The epitaph of first quarter of 2021 is the end of long endured sufferings of 2020, year of the Pandemic Health COVID-19 Crises. This means that measurable things will be possible like in Cases of COVID-19, it will be diminished and economic doors will be opened on the course of rehabilitation from its mess of the virus. Many countries will lift its travel ban, minimize policies for tourists and travellers.

Myanmar will end its political crises while Baghdad will have another revolt circling from its own terror acts. The face of terrorism will continue, world wide threats anew.

Rover Perseverance Mission of NASA will release its exciting panoramic views, the robotic voyager will discover an ancient biologic facts conforming presence of water in Mars. Some its pieces of robotic structure will have a technological problem as it will be hit by a Mars dust storm, but wouldn’t be paralyzed in performing its mission.

Magnetic lunar attraction is heavier to produce more volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, from Pacific to South East Asian Countries. The newly elected US President Biden is likely to feel some cardiac ailments.

In family relationships, increase of bondage is seen. Financial map read as recovering from Pandemic effects though debts is still inevitable…



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