March 2021 is a VICIOUS Month

March 2021 is a vicious month which climate change adaptively arrogant. It is where in Southeast Asian Countries most likely in the Philippines a start of summer season but with occurrence still of weather disturbances. Politics became more in hot seats on the issue of Pandemic Health COVID-19 Crises against vaccination and its procurement.

It will arose another mutation of COVID-19, though vaccination implemented, but it will not be as deadlier as feared. Somehow, health protocols will be eased to boost and recover the failing economy and promote increase of revenues. There seems to be fire particularly in the City of Manila, Philippines and quake movement is feared to be happened from this month.

In the Middle East countries, there will be dethroned in the monarchy because of scandalous matter, a sudden death of higher official is visible. A plane crash is tangent , a Boeing passenger plane with not more than 300 passengers in the South East Asian.

Discovery of authentic medicine for COVID-19 is mutant until the end of March 2021.