Dreams and Predictions for February 2021

I had to take a bit of a mental health break because following the developments of last month did a real number on my mental state. Having gotten back a bit of my strength, I will share some new predictions for this month.

1) I am seeing a major stock market crash by April. I originally foresaw this in regards to tariffs from China, but it may also be caused by the speculative bubble inflated by Reddit users, or perhaps a one, two punch of both.

2) The city of Minneapolis will also be burned to the ground again, as I do not see George Floyd’s murderer, Derek Chauvin, being convicted by a jury. The riots will also likely lead to a near death experience for the mayor, Jacob Frey, and likely his immediate resignation from office.

3) There will be an attempted shooting of Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler. I’m not sure if it will lead to his death or not.

4) I foresee the first of many assassination attempts against Biden this month, though I do not believe this one will be successful.

5) Expect the feds to go after Elon Musk for meddling with the stock market.

6) Trump will be acquitted at his impeachment trial.

7) There will be a serious attempt to push Putin out and replace him with Alexei Navalny, but I do not believe the oligarchs or the Russian military will allow this, so he will deposed of, if he succeeds, and replaced with someone even worse than Putin.

8) Major riots in Israel, perhaps over lockdowns.

9) There will be numerous examples of people getting serious cases of Covid even after getting the vaccine. This leads to a major public relations nightmare and also a major reluctance by the public to get vaccinated.

10) There will be major planning for a warehouse strike of Amazon’s facilities. This would kick off a domino of other industries striking at the same time.

2/3 ETA: 11) I could use your assistance in potentially contacting someone, since I don’t use TikTok. So long story short, one of the psychics on our site emailed me yesterday and told me about a dream they had:

I was some guy I think in the army who was part of a trump supporting overthrow and was arrested. They had made special cells that were singles with a toilet. Someone came to visit n said “we did u a favor. If u were out there right now you’d be dead because it’s about to go down. U don’t realize it but we’ve saved u. There will be trials n such but u will he released, just trust us. “ I didn’t. I was upset n wanted to see my family. Biden was talking on a huge screen n not seen outside anymore like the hunger games. Trump had been flown out of the country due to threats on his life and was in hiding.

The psychic mentioned this being a man in the military with blonde hair. When I showed them a potential match with the man they described being in a dream, they confirmed to me that this person is probably the likely person they were dreaming they were. That person is named Lewis O’Mara. I don’t use TikTok, so I have no way of reaching him, but if someone who reads our site does use the site, they should contact him as soon as possible and tell him to be careful because the military is coming after him and his fellow soldiers. Consider keeping a low profile and don’t post anything too political. I will warn that the psychic said they thought warning him wouldn’t change his fate, but I feel he should be told just in case. Hopefully someone can contact him for me on my behalf.

2/8 ETA: Not a prediction, but I would like to point out that this article from Time Magazine confirms a lot of what I said happened behind the scenes in regards to sabotaging the vote against Trump. I would also like to point out the military coups in Myanmar and Haiti and how similar it was to what Trump attempted to do in the United States.

I originally saw my prediction as totally off base, but seeing these forms of confirmation of my visions, on top of redirected coups taking place elsewhere in the word, makes me reassess how inaccurate my visions really were. I have said before, in a previous blog post, why some of my predictions don’t always happen the way I say they will. In summary, sometimes forces beyond my control thwart events in my predictions and sometimes targets I write about change. This has happened before on a number of occasions. I should post a more comprehensive blog post detailing these occurrences soon. However, looking back on this, I do give myself more credit on my insights than I had when January 20th rolled around without incident. It’s something to keep in mind as the year progresses. Though the occupant in the White House changed, much of my other visions will not and, in fact, some have already occurred since posting it on January 1st.

2/14 ETA: Sort of a prediction, but also a warning.

12) Pope Francis really needs to cancel his upcoming trip to Iraq next month. It’s too dangerous to go there now and it is coming at a time where things are about to become extremely volatile worldwide. ISIS has a strong presence in the region and they will not allow him to travel in the country safely. In addition, his assassination may have been forewarned by Nostradamus, according to what is known as the “Rose Prophecy.” So the Vatican really ought to reconsider doing this now, not only because of the pandemic and the threat of ISIS, but also because of how it could become a trigger for World War 3 if he’s killed. If they don’t call this trip off, they will be making a huge mistake, one that will set the entire Middle East in flames.

2/16 ETA: I want to add this as well.

13) If Pope Francis is assassinated next month, then the next pope is likely to be Dieudonné Nzapalainga. Not only is this based on a different prediction from Nostradamus (it’s #9 on this page, the one referring to the “young black red one”), it’s also based on some odd visions I’ve been having over the last few days, with voices telling me about the Black pope, the first African pope in Catholic history. So this is something to keep in mind if Pope Francis’ trip, which is already blaring red alerts from a recent attack on a city he will be visiting, turns disastrous.

14 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for February 2021

  1. what are you getting on this Bitcoin euphoria and the stock market I get a bad feeling does the stock market crash bring down the crypto with it? I feel this won’t end well

    1. I’m concerned with the speculation bubbles overall. Bitcoin is a part of it, but so are metals and penny stocks. I’m also feeling like a major strike of Amazon warehouses will do some major financial damage as well. But yes, it’s not going to end well and it will exacerbate problems further, leading to more unrest. Pay attention to what is happening in Haiti, Myanmar and now Sudan. Those scenes will be occurring in nations around the world in the near future.

    1. Most of the bubbles are likely to burst by April. It kind of times together with a number of other events, including larger scale labor strikes and sanctions on China over the WHO COVID report.

  2. What do you think about what will happen on pro sports in the US? Super Bowl continues its decline in views due to continuous political pandering and some US states are now starting to protect women’s sports from the Biden administration’s pro-trans move to have men become women to compete in women’s sports.

    I know that the Japanese woman I supported her work was in pro wrestling in the US. Will the decline of pro sports continues with a lot of people seemed to worry more on their basic needs than it was in recent years thanks to the lockdown and increasing decline on employment and growing economic pains? Will they pander even more on their “political” think tank that will keep driving people away?

    1. It’s trickier to answer this. I will say, in short, that a collapse in the US means a collapse in the ways of doing things, including sports. Once war starts, I have a really difficult time seeing professional sports being played again, possibly ever. So I think the debate over how political they are is less relevant than whether professional sports gets to be played at all due to circumstances beyond the league’s control.

      1. I see. Thank you for the heads up. I guess there’s a reason why we need to prepare for what’s coming. No wonder why they’re bleeding money too just to continue pro sports for their consumers/fans despite not in full capacity to financially repay their huge expenses (contracts, accommodations, living and travel expenses, operations).

  3. You are correct Sir Liam that Donald Trump will end up acquitted again. The whole impeachment was just like pro wrestling; all show, no substance. Glad I didn’t tune in unlike my father did, who’s often listens to CNN like a gospel and didn’t knew that they’ve become propagandist themselves.

    What do you think will happen next?

    1. People will get angry and disillusioned when they find out that there will be no criminal prosecution against Trump. That was part of the deal made to get him to cede control of the White House.

      Then, I expect a series of events over the next two months will create conditions for an explosion in streets around the world. I’ve obviously written about a cold war with China flaring up into a hot one, but there’s also a stock market crash, multiple, targeted labor strikes and the acquittal of George Floyd’s killer seeing mass riots across the US and the world. Any of these events on its own would be extremely destabilizing. With Biden sticking the knife in by not passing stimulus for working people as the cherry on top, it’s going to provoke an uprising and overthrow.

      The time table is a little fluid, with the military conflict starting sometime between April and August, but it will happen not just in the US, but around the world. As I’ve said before, we have a short window of calm before things flare up again. Use the time wisely to prepare yourself and get to a safe location if possible.

    2. I also forgot to mention that I’m very concerned about the Pope’s visit to Iraq next month. Not only is it coming in a timeline where things are going to become explosive worldwide, but a Nostradamus quatrain predicted that a Pope would be assassinated “between a city with two rivers.” Baghdad, a stop on Pope Francis’ first papal visit to the country, is watered by the Tigris and Diyala rivers. It also a site where there has been an increase of terrorist attacks and bombings in recent months. The terrorism in the region is part of why Pope John Paul II was forced to cancel his visit after former dictator Saddam Hussein told the Vatican that his safety could not be assured. A friend of the website, Michael McLellan of New Prophecy, goes into more detail about the “Rose Prophecy” here. You should read it to learn more information.


      It may not end up as deadly as he fears, at least not on this visit, but I’m not 100% confident that the Pope is going to be safe on this trip. I’m especially alarmed because of how many volatile events are going to take place during this period of time. If things are just going to turn bad as a general rule, then it would not surprise me if Pope Francis is assassinated on his trip to Iraq. Something to watch out for as March is a time of danger and things that can go wrong will likely go horribly.

    1. The big blackouts and power failures like this one occur over the summer, but Texas was absolutely a preview of what is to come later this year. Also remember that I said this winter would see record low temperatures and Texas saw record low temperatures this year, way below average.

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