2021 Predictions from Liam

I would like to start out by saying that, though I still believe Trump is going to succeed with his coup this month, there is a chance that it fails. Regardless of who ends up leading the country after congress gets involved, most of the predictions I am going to be sharing now are almost identical. Because the US is on the verge of collapse, who is leading is relatively unimportant and irrelevant to the trajectory we are about to go on as a nation and a world. The jagged path has been chosen. The person in the White House is merely the symbolic captain of a sinking ship. I also don’t wish to go over the trajectory of World War 3 again, so you can see the blog post from April of last year here.

I do not have too many celebrity predictions for this year, as Hollywood and TV productions will be shut down and it is difficult for me to get a sense of who is going to perish in the war. I also believe that, with everything that is about to transpire, people will not even care about what is happening to the rich and famous, so predictions on them will become unnecessary to share.

With that out of the way, here are the predictions.

2021 is a revolutionary year. It will serve as the breaking point where people stop being complacent and destroy the systems that oppress them once and for all. Governments begin to crumble all over the world, while battlefields are covered in blood. There is no peace anywhere in the world. No one is immune to facing the terror, not even the wealthiest and most powerful among us. Life as we know it comes to an abrupt halt. Many of you may not live to see 2022. By the end of the year, the people that do live will be reminiscing about 2020, since this year will be much worse than the previous one. When all is said and done, it will be one of the darkest years that humanity has ever faced.

If Biden is sworn in, he will die within 6 months of office, with Kamala Harris replacing him as president and being toppled and sent for execution by 2023.

If Trump is sworn in, he will hang on until 2022, when his government is toppled, but he will commit suicide before he can be apprehended.

Boris Johnson will declare emergency powers, but will ultimately be removed from office by force.

Emmanuel Macron is executed or thrown out of office either later this year or the next, replaced by a current head EU official as temporary president of France.

Angela Merkel may face execution or be allowed to peacefully resign, being replaced by another female lawmaker as Chancellor.

Vladmir Putin is forced out of office as a result of an uprising. The oligarchs will try to replace him, but this person will be removed as well.

Justin Trudeau is assaulted, though I do not believe it is a serious injury.

Leaders of many African nations will be toppled and face beheadings and firing squads. The worst of this occurs in the central west part of the continent. Think Senegal, Cote d’Ivore.

Several Arab dictatorships implode and are replaced with democracies. Saudi Arabia and Egypt’s collapses are the most devastating.

Brazil’s government teeters on the brink of collapse, though I am not sure if it actually does.

The governments of Ecuador and Venezuela will collapse.

Argentina may engage in hostile military conflict with Brazil in the fall.

Iran and Israel both cease to exist due to mass destruction.

Palestine will rise from the ashes.

Iranian leaders die in a nuclear attack.

New Zealand closes its borders to stop an onslaught of refugees fleeing to seek safety there.

Australia becomes increasingly unsafe due to mass unrest over Covid lockdowns and flooding from terrible storms.

A resurgence of The Troubles in Northern Ireland in the summer.

The islands of the Philippines will see millions flee a brutal authoritarian crackdown and brutal conditions, seeking refuge in Australia if they can get there.

The island of Cuba works to take in American refugees of the war, particularly political prisoners and other dissidents. Canada and Mexico also take in refugees.

China faces the worst devastation in the war. The country will see cities completely demolished, millions, possibly billions slaughtered, parts left uninhabitable for generations and the communist regime either defeated by the end of the year or early into the next one.

People from large cities continue to migrate out and into rural areas, fleeing war, violence and extreme poverty.

The use of a nuclear weapon on a major city is a big concern for August, likely New York City, which will never return to its previous glory after the war is concluded. Moscow and Beijing are possible targets as well.

There is a severe risk, due to the US cyber hack last year, that someone remotely launches the nuclear codes and detonates them on a city that isn’t New York. Russia would be the culprit.

Several lawmakers around the world are kidnapped and executed by roving militia groups and also anti fascist organizations. Journalists will face similar ends.

Lockdowns are instituted around the world to try to quell the uprising, but it will only serve to fuel more unrest.

Tanks will be seen roaming the streets of cities around the world this summer. This will also inflame tensions.

A new holocaust of Muslims, Jews, socialists and other political dissidents takes place, along with arrests and executions of catholics, evangelicals, mormons and other Christian denominations.

There is a delay in the Covid vaccination process due to the war, so most people on Earth will not get it before the violence gets out of control. It is also possible that the vaccine itself gets destroyed or lost, delaying a true vaccination for the world for several more years.

Fights break out in super markets over food shortages and other limited supplies. Gun fights will be common, as will stabbings.

Most of the world will be plunged into abject poverty. Homelessness will flourish. Countries that have not experienced long bread lines in generations will see them pop up again, stretching city blocks and miles.

Most places of employment close up shop due to financial ruin and additional lockdown orders, further plunging the world into a great depression.

A return of child labor is seen in parts of the world that had eradicated it, including the US.

Child abductions take place on a mass scale, with many children never to be seen by their parents again.

Most banks will go belly up without any more bailouts, even some of the ones considered “too big to fail” during the last financial crisis.

Gold, silver and tangible commodities like food and water become more valuable assets than paper money that will become relatively worthless.

Houses will be broken into in suburbs, seeing stash looted and owners who try to protect their property killed on sight.

A mutated strain of Covid or Ebola is at risk of getting out and spreading throughout the population during the war. Much of the fatalities come from inadequate medicine and shuttered down hospitals.

Government ceases to function in most of the world, leaving anarchy in its wake and lawlessness in full force where war or uprising is not taking place. Rape, murder, assault and other crimes will be committed in mass with no prosecution or conviction ever sought.

Many people in the US and Europe will face arrest for thought crimes and other miscellaneous charges, even if they are housed and refuse to participate in protests and uprisings. Hundreds of thousands will perish behind bars.

Prisons in multiple parts of the US are broken into it, with a freeing of all of those imprisoned there. This is largely a phenomenon on the east coast, most notably at the notorious Rikers Island.

Power outages occur in many parts of the world this summer. Millions suffer and thousands die as a result.

Winter will be bitter cold and Summer will be brutally hot. Both extremes may see record temperatures in the opposite directions.

The Super volcano in Yellowstone national park feels unsteady and at risk of erupting this summer. The lava will be the least problematic part. The smoke, which will be seen from space, spreads hundreds of miles, causing death from suffocation.

Pompeii is also at risk of erupting this summer, though the fatality count will be far less.

A risk of a big earthquake in California this summer. Not sure if it’s the big one, as I don’t expect it until 2022.

Wildlife attack in Yellowstone national park. A pack of buffalo attack and kill a hiker.

The Christopher Columbus statue will be toppled in New York City early in the year by protestors. I’m sensing February.

A homemade bomb destroys Elon Musk’s new Tesla factory in Texas.

The royal family is forced to evacuate the UK and flee into hiding in a remote location.

The pope and senior cardinals flee the Vatican, seeking safety in Morocco.

A resurgent ISIS or a similar group engages in its largest slaughter yet in the Middle East, leading to the execution of tens of thousands of people by beheading.

The Ayatollah of Iran dies before the nuclear attack on Iran.

Netanyahu will face death by firing squad.

Fethullah Gülen is assassinated in the US by a Turkish spy.

An author or performer under a fatwa is assassinated in Europe.

More executions come for contributors to the magazine Charlie Hedbo.

Scientific labs are broken into in the US and top secret blueprints are stolen for nefarious purposes.

A lab is broken into, with samples of long eradicated diseases stolen. This sparks fears of a biological weapon attack.

Mutiny in the ranks of the US military as fellow soldiers slaughter each other for power and control.

This year will see the most police officers murdered in US history.

Several major landmarks in the US are burned to the ground this summer, particularly in the mid west.

An attempted bombing on Mount Rushmore. Not sure if it is successful.

A break in at the Kennebunkport home of the Bush family in August.

A major female pop star is raped on camera. I’m sensing Taylor Swift, but it is likely someone much lower in stature. She is blonde.

Book burnings become common place this summer in vast parts of the world.

A break in at the Louvre or another high profile art museum in France sees millions of dollars of art stolen.

A floor collapse at an illegal house party sees hundreds injured. Not sure where.

17 thoughts on “2021 Predictions from Liam

    1. Canada will be safer, but not safe. There will still be a lot of problems there, including riots. No country will be safe.

  1. Are things bad for UK thos year, it still feels pretty bad but other people are not seeing it yet .

    1. Yes but mostly because it’s going to be bad for the whole world. No place is spared.

  2. This is very nerve wrecking to read. I have read a few different psychic predictions for this year and yours are by far the darkest. Does the bad start right away or a few months into the year? I know things are currently not ideal but just wondering when to expect it to get worse. Thanks for all you do, I truely hope things can change but sounds like they wont from your views.

    1. Depends on how January 6th plays out in DC. If a coup is successful, pretty much right away things will deteriorate worldwide. If it fails, then by August at the latest.

  3. is one of the EQ you see …the New Madrid fault? tremors have been occurring as far south as ark and la. for the past few years…and many have said when it does ….it will splt the country with a newly made 100mi wide Mississippi river….the last one there in c 1811 roiled the Mississippi all the way to Minnesota…

  4. “I would like to start out by saying that, though I still believe Trump is going to succeed with his coup this month, there is a chance that it fails. “ How is this a prediction? You have covered yourself for either scenario.

    1. The presidential election has been fluid. I did not originally see Trump winning re election, as I had seen a female Democrat replacing him. When Biden was nominated with Harris, it just felt like they were never going to win, so I had to change my prediction. When they won, I sensed Trump would try for a coup and he has been, with efforts ranging from staging a constitutional coup to a siege on the capitol building, all of which I predicted. Now he’s going to try for a military coup, assassinating the line of succession until he gets down to a loyalist in Mike Pompeo. It’s not guaranteed to work, but it is going to be attempted. Even if it fails, if it kills Biden, it could leave Harris in charge or perhaps another female Democrat instead. So that’s why I had to place that disclaimer. Regardless, the rest of the events of the year will remain unchanged as we will be going down the same path regardless of if the last ditch coup effort works or not.

  5. This prophecy seems devastating. It’s hard to imagine it could get so bad.
    How do you see Poland in Eastern Europe – will it be safe? Should we leave our apartments in the city and move to the countryside?
    What measures should we take in preparing for this year?
    You mentioned New York City- big cities always seem to be the target. Family living there I’m worried whether they should stay there or maybe move to Europe or elsewhere and if when.
    Nothing seems certain anymore. Reading your blog helps me prepare for the worst, yet still hope for the best. It’s fascinating what you do. Thank you. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s really difficult to answer. As a general rule, avoiding big cities is best. Getting to the country side is ideal, bit it’s not a fool proof solution. There will be problems everywhere. It is, however, your best bet to avoid problems and staying safe. As for Poland, I see big problems this year with an unstable government and lots of shootings. And NYC may face a nuclear attack this summer. Best to get out if they can. Hope this helps.

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