Dreams and Predictions for January 2021

This is not going to be a big post, considering that I just posted my 2021 predictions a few days ago. What I will say is that tomorrow is going to be a very bloody day, with a very uncertain outcome. Pelosi narrowly defeating McCarthy for speaker seems to eliminate a congressional coup option for Trump, but there are other ways that things can go haywire. Two things to watch out for that can throw a monkey wrench into the process: whether new congresswoman Lauren Boebert gets to bring her glock onto the House floor and how bad the protests will get outside the Capitol building. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

1) I believe that a report on the origin of Covid is coming any day now, one that will create worldwide hostility to China.

1/6 ETA: SOS! I have an uncovered a plot for a plane to crash into the Capitol building tonight. After this ominous audio was released yesterday, I had a very bad vibe about it and did some research into it. It turns out that my fears were valid and real. I found this declassified CIA document warning of an attack on the Capitol building. Though the document is from 1983, it has some important details that match up to this plot. Notice the dates, cities and target. Also notice the flight number and airline. Now look at this flight leaving from Chicago today to DC. It has many of the same information as the CIA document. This is a serious threat. Please be on the alert for this. If it does happen, it would not be an Iranian plot, but rather something Jared Kushner cooked up with Israel and Saudi Arabia to help Trump stay in power illegitimately.

1/7 ETA: Seems like the plane plot was thwarted. I did have people alert the authorities, so perhaps it was shut down before it could happen. I will say that, even though a Trump spokesperson said that he begrudgingly accepted the results, I still feel he is going to try for a military coup before this is over. Watch out for that. Also watch out for the following.

2) The next step for the Proud Boys is targeted assassinations. I expect Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to all face credible threats for the next two weeks. I suspect one of them will be shot in this time, no matter how hard law enforcement tries to put it down.

1/11 ETA: Not a prediction, but I would like to share this news brief.

The FBI has “received information about an identified armed group intending to travel to Washington, DC on 16 January. They have warned that if Congress attempts to remove POTUS via the 25th Amendment a huge uprising will occur,” according to a bulletin obtained by

I. TOLD. YOU. ALL. The powers that be have now boxed themselves into a corner. If they forcibly remove Trump, an overthrow occurs. If they leave him in office, he will try another military coup and, if that fails, have Biden assassinated, provoking war. If Trump leaves, world war 3 will be triggered, provoking another uprising. So no matter how this murky period of the next nine days plays out, all roads now lead to an overthrow of the US government. As I said in my 2021 predictions page, all that this cartel war is about is who leads the sinking ship that is the American empire. It’s going down no matter how this transition struggle plays out. So be prepared because, though my prediction on who keeps the White House may be wrong (ish if Biden is killed before and Kamala Harris takes his place, as I did say before September that a female Democrat would be President), the overall trend will go exactly as I said it would, with very minor fluctuations here and there. Prepare yourselves. Things are about to get worse before they get better again.

1/12 ETA: Not another prediction post, but since the feds seem to be reading this blog post (hi fascist fuckers) and cracking down on every possible plot I have forewarned about in this and other posts, I would like to give them a heads up that, no matter what they do, there will not be a “peaceful transition of power,” despite how desperate they are to assure one. No amount of letters sent to the rank and file of the military or huge shows of force on the capitol is going to change that. The damage from Trump’s insurrection attempts is done and now comes the fallout. Whether or not Trump succeeds with his last ditch military coup effort is not relevant at this point. What matters is that, no matter how much the ruling class desires it, things are not going to return to “normal” and it’s too bad, so sad for them.

Oh, while you’re desperately trying to patch up every loose end to assure Biden gets sworn in safely on the 20th, you might want to look into the overkill that is the amount of troops stationed in DC as we speak. Such a show of force, 15,000 troops (4x more than the amount of troops in Afghanistan right now) is not a show of strength, but a sign of weakness and unsureness of the fate of a failed state. It’s also a problem if you’re trying to prevent rogue actors from taking things into their own hands.

The more troops with guns you let into DC for the purposes of “protecting” the inauguration, the likelier a Sadat styled assassination attempt occurs. Your wonderful screening program has failed to catch at least 100 Trump loyalists in the national guard currently walking around the city as we speak. The number may actually be higher, up to 1000 members of the armed forces. Hope you figure out which ones are formenting a coup plot as we speak before it’s too late. Hint: it’s not going to be as obvious as to who is doing it as you think it is, aka they are not all white. 😉

1/15 ETA: Seems that the feds are now trying to crack down on the coup plot by postponing the inauguration rehearsal by a day to give them more time to identify the insurrectionists in their midst. Problem for you all is that, because the number of troops being added is now at 26,000 (and expected to rise more), you didn’t screen the new batch, so more coup plotters have entered the city limits that once again slipped through the cracks. I suspect the number now is at least double what is was a few days ago, maybe 200 minimum and closer to 2000 maximum. You could theoretically stop this by having a swearing in done in a remote location, but you’d still never get Biden into the White House.

Once you’ve lost the trust and support of the rank and file of the armed forces, there’s no way that any leader can stay on in that capacity. So yes, you can stop the Sadat styled plot on the reviewing stand that is being planned, but you’re never getting him into the Oval Office alive. He has sealed his fate and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if Trump is not brought back into power, that doesn’t mean Biden will ever be president either. I could still end up being vindicated if Kamala Harris or another woman is sworn in as president instead, as that is what I had originally predicted early last year. So continue your crackdown if you must, but it won’t end up changing Biden’s fate with destiny. Even if he won the general election fair and square, he still stole the primary from Bernie. Karma is going to claim another victim soon.

1/16 ETA: Speaking of Trump, I had another dream based prediction last night.

3) In my dream, it was announced that Jack Dorsey was un-suspending Trump and bringing back his Twitter account due to the financial blowback from banning him. This caused mass outrage, warning that he would use the platform to incite violence again.

1/17 ETA: Again, not another prediction, but since our readers have been posting comments further confirming that the feds are reading this blog and are trying to crack down on the inside assassination job, I would like to tell you that this isn’t some mere rag tag, rank and file infantry coup that you’re up against here. It’s being coordinated by a certain person who just so happens to be in line for the presidency, should things go haywire on the 20th. That person is the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, with some help from Erik Prince and some of his henchman who got security clearance to the inauguration as “contracted security.”

So I’d like to ask the feds, since they clearly read this blog, how do you expect to stop a plot being organized from within your organization? Are you going to force Pompeo to resign? You have no power to do that, Trump does and he won’t, so you’re not going to stop the inside job from taking place. Pompeo is keeping tracks on everything happening in regards to the planning for Wednesday. He knows your security detail plans and where Biden is and will be at all times. Even if you decided to cancel the outdoor event, Pompeo would know about it and will send his minions to wherever you decide to perform the swearing in ceremony.

Unless you have some ability to force Pompeo out of his job before noon on inauguration day, then you’re not going to stop the assassination attempts, no matter how many precautions you take. So buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

1/18 ETA: While the feds are still scrambling to try to find the coup plotters in the national guard, they just allowed convicted Felon and Trump ally Bernard Kerik to send 200 “volunteer” NYPD cops to the inauguration without vetting them. They are all in on the coup plot. Better stop the bus because they get to DC.

1/19 ETA: Quick note to certain high ranking individuals reading this blog: In your search for the coup plotters, you removed people who were never part of the coup in the first place. They are still there, confident that you won’t find them in time and have them removed from duty before tomorrow. At this rate, I know you’re not going to find them before it’s too late, so be prepared for the trouble ahead. Note that there’s a lot of anger amongst the rank and file of the national guard troops right now over your attempts to weed out the coup plotters. They feel personally targeted and are buying into the propaganda that Biden plans to purge Republicans from the ranks. They are going to lash out at you and may even assist the coup plotters out of spite due to fatigue and tiredness and poor treatment overall. Oh, and also note that Pompeo has already stationed coup plotters at the church Biden will be attending tomorrow and on the capitol rotunda. If his troops fail the first time, they will try again later in the morning.

1/20 ETA: I don’t want to jinx anything, but I believe the coup attempt was either called off or thwarted. What bothers me is that I feel incredibly unsettled. Something doesn’t feel right. As Trump left the White House this morning, he made very ambiguous, vague statements about seeing people again soon. His last photo as president showed him with a sinister smirk. This is not a man who seems worried about his future. This seems like someone who is up to something. I’ll update later today, as I’m still watching for Pompeo who is still technically secretary of state.

1/20 Additional ETA: The only thing I’m getting in doing a reading right now is that Trump was offered a deal in exchange for dropping his military coup. It must have been well organized and coordinated enough to succeed, so elements of the ruling class gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. We’ll know this is true if nothing happens for the rest of the day and Trump never faces any serious criminal prosecution. If this is the case, then I will have to admit that this is one of my biggest prediction fails, though I did accurately see many of the events from this election cycle. The things I had foreseen were largely thwarted by powerful elements in our society, from suppressing stories on Hunter Biden and the COVID vaccine, to thwarting elements of his coup plots, from the congressional option to the siege on Capitol Hill.

I guess certain entities wanted to stop Trump badly enough that they actively thwarted him, probably the same elements of the intelligence community who have been wanting to assassinate him since the beginning. I will forewarn, though, that despite the failed coup attempt, our future is largely the same. In the efforts to thwart the coup attempt, the elite made some humongous strategic errors and created such damage that an uprising is inevitable. By agreeing to a deal with Trump, they will have disillusioned the public out of their support of the government. By scoping around trying to find the coup plotters in the national guard, they have angered the rank and file to such an extent that they will be lashing out in the near future. By trying so hard to stop Trump in the hopes of preventing an overthrow, they will have damaged themselves so badly that an overthrow is coming anyway. Either way, they lost that war. Expect things to calm down for a few months, but then immediately pick up again in intensity by April. Also don’t expect Biden to live past June either.

1/21 ETA: With the threat of a military coup thwarted, here’s another related prediction to share.

4) A reporter will begin to look into the origins of the QANON conspiracy theory and find that it had backing from elements of the CIA to advocate for regime change.

55 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for January 2021

  1. 2 inquiries….
    1 …Assange…now what? stays in England..? pardoned by Cheeto? to somewhere else? does Wiki keep reporting real news…?
    2. china….jack ma is in ‘limbo’ ..like the Wuhan drs…which means a ‘cleansing ” of what s left of democracy in hong kong…the brits are livid the 1997 treaty is dishonored…is this…plus corona the spark? or …more bold..an actual mainland military action against…taipai?
    thx liam

    1. Good sign for Assange. May be getting his freedom soon, but he should mind his safety as there may be efforts to kill him before the 20th of January.

      Military action against China is coming very soon. They are already begin to push out the narrative of Covid being a chemical weapon. This is going to spiral out of control, whether Trump does this to keep in power or Biden does this to stave off an uprising.


  2. It’s 3:22 PM EST and the fascists supporters just stormed the Capitol Building!

    1. I am very aware of this. And unless they get lawmakers out of that building soon, a plane will fly into it and kill everyone inside. Tick tock, tick tock. Time is running out.

      1. Man you really think this will happen? Makes sense, Trump told his supports to go and great chaos and now all of the sudden he’s telling them to leave and go home immediately.

      2. And the plane is on the way there now and was not grounded. If it doesn’t crash into the capitol, lawmakers should consider themselves extremely lucky.

    1. Thank God. Maybe authorities took action before it was too late. Yes, the night is still young. They are making a mistake to continue the count now, since they didn’t do a thorough job sweeping the capitol building after the invasion. It’s also possible we will see militias appear at night. So no, this coup attempt isn’t over yet.

      1. Many of the fascists traitors are in the process of returning home. There still could be a possibility of trouble and many flight attendants are expressing concern.

      2. It’s not over yet. Trouble is still around the corner. Trump still hasn’t conceded, even though the media is, once again, saying that he did with his latest video. It’s code speak to try to tamp down on calls for his removal to give him more time to stage a more effective coup. If lawmakers fall for it, it would be a HUGE mistake.

    1. It’s calmed now, but I still feel like we may see worse yet. Trump’s spokesperson has said that he has conceded, but I don’t believe it’s true until he actually leaves. He will try a military coup next and it may work, depending on what he does. If he fails, then despite calling the election wrong, I will have been right about him trying to pull a coup.

      1. Liam you’re amazing. Thank you for posting all of these predictions online for everyone to see! I’ve always trusted your visions.

  3. Liam, Will there be any intervention from higher beings to save our poor beleaguered planet? Ros B

  4. what happens next if article 25 or impeachment is successfully used against trump before the 20th of january.

    1. It won’t. There will be no 25th amendment used and impeachment would last past his time in office, due to logistical difficulties. As a result, Trump won’t leave until he has to, but not before he makes one last ditch effort to hang onto power. He’s plotting it as we speak. It’ll probably be known by Monday or Tuesday.

  5. Trump has been banned from multiple social media platforms and Parler will be going offline tonight.

    What do you see happening next?

    1. Something more evil than he has done before. Being offline and kicking out most of his cabinet means he has no one to leak out what’s happening next. The fact that he’s not going to be removed from office by the 20th and the Democrats are putting on a show impeachment means he is free to do something worse. My guess is a military coup and then starting a war if people won’t accept it. He’s not finished yet. He’s going to try one more gambit, this time inciting it near the Alamo.

    1. Possibly, since that document I shared warned of an attack on the 16th as a possible date, but it’s more likely that the inauguration will be disrupted by elements inside the US government aka Trump sympathizers. There will also be an attempt on Biden’s life before the 20th.

  6. could trump still call an insurrection that would stop biden or harris getting in as president could calling this act mean trump will be replaced by some general even if he stops biden or harris becoming president.

    1. Yes and that’s where the final stand on the 20th comes into place. As I have said many, many times, I will not cede my prediction is wrong until either Trump concedes or Biden is in the White House.

    1. Not the main problem anymore. Having troops turn their guns on the inauguration attendees is the plan now. That’s why Trump won’t be there. Here’s proof.

      That’s just two they let slip through the cracks. There’s many, many more and they are coordinating with elements in the department of state and the fbi as we speak. They are going to try to stage a military coup for Trump. I’m not sure if it will succeed yet, but they are going to go for it and it won’t be stopped beforehand.

  7. could trump still use the emergency broadcast system to try to force biden and harris to concede the election as a last ditch effort so trump can still win this election and would states secede if biden or harris got in as president.

    1. Not seeing him doing that. I see a military coup attempt being orchestrated for the 19th or the 20th. The thinking goes, based on my astral spying on the Trump team, that if Biden and Harris are killed before the 20th, then Trump gets to be sworn in for a second term because he was the runner up in the electoral college and the only other person to receive certified votes. I don’t know how that kind of argument would hold up in court, but that’s the legal basis they are going off of. Whether congress would allow it or not is debatable. If they didn’t go along with it, which seems likely based on the impeachment trial, then he’d suspend the constitution and declare martial law. That’s my hunch.

      1. Not necessarily. The goal is to eliminate the line of succession until it gets down to Mike Pompeo, who would go along with Trump’s interpretation that he has the legitimate claim to the White House because he’s the only living person with certified votes in the electoral college.

  8. if biden or harris where not assassinated by the 20th of january could trump still try to suspend the constitution and make him self president for four more years.

    1. Yes in that Pompeo could be president if they eliminate the line of succession to his spot in line, which would be 5th in line. He has not resigned from his post yet. If the assassinations were to succeed, he’d be the one sworn in, but to help Trump, he’d say Trump is the rightful president as the only living person to have certified votes in the electoral college. While the supreme court and the senate would challenge that, that’s where Trump could invoke emergency powers to keep himself in power indefinitely. What I worry about is that it doesn’t take a nuke going off or a full on army to pull off this coup attempt. It just takes the assassinations of four, maybe five individuals total (Biden, Harris, Pence, Pelosi and Grassley) and it would work. So keep an eye out for it because I have good insight to say that this is the plan they are going to attempt on the 20th.

  9. They’re verifying everything. I don’t see how an attempt is successful unless it’s an aerial assault (kamikaze plane filled with explosives).

    1. The defense department is lying. Biden can request everything he wants, but he does not control the troops unless and until he is sworn in. This is all on Trump and his minions and they will send armed troops in to the ceremony whether Biden likes it or not. Not to mention that Erik Prince may have snuck in some of his own henchmen into the inauguration security as plants. It’s good that Biden’s team is aware of what’s happening, but they have no ability to stop it. Their best bet now is to either try to have a swearing in from a remote location (which I do not believe is safe) or have Pelosi and/or Grassley not attend to be sworn in separately, should things go haywire. In terms of that, however, the Trump team would know about these change of plans and would send men in to attempt assassinations anyway. The plants are already imbedded in the security framework with legitimate security clearance. There’s nothing Biden can do to stop the attempted onslaught, even if it ends up failing.

      1. They do not have it covered and they will not be able to cover it in three days. But the fact that they are confirming this for me should be a tell to you that 1) the feds read my blog and 2) they know that my visions have validity. So if the feds are trying to tamp down on what I’ve warned about, don’t you think that gives a bit of credence to my prescience? Just something to think about.

      2. FBI is also getting now:

  10. It seems like it would make sense for President Elect Biden to make a last minute change. Perhaps take everyone crucial to Air Force One. Just a thought..

    1. You don’t think Pompeo would know about that before it happened? He’s aware of everything. It’s not like they could just move Biden to another location without sleeper agents following them. If they don’t oust Pompeo by Wednesday, he’s going to try for a coup and he very likely will succeed.

  11. LIAM
    I had a very bad feeling when trump AND Ivanka said they were not attending…but pence is….like Fredo being replaced as the driver for the Don…( pun intended) ..so why not use vetted secret svc -…constantly beside bullit proof vested…joe kamala and Nancy..all kept IN the capital ,in separate rooms,guarded..and walked to the bullit -roof- glassed in podium SEPARATELY …. one by one…FOR each swearing in…and returned….and watching the proceedings from a monitor inside?

    1. Because Biden is stubborn and doesn’t want his big moment, which he feels may be the only one he’ll ever have, ruined by, in his mind, supposed threats. The warning signs are getting bigger and louder and yet he’s still not listening.

      Not to mention that, even if they were to put Pelosi and Harris in a separate location, Pompeo would know about it and send in Trump loyalists after them. So the plan is corrupted because the institution itself is corrupted with people in on the coup plot.

  12. could trump make one very final move if the assassination of biden or harris does not succeed, if trump and pence both resign at the same time or trump fires some supreme court judges before the deadline of biden taken over as president would that give the republicans a second term.

  13. could trump still run for the 2024 election, he seems I guess to have not actually put up near as much of a fight to win back a second term in a row like maybe some other leader maybe even hitler would if he where in trumps situation, not that this still makes trump that much of a great person, he also seemed to throw some his own supporters under the bus in some of his last videos after the capital building breaking which would not help him in 2024.

    1. He’s not running for president again and there will never be another presidential election after this. This was the final election for the US as it stands now. I have to write a longer blog post on this, but part of why my prediction was wrong is because the intelligence agencies, the ones who I had said would assassinate Trump last year, were absolutely hell bent and determined to make sure he didn’t win re-election, to the point of thwarting everything I said would happen that would alter the race in his favor.

      Did you notice that after I posted visions I had, there were news reports of efforts by the feds to crack down on them. This site is read by the feds. What can I do if they work to intervene on the things I’ve foreseen? It’s something I’ve brought up before in a previous blog post.


      So I happened to be wrong on this and I’ve started coming to the realization of why. Hopefully I’ll have an update on this soon so I can explain to people why this prediction failed (it wasn’t my prescience, it was active thwarting). Hope this helps.

  14. Again, I think you’re underestimating the Devil’s role as I’ve said repeatedly, you need to look into his desires. He was the one who installed Trump – and then as I said he soured on him as he was defied, so he then shifted his inclination to punishment. The Devil may have been the one who preemptively reached out to his people in order to punish Trump.

    1. Perhaps, but if they really wanted to punish him, they would have used the 25th amendment to remove him or had him removed via impeachment faster. They held off and then they made a deal. Trump gets to go quietly into the night, free from the devil’s grasp, but also from any consequences for his actions.

      1. I believe he must suffer the consequences of his actions. Do you see if he will be impeached by the Senate?

      2. He was already impeached. I do not believe he will be convicted, as that was part of the deal to get him to cede control of the White House.

  15. It is kind of strange that Trump would pardon everybody under the sun EXCEPT himself and his family. It’s almost as if he already knows they are not in danger of prosecution.

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