A World of Anarchy

A few short weeks after the near military coup by Trump in the US (Myanmar just had the type of coup Trump wanted done for him here and almost did), things seem quiet now. As I explained in my last big blog post, this is to be expected. There will be a short cool off period before things pick up again. The simmers are on and agitation is being doled out by the same intelligence agencies that spent the last four years working to take down Trump. I don’t think they should see the lack of people in the streets right now as a sign of victory in their war against the American public, especially since they plan to make this national guard occupation of DC permanent, not a sign of confidence in their power. Coincidentally, the anticipated exit date of March 31st is just around the time I expect tensions to blow up in the street once again.

With the fascists and the far right in the cross hairs of power, I think it’s important to state that the theme that will be running through most of the uprisings this year will stem not from Trump, but from anarchist ideology. I’m not going to go into a long history of anarchism in this blog post. However, I will say that some of the key moments in anarchist history, from the Haymarket riot of 1886 to the LA Times bombing of 1910 to the assassination of President McKinley by anarchist Leon Czolgosz will all be prevalent at various points throughout the year. We will see repeats of these events in various actions that take place in various cities across the US.

It won’t just be an American phenomenon either. In just a few short months, countries around the world will devolve into societies with no rule or authority. Independent actors, working to create chaos, will incite conditions for the toppling of governments throughout the globe. Some of these revolutions will succeed, while others will fail. The running theme throughout all of this anarchy is that society will devolve into a state of lawlessness for the foreseeable future. This works out fine in smaller communities and towns, where neighbors come together to keep the peace and provide for one another. However, this turns into a giant blood bath in big cities, with mob rule, executions and blood pouring into the streets. There will be many crimes that go unpunished and many people will suffer. However, once the growing pains are over, a better, more prosperous society arises from the ashes in the aftermath.

So how can all of you prepare for what is about to happen? Seeing as no major FDR type stimulus is coming for working people, your best bet is to get out of major cities, stock up on essential supplies, have two months of non perishable food at minimum in storage, stock up on water, keep your exposure to large crowds and gatherings to a minimum, build a strong social network of family and friends to talk to and try not to get sick, if at all possible. We have a short window between now and April to prepare before the revolution in the streets starts up once again. Take advantage of the moment while it’s still possible. Once things turn, they won’t get better again for a few more years.

40 thoughts on “A World of Anarchy

    1. Yes. There will be mass riots in regards to further lockdown orders and similar “states of emergency” declared as in other parts of the world. I don’t necessarily know if this is going to lead to a violent overthrow of your government, but I do not expect your prime minister to hang on until the end of the year.

      As for overseas flights, no and, in fact, there will be harsher restrictions, stranding many of your fellow citizens from being able to return, possibly ever. Not to mention that I expect a big hurricane to take place sometime later in the year that causes massive coasting flooding and leaves hundreds homeless.

    1. The pandemic will last a littlw while after the war, probably about a year after it’s all over, but then it will end, not because of a mass vaccination campaign, but because of a combination of herd immunity and community based inoculations.

    1. I’ve said this a number of times before, but every country is effected. Obviously, some are worse off than others. Canada fares better than a lot of places, but there will also be a lot of unrest, particularly in the major cities and in areas near oil drilling.

  1. What about the foreigners who work in the US (or anywhere outside of their country), will they return to their homeland before the situation gets worse (especially in the US)?

    1. If you’re a foreigner in the US, you really ought to get out as soon as possible. There’s a short window and people who are concerned should take advantage of it before it’s too late. After the war, I don’t know how easy it’s going to be to leave the country.

      1. I’ve been reading your blogs too and I also feel that things are getting a bit bad too. I’m currently at my home country, the Philippines, but the woman that I’ve supporting her career was in the US (Florida – and she’s Japanese and is a wrestler). She also has issues working in the US as well thus she returned back to Japan and stayed until travel resumes as she’s under contract to her job (wrestling promotion).

        Do you feel that the Philippines will have chaos too? I read your post about it and you saw that people living in the Philippines will flee to Australia (and you also pointed out on the past post that the people will more likely going to a foreign country to escape).

        I’ll keep reading your blogs. You seemed to be more accurate on the events that even I see that when it happened, it truly did happen and is honest about the Trump/Biden election events.

      2. Thank you for your support and for reading the blog. There will be big problems in your home country this year. I expect there will be huge amounts of chaos and violence in the streets and the government will go totally authoritarian in trying to crush it.

        Trying to escape is going to be very difficult, as there are no real “safe” countries to flee to and those that are safer than others will restrict refugee migration, for example Australia, as I mentioned in my 2021 predictions. New Zealand will also crack down on refugees, so people in your country have very limited options.

        Some will stay and fight back, but those that wish to leave are either going to have to find a way to get to Canada or hope you can get in to one of the smaller islands like Fiji or Tahiti. There really aren’t any other options at this point that are any better. Other than that, just prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I wish I could give you a better picture, but it is going to get much worse before it gets better again.

    1. I detail a lot of this in my War is Coming blog. As I mentioned in the 2021 prediction, there is a mutiny in the ranks, which is what one of my site’s psychics was dreaming about, but that branch of the military will not succeed. It will be a different branch, in collaboration with former veterans, that eventually topples the government and takes control. They will cede control after this uprising is over, but not until a solution on the future of the government is resolved, which will be a split of the United States into very sections. I have foreseen this split for years, but the Trump years held this off. Now it’s inevitable, so it’s best to be prepared or it.

  2. if there is a big enough scandal to effect biden or harris could this slow down or stop world war 3 between china and the usa.

    1. No. The only thing that could have prevented it was a Bernie Sanders like presidency that would have passed social programs to help the poor and working class. That isn’t happening and, in fact, the Biden administration is preparing for nuclear war as we speak.


      So it’s going to happen since the military industrial complex demands that it happen. The only thing we can do now is prepare ourselves accordingly and give support to those working to topple the government while it’s going on. I wish I had a better answer, but that is the reality we face.

    1. Not like the Hunger Games. It’s not districts and the capitol. It’s something like four different new countries.

  3. Hello.

    Your website is great.
    I want to ask about the Covid 19 vaccine. Is it really worth it to vaccinate against Covid 19? Will there will long term health troubles after the vaccination?

    Also, will Covid 19 ever vanish?
    Thank you!

    1. I’d wait on getting the vaccine. I’m sensing that there will be a disruption in the distribution, so keep in mind that many people will likely never get it and get COVID in some form. As for vanishing, yes and no. Yes in that it is going to stop being out in the open once we reach herd immunity, but no in that it will be preserved in a lab and could break out again in the future. Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you for the answer! So you are telling me that the vaccines (ALL of them?) really work and will protect? I am asking because I am still shaky if I want to get the vaccine or not.

      2. Not all of the vaccines are effective. Contrary to what the media says, the Astra one is effective. The Johnson and Johnson is not. I have my suspicions about the Pfizer one too. But I would hold off and wait, especially since I’m not convinced any of them truly protect from the mutated variants.

  4. Not to mention there are no long term studies on this vaccine, the virus is mutating faster than they can keep up, and there are some pretty serious side effects that I have personally witnessed. I’m sure not taking it!I

  5. you say the coming china war destroys most of china with m/billions of casualties….is the corollary that not only NYC -but all of the usa as to cities and military targets also gets obliterated?

  6. if biden decideded to start world war 3 over some little reason by launching a nuclear weapon or airstrikes without a vote by congress could there be a legal challenge sent to the supreme court that would force a vote to congress the senate and even the majority of governors so vote this could stop or slow down world war 3 similar to a case over brexit brought by gina miller in there supreme court, or could china try to form a much closer alliance with india and russia to try to stop or slow down world war 3 , or enough sanctions by enough countries against the us could stop or slow down world war 3.

    1. World War 3 is unavoidable. None of what you suggest would happen because every lawmaker and politician is in on it. There are ways to try to lessen the impact, including imploring Pope Francis to cancel his upcoming Papal visit to Iraq, but it can’t be stopped all together. All that can be done is to try to lessen its severity.

      1. Every politician and lawmakers wanted war… Is this why the global economy are in deep trouble all this time? That would be curious. You also pointed out the the US stock market will crash late next month. Do you think it will have global implications?

      2. There’s always war, it just doesn’t get in the headlines. That’s what the economic system largely runs on. When there is less war, usually the economy is bad. When people try to make peace, there are efforts to crash the markets. This is historically the case, but what is going to drive the stock market crash this time is that it is an inflated artificial bubble that is vulnerable to disruptions.

        We will see more efforts to artificially rally stock prices, like the Redditors did last month. We will see trouble at Amazon over its battle against labor unionization in its warehouses. We will also see a series of tit for tat sanctions against China. All three things in conjunction will crash the stock market, if not by the end of March, then certainly by April. And yes, it will have global implications as a stock market crash would be worldwide, leading to the worst depression in human history. These are the conditions from which war and uprisings occur.

        It’s not a pretty future and, unfortunately, nothing is going to take us from the brink of collapse. All one can hope for is to lessen the severity of the casualties and damage.

  7. What are you doing to protect yourself and your family from all of these things, Liam? In addition to moving away from the cities, what can the rest of us do to survive?

    1. Personally I have a contingency plan to protect myself, but I will not share it here due to wanting to protect my own safety. What I have said for others is what I have written about a few times before. Stock up on essentials (food, water, medicine), keep a close network of friends, family and neighbors, avoid crowds and do your best not to get sick.

      1. I would also recommend, if you can, to get to or live within five to ten miles of your immediate family and friends. If you are planning to move, try to encourage people you know to go with you. There is a strength in numbers.

  8. Thank you for the warnings!

    So paper money will be useless after the market crash?

    Will gold/silver coins be valuable to use/trade for food/etc?

    Do you recommend do buy any gold/silver coins?

    1. I’m not a financial investor, so I can’t help you there, but I will warn you that there is a difference between real physical metals and gold/silver that is not real in terms of value or material. Learn the difference, it’s important. Also keep in mind that you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Spread things around. Some real gold/silver, food, water, tools and things with tangible value and invest in methods of storage.

      1. I’m leaning on no because the world collapses so aggressively that such a program couldn’t be implemented. More than likely, herd immunity makes such a thing irrelevant.

    1. I’m sure he won’t. As I said in my predictions, there may a push to oust Putin and install Navalny to replace him by the Biden team, but it would fail and they will end up with a leader much worse instead. Bad karma surrounds the Biden administration. Everything they try to do from here until the summer, when the uprisings kick off in steam, will be a complete disaster.

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