Dreams and Predictions for March 2021

If you have not read the latest blog post for this month, please do so. It is an urgent message that I hope is received before it is too late. With that said, I’ll share a few more dreams and predictions for this month.

1) In a dream I had a few weeks ago, I saw Kamala Harris, her husband and adopted children being executed by the guillotine. This, I presume, occurs at the end of the uprising as punishment for crimes against humanity.

2) Tensions are forming at the US border and will explode when border patrol opens fire on refugees seeking asylum in the US. This will be a major scandal for the Biden administration.

3) Expect more riots this weekend, not necessarily tied to any event in particular.

4) Boris Johnson seems to be leaning towards holding new parliamentary elections soon. I’m not sure when they will take place, if they occur at all.

5) An assassination attempt on the dictator of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse. It will start getting to a point where the US and the UN will no longer be able to support his government.

6) Lenín Moreno attempts to postpone the upcoming runoff presidential election. This will lead to major unrest in the streets and the toppling of his government. He will either be forced into exile or assassinated for this act.

7) There are attempts to take down the governments of Colombia and Guatemala which forces the US to expend precious military capital to save them. They only manage to salvage one for a short period of time before both eventually go under.

3/8 ETA: Let me just say that while I am relieved that the Pope was not assassinated on his trip to Iraq, I’m still unsettled by the visit. It still feels like it shouldn’t have happened and the consequences may not be apparent right away. As I try to hope that my unsettled feelings aren’t correct, I will move on to other predictions for the month.

8) There may be a delay in the Derek Chauvin trial by a week or two. We may not see a resolution until May.

9) Trouble over passing the stimulus bill in the House.

10) France is on the verge of turmoil as Macron makes a decision on the lockdowns that is extremely unpopular.

11) The European Union makes an ominous decision for how they are going to handle the remaining refugees from the Syrian war.

12) An assassination attempt on Myanmar’s dictator Min Aung Hlaing leads to the deaths of several innocent victims. I believe this will occur this weekend.

3/16 ETA: First off, I’d like to point out that once again Pope Francis, who narrowly avoided being assassinated earlier this month in his extremely ill advised visit to Iraq, is provoking more anger by attacking the gay community. This news, surprisingly, has gotten far more attention than his trip to Iraq, which saw relatively little coverage in the press. It would be ironic if, having avoided assassination in Iraq, he ends up getting assassinated elsewhere by anarchists or other left leaning groups. It is advised that he not take any trips this spring. He especially should not go to the United States, which he may be tempted to do when the uprisings begin again next month. Unlike the Iraqi people, Americans will not take kindly to his visit. The warning signs will take place at St Patrick’s cathedral in New York. If it gets vandalized again in the near future, he will be marked should he make such an ill fated visit. Something for the Vatican to keep in mind, as Francis’ stubbornness caused a huge spike in COVID cases in Iraq and blood is on his hands. With that out of the way, here are some more predictions.

13) London will see big riots next weekend, likely in response to the murder of Sarah Everard.

14) Italy will propose legislation to limit the number of tourists into their country this summer. I am inclined to believe it will pass, pissing off the IMF and other European lawmakers.

15) I have been convinced for a number of years that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī’s son, will eventually become the leader of a post war Libya. The signs of this will take place later this year, as he reestablishes himself on the world scene.

16) The US will be caught off guard when Iran shifts its focus from military actions in the Middle East to fanning the flames of unrest in Minneapolis and other US cities. This will anger many in the Biden administration, who call off the Iran deal in response. It will also serve to shift popular opinion domestically, seeing a higher support for the country amongst the population and a significant decrease of support for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

17) A Putin associate is indicted on a money laundering scheme in US court, sometime in April.

18) Jared Kushner makes the decision to move to Israel. I expect the move to be announced sometime this summer. He will live to regret this, however.

19) An attempted break in at Mar-A-Lago leads to an arrest.

20) A new anti semitic figure rises in the Republican ranks. He is denounced by the party at first, but his opinion becomes the default norm in the near future.

21) An attack on infrastructure in Pennsylvania. White man, could be a Q supporter. Thinking it’s a cell phone tower attack or on a water based plant.

22) A medical breakthrough on cancer sometime this year. Uses the MNRA technology in the COVID vaccines. Not sure how safe it is.

3/20 ETA: With the recent rise in hate crimes against the Asian American community and with this scene from the recent Marvel series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” on my mind (they are known for performing Satanic rituals that turn into real life curses, see the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman last year), I feel that someone in particular needs a warning.

23) Andrew Yang is extremely vulnerable to being assassinated on the campaign trail in the next two months. As his lead in the mayoral primary becomes more solidified, he will become more of a target to those who wish to eliminate him. Don’t assume that it’s just some random person trying to off him. His political rivals, particularly a former cop in the race, have an interest in his forced ouster. Something to keep in mind, especially as May feels chaotic in New York City this year.

56 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for March 2021

  1. You mentioned on last month’s post that a major crash will happen late March or April and that the window is getting shorter now. It’s now second week of March. Do you think something changes it from not happening or not?

    I know you’re honest if you see some of the predictions didn’t end up happening so this was an update if there’s more clearer picture.

    Oh yeah, the person I currently supporting her work in Florida that I asked what will happen there.., The Japanese woman, she’s under the pseudo-name Riho. If you sense something, let me know honestly.

    1. I’m not happy with some of the news I’ve been watching. One is rising inflation, which is obviously making itself known in rising prices, particularly on gasoline and food. Another is the speculative ups and downs of the Reddit posters is still happening, particularly around Gamestop, but also other stocks. I’m also concerned about the forced end of the eviction moratorium by the courts, which would see a humongous rise in homelessness in a short period of time. Crashes can and often do happen instantaneously and without much warning, though the signs will be there for a while beforehand. The signs are still there now. I still expect a market crash when I say it will happen.

  2. What about the vaccines against Covid 19? Are they useless? The sideeffects of Astra Zaneca just keep coming. Many countries dont use Astra anymore. Is it true that this vaccine is dangerous and real aftereffects will be visible after some time?

    1. One of the other psychics who runs this site shares your sentiment. I am becoming more convinced of it as well. I think, if you haven’t already gotten the vaccine, that it is best to hold off and wait.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far…yet. I’m not as down on the Astra vaccine, to be honest. I’m more concerned with the Johnson and Johnson and the Russian vaccines, though I have some trust issues over the Pfizer as well. I don’t believe the stuff about it mutating your DNA. I do believe that it won’t protect people from the variants and, hence, become useless in terms of inoculation. I would advise waiting to take any vaccine.

      2. What do you think of the Green Card, showing you’ve been vaccinated in order to enter pretty much any establishment? I feel that’s discrimination against those of us watching & waiting. It almost feels like the mark of the beast, requiring it to buy, sell, or trade….

      3. I’m not happy about it, that’s for sure. I do, however, think it’s going to be relatively worthless with the unrest and then uprising that is coming. That and the mutated strains of COVID will make it obsolete.

  3. Hi Liam,
    Hope you’re keeping well and doing good buddy.
    I am silent reader and fan of your esteemed blog post article site,and do enjoy your predictions,much love from London ,England. Your prediction recently on riots before the weekend happened in Oregon. And your prediction on the US-Mexican border and the migrants crossings issues.
    Many people including myself in London England United kingdom have read your Predictions 2021 as a Revolutionary Year,and we are preparing as it seems we have a short window available to prepare for the anarchy and dark days and times coming up soon globally and worldwide very soon to unleash hell break loose.
    Liam my man keep up the goodworks with FefeLove and kudos and much RESPECT.BLESS YOU.

    1. Thank you very much for the support. I apologize in the delay in responding. I did notice some of my predictions were already being fulfilled, as you pointed out.

      I wish I could tell people that things would be getting better, but they will not. The elite have made their choice to be confrontational and everyone will suffer the consequences as a result. The best anyone can hope for is to reduce the casualties and limit the damage. Pope Francis’ safe visit to Iraq helped to lessen the death count enormously, but he’s still provoking the bear with his commentary and may still be assassinated this year. The only consolation is that this time, I don’t expect it would trigger a war, just anger from Catholics.

      The best we can hope for is that the collective energy is directed towards toppling the governments that promote war and conflict around the war. Thought there will be suffering in these uprisings, in the long run, it will lead to world peace, so people should take solace in that.

      I will send my fellow psychics your well wishes as well.

      1. Bless you Liam and nice one aa we say in London England United kingdom.
        You ars most welcome,i am Catholic myself and Pope Francis is really creating issues for us all,that can or might lead to serious repercussion and retribution against us all.
        Yes your predictions are been fulfilled and manifested. Demonstrations and protests and unrest across London England United kingdom and Ireland over the Sarah Everard murder and death by Black Lives Matter and Antifa,attacking police officers and all.
        Liam,my big sister Kate in Accra ,Ghana too has foreseen some of the predictions you have stated about the global #anarchy #unrest and uprisings to come of upheavals and turmoil and we preparing for the dark days and times coming up soon globally and worldwide very soon to unleash hell break loose.

        Yes the toppling of rogue global governments and systems and structures into asunder will collapse in year 2021 globally,but we stay safe with the violence and chaos revolutions to be unleashed.

        Bless you Liam and Fefelove and the team ,and kudos.

      2. Hi Liam,
        You know something yeah,last September 2020,Pope Francis called up a meeting of all global and world leaders for an invite summit at the Palace of the Hague in Holland,Royal Netherlands.
        There he met the Grand Ayatollah Cleric Ali Sistani,his trip and travel to Iraq recently was a follow up in forming and establishing a future one world religion global order.

      3. Hi Liam
        The prediction you made on Northern Ireland is happening and manifesting due to Brexit Tradedeal agreement between Boris Johnson and the European Union.
        Northern Ireland has 2 systems now as a British UK province and an enclave of the European Union as in The Northern Ireland Protocol on Trade,Tax,Customs and Borders.
        People are hungry as food provisions is scarce and short at supermarkets,due to Brexit Trade Deal Agreement.
        And European Union customs officials and border agency guards were chased out by Ulster Unionist Irish militants and militia,who are damn angry and have threatened the UK Government of Boris Johnson too. And there issues at the Stormont Northern Ireland Assembly between Sinn Fenn Irish Republican Army and Ulster Unionist Irish militants. I dread and fear this springtime and summertime to come across the #UK and mainland UK and Europe.

      4. Thank you for updating me. I have also been monitoring the crisis in Bristol. It’s going to get even worse over the next few weeks. What is particularly troubling me is the protest ban that the parliament wishes to pass.


        It is one of the most draconian pieces of legislation in the world and if it passes, it is going to spark a huge amount of outrage, moreso than Johnson is dealing with now. I believe it will be of the intensity that it ends his tenure as Prime Minister, but it will probably see worse consequences. More rioting, more violence and soon, a high death count. It’s not a pretty future, so I pray for your safety.

      5. Hi Liam my man keep up the goodworks with FefeLove and Happy First day of Spring.
        Serious protests,demonstration and rioting between protestors and police officers across London England United kingdom all day today due to Sarag Everard murder and death and vigil.

        Evening Standard:
        Protesters clash with police in Central London a week after Sarah Everard vigil.

        As i am writing this messages now police officers across London England United kingdom clashing with lockdown protesters,issues with the Sarah Everard vigil last week and inquest.

        Many protesters have been injured and arrested and detained across the #UK and London.

        UK Government of Boris Johnson and Home Office banned all protests due to new laws and covid laws that criminalizes people for protesting against authorities and it is unacceptable and an unlawful in a Democracy.

        Police officers scuffling,Kettering,grabbing several women and leading them in handcuffs to be locked up in custody.

        Boris Johnson and Home Office Government using lockdown restrictions and emergency powers in lockdown regulations and quasi-ban used by the #UK Government to threaten and arrest demonstrators and anyone with opinions or point of views and now no more freedoms of expression or association.

        Liam i think it seems this is the calm before April the storm the anarchy anarchism anarchists and revolutionary year and instability and socio-economic issues will begin. Kudos

      6. Hi Liam my man keep up the goodworks with FefeLove and Happy First day of Spring.

        As you predicted rioting between protesters and police officers across London England United kingdom clashing with lockdown protesters and Sarah Everard vigil last week has not gone away.
        Boris Johnson and Home Office Government using lockdown restrictions have banned all protests due to new laws and covid laws that criminalizes people for protesting against authorities and it is unlawful.

        Many protesters have been injured and arrested and detained across the #UK and London and many women have been scuffled and Kettering and been led in handcuffs to be locked up in custody the whole day.

        With the events of emergency and crisis and issues going on i think it seems this is the calm before April storm in this revolutionary year and instability and socio-economic issues will lead to protests due to lockdown restrictions and furthermore cause and create unrest and uprisings and upheavals are coming very soon to unleash hell break loose across the #UK and globally and worldwide very soon to unleash hell break loose.

        Keeping my head down but also preparing for a way out before the anarchy and difficult demanding trying times coming up soon globally and worldwide.

    2. Also should point out that this is an early warning sign that there will be an attempt to take down the government of Colombia this summer by force, which I mention in prediction #7.

      1. Well said Liam with Colombia,and issues with Latin America,notably Brazil and issues with COVID21 and deaths and heading to become a failed state .And migrant exodus crisis from Nicaragua,El Salvador,Venezuela,Honduras and Guatemala too with drought and hunger and famine. I perceive and conceive the unrest and uprisings to come across Latin America will be explosive as in the days of revolutionary Simon Bolivar.

  4. How long before the vaccinated people will start to have serious health problems? Six months? And what will be the long term sideffects? The media will never tell the truth. They are corrupt.

  5. In response to #8 – Derek Chauvin’s Lawyer Requests Delay of Trial After Announcement of $27 Million Settlement Awarded to George Floyd’s Family

    1. Probably going to go for a change of venue and/or a mistrial. It could even delay the verdict until June, but I’m still sticking with May for now. It’s not going to change the verdict, however. He will be acquitted, but not because he’s not guilty, but because the jury pool will be tainted.

  6. I totally agree the trial will be a sham, but I was thinking it would go for automatic conviction simply to appease the BLM supporters. Anyone can see that an acquittal will set the entire nation on fire.

    1. There’s a reason the nation will be set aflame and it’s because Chauvin is obviously guilty of at least manslaughter, if not outright murder. Too many of the jurors are going to be suckered into the arguments about the drugs in George Floyd’s system and not about the compression on his neck which is what actually killed him. It may be what the jury thinks is right (it’s not), but they will have to live with the consequences of their verdict for the rest of their lives. They also should not be led to the impression that their identities will be safe. Either one of the other jurors rats them out or someone hacks into the government computers and leaks the names. Some will likely have to go into a witness protection program, other may be targeted in violent ways. It’s not pretty, but the reality is that the US is on the brink of collapse and any little thing can trigger it. The trial will trigger that collapse, in my view.

      1. I read today that the judge has already dismissed two seated jurors for being swayed by the family’s settlement. Just as you predicted….

    2. I also would like to point out that it isn’t just the fate of the US that is at stake here. The fate of many other countries is as well. The rioting and uprisings aren’t just an American thing, as I said in my February blog. This is global and the whole world will be destabilized by this. Police brutality isn’t just as US issue: see London.

      1. Spot on and you have said it all Liam. Police Brutality in London England United kingdom and the U.S..
        The dice has been cast for all literally globally and worldwide very soon to unleash hell break loose of extreme revolutions #anarchy #unrest and uprisings to come with upheavals and turmoil and we preparing to survive soon the onslaught carnage and violence and carnage will be by grace and mercies of God .
        As it will be huge explosive device and fuse detonated. And the effects will have socio-economic issues will cause commotion and harm and mass destruction,chaos and unleash the reality scenario movie of “Salems Green”
        Bless you Liam and nice one and dishing out the goodworks with FefeLove and the team. Kudos

      2. Liam your predictions have been fulfilled and manifested this weekend with rioting between protesters and police officers across London England United kingdom,English cities of Birmingham anti lockdown protests and anarchy has began springtime.
        Today sunday rioting in English town of Bristol ,violence and destruction between protesters and police officers.

        It is now people versus state and state versus people and vice versa in political and social unrests and introductions of covid laws that criminalizes people for protesting against authorities and it is very worrying.

  7. I’m busy trying to follow your self protection advice. I bought two acres in the country half hour from a couple of very small towns and an hour from any town of size. Wish my kids would come, but they don’t believe how serious the situation is. I need to get a well drilled, then can live off grid with my garden and chickens. Hope it isn’t too little too late. So glad I stumbled across your site.

    1. Very good. As long as you can settle roots there by the summer, you should be fine. I have a good sense about this.

  8. I’m shopping for an RV, should have it in place end of next month. Just in time to try and plant a garden at 4500 feet in high desert. Always a dicey prospect. Water table is fairly shallow. Would love to get a windmill. Now just hoping my neighbors are cool and don’t turn me in to the County. Apparently it’s illegal to live in an RV full time on your own land, but I can’t afford to build yet. Sadly, it’s 2 1/2 hours one way commute, but I can make it work. Thanks for the affirmation!!

    1. I’m glad to hear it. It feels right, in my sense. Do try to make an effort to get to know your neighbors. That’s just as much of an important piece of the puzzle as the land and resources. Social interaction will be important to preserving your mental health in these difficult times.

      1. I have been working on getting off grid for several years because I have sensed the need for over ten years. I am now off grid in Hawaii. I have been meeting neighbors and making friends. I’ve been collecting seeds but haven’t built the garden yet. I’m nearly out of debt and then I think that’s the best I can do. Oh been learning about food storage too. Already know how to cook from scratch and sew. Lord protect me!

  9. Most definitely. I need them to buy my eggs & veggies so I can quit my day job & get rid of that commute. Plus, there’s safety in numbers. As an older, single lady, I don’t want to become a target.

  10. How come that in the time of over 1 year the countries of the world CANT eridicate a virus? It seems it is very covient and profitable for someone. Are people so stupid and irresponsible? Why isnt there a REAL plan to kill this virus so that all the countries follow it through? Please explain as I cant understand that over all this time all the efforts and restrictions are just useless?

    1. Because they refused to do a China like lockdown to inoculate the world. The virus spread freely because people wouldn’t make the sacrifices necessary to kill it off. Now it will linger on and mutate until most people either get it or have some protection from it.

  11. You’ve said over and over that Biden will not finish his term, and probably won’t last six months. Today I read that he tripped three times going up the stairs of Air Force 1. We’re supposed to believe it was the wind. What do you think, Liam? Wind, steep stairs, or the beginning of the end?

    1. He’s unsteady and his health isn’t good. Also notice his slip up in saying President Harris the other day.

      It’s possible that he may step down from the presidency before he dies. This could be a prelude to it. It’s becoming more likely that he’ll die of natural causes than be assassinated, although with this news tidbit on my radar the other day, I can’t assure that definitively.


  12. Wow! I hadn’t heard that. President Harris…..definitely sounds like it’s been the plan all along. He said it so naturally, with no hesitation. I read that article about the gunman outside her home. It’s only a matter of time.

  13. It’s now the last week of March. Is the upcoming stock market crash will occur this week or sometime in April as you pointed out Sir Liam? I’m observing things in the US too and it seems it has been more problematic than ever and the news aren’t being honest revealing the real problems except you read on other “alternative” news. While some of their reports are true on the opposite spectrum, I’m able to dissect their reporting when I notice it mentions about Trump’s “plan” as their news is as doubtful as MSM.

  14. Here we go again. Another mass shooting and , of course, it’s the guns fault! Everybody knows it jumped into this psychos hands and forced him to start shooting. When will people realize a gun is just a tool like any other, and that it’s the idiot using the tool that is at fault? Do you hear ANYBODY screaming about taking cars away because a drunk driver uses it in an accident? I think not! What do you think, Liam? Will Biden be successful in stripping our 2nd Amendment rights? (I apologize for my rant.)

      1. Lovely! Then “President Harris” will use her clout to take our weapons. Like they say – if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns – which leaves the rest of us powerless, especially since “they’re” trying to defund the police. Who will protect us if they strip our ability to protect ourselves?? I’m not psychic, but even I see this does not end well.

      2. It’s not about protection. It’s about control.


        You are absolutely right to say what you say. It does not take a psychic to see how this is going to play out, but I have foreseen how this is going to play out and it is war with the government losing. The signs of a confrontation are only building. I instinctually believe we will see the explosion in late April, early May. It’s not going to be pretty, but it will be necessary for a better future.

  15. It is now nearing the end of March. Can you see that the stock market will crash this week or April as you pointed out last February Sir Liam?

    1. April seems more likely, though we might have a last minute surprise this month. There was an early warning sign of trouble last week in the tech stocks.


      This is where the trouble will likely emanate from. The big thing in my sense is the union vote at the Amazon warehouse in Alabama. I expect it will be approved and that will cause distress in the markets. When the union drive spreads to other warehouses, I expect there will be a big downward pressure. There could be other factors driving it as well, but tech seems to be where the source of the crash comes from.

      1. I’ll keep in mind about this Sir Liam. I’ll keep on observing as my younger brother got cut from his last job today in the Philippines as his supermarket chain that he’s working has now cutting employees.

      2. I’m sorry to hear this, though it does not surprise me. I hope that your brother can find a way out soon. I’m seeing bad things for The Philippines this year, worse than previous years. It won’t be easy, but with some good luck and good timing, he might be able to pull it off. I’ll pray for you and your family.

    2. I also would like to bring this to your attention. If you read my War is Coming blog, you’d know that this is one of the biggest red flags for the year that indicates the beginning of World War 3.

      When the report comes out, it is going to create a huge crisis. That’s why China is fighting this so hard.

      1. Noted Sir Liam. I’ll keep an eye out on this. I just hope the person that I support, the Japanese girl Riho, will be ok too in Florida as well.

        She’s been more quieter than ever but I know that what will happen in the US will also affect the world.

      2. Just heard on the radio this morning that China swears Covid started from humans eating bats, that it was not made in a lab, that it crossed species from bats to humans so easily because we are predisposed to it, and that we should just take their word for it. Lack of transparency is a huge red flag that they’re covering something up.

  16. Another site I read touts the benefits of Theta crypto currency. What is your feeling on it in the coming troubles?

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