explain more about in the blog. None of the predictions I will share right now concern these particular warnings. Those will come in the post. In the meantime, here are some unrelated visions to share.

1) Expect there to be a fatal snag in the efforts to secure peace in the Middle East: re Iran and Israel.

2) China begins to flex its muscle in demanding that regional actors combat Western nations more aggressively. They will be shocked to learn that this won’t happen.

3) The Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled at the very last second, after much protest and cancellations from several top athletes.

4) Expect the wave of unrest in South America to continue into Peru and French Guiana, causing a major headache for the Biden administration.

5) Haiti’s dictator is forced to step down near the end of the summer, as his is ill fated “referendum” goes disastrously.

6/7 ETA: It seems June 6th came and went without a major bout of political violence, but as I had mentioned in the blog post for the month, it was a date “to watch,” not necessarily when it would be fulfilled. The month is still young and the 14th is going to become a particularly important day due to the supposed vote of confidence in Israel’s new government. With the incitement on high, the chance of blood spilling the streets is almost assured at this point. I would like to point out that perhaps the Prime Minster, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been reading my blog, considering he made reference toThe Deep State” in a recent televised interview. He’s, of course, correct in that one does exist and is trying to oust him. It is also true that the new change coalition was prodded along by the CIA and the Biden administration. However, he’s on his way out regardless of whose assassination or murder he incites. The alternative, as I had mentioned in last month’s blog post, would be death by a bomb from Hamas, so he should consider himself lucky that he goes out with a whimper and not a bang. Considering the amount of war crimes he has perpetrated over his decades in office, karma is all too kind to him in the end.

I should also point out that a lot of my predictions from last month have been fulfilled in recent days, from the security scare for Florida’s governor Rod DeSantis to the riot in Washington Square Park, though the anarchy has only just begun there. Considering some of my predictions from earlier in the year weren’t fulfilled, it’s a real tip of the hat to how much more improved my intuition has been in recent days. With that in mind, here are some more predictions to share.

6) Political violence will befall New York City before voting begins in the mayoral primary.

7) A mass march is planned in DC over voting rights, which is put down brutally by the national guard. It occurs sometime in the early summer, perhaps on or around the 4th of July.

8) Joe Manchin is considering handing over the senate majority to the Republicans, though he has not yet decided if he’s going to go through with it. I believe, if he decides to, we will know by the end of the month or at the latest, the beginning of July.

9) Boris Johnson proposes a sweeping legislative package in the parliament that is described, accurately, as extremely fascist, provoking more violence in the streets as a result.

10) Macron faces a vote of no confidence in his leadership by the end of the summer. Not sure if it is political or violence based from the military.

6/8 ETA: More predictions.

11) Germany will see political violence, including an assassination attempt on a high ranking official, similar to that of the attempt on Wolfgang Schäuble in 1990.

12) A major female celebrity dies of a drug overdose this summer. Someone younger, late 20’s, early 30’s. Can’t see exactly who it is at the moment.

13) An elephant stampede kills several safari goers in a southern African nation. Can’t quite tell which one.

14) More scrutiny is going to be placed on senators other than Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema in the near future. Expect the heat to be turned up on Maggie Hasan, Angus King, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Chris Coons for their refusal to alter the filibuster.

15) Expect a security scare for Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey.

16) Hospitalization for Mitch McConnell. Not sure if it’s fatal.

6/19 ETA: So I’d like to point out that the intensity leading up to a major political assassination has boiled to the surface over the last few days. Just tonight, there was an attempted attack on the vehicle of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which, although missing her, has killed one person and left another in critical condition. Just yesterday, there was an attack on California’s governor Gavin Newsom. While I did not foresee these two specific events, I did say there would be a rise in political violence, which there has been, unquestionably. The issue now is when these attacks become fatal. Although it could come any day now, I am leaning towards the 25th and the 30th as days to watch. The slips in the cracks have been obvious to those paying attention, despite efforts by the Deep State to repress it. They will get worse until someone is ultimately shot and killed. It’s not a question of if, but when.

In the meantime, I have more predictions to share.

17) Expect major protests in Europe over the refusal of the US to lift its travel ban. I believe these may result in a change of policy, but not one that most people are happy with.

18) Early warning signs emerge of a pending disaster in Japan. It is weather/earth related, but I’m not able to pinpoint what it is exactly.

19) Expect there to be new attempts to conduct relations with Kim Jong Un, to the anger of many.

20) Bolsanaro begins to see his grip on power slip in Brazil, but it will be a short fleeted loss.

21) The US backs a coup attempt in Peru, but it will ultimately fail.

22) Honduras sees mass anti-US protests this summer, leading to a challenge to the elected government that proves decisive.

18 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for June 2021

  1. in regards to your posts:
    1 “fatal snag” ..singular or plural? ie maybe…bIbi? or the ayatollah? or country-country attacks in both directions?
    2. china…attempts to put the clamps on Taiwan..(.the #1 source of chips in such short supply in the West)..and finds the West backs Taiwan? or strangleholds Australia harder ..and finds a fight instead of a fold?
    thx liam…

    1. I don’t think Bibi will lose power willingly. I don’t think the Iran deal is going to go across the finish line also. I do believe China may attempt an invasion of Taiwan, but it will not work.

  2. The IRIS Kharg of the Iranian Navy just sank in the Gulf of Oman, so that could be the possible fatal snag in Middle Eastern peace efforts, along with many more to arrive this year. This summer, the Middle East will face droughts and sand storms that will eventually engulf Dubai and Abu Dhabi by 2023, and no later than 2027. Saudi Arabia will eventually also face a civil war as corruption and abuse, slavery, and rape scandals cause revolts against the House of Saud. One faction of the Saudi Arabian civil war will be a socialist faction promoting equity among all gender and class and races and religions in Arabia and the Middle East. There will also be a Shi’ite faction on the Persian Gulf eastern coast of Saudi Arabia that will be like a watered down ISIS, at least at first. Lots of mass murders and graves I envision in the area around Dammam in the future. Riots and protests turned into massacres as the Saudi military cannibalizes itself and become bandits with military equipment.

    China’s foolish flexing will lead to the final stages of the Myanmar crisis this year, leading to a full blown civil war against Min Aung Hlaing’s regime that will dwarf the chaos that drove Syria into waves of violence and civil warfare. Several ethnic groups across Myanmar, such as the Rohingya, Karen, and Chin ethnic groups among many others, will form their own break-away countries, while the internal central homelands of the Bamar will be the rump state of Myanmar, the Tatmadaw slaughtering its own citizenry.

    If the Tokyo Olympics are held this year and not cancelled, they will result in such a poor outcome and further spread of Covid that Japan’s economy will collapse. Millions of Japanese will go broke within weeks, and North Korea and China and Russia will take advantage of the Japanese social fabric falling apart.

    Colombia and Venezuela this year will collapse into a civil war starting this year that will become a Great South American War of the 21st Century.

    Haiti will eventually become a pirate haven once again before the Caribbean nations unite into a unified federation.

  3. …connecting the dots on your blogpost for june…..with trumps” announcement ” ( dogwhistle signal to his minions) and gen flynns comment we SHOULD have a Myanmar coup….I was trying to reconcile that with the constitutional order of succession….then it hit me…are you seeing those -ALL THOSE- in the line of succession being targeted ,ALONG with at least one SCOTUS judge ( leaving no tiebreaker vote) ….so that trump can somehow claim he is “entitled” to return to office??????

    1. It seems like he’s finding ways to back out on the deals he made or he’s doing this because someone else, particularly in New York, broke there’s. I’m not sure if it’s going to lead to Trump being reinstalled as a dictator. Fefelove says it won’t. However, we both concur that it will lead to an uptick in political violence in the near future.

  4. June 14th, what by fate shall happen today…

    BTW about my rant about Eva, if she renounces her involvement with Qanon and all other far-right and alt-right propaganda, I’ll forgive her for all she’s done to hurt me.

    1. I’m not sure, though I will stress again that it was a day to watch, not necessarily when it would go down.

      Also important to note that I’m not the only person who has been sounding the alarms. Now the feds are too.


      But as I said, try as they might, they can’t thwart everything. It’s only a matter of a few days or at most weeks before there are more slips through the cracks, since the crack has already been to split.


  5. Especially the person that was shot in the back of the head, yet was classified as a suicide. How can these people get away with potentially 47 murders??? And isn’t he one of the close buddies of Jeffrey Epstein? Not to mention the scandals while he was president. And she supposedly ordered the Bengazi hits. Are these some of the Deep State cronies???

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