Dreams and Predictions for May 2021

Today is May Day and if you happen to be working today, you should consider taking the day off or leaving work early in solidarity with workers across the world fighting for their rights. I would like to share this post from last year to read and process. In the interim, here are some more predictions to share.

1) A bomb or other explosive device takes out a bridge either in the US or Europe. This causes significant financial and economic damage due to it being an important travel route for commerce.

2) The push to reopen sees snags as the Indian variant begins to make its way across the world. This version of COVID will mutate to an extent that the vaccine does not protect against it.

3) The first significant sign of trouble for Biden comes this month, leading up to when I expect his reign as President will end, which is next month.

4) The Museum of Modern Art sees artwork stolen by protestors sometime at the end of the month.

5) Massive brawl in Florida, with hundreds injuries and some deaths.

6) Trump faces a security scare at a rally. Seems like a warning from the FBI not to renege on the deal he made with them to avoid criminal prosecution.

7) Fatal car accident for a pop star. I’m thinking Justin Bieber, but Britney Spears is another possibility. I’m seeing Blonde hair.

8) A famous couple is held at gunpoint in their home and the police accidentally kill one of the pair in a gun standoff. Happens in LA, possibly Beverly Hills or Malibu.

9) Katy Perry is hospitalized, but I do not believe it is for a serious issue.

10) Kesha negotiates an exit to her recording contract in exchange for ending the criminal trial against Dr Luke.

11) A ghost of a famous deceased celebrity is spotted in a mass event. Thinking Princess Diana.

5/5 ETA: I was meaning to post this earlier. I had a dream last night that may be a vision.

12) In my dream, I remember talking to someone about a significant disaster that just took place. It was described to me as a boat that was set on fire, but it was not from a bomb, and it crashed into a bridge. The collision caused an explosion and a collapse of the bridge, along with the ship sinking. 182 people died and thousands were injured, is what was relayed to me. I believe this happens in an east coast city like New York or Boston, sometime in the late summer.

5/6 ETA: One of our psychics had a dream a few nights ago that I felt needed to be shared.

13) From one of our psychics that wishes not to be named:

I was in Israel. I was a tourist. American and a girl but not me. I was in a huge museum. It had zillions of artifacts. There was one room with all this pottery and pieces of pottery. It had several floors. One of the guards got a threat- it was going to b bombed. They announced for everyone to exit. The threat was a video of it being bombed. As I exited the building I was afraid of the doors opening and exploding but they didn’t. I ran out and was trying to run away when six Iranian young men were rushing toward the building. One looked at me n stopped n said something like he was hitting on me n I heard his accent. Not sure what happened but then it flashed to a different scene n I was trying to use my good looks to get information from this same guy. I think the museum was near the dome of the rock but not sure I just recall passing it or some significance to it in my dream at some point but I was a tourist I guess or out of town we so might have been going around.

I would like to add that this terror attack may not be Iranian, but rather a false flag that is blamed on them to justify military conflict. It’s worth keeping an eye on as the heat in the Middle East is about to be turned up again.

5/8 ETA: Some more predictions to share.

14) A lower polling candidate in the NYC mayoral primary will win the nomination in an upset due to the new ranked choice voting system.

15) Another security scare at the capitol building later in the month. This time, it is a white guy.

16) A security scare for Rod DeSantis at an outdoor event. Thinking near St Petersburg/Tampa.

17) A high profile prisoner escapes confinement and remains on the run for a long time. Thinking it is a mass shooter like James Holmes or Nikolas Cruz.

5/11 ETA: Another vision based prediction.

18) If Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t de-escalate the crisis at the Gaza border within the next few days, a rocket will eventually land on him, killing him and several other Knesset lawmakers in the process.

5/15 ETA: A dream I had last night gave me a few predictions.

19) There will be a leak revealing the full extent of Bill Clinton’s lurid affairs on Epstein’s island. This will prove conspiracy theorists correct and shock the national conscious.

20) There will also be a leak revealing that Obama knew of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse and harassment of women before it was leaked to the press, despite his protestations to the contrary.

26 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for May 2021

    1. I have said previously that Britney would never be freed and that she’d be murdered before being granted her freedom. I have been wrong on the timing of my visions for this, except that her recent downturn began during the vector for death in 2018. A car crash is one way they could stage a murder, but it isn’t the only one.


      I’m not as confident that it is Billie Eilish, though I do not believe she has much of a career left.

  1. What is your feeling on these “mysterious invisible attacks ” that cause debilitating physical symptoms? They appear to have started at the American embassy in Cuba a few years back and have now appeared in DC.

  2. Have you ever heard of Jacine Jadresko AKA Inked Huntress? She’s been driving wolf packs on Vancouver Island extinct.

    Can’t imagine Mother Nature’s too happy with trophy hunters like her and I can’t see how she’s gonna keep her wealth and status with how much of nature she’s destroyed, and because she’s wealthy, she’s directly responsible through her overconsumption as one of the upper class far more than the average person.

    Methinks she’s got quite a grisly fate coming for her in the next year or so.

  3. Are ufo spottings on /around usnavy ships actually chinese or russian as former head of u.s. alien aided intelligence mr elizondo says?
    If so..is this the beginning of ww3?

    1. Not sure if that signifies the beginning of war, but war is coming. I figured there’d be more troop deployment already by this point, but it may be delayed a few months. Still, all signs are pointing to war.

      1. Is that what all the build up in the South China Sea is? They’ve been at it for quite a while and nobody seems to know what’s going on.

  4. So by declaring him guilty the first time, they hope to appease the BLM crowd and then by declaring a mistrial, they hope to appease everybody else. There is no win in this situation. And I really don’t see him surviving very long in prison. How long do you see the war lasting? And is it really supposed to make things better? Past wars haven’t. Humanity flat refuses to learn from its mistakes.

  5. I can’t even imagine what would make a non-nuclear country like Australia threaten war against a powerhouse like China unless they have several allies to back them up. Seems to me this supports your WW3 predictions.

  6. So Liam, what are your feelings about Nostradamus predictions for 2021, specifically the whole zombie apocalypse theory? How is this even possible, to be “half dead”? And do you see us really covering robots with human skin??

  7. the latest report from Australia -after months of escalating trade tensions..embargoes by china on a massive scale on Ozzie steel ,beef.wine- is that china demanded neutrality WHEN it “incorporates” Taiwan into the fold or else china would rain missiles onto Australia ( the usa maintains a huge satellite monitoring station near what was previoiusly called ayers rock ) .
    this says 2 things –
    1 china is about to take Taiwan by force
    2 the usa will be forced to choose-honor treaties with anzus or fold.

    when/what happens in regards to the above?
    it sure sounds like august 1914 to me…is it?
    thx liam .

  8. Another site I follow also predicted that China would invade Taiwan this year, and that Russia would invade Ukraine. Getting pretty scary.

  9. From the other site I read – “Just when you thought things couldn’t get stranger, they do! I could tell you so much more, but most of you have your head buried in the sand, and don’t want to know the truth. Remember, “Ye will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” In my book, 2021 Looking into the Future, I wrote this in the book for 2021 and people chastised me for it.

    “The release of this biological weapon was long-planned by the New World Order to destabilize our world. Did the Chinese mastermind the Coronavirus in their laboratories and did it accidentally escape? The virus was well planned and ready to be released on the world. Was it a way to cull the herd of Earth’s 7.8 billion people?”

    Oddly, my husband and I discussed this that when Trump won in 2016, and defeat Hillary Clinton, the plan to destabilize the United States and make sure that only Left Socialist Democrats continue in Congress and as President. Many “evil-doers” planned this pandemic to be released on the world. Did you ever wonder why Dr. Fauci in the beginning told us not to wear masks even though he knew how infectious it was? Did you wonder why Joe Biden and his son are so connected to China? Start connecting the dots and you will be in for the shock of your lives! After all, Joe and Hunter traveled together to China on Air Force Two, where Hunter landed a $1.5 billion commitment from a government-controlled Chinese bank.

    Listen to what Fox’s Tucker Carlson said last night on how Dr. Fauci was involved in the Wuhan virology Laboratory in China and how the U.S. has been backing the Lab, knowing they were creating a deadly virus that is easily transmitted by humans! Fauci wasn’t alone. Many others were involved and planned this crime against humanity. They should be arrested and convicted of treason. Tucker asks why the NIAID director helped fund research at the Wuhan lab. No wonder the Democrats have tried to blame Trump for the deaths in the U.S. when they were the ones to blame

  10. Liam, what are your predictions and psychic intuitive insights regarding wars fought over clean water?

    For starters, which regions do you think will start going to war over water in the next year, and then in the next 10 years?

    1. I’m not seeing any wars in the traditional sense fought over water because society as we know it is going to implode. There will be on the ground combat to control water supplies, but not in an organized manner.

      1. What do you see happening with local government when the war starts? Will County jurisdictions still have the power to dictate what we do with our own property?

      2. I’ve given some insight into this previously, but it largely comes down to where you live. Cities are bloodbaths, as are suburbs. Rural areas are by far safer, but there will be power shortages and other issues.

  11. I think there’s going to be massive scandals when the truth comes out about Epstein and his friends. Rumor has it that’s why Bill & Melinda Gates are getting divorced. She supposedly started talking to her lawyer about the time he was linked to Epstein. Of course, that’s IF the truth is allowed out. I’m sure the elite do not want their depravity known and will strive to keep it sealed.

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