An Explanation

Let me start by getting this out of the way. I was wrong in my prediction for last year’s presidential election. That was a major fail on my part and it’s something that, I know, is going to be used against me for pretty much ever. Having said that, as I have begun to take a deep breath and meditate, there were things that were explained to me that explain why we got to the point where we are where Joe Biden has gotten into the White House, even despite Trump never conceding the election.

Let’s start from the beginning of almost six years ago. I was one of the first psychics to sense something was happening in regards to Trump first entering the 2016 presidential election. I was one of the first psychics to predict that he would win the election. From there, I predicted many things that would occur over his administration up to his doomed campaign to win re-election. There were things I missed along the way, most notably when I predicted that he would be assassinated in the fall of 2019. However, there were main key elements of his tenure in the White House that I was able to pick up on due to my own psychic instinct.

Trump, as I stated years ago, made a deal with the devil in exchange for the presidency. When Trump realized what was truly required to serve his will, he, at first, tried to get out of it, but found it was too late by the time he scored an upset victory over Hillary Clinton. When he got into the White House, he immediately faced attempts to take him down, most notably from the intelligence community who never wanted him to be president in the first place. They saw him as a threat to their operations and worked to undermine his administration since day one. During the last four years, Trump fluctuated between finding ways to bow out of his responsibilities and being determined to push his “America First” agenda. His mental health issues were largely what created such inconsistencies in his administration’s policies. His psychopathy was ultimately what undid him.

Trump did attempt to push for a more isolationist policy early on, but was met with mass resistance from the military industrial complex. The more he pushed them, the more aggressive they got in pushing back, most notably in their investigations of his activities from the Mueller report to impeachment in his dealing with Ukraine. Despite all of these obstacles, Trump surpassed them and managed to survive their frequent attempts to take him down. Seeing Trump as someone determined to disrupt their way of doing things, there were plans made in the intelligence community to assassinate him by the fall of 2019.

Elements of the ruling class, in the form of Nancy Pelosi, got wind of these plans and intervened to stop it. She felt that having an assassination of Trump would be disruptive to the country and would spiral things out of control to the point of instability. She implored them to let them try running another presidential election first, using the first impeachment as a means of damaging his candidacy. The intelligence community relented and agreed, hence why the assassination plot for the fall of 2019 was called off.

Though Trump survived the impeachment trial, his administration was severely damaged. It hurt him heading into the 2020 election, which, due to this and later the pandemic, which I also accurately predicted, is why I originally did not believe he would win reelection. I originally foresaw Bernie Sanders getting the nomination, with a female vice president taking his place when he died on the campaign trail. Many may forget this now, but at first, Bernie seemed like he had the election in the bag. Upset with yet another outsider threatening their agenda, the intelligence community intervened to damage his candidacy and rig the remaining primaries for Biden. So even though Biden later won the general election fair and square, his interference and cheating in the Democratic primary was his ultimate sin and it will come back to haunt him soon.

Once Biden was pushed out as the Democratic nominee, this made me reevaluate the state of the race. I had never seen Biden in the White House at any point. I have always had bad vibes about him and I felt he might be assassinated before the general election, leaving his female VP nominee as the presidential candidate and eventually winner. Once Kamala Harris was chosen, I had bad vibes about her as well. So, with this information, I made the determination that Trump would win reelection. That turned out to be a fail, but not because of my instinct on the race.

A couple of months ago, I got wind of the fact that the feds were, in fact, reading my blog. Seeing as they were determined to stop Trump from winning again, they took active steps to thwart the things I said would help Trump in his reelection campaign. They suppressed the bombshell Hunter Biden story from the New York Post. They threatened and silenced women who had been victims of Biden’s long history of sexual abuse and assault. They withheld news on a vaccine breakthrough before the election. They aggressively pushed off third party candidates from key swing states ballots. They used their powers to manipulate news coverage to insure that Trump would not get any political wins before the election.

Once the election results came out and Trump held an early win on election night, they began work on sabotaging his efforts at court victories and recounts. They loosened the rules of voter registrations and cut the rejection rate of absentee ballots. They intimidated lawyers not to take his on his court cases. John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, demanded his colleagues not take the Texas v. Pennsylvania case that could have thrown the entire election into chaos. These forms of intervention, though not technically cheating, sealed the deal in denying Trump the ability to win via a legitimate election victory.

When victory at the ballot box was slipping away, Trump began to panic about his future. He was nervous that he would face criminal prosecution, financial ruin and assassination outside of the protection the presidency affords a president. This is when his efforts to stage a coup began. First, it was a congressional coup option, which would have involved sending dueling electors in the electoral college for congress to toss out. This effort was thwarted by the Democrats in regards to stopping Kevin McCarthy from winning the speaker race and winning the run off senate elections in Georgia.

When this plan slipped away, Trump orchestrated the siege on the capitol, which nearly led to the full on slaughter of elected officials. It became the first time the US capitol was invaded since 1812. It led to worldwide condemnation and a significant rattling of the ruling class. There were additional plans to cause chaos that were planned by Trump, from flying a plane into the capitol building to blame on Iran to having loyal Republican allies go on a murder spree. These parts of the coup plot were all thwarted.

When this coup effort failed and congress began its efforts to impeach him for a second time, Trump began to plot a more aggressive military coup option. This would have involved having loyal soldiers in the armed forces murder the line of succession to stop a swearing in on inauguration day. Though Trump’s term would have officially ended, he would have made the legally dubious case that he was the only living person who had won certified votes on election day. His new VP would have been Mike Pompeo, the surviving secretary of state. If there had been challenges to that, he would have declared martial law and held onto power illegitimately.

This plot was exclusively revealed by our site and the feds, who have been reading this blog for months, began to crack down on these efforts. They arrested Proud Boys who were attempting to assassinate lawmakers. They began efforts to purge Trump loyalists from the armed forces. They even began to consider a purge of their own agencies, unsure of who they could even trust in their own midst. As Trump began finalizing his plans for a military coup, he began to counter them by purging these very intelligence agencies of staffers that had opposed him for the last four years. It wasn’t until hours before the inauguration that they figured out how deeply implanted Trump’s coup plot allies were.

Seeing how close to success Trump was about to get to staging a military coup, the intelligence community realized that they had no choice but to strike a deal with him. Only hours before the inauguration, elements of the wealthy and the deep state reached out and began to bargain with him on what it would take to drop his claims to the presidency. The deal that was made stipulated that he would be protected from all state and federal prosecution, he would be acquitted in his impeachment trial and he would be financially protected from bankruptcy. In exchange, he would cede the presidency and promise to never run for office again. With just hours to spare, Trump agreed to the terms and cast himself off into a post presidential life of freedom.

So while my prediction was ultimately a failed one, it rested on a choice Trump made, of his own volition, to cede control of the White House to Biden, even if he didn’t have to. Trump, had he gone through with his plans for a military coup, would have likely succeeded and become a dictator over the United States. His reign would have been short, seeing as there would be anger from other nations and the destabilization and destruction of the United States would have followed. While we have avoided that fate under Trump, and he avoided perpetual infamy ala Hitler or Mussolini, due to his actions during this time in office, we will be seeing this future of insurrection and overthrow occur under Kamala Harris’ watch instead.

A couple of things to note before I conclude this blog post. The ruling class have damaged themselves significantly as a result of their war against Trump. They have created a legitimacy crisis amongst the public that will lead to unrest and mass labor strikes in the near future. They have angered the rank and file of the military as a result of their attempts to purge the coup plotters, seeing them turn their backs on Biden as he drove in his motorcade to the capitol building to be sworn in for the presidency. They have mobilized elements of the far right to war, which will result in the assassinations of many politicians in the near future, most notably Joe Biden, a fear that these same lawmakers have expressed among themselves privately. By the time the wealthy and our lawmakers realize the full extent of how much damage Trump caused to them and their institutions, they will once again find angry hordes of people attempting to storm DC again this summer looking to hang them from nooses for treason.

I own up to my failures to foresee accurately the course of the 2020 presidential election. Our site’s co-founder, FefeLove, foresaw Biden winning the whole time, which is why I added it to the 2021 predictions. She was right and I was wrong. A lot of this inaccuracy was due to interference from powerful forces in our society. I have said before that thwarted predictions are beyond the realm of my control. However, despite this call of mine being wrong, I am confident that the rest of the events for this year will transpire as I predicted, most notably war with China and the ultimate destruction of the United States of America. As I have said before, who is leading the sinking ship that is the American empire is irrelevant to the outcome. The US is a sinking ship. By 2023 at the latest, it will no longer exist as it does today.

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  1. If the agreement between the establishment & Trump was air-tight – why did he bother pardoning Bannon & float creating a new political party?

    Perhaps it was only a tentative agreement to accept Biden as president for the interim and both sides may renege on it in the future?

    1. Bannon was never part of the agreement, only Trump and his family. I also think the idea of a new political party is mere talk. It’s something that would concern me if the US wasn’t on the verge of a total collapse, because it could have become the new Nazi party that would have brought fascism to the US. There was a ten year period between the Beer Hall putsch and the Reichstag fire before Hitler became chancellor and dictator. Trump is too old to fill this role, but someone younger like senator Josh Hawley could have.

      However, because the damage from this coup attempt is so extensive and there was already a bubbling, militant left ready to strike and fill the void left by the toppling of the populist right, it will never come to that point. Instead, anti fascist forces will likely end up toppling the US Government, with assistance from Ammon Bundy militia types, and it will end the country as we know it today once and for all.

      So for the elite, this was the best opportunity to impose fascist rule and protect their capitalist enterprise. They lost it and now it won’t happen anymore. Their end will come before it could occur, likely to begin this summer with another series of riots and uprisings.

      1. But isn’t that what the Devil wanted from Trump? He wanted Trump to do all of that to incite civil unrest, but he refused to – & so this might be his alternative plan?

        How much longer would the collapse have taken if Hillary had won? Isn’t acceleration why Trump was chosen by him over Her?

      2. Possibly. It also probably would have happened faster had Hillary won, but we will never truly know.

  2. Your hatred of Trump is why you failed in your prediction. Also, aren’t you admitting that Pelosi and the deep state plotted to kill Trump? Are you saying you are glad about that? You are a failure Laim. You are a fake.

    1. Clearly you didn’t read my blog post at all. My “hatred of Trump” would have meant that I would have foreseen his loss and actively rooted for it to happen. I originally did foresee a loss, but after attempts to deny Bernie the nomination, I did not believe that Biden would win. Those same efforts at interference destroyed Trump’s chances too.

      Pelosi did not plot to kill Trump. In fact, she plotted to find a way to remove Trump from the presidency without killing him. If anything, she was trying to save his life. And I’m not “glad” about anything that has happened. The ruling class is so desperate to prevent any sort of government policy that will help working people that they will end up triggering an uprising and an overthrow in this country. It makes me sad and upset that they chose this path, but they will feel the consequences of their decisions soon enough.

      I am only a “failure” because powerful forces in our society were determined to actively undermine the course of events in our society. For that, they will be paying a grave price. While I got the presidency prediction wrong, the rest of the events of this year will transpire as I have said they will.

  3. could both harris and biden both be assassinated at the same time or biden replaces harris with a vp sanders would have chosen.

  4. So I saw headline today about Biden willing to delay Trumps trial. Good call on that one!

    1. They are going to delay it a lot and then acquit him when they get around to the trial. It’s part of the deal they made to stop him from staging a military coup. People are going to be very angry about it, though, hence why I said problems would pick up again in April. That’s around when I expect the realization that Trump is going to get away with everything he’s done becomes more obvious and there will be a huge backlash to this.

      1. Off topic, but biden is a disaster already and doing what the cable tell him too. When Harris gets in i shudder to think.

      2. Things are quiet now, which is why I’ve been away meditating and trying to restore my energy. However, I expect that things will begin to pick up in intensity again in April and then get really bad by August. Those are the two months of major importance this year to watch. Also specifically keep an eye on the Easter and Passover holidays. There are major events of importance that take place during those times.

  5. if the us does threaten china with war and nuclear weapons does china threaten the us back maybe with a virus much worse than covid 19 and also interfere more in european countries elections a lot more and make a trade deal with the uk now they left the eu to help them.

  6. Is there anything we can do to prepare for all this turmoil? Is an off grid lifestyle sufficient to survive the chaos?

    1. It’s best to get out of the cities. Off the grid isn’t quite as necessary, just making sure you’re located in an area with less people. The smaller the town, the less likely it is to become a target of violence and terror. Obviously, if you know people in a place before you move there, that’s ideal. Having a social network is just as important.

  7. if the us did try to start world war 3 with china could states refuse to send troops or threaten to secede from the us is there chance pelosi takes over from joe biden if he stepped down.

  8. I hate to think what will happen if Pelosi is in charge. I did read today that the Supreme Court has already dismissed the first two lawsuits against Trump based on the Emoluents Clause – it’s a moot point since he is no longer a sitting President. Good call again, Liam. Just in case the haters are keeping score.

  9. I’m now reading that Pence is taking steps to be in a position for a 2024 run for President. Do you see that happening?

    1. I’m having a hard time seeing elections at this point. I believe things will get bad enough that all elections from August on will be postponed indefinitely.

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