Dreams and Predictions for April 2021

Let me start off by saying that there may not be a featured blog post for this month. I have had to take care of personal issues which have preoccupied my time. If there is to be a blog post, I will mention it in an update here. With that in mind, here are some predictions for this month.

1) In the Derek Chauvin trial, it may be more likely that it turns out to be a hung jury and/or a mistrial, rather than an outright acquittal. He will not be found guilty on any charges, however.

2) I sense that the RWDSU union wins the Amazon unionization vote in Bessemer by a few percentage points, prolonging the fight for several more months (to no resolution), while inspiring other warehouses to begin their own union elections. This will weigh heavily on Amazon’s stock, likely being a major trigger, if not the trigger, in the collapse of the stock market later this month.

3) A notable mass shooting occurs at a major event like a sports game or outdoor concert. The event will be one that violates COVID social distancing rules in a significant manner.

4) A bomb is set off somewhere in Europe. Not sure the cause or if there are any casualties.

5) A major fire destroys an important building in a US city. I’m sensing Philadelphia.

6) More riots over lockdown orders in Europe. These turn deadly.

7) Myanmar begins a civil war later this month, an ominous preview of what much of the world can expect to see later in the year on its own shores.

8) Alexei Navalny dies in prison, sparking international condemnation.

9) Julian Assange may be granted his freedom from prison this month in a deal exchanged between the Royal Family and the Boris Johnson government, to the anger of the FBI and the US intelligence community.

10) The FARC reforms in Colombia, breaking off the peace accord and reengaging in hostilities.

4/2 ETA: I would like to bring to your attention this disturbing image posted on Britney Spears’ instagram account. I get the sense that it means there may be an attempt to kill her this month, as I have previously said her father and other nefarious actors would to silence her. It’s something to watch out for, especially since the world will be distracted by several events that occur this month.

4/9 ETA: Some more predictions.

11) I see a capsized ship in the Caribbean sea. Not sure if there are any casualties. Smaller boat, like a yacht.

12) Another mass shooting occurs at the end of the month, this one with a notably higher death count than average.

13) A car bomb or missile in the Middle East kills an important dignitary or foreign diplomat. I’m thinking this occurs in Iraq, but it could be in Syria or Afghanistan as well.

14) The Taliban will resume attacking foreign troops in May, escalating the occupation of Afghanistan.

15) I’m sensing something serious occurs for actor John Boyega. It feels like an untimely death, either from a car accident or drugs. Watch for him.

16) A deranged stalker assaults a prominent Youtuber. I’m leaning towards Jojo Siwa, but it could be someone else.

17) May will see the first murders of unarmed protestors by police occur at a protest. This will further inflame tensions in the US and escalate the conflict to the point of civil war.

18) I would also like to point out that in last years predictions, I said that Prince Phillip’s passing would precede the death of the Queen earlier in the year. Though neither of them died last year, the Duke of Edinburgh has just passed away. This almost certainly suggests that the Queen is going to die later this year. I’m sensing June, but May-July is the vector to watch out for. I’m still going to call it a prediction fulfillment if the dating was off by just a year. Dating has never been my strong suit.

38 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for April 2021

  1. I arrived at this blog a week or so ago, and considering how intriguing what you write is, I used to be skeptical of psychic phenomena but you also seem to have some fair insight into geopolitics and other complex stuff like that, so here I am writing a reply to this post and await your response. I want to hear more from you.

    I’m just some angry and pissed off doomer from Western Canada who’s tired of this charade loosh farm world and just want it all to burn.

    1. That seems to be the way things are going, and it’s gonna restart the protests and riots. I think we’re gonna see a deadly summer of protests brutally crushed and then turned to riots because no one can tolerate being part of the American empire anymore unless they’re bootlicking herd animals. At least I’d hope so, I will admit I’m something of a sadomasochist and want nothing more than for civilization to collapse already. I’m sick of this late state capitalist and neofeudalist dystopia.

    2. I also want to ask you, what are your thoughts on the Gamestop stocks and Wallstreetbets on Reddit? Unionization against Amazon’s a good thing in my book, democratic socialism if you ask me is gonna be the only way to really cushion the collapse of civilization and the self-inflicted extinction of humanity, and allow us to kill ourselves off with some sense of dignity, however scarce it may be.

    3. A mass shooting to both shame Covid ignorers as well as clamp down with gun control. How stupid of so-called leftists in America and Europe to both hate the corporate-owned governments but yet also want to hand their weapons over to them. Karl Marx even said that under no pretenses should the working class ever be disarmed, or something like that. And yet here we are with the champagne socialists being useful controlled opposition idiots for the government preventing any real revolution or change from taking place. Here’s a hint… it doesn’t come from letting the government and their corporate masters shove their boots up their ass and pretending you’re enjoying it, it’s from growing a big fat set of balls and fighting them, even if they got tanks and drones and what have you.

    4. Huh… wonder if a terrorist attack in Europe could be connected to a potential resurgence of ISIS? They seem to still be gaining ground in Mozambique and I’ve also heard some news about how Da’esh is still lurking within the refugee camps in Syria and Iraq, waiting to explode once again.

    5. Philadelphia eh? Wonder if it ends up being an attack on Independence Hall.

    6. There’s another guy I like interested in prophecies, Michael McClellan of New Prophecy, that predicts a wave of revolution stretching from France and Germany to Hungary and Ukraine, even Russia. Pretty sad to know that Europe won’t be some safe haven in the collapse of civilization for me to emigrate to, but whatever. The riots will be a necessary evil, Europe’s no better than the Anglosphere if you ask me.

    7. Myanmar’s probably gonna end up looking like Southeast Asia’s version of Syria and will likely spark some more fires off in Thailand, or so I hope. You can end up doing serious time in prison in Thailand just for insulting their bitch-ass king, so I hope Thailand’s monarchy fucking burns. Death to royalty, time to get out the guillotines.

    8. Navalny’s death is gonna spark off a shitstorm in Russia. Hoo boy, I got a sense that Putin will realize he fucked up big time there.

    9. I seriously hope so, with my faith that Julian Assange isn’t just another misinfo agent for the global intelligence community and controlled opposition. The FBI and the rest of the American empire deserves to be humiliated and shown for the piece of shit empire it truly is.

    10. Hmm… how do you think reignited conflicts in Columbia will affect Venezuela? South America seems ripe for chaos, not just with Venezuela’s starving population but also Bolsonaro’s stupidity in Brazil and all the mass deaths there. Recent news is that the Amazon rainforest is now emitting carbon instead of capturing it. Climate chaos going into full force.

    After sharing my thoughts and asking some questions, can I also ask for your thoughts and vision on the following topics for the next year?

    Canada (how’s Canada gonna fare for the next year? I predict we will become a totalitarian police state as America falls into chaos)
    ISIS/Da’esh resurgence
    Russia vs Ukraine
    South China Sea
    India vs Pakistan
    Greece vs Turkey

    1. Sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner. It’s a lot.

      First off, I want to thank you for reading our site. Much appreciated and thank you for the kind words.

      1) It’s worse than just riots. It’s uprisings and overthrows in many parts of the world. To be honest, this is actually the lesser of evils we could be dealing with. A nuclear World War 3, which would have happened if cooler heads hadn’t prevailed in Iraq last month during the Pope’s visit, would have been devastating beyond human comprehension. As I have said before, war is inevitable, but the key is to lessen the impact and causalities. Internal collapse is the best thing for people who desire this and it’s likely coming for many parts of the world, but not all of it. War will take over other parts.

      2) I have mentioned the Gamestop rises a few times before. My original instinct, from my War is Coming blog post from last year, is that a tit for tat sanction war between the US and China crashes the global marketplace, but it may not be the only trigger. Stock speculation by Wall Street bros on Reddit, the unionization drive at Amazon and general uncertainty in regards to the pandemic and the mutant virus strains may have an exacerbating effect. Not to mention that the riots next month may add to the problems, since the last set of riots caused over $2 billion in damage, a record in US history.


      3) I don’t think gun control is going to be passed. Congress is deadlocked and they can barely pass a budget, let alone something as controversial as an assault weapons ban. Not to mention that the US has become numb to mass shootings as this point. People ask all the time how people in war zones become numb to the violence? There’s your answer.

      4) I’m not seeing it as ISIS related. Could be a domestic group.

      5) Not likely an attack. I’m thinking it’s a fire started by accident, like with the Notre Dame cathedral.

      6) I know him very well. He is a friend of our website and we have been in communication for years. I even cited him in my warning to the Pope last month. A lot of what he says on this is true.

      7) It will spark major stability problems for China more than anything else since Myanmar is at its border. It will leave other spots vulnerable like Taiwan and Hong Kong. It’s part of the strategy of the west to topple the Communist regime in China. Invade neighboring countries and then break into China. China isn’t prepared to defend itself, especially not now, which is why I believe it will be invaded and toppled this year.

      8) Yes and it’s why their posturing for military action in Ukraine is a waste of time and a bluff. They’ll need those troops to keep the country from falling apart from within.

      9) I have been worried about him for years and I feared that if he wasn’t broken out of prison that he’d die in prison. I do believe the Biden administration weighing in on the Meghan Markle interview was a big mistake from the perspective of the US intelligence community. Buckingham Palace is furious about that and they plan to take their revenge in a way that makes them look good and Biden look bad. Freeing Assange does this, but it won’t be without consequence. It will strain relations between the two countries and see a CIA attempt to oust Charles from the line of succession. MI6 better watch out for activity at the US embassy in London. History shows it never ends well. A total mess.

      10) The instability in Colombia benefits Maduro for a time, since the pressure will be off of him internationally, but it may not be enough to save him. I have foreseen a collapse of the government this year and a weaker neighbor only helps him so much.

      Canada fares better, but not perfectly.

      India and Pakistan will go to war. Turkey and Greece do not.

      Hope this answered your inquires sufficiently.

  2. Looks like your April time-line for the violence to start back up was spot on, Liam. I just read about a car slamming through the security fence at the Capital with reports of shots fired. Too bad they’re on recess and only staff were there.

    1. I noticed that today. A bit of a delayed fulfillment of a prediction I made two months ago. I have said previously that sometimes my dating on predictions isn’t always on point. It should be clear to Biden that the danger for him is only beginning, though I do not believe he will face gunman’s bullet at this time. Death from illness seems more likely, but the cause of death could change. I’m sensing June. Other psychics seem to be settling on this date as well.

      1. So what do you sense of the Russian military build-up in the arctic? Is that Poseidon missle going to actually be used against the West Coast? How far inland would be considered safe from its radiation?

      2. I said it in a comment up above. I think it’s a bluster because Putin is worried about domestic instability. Navalny is going to die soon, I would suspect in less than three weeks time, and there will be massive protests that turn violent. The military is going to have to turn around from the Ukraine border to deal with it and then all hell is going to break loose. Russia will be doing less outward fighting and more work to keep its own nation from falling apart. It’s not going to be pretty.

  3. Most recent report I read said he is “seriously ill ” in the prison sick ward, possibly TB, possibly Covid. Combined with his hunger strike and severe weight loss, he won’t be strong enough to fight it.

    1. No, he won’t be. This is Sergei Magnitsky all over again. Playing out the exact same way, except the reaction will be different this time. Putin is playing with fire here and he’s about to get burned.

      1. So my plan to get off grid by summer got siderailed by the county. I still have the land, I just can’t stay on it until I’m ready to build. Hopefully I’m in a small enough town to survive what’s coming. At least I’ll still be close to one of my children. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the county planners will be too busy with the war to care what I’m doing on my land. You said so long as I had roots, I’d be fine. Guess my roots are here for now.

  4. So I still have not been vaccinated against Covid 19 and want to ask again. Is Astra Zaneca dangerous and really effective or just useless? I see many countries not using it anymore.

  5. So people just get a vaccine that has not been proven for many years and is based on just a leap of faith. Big money to be made by big pharma. Yet nobody knows how the virus was born and why?

    1. I absolutely will not get the vaccine and here’s why – 1) It was rushed through development in only a year without adequate testing or research, 2) There are no long term studies as to side effects, 3) They only provide protection for 3-6 months. Even those that had the virus are not maintaining an antibody to it. 4) The virus is mutating fast making the vaccines even less effective. Doesn’t anybody else think it odd that all these different companies released their vaccines at roughly the same time? AND, they aren’t 100% effective. I personally know someone that was among the first Healthcare workers to get the vaccine and now, weeks later, she has the virus and is terribly ill. I won’t even start on all the conspiracy theories. If you want the vaccine, please do your own research and don’t blindly trust the government propaganda shoved at us.

  6. It seems as if they are just choosing to announce his passing. I sensed his and the queen’s passing a year ago. I think your prediction was correct.

    1. I was reading that he may have died last year, but I’m not 100% convinced of this, though it wouldn’t surprise me. I do feel that the Queen won’t be getting the kind of proper send off that people would expect for her, considering her reign, due to the pandemic and the riots that will be more violent in the UK. I also foresee Charles’ reign will be tumultuous, with the CIA attempting to oust him from power for William. It’s not going to be pretty.

      1. It is past the time for the monarchy to end. Given their crimes against humanity and thievery, I have no sympathy for what will happen to them.

      2. I mean, I don’t either, but I’m not going to espouse my whole opinions on the monarchy here. I just know that, despite growing Republican sentiment in the UK and the British territories, it will not be abolished for a long while. Nations that don’t wish to be under the commonwealth, such as Australia, Scotland and Northern Ireland, will leave first before it occurs. I sense that after Charles, William will be king and then there will be a major dispute for the throne between his children, George and Charlotte, which will result in the end of the monarchy all together. This is a process that could take a long while, maybe even as much as eighty years, but it will eventually happen, just not in our lifetimes.

  7. Sorry to say #2 was a miss. I read yesterday that the Alabama union vote was defeated by a landslide.

    1. #2 is partially a miss. The rest of it is still going to occur, plus I think there were tossed out ballots that may have altered the result. A NLRB hearing will expose this, I believe.

  8. Can anyone really and finally answer the real question: why did the virus arrive and who made it? I dont want to believe conspiracy theories etc but how come after a year has passed and nobody knows where the zero patient was?

    1. Instinct says it was made in a lab but accidentally got out. I don’t think it was a deliberate bioweapon attack. I do believe we will find this out and that’s when the sanctions begin.

      1. I’ve read this was a trial run and that a much more serious/deadly virus will be released, if it hasn’t already. Pretty rough way to control overpopulation.

      2. The real reduction in the population is coming from war. Look at the streets of Minnesota tonight. It’s about to turn this way all over the country and the blowback is going to be revolutionary.

  9. cuba. raul – SAYS- he retires with the next congress ie now. so….does cuba :
    a.become free,open & prosper?
    b. continue as is..?
    c. become the Syria of the western hemisphere?
    it will determine if the usa has another safe- option place…or more refugees…thanks Liam.

    1. Nothing changes in the short term. Long term, as I mentioned in my future of the Caribbean post, it will shed some of its total state control to enter into a union with the other islands in the region.

  10. Looks like there is censorship going on after James O’ Keefe exposes CNN through their technical director revealing a lot of their actions and he’s filing a lawsuit (possibly like he did on New York Times) on Twitter for claiming he made fake accounts or something.

    Can you tell if what is happening on CNN will also expose the mainstream news? Will it affect the people’s trust on them?

  11. Just out of curiosity, why would anyone want to kill Britney Spears? Yeah, she’s a famous pop singer, but she’s not that great.

    1. Her father sees her more valuable dead than alive. Satanists need ritual sacrifices to stay powerful.

  12. Looks like Ontario is now on lockdown with police will arrest dissidents without warning if found violating the rules. Do you think this will create unrest within Ontario citizens while the rule was in place? I can’t see my post preview and this was my third time attempting it.

    1. Comments have to be approved before posting, so I apologize. Yes, this will create unrest and there’s already been unrest in Montreal

      This will not be the worst of the unrest in Canada this year. The summer will be fiery, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver.

      1. No worries Sir Liam. Because last time I was able to see the preview when I posted. I thought something was wrong.

        Looks like your point about anarchy looking to be accurate. Even in the Philippines, the government reinstated their strict lockdown measures.

      2. It’s going to get a lot worse, so I pray for your continued safety. No place is really going to be untouched. Usually, there are countries that are stable, but that’s not going to be the case here. It’s the difference between unstable and a failed state. One is livable, the other is not.

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