How I Make Predictions Based on My Dreams

I wanted to post something a little less pessimistic this month because we’re going to be in for a very bad ride. A lot of people have asked me about how I come up with my predictions, specifically the ones based on my dreams. Here’s the process I use.

I don’t usually seek out information in my dreams; whether through forced meditation or REM deep sleep. It often comes to me when I sleep in an uninvited manner. The biggest messages come at the end of the dream, after I have experienced an alternate form of living first. It’s also done because in the end of the dream is when I have the most consciousness or control over my lucid dreaming.

Other times, visions will come to me throughout the day. I will be working or doing chores or eating and things will pop into my head. If it becomes monotonous and persistent, I usually share it here. The visions from my lucid dreaming may be more clear in terms of the image, but the visions from my waking hours tend to be more frequent and pops up on command.

I have experienced the phenomenon of connecting with living and dead people in my dreams. I connected with Joe Biden earlier in the year, which I wrote about in one of my prediction posts, and have connected with a bunch of other celebrities and regular people as well. What’s interesting about these connections in dreams is that I often times find out later that information that was shared to me was sensitive, personal information to them at that time. There are numerous conversations I’ve had that I have, and will continue, to keep private. However, for the information that I determine to be important for you all to know, I share it on my monthly dreams and predictions blogs.

I sometimes forget things from dreams (most of it, actually), but I almost always remember the ending right before I wake up. This tends to be where the most important information is communicated to me. After I have risen, I write down out what I remember. I cross reference my dreams with data that I research and come up with predictions. From there, I share it on my blog for you all to read.

Hope this insight was helpful.

6 thoughts on “How I Make Predictions Based on My Dreams

  1. Why do you feel that you connect to famous people in your dreams? Also, why do you think that they would share personal information with you…or do you feel that the personal information is simply out there, like a billboard that you could read if you were passing by, and it is not a matter of them wanting to share it with you?

    1. I really don’t know why it happens, but it may not be that they are doing it consciously. Perhaps it’s an ability I have to connect with these people on a subconscious level. I don’t have more of an explanation than that. It’s something that goes far beyond my own comprehension. I just know that it does happen from time to time.

    1. I do not know, mostly because I wonder if the crises that are about to unfold will disrupt the chain of distribution, making it impossible for me and a lot of other people to get it. I’d prefer to get the Astra Zeneca one because I have always had the better vibes over it.

      1. Yeah I’m going to wait for the Astra. Read about the Bells Palsy side effect from the Pfizer one, scary stuff.
        Seems like Biden officially won the Electoral College vote, so hopefully things won’t get as chaotic as you predicted.

      2. They are going to get chaotic. It’s just a matter of who is president. Trump still hasn’t conceded and Biden isn’t in the White House. There have been several moments over the last few weeks where everyone said the election was over and then it ended up not being over. Just my intuition at work here, but it isn’t over until it’s over.

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