A Quick Thought on Reincarnation and the Purpose of Life

I wanted to write this blog post quickly because there is, I sense, some hesitancy and fear surrounding some of the devastating events we will be experiencing in the near future.

In times of oppression and despair, it is the divine human right to rebel against an authority that violates human rights. This has been a recurring theme throughout history for hundreds of years. While some nations on Earth today continue on the good fight, in spite of the risks to their lives and safety, some refuse to stand up for themselves and slink into a corner to hide. When it comes to making their voices heard, people are concerned over dying, as society, or at least Western society, has been conditioned to believe that we only live one life. This is not true and a reality check on this front is clearly in order.

The human body is vessel for the soul. While our time here on Earth is short, the spirit of each living creature has been on many journeys in many life forms and times before. The purpose of each individual life may be different, but our collective journey is the same. The goal for spiritual advancement is to cleanse the Earth of evil, allowing our plane of existence to be a place where light can flourish over darkness and our souls can become pure. In order to do this, people have to move beyond the physical and into the realm of the spiritual when it comes to our collective thinking.

We should not fear what is to come because it will be better for ourselves in the long run. Good is trying to put their foot down, but evil is not backing down. The revolutions were are on the verge of seeing, while seeming to be exclusively about human affairs, are fueled by a deeper spiritual war taking place in the after life. Not only are these battles about to take place here on Earth, they will be taking place in the heavens as well. Ours is just one battlefield in a plethora of many others. In the long run, this will end up being a positive and necessary development for the spiritual betterment, in this life time and afterwards.

The calamity of the conflict we are about to face will see a massive loss of life, on a scale never seen before. That means many of you will probably die in the immediate future before this is all over. While I know this will scare you, I am primarily posting this blog post to say that it shouldn’t. Do not allow the fear of death to scare you away from doing the right thing. Allow the freedom of knowing that this is not our only journey on Earth to comfort you, both in your own potential death and also in the loss of loved ones. To be on the side of good is to be joining in the fight against the tyranny that is prevalent around the world, no matter the personal cost. For your own and our own collective spiritual growth, one cannot stand on the sidelines in this upcoming war. To choose to do nothing makes you clearly on the side of evil and that will have repercussions further down the karmic line. Stay strong. Things will get better someday, but this is necessary in order for that day to come.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Thought on Reincarnation and the Purpose of Life

  1. I would like to add, that, the opression is happening because of people’s believe in authority. And not just the believe in the current so called “authority figures”.
    For me it is crystal clear that the causers of every human tragedy all held the same believe, the believe, that they have the right to rule whilst others must obey. That’s why it is a reoccuring theme troghout history.

    1. People have done it many times before. The reason most don’t remember their past experiences is so that your new life gets a clean slate, free of the influence of your past mistakes. Sometimes, though, they will come back into your purview, due to karma or needing to remember it to make the right choice in this life. It’s very complicated to go into all of the details, but this is what happens to everyone.

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